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Review #1, by patronus_charm 

14th February 2013:
I cant believe Ive only just realised that the music at the start of each chapter is 60s era music for a reason, I was just thinking you have great music taste, when it hit me that Arthur and Molly were at school in the 60s! I feel so stupid now.

Wow Arthur really is upset about his manhood, dont worry Arthur, Im sure everything really is fine down there, and Siobhan was just being mean.

Yes Fabian and Gideon are back! That was a lovely moment, and it showed what good siblings they really all are, and even thought the twins seem to tease Molly most of the time, it showed that deep down they did care for her and looked out for her!

Siobhan is really growing on me, even though she picked on Arthur, who is now one of my favourite characters thanks to this story, shes just so funny. I guess shes the modern woman, as shes rather promiscuous for those times, and we always need a character like that, whos unafraid to challenge the status quo.

Ooh and Christmas is coming up soon, well in the story anyway! I wonder whether Molly and Arthur will have to endure the awkward meet the parents moment or not, I do hope they do as I cant wait to find out more about these people.

Another awesome chapter, and Im glad that Molly and Arthur are ok now, as that means more fluff!

Author's Response: Yes, the music is all from about 1966-1968, with a 1965 here and there. I chose it specifically to fit this school year. Don't feel stupid, it's obscure music knowledge to know what year a song came out, fifty years ago!

Arthur is a bit touchy about his male ego. Ah teenagers. Hormones make you crazy. Siobhan was just teasing him and didn't know he was feeling touchy.

Gid and Fab are starting to mature here, growing up, so they are able to bond a bit more with Molly. They interact in new ways. But they're still siblings so they'll always have the bit of picking on each other too. There's love there though.

Siobhan tends to be the #1 fan favorite of my OCs in this story. She is definitely the most modern and liberated of the girls. And the most damaged as well.

Christmas soon! Those are fun chapters. Awkward meeting the parents will be happening. ;) Hope you enjoy, and thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #2, by LadySlytherin96 

1st November 2011:
Yes, they made up! That is perfectly wonderful! Gideon and Fabian are so crazy, but they do seem to lighten the mood.

Author's Response: Gid & Fab are pretty nuts, aren't they? I have a lot of fun writing them though. Thank you very much!

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Review #3, by GinnyCullen 

4th June 2010:
Just realized that the chapter names are song titles:
that is very clever I never would have thought of something like that

Author's Response: Yes, they are! I'm not fond of choosing chapter titles, so I picked songs of the era instead - all the songs are from the 1966-1968 range. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Historyrepeats 

31st July 2009:
Ahh Brothers...A stress I dont have...

Lovely chpater!

Author's Response: I only have one, and he's still stressful even at our age (I'm 30, he's 28). Thank you!

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Review #5, by RonsGirlFriday 

29th May 2009:
"Yes, exactly. They're not very bright, so you have to give them firm commands, and you need to speak to them sharply when they've been bad." -- Oh my gosh. I was in the middle of drinking something as I read this, and I nearly choked, it was so funny. It's excellent, how the girls are talking about handling boys exactly the same way the boys were talking about handling girls.

I had been wondering what kind of wrench was going to be thrown into Molly and Arthur's happy relationship, and this is a very good one - by the time they're older, Arthur doesn't seem to mind very much, but I can see it becoming a sore spot in the early stages of their relationship here.

10/10 - another wonderful chapter! The way you write the dialogue and interaction among your characters is excellent. It flows naturally and easily and brings them to life.

Author's Response: Heh. I have to admit that quite a lot of Cecilia's views are my own, particularly this little bit about men. I did like writing the mirror conversations there from the girls vs. the boys. That was fun.

There will be more wrenches. Bigger ones. He really hasn't had to get the full brunt of Molly's temper yet. She's been on her best behavior thus far ;)

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your reviews *hugs* I enjoy writing dialogue.

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Review #6, by DeliriousforSirius 

3rd April 2009:
Ok, so I think my favorite quote for this chapter is actually my favorite quote of the whole story so far!

Here it is!
They're not very bright, so you have to give them firm commands and you need to speak to them sharply when they'be been bad

Author's Response: bwahahaha... I have to admit, that attitude of Cecilia's is a huge reflection on my own thoughts. lol. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by MoonNRoses 

24th January 2009:
Awww... they worked it out. Just as we all knew they would. :) I kind of wish Harry, Ron and Hermione would have had a time like this in Hogwarts...

Author's Response: H, R, and Hr were very isolated at school. Friendly with their classmates, but it was always just the three of them, really. I gave Molly and Arthur a more sprawling circle of friends. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

26th October 2008:
Ah, this was another fantastic chapter!!! I loved it! The way Molly worried about Arthur was very Molly-like, and the way Arthur dealt with it was very Arthur-like. They are definitely showing signs of becoming the people we know from the HP books, and I love that. It's very subtle, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Otherwise, it would look weird. You've done it very well.

I love reading Gideon and Fabian. They are really funny, you can tell Fred and George share their genes. I'm guessing you did that on purpose, and I think that's very clever.

It was a good change to have Molly uncertain about the relationship for once. No relationship is perfect, and you've got that down. But I was glad Molly and Arthur made up, in the end, otherwise the 'rocky' relationship may have been too rocky.

35/10, I love this! The plot is SO amazing, and I love your characters, they are each unique and funny in their own way.

Author's Response: It's fun to write Molly and Arthur in their formative years. Thanks so much, I'm really glad you like their characterization. Gid & Fab are a lot of fun - I actually didn't set out for them to be like Fred & George, they just sort of turned out that way. They definitely write themselves lol. Molly's very volatile, so it's best for Arthur to get used to it now haha. Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by Girldetective85 

9th October 2008:
I'm glad they cleared all that up. It was really funny to read all the girls speculating about exactly what was eating Arthur. Obviously the man's masculinity has been slightly wounded, you can't blame him for being a little grouchy! LOL This story is so fun to read! I'm going to try to finish re-reading it and leaving reviews in the next couple days. *thumbs up*

Author's Response: Thanks for all the reviews! I really appreciate you helping me get back some of my review count. You're the bomb (do people still say that? Does that make me old? lol).

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Review #10, by evil little devil 

9th October 2008:
I'm glad Arthur seems to be over his PMS stage. And I love it - you have to treat men like dogs, lol. And I really loved Siobhan in this chapter, I'd love to know more about her, she is a really interesting character. Well, all of your characters are really interesting actually ;)

Author's Response: lol - that may be a bit of my cynicism in Cecilia there. Female chauvinism exists too! I wrote a one-shot on Siobhan to give a little more insight into her. Thank you so much!

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Review #11, by hsw 

9th June 2008:
You have to treat men like dogs? Now we've seen the opposite stereotype. I so enjoy the conversations the groups of friends have with one another. The dialogue flows very well, and your story is amusing. I'm glad Arthur and Molly are working things out, but it was good for the story for them to have a little rough patch as well. That happens in relationships. Gideon and Fabian are a wonderful invention.

Author's Response: yeah, female chauvinism from Cecilia. Thanks for the great review! Dialogue is my favorite to write, I have to remind myself to add narrative sometimes hehe. Yes, I think once you get over the initial phase of being on your best behavior all the time, you have to settle into the reality of a relationship. I wanted to lavish a bit though cause I've been married 7 years so I'm living vicariously here. :)

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Review #12, by Labby 

14th May 2008:
Another great chapter! I love the interaction of Molly and her friends and kind of the comparison between Arthur and his friends. I'm glad that he was more upset over his friends than Molly and hopefully he'll be over it all now. I love the twins in the story.. they're awesome and they seem like the perfect troubling addition to the story. Anyways, great job with this one and hopefully I won't take as long to get to reading the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks! I like Gideon & Fabian, I wish we knew more about them in canon. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #13, by JLHufflepuff 

4th April 2008:
Trouble in paradise... It's what happens when others try to mess with something good... I'm glad they were able to work it out and that he stood up to Reid and told Molly he loves her BECAUSE of these somewhat imperfect character traits of hers. awww.. *squee*.. I also really liked her interaction with her brothers. They're cute, and they sort of helped her out.

Oh, and I've been meaning to say this the whole time I've been reading almost - I know Cecilia and Reid are made for each other... hehe.. just my opinion!

Author's Response: Yay! M/A are very cute, I love them. I think she would have connected with her brothers more as they got older. I know I did with my brother. Thanks for reviewing! I am so glad you're enjoying the story :)

Did you see I have two spinoff one-shots, one of Cecilia/Reid and one a Siobhan solo? To tide you over until I get chapter 20 up, which won't be too much longer.

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Review #14, by Marauderette 

22nd March 2008:
I really love this story! It is amazing! I love Gideon and Fabian! They remind me of Kim Possibles little brothers. Weird, right? Haha, 10/10. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks! Hmm I've never actually seen Kim Possible, my kids are only 3 so it's still Thomas, Caillou, and Disney movies around here. I could probably recite 101 Dalmations though! *lol*

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Review #15, by ginwannabe 

20th March 2008:
Oh, you couldn't pay me enough money to go back to high school, lol. Always worrying about what other people think about you, gah!

I liked the description of the common room's decorations looking like a Christmas tree blew up. I also loved the little bit between Molly and Siobhan. How much do her friends really know about her anyway? She intrigues me, and makes me just want to wrap my arms around her. She's so brusque and I know it's to keep from getting hurt. I'd love to see her open up and truly show herself to these friends a little more...have her sing at their graduation or something. *huggles*!

Author's Response: Siobhan's definitely a loner emotionally, although she does love her friends as much as she's able. She's a little emotionally crippled by her father. I ought to give her a singing scene later, that might be fun :)

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Review #16, by quidditch77 

19th March 2008:
Hehe! I like the twins!
Siobhan's character was very interesting in this chapter as well. Great job :)
I'm glad things are well between Arthur and Molly again...though I have kinda hoped for a bit more...I don't WANT to say "drama" but thats the only word I can think of. Though I'm not a huge fan of that word..and I know dramatics dont fit in with this story much. hehe.
Anyway...awesome job...I can't wait for some Reid and Cecilia moments, hopefully :)
Favorite line:
(“Yes, exactly. They’re not very bright, so you have to give them firm commands, and you need to speak to them sharply when they’ve been bad.” “I try not to speak to them at all if I can avoid it,” Siobhan put in.) hahah. So funny.
Keep up the awesome work and sorry for these late reviews.

Author's Response: The twins will get their say again on this topic *evillaugh* I'm not quite done with it. All I'll say is that when the twins get involved in this, it'll set a few things in motion for a bigger drama.

The men are dogs thing is actually something I say a lot haha. It makes my husband angry though so I try not to say it in front of him any more. Thanks for the reviews!

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Review #17, by slytherensangel26 

19th March 2008:
i am so glad they made up...but i still have a feeling that this will not be the end of it.

little brothers can be such a pain in the arse...i should know...i have two of them!

once again this is a lovely story

Author's Response: :)

Little brothers definitely are. I've only got one, but he makes up for it with the sheer enormity of his PITA-ness *lol*

Thanks for the reviews!

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Review #18, by chibs3000 

17th March 2008:
What on earth?! Is this all?
Yes, I am acting slightly impatient. Ahem.
But this was...brilliant. Really, truly. It's refreshing to see a Molly/Arthur story for once, and this seems to fit everything perfectly. I absolutely love this story so far. I'm looking forward to the next part. And the next part. And the next part. Ahaha.

Keep up the amazing work! :]

Author's Response: 19 chapters and you say is this all??? *lol* I'm working on chapter 20, part of it's been written since I started so I've been sort of eagerly awaiting getting to one scene *evillaugh* I hope to have it done soon, but you'll just have to favorite it and keep a lookout! ;) Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you like it.

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