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42 Reviews Found

Review #1, by singer123 

25th January 2012:
How in the world??

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Review #2, by AnonymousAntonymous 

15th August 2010:

Ooooh, the suspence! 10/10

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Review #3, by sara 

23rd April 2010:
wasnt expecting that :L haha' i thought hermione was nyah's mum :] hehe' great hliffhanger :] x

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Review #4, by zoeeylewiss 

19th December 2009:
is harry potter her dad ?
your a genus btw.
best fanfiction i've read

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Review #5, by Temple Deer 

9th December 2009:
Given the seriousness of Hermione's injuries, I'm surprised the two women seem so blase about them. Ointment, then on to making dinner! I'm not sure they should be dropped quite like that in this chapter.

Could the information about where Harry, Ron, George et al. are come out in a conversation between Molly and Hermione? It reads like a scene setting in a play, and I feel it takes the reader out of the story.

I like the interaction between Nyah and Rose and Hugo; I especially like Hugo's hopping, and don't all 11 year old girls want to baby someone smaller than them? I think you are very good at being inside the childrens' heads and lives; the adults seem a little less rounded.

By the way, the picture of the boy in the "H" sweater on your banner comes from a knitting book I have. I made that sweater for all of my boys. It's so cute on them!

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Review #6, by poprockzwitch_14 

30th April 2009:
okay, so i totally thought they were dead, especially with like the blasted wand bit and everything. and i guess it's making more sense that they don't know nyah's the daughter because they're not dead. i was going to say in my last review that i was surprised hermione didn't know about a missing child of harry and ginny's, but i guess she wouldn't really have made the connection. ahh, okay. onwards, i'm so enjoying not doing spanish homework.

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Review #7, by Alicia 

6th March 2009:

Harry, her dad? Oooh! I've got to read more! :P

*skips off to read next chapter!* :)

Author's Response: Hello! :D

Thanks for the review and I'm so glad you're enjoying it!


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Review #8, by Jenna 

16th November 2008:
DUDE! WOAH! After everything, I began to think malfoy lied and nyah is his daughter...but still, I could be wrong about this... better read the next chapter!

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Review #9, by Mistress 

8th October 2008:
"Because it’s the most fun thing ever!"

haha I love this! So cute :)

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Review #10, by Lilau 

12th June 2008:
Yeah, I’ve managed to read the first 9 chapters (still along way to go ^_^)
I'm in love with your story.
So far I haven't spotted anything that’s need to be changed.
I love how everything is going slowly and yet you give a lot of insight and we don’t feel bored. The story flows incredibly well and you give a lot of depth to your characters. I’m eager to know who Nyah is.
It’s funny I was thinking before you gave Hermione’s children age that we couldn’t really tell when the story was taking place. It felt timeless and then so incredibly detailed that we don’t care about the time. It’s like it could be now, yesterday or tomorrow and that’s not important. What’s important is that we want to enter the world you’ve created.
I would say that you must have a vivid picture of your story background and you researched it carefully. That makes it the more enjoyable because we can see that you really care about your story and the plot.

Only a thing tough: you spelled Victoire wrongly (victorie) in that chapter.

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Review #11, by celticbard 

9th June 2008:
Ah, it seems as though it's been years since I last checked up on this story, I've missed it so much!! And this was such a wonderful chapter to come back to.

Molly is every bit the good grandma I pictured her being. I loved how she so easily welcomed Nyah into the fold, much like she included Harry when he first visited the Burrow.

I also really enjoyed Rose and Hugo's first appearance. Hugo is simply a delight and Rose is so much like her mother! They were both adorable.

It's so exciting to see the pieces of the puzzle finally coming together here. I cannot wait until the rest of the family returns home, especially Harry and Ginny. How will they react to Nyah, I wonder?

And what a cliffhanger! Oh, I simply cannot wait until the next chapter.

I only noticed a few minor errors here. They are as follows.

Hermione gently stood to her feet and reached for Nyah's hand.
This should be, Hermione gently rose to her feet...

It was the sort of room that if you stood still long enough, you might very well blend in and go unnoticed for quite some time.
This should be, very well blend into...

A pair of bright blue peered overtop the back of the chair next to Nyah, his red untidy hair hanging carelessly on his forehead.
I think this would sound better as, A pair of bright blue eyes peered over the back of the chair next to Nyah, red, untidy hair hanging carelessly against a small forehead.

Excellent writing, as always, Teresa. I'll be back for chapter ten tomorrow ^_^


Author's Response:

Hello friend - welcome back! :D I'm so glad you're feeling better....

I'm happy you enjoyed the chapter. It was a lot of fun introducing Hugo and Rose! Hugo is fastly becoming my favorite character! :D

As always, thank you for finding those errors... I wonder if I'll ever have a 'clean' chapter! :D But only three this time - I believe that may be a record! lol

Thank you so much for looking over this for me! Excellent as always!

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Review #12, by Pingo 

16th May 2008:
I WAS RIGHT!!! :D I WAS RIGHT! Wow.. I loved it! :D This is fun (guessing I mean).. Now I just want to know what happened as Ginny and Harry aren't dead?? Or so it seems?? Hmm..

Author's Response:

Hi Pingo! :)

Don't you love it when you're right? ;) I'm glad you loved it! And yes, on stories such as this, guessing/theories are part of the fun!

(Harry and Ginny are very much alive)
Read on!!! :)

Thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #13, by Lily Roselyn 

13th May 2008:
Wow, this is a really good story, and you write it so well, Don't stop!

Author's Response:

Hello again Lily Roselyn! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!!! :D Thanks for leaving a review and letting me know!

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Review #14, by Georgesgrl9296 

10th May 2008:
omg omg omg!! I'm loving it so far!!!...sorry I haven't review before lol...I just wanted to keep readin haha :)
well i'm gonna go read somemore! keep up the awesome writing!
xxxmary abby

Author's Response:

Hi Mary Abby :D

I'm so glad you're enjoying the story so far! Thanks for pausing just a bit to leave a review! It means a lot to me! :)

I hope you enjoy the rest, and let me know what you think! :)

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Review #15, by hedwig1175 

9th May 2008:
WooHoo! This is so good! And yeah, with a bit of a shock there at the end! I wasn't expecting that. And with an evil little cliffhanger to boot right before I have to leave. I'm starting to despise Lucius as much as I did 'Mother'.

Well, I'm off to my dinner, but I will be back!

Great job! I love it!

Author's Response:

Hello! :D

Sorry for the cliffhangers... most of them are completely unintentional! Unlike 'Mother', Lucius isn't finished with his plans... :(

Have fun at dinner! Thanks for another great review!!!! I really appreicate it! :)

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Review #16, by Bella_Portia 

6th May 2008:
The beginning of this chapter (and continuation of the last), where Nyah and Hermione come to and discover the burns and effects of that explosion of magic (or so it seemed) -- very well done, very gripping. So was the transition to the Burrow and the introduction of Molly, Nyah's perception of Molly and (and the other characters generally), and the following events. Great exposition, great job.

Author's Response:

Hello! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter as well. :)

I love Molly's character and could go overboard a bit on her, so I have to watch myself! lol

Thank you for leaving another great review! I do appreciate it! :)

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Review #17, by morgana67 

4th May 2008:
I knew it!!! She's Harry's daughter! I thought they were but that they were dead. Obviously, they're alive, and I wonder what role does Malfoy play?, Wow!

Author's Response:

Hello again! :)

:D Your theory was good there! {but no, Harry and Ginny aren't dead}

Malfoy... well, he's never up to much good, is he? lol There will be more about the Malfoy family a bit later on! ;)

Thanks for reading & reviewing Morgana!! :D

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Review #18, by Ginerva_Potter 

2nd May 2008:
Wow, it's been a long time since I've had a chance to read, but I'm back! I LOVED Hugo! He was so cute and a perfect depiction of a little 4 year old. I'm also really intrigued by Nyah's parentage. At first, when you mentioned Molly's eyes being Nyah's eyes, and then Molly blushing when Lucius was brought up, I thought you were suggesting that this was somehow a daughter of Molly's & Lucius's. I know they are a bit old for that, but it still, technically, could have happened. However, I was going to be really disappointed if that was the case because Molly would never do that. Then, at the end, you say Harry's the dad. That's definitely a twist! Now, that will make some sense if it's Harry's AND Ginny's child, because Ginny has the same eyes as Harry. Hmmm.very interesting. Must go read more!

Author's Response:

Welcome Back!!! :) There's a lot that's gone on in the story....

Hugo... Thanks!!! I love him too... he's SO much fun to write about and I have to remind myself that this story is about Nyah... :D

Molly and Lucius... now THAT would be an interesting story... LOL I'll have to reread it... but Molly isn't 'blushing'... she's angry and her cheeks are (blushing) red. That's pretty funny... Molly and Lucius... :D Good one! Yes, I suppose it could have happened, but like you said... that would be SO wrong!!! :D

Ginny and Harry don't have the same eyes actually... Ginny's are warm brown and Harry's are bright green (like his mum's). :)

Thanks so much for reviewing! As always, it was great!!!! :D

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Review #19, by ButterflyRogue 

2nd May 2008:
Molly just has that effect on people... I want to hug her myself every time I read about her...

Awww!! Little Hugo!! He is adorable!! A miniature Ron indeed... You really have a way with writing children...

Oooh!! Harry is Nyah's dad!! That's why France holds bad memories for Ginny and Harry --- Lucius had kidnapped her! Now for the motive --- because he was sent to Azkaban? Can you tell I like playing with putting pieces up together...? :p
Very interesting! I can't wait to find out more!!

Author's Response:

Hello again! :)

I love the Weasley family as well... I suppose it makes it easier to write! :)

Thanks! I love Hugo in this story! I'm glad you're enjoying him as well!

Yes, 'Harry'... :D You are quick on putting pieces together... most people were completely lost with that 'clue' and had no idea what was going on! Good job... but one piece of your puzzle is a bit off... {muahaha} :D

Thanks so another great review! :)

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Review #20, by Shellee 

22nd April 2008:
Ooh, I wonder how she did that to hurt Hermione, well she didn't hurt her intentionally but still, how? It's not usual for witches to have such power and then hurt because of it.
Can I say that I thought about Nyah being the daughter of Harry and Ginny? Though, I have no idea about how that would work, they would know, wouldn't they? Hmm, very very very intrigued! Aww, they really seem so great together, but then again, they are family so it is natural.
I want more! Gonna click it now. =p

Author's Response:

Hello :)

No, it's not normal for witches/wizards to hold that much magic... :( Nyah has no control over her magic and things have happened to cause this, as well as the pain.

Like I've said before, hang on to those theories and see if you're right in the upcoming chapters! ;)

Thank you, thank you!!! :) Another great review!

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Review #21, by evil little devil 

13th April 2008:
Hey, I'm here at last! Sorry I took so long. Nice ending, great cliffie. I can't wait toget to the next chapter now, to find out what happened. With every chapter I'm hoping for answers and you give us more mysteries, makes the story very interesting to keep reading. I love little Hugo, he's so adorable.

Author's Response:
Hello :D

I am very glad you are still intrigued by the story! Hugo is my favorite character (next to Nyah of course) and wish I could pick him up and hug him! :D

As always, thank you for your time! I do appreciate it! :)

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Review #22, by KaraBlack 

12th April 2008:
well my theory is kind of thrown out the window! lol

Oh my! this is a VERY interesting story!

It has amazing flow and characterization, everything is going together quite well i love how she and Hugo and Rose just sort of got along immediately :) Helps that her transition to the wizarding world is going pretty smooth.

Another great chapter! 10/10

Author's Response:

Uh Oh... Sorry to burst your theory! :D

I'm thrilled you're enjoying it! Hugo and Rose, in my version, are quite likable characters :)

Thanks so much for yet another wonderful review! :D

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Review #23, by Girldetective85 

11th April 2008:
O! I'm so glad I waited until I was three or four chapters behind so I could keep reading :D Okay, I am forming ideas about Nyah and her origins right now and they're probably all completely wrong, but I am dying to keep reading and see if I'm right. :) So suspenseful! So Harry, huh? And Molly Weasley's bright brown eyes which were inherited by Ginny... verrry interesting. I'm glad that Nyah is out of that horrible house and with kind people like Molly and Hermione. I love the subtle characterization of Rose and how she's kind of bookish and bossy like her mom, and how Hugo eats everything just like Ron - so cute! The dream was intense. I'm going on to the next chapter now yay!

Author's Response:

Hi Jules! :D

I smiled all the way through your review! I just love them! :D

I'm really glad you're enjoying it. Rose and Hugo have quickly become my favorite canon characters... they are so much fun to write. I could just go on and on with the mischief they get in to... but we'll save it for another time! :)

Thank you, thank you for stopping by! I really appreciate it! Can't wait for YOUR next chapter to go up!!! :D

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Review #24, by Unwritten Curse 

10th April 2008:
Since I won't be beta'ing this for you, I will point out grammar mistakes when I notice them. So, 'generous-size' doesn't need the dash in it. And in 'The only two people she recognized was...' the 'was' should be 'were.' 'Place' should be plural in this sentence: '... new names, place, and ideas.'

OMG. What was with that ending?! HARRY'S HER DAD? I'm freaking out over here! Haha. (; Okay, okay, calming myself down now so I can leave you a review...

Once again, you've astounded me with your talent. The way you word things is so refreshing and it all flows so wonderfully. I'm sure I've told you that before, but it's just brilliant the way you write. There's just something about it that I can't put into words. Let's just say... you've got your own, unique style and it really leaves your readers - or at least me - with a pleasant feeling. We can concentrate on the story without stumbling over weakly-worded sentences.

Great work! I've got time for one more chapter for now, but I'll be back later to read more. (;

Author's Response:

Hello! I'm so glad you're here! :D

Ah, yes, the grammer police (I LOVE it!!!). How is it I can read it over and over and not find those! Ugh! :D I feel a bit of an edit coming on very soon! Seriously, thanks for finding those! :) {running the printer now}

LOL... I actually laughed... the ending. Yep, quite the little cliffhanger there... they don't happen too often, but when they do... {sigh} I love them! Truthfully, I love reading people's reactions to the cliffhangers! {insert evil laugh}

Wow... you've got me blushing again... thanks! I guess my 'simplicity' comes from writing from the heart without the mental confines of a degree in Lit or English (although those would be quite beneficial at the moment! :D ) But I'm am truly thrilled that my style is one that you enjoy - that means more than anything!

As always... thank you for your wonderful review! :D

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Review #25, by dracoslover1 

1st April 2008:
Harry's her dad? The red hair must mean Ginny's her mom. Again your OC is faklling under that category of Mary Sue, especially if Harry is her dad.

Author's Response:

Hello again!

Again - are we confusing cliche with Mary Sue? I hope not. :(

Thank you for reviewing... :)

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