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Review #1, by SpringTime 

15th November 2008:
Oh I love the idea of using the cabinets again, brilliant.
Poor Molly, to have such a son.
The apartment idea sounds interesting, and it looks like a great place to live and with the proper spells could be a great place for the DA to practice.
Good chapter, a nice addition. I sometimes find that I like the filler chapters better because they include the simple moments.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like my idea of using the cabinets.

Now, Harry's apartment is almost an indulgence on my part. It does actually exist and the address is real too. I just thought that he would like a place very different from Grimmauld Place or his aunt's house and for some reason I thought he may go for somewhere really modern. I went around the net looking for exclusive London properties and I fell in love with this building. Lucky for Harry to have enough money to buy this. lol

Thanks so much again.

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Review #2, by Shellee 

20th April 2008:
I thought that Draco was a bit smarter than that. Of course Harry would know that because he's male, he can't carry Voldemorts baby. Ooh, that image makes me laugh. There was a connection, though. Glad that Draco is helping out, even though he doesn't really want to and he's still his old self. I don't really see why Harry would know so much more about religion, he spent most of his time locked up or at Hogwarts. Draco should get some guts, indeed. He's an itty bitty coward, but it's funny. I love him still though. =p
I really can't see how Molly can be soo adamant that Percy wouldn't do such a thing. Yes, she's his mother and it's hard to hear such things and it is a bit unbelievable, but if Harry saw it and even Muggle magic confirms that it's real, well not that she knows that. Percy did leave the family, after all, so loyal to the Ministry, so why would he leave the Ministry now? Hmm. Poor thing though, having to cry herself asleep, I think it would be easier on her to understand it all if she would accept it really.
An appartment block would be a good way to divert attention, it would be terribly funny to have Death Eaters press all the intercom buttons and then be scared because of the voices, hehe! The place really looks amazing, surely send me a PM or something with pictures!

Author's Response: Draco, well, bear in mind that he wasn't there when his mother died. He arrived later, he got the gist of what happened from a book and he is too scared to actually think about it consciously. The important thing here is that both Narcissa and Harry tried to get into the Dark Lord's mind without his authority and he managed to control their bodies from then on. Harry obviously stopped before it was too late but there are similarities. I thought this would be a very dangerous weapon.

Harry knowing more about religion, well, he went to a Muggle school until he was 11, so yes, he would have been a lot more exposed to it that Draco but he will explain it better in his own words in the next chapter.

Molly is in complete denial. She doesn't want to believe it and that's the end of it! Logic doesn't even come into it when it comes to her children, poor thing!

I love your intercom idea! It's just wicked! I may take you up on that, well if I find a situation where it could fit!

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Review #3, by Gords7015 

24th March 2008:
Awww, what a horrible place for this story to end!! I know that more is coming, but jeeze, the story has picked up so much! Now I want to know what happens! Please tell me on my thread when the next chapters go up so I can keep up!

Otherwise, I feel like you've really found your writing style as this story has progressed. Not that the beginning wasn't good (because it was), but as you've gotten further into the story, the characters and events have really come alive and have managed to really capture my attention! A really good job!!

Author's Response: I feel so tremendously flatter that you want some more! Ok my next chapter is slightly transitioal but brings back the pirest, with the truth! form Draco and Harry!

I'm terribly in fear of getting a big head here lol honestly, yes, I will let you know when I have some more!

I can't believe you've read and reviewed the lot! I'm in some cloud or other...

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Review #4, by AnnaKay 

18th March 2008:
Good chapter. I like how Harry is thinking and realizing what he needs to do.

Harry and Draco working together. It seems really strange to me but it works. They must realize that they both have something that each other needs and also they have to realize that getting along is going to be crucial.

I really like this story and if I could be alerted when new chapters came up I would love to keep reviewing.

Author's Response: Of course, my babe I'll let you know when I post again. I'm astonish at your loyalty to this story because I can only mean that you're really enjoying it! I'm just well over the moon, I can't express it enough!

Anyhow, yes, they will have to co-operate. I think the priest may be a good influence on them too. There are a lot of elements that I had even planned before DH that hadn't come up yet, like my other OC. Ok, an advance, she is a Muggle parapsychologist that Hermione finds on the internet who turns out to be no other than the stuck up woman Riddle Senior was seen riding with in the memory... She's seen lots of things, hence she turned into the paranormal. She is now extremely old, of course.

Ok, in case you have a bit of withdrawl syndrome with this story, you can try my very short one-shot that I wrote for a Valentine's challenge. It's under my penname as well.

I cannot explain how grateful I'm for what you've done!

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Review #5, by Bella_Portia 

13th March 2008:
I had to go back to the previous chapter to remind myself how this conversation came to be.

I was a little puzzled by the parts suggesting that because Draco assumed a male could not be vulnerable to the kind of psychic assault his mom had suffered, he was unable to grasp why Harry felt threatened (if I expressed it right). I went back and read the part where Draco reads the ritual book; but that did not answer the question. It presumably described the ritual that Narcissa performed but did not suggest there were no other ways of seeking union (psychic, mental, physical, whatever) with LV. I understood Draco's reasoning to mean that the only people who are vulnerable to that sort of harm are females who perform a particular ritual in which they offering to go Rosemary's Baby with LV; but I guess I'd be happier if it were more explicit. And even if it were explicit -- it would still seem that that's just one way to make yourself vulnerable to LV. He's always on the lookout for other ways to kill his enemies and terrorize his friends.

I guess what I'm really saying, so longwindedly, is that Draco seemed way too reticent. Expecially considering what he knows LV to be capable of. And I am also unclear as to why Harry would understand that Draco rules him out because of his gender.

I feel I need a bit more explanation as to why Draco is so keen to see the Muggle priest again. That is tough, because there is no way to do it without switching points of view back and forth. But would you consider giving Draco a short scene of his own, as you do with Molly and Arthur?

In the section that goes: "Harry now, for some unknown reason, started to think about how Draco smuggled the Death Eaters into Hogwarts. . . He smiled at the thought, and was now on a better frame of mind." -- that something Draco said made Harry think of the Death Eaters coming into Hogarts is fine (although it might be more cohesive if the connection were spelled out). But to say that this made Harry smile at the thought and experience an upward mood adjustment -- just sort of seems to come out of nowhere. Perhaps the conversation would be tighter if Harry shared his thoughts with Draco. Just a thought.

The little scene with Arthur & Molly is quite sweet.

That apartment building in London (thank you for enclosing the picture) is fabulous. No wonder Harry likes it. Who wouldn't?

On the nitpicking front: you may want to fix the spelling of "afronted." (which has two ff's -- I'm an awful speller, but that's what my spellchecker tells me.) .

Gad, this came out sounding like I'm being nothing but critical. Didn't mean to; it was a good chapter with lots of story in it. Please, take or leave all of the above.

Author's Response: You know, you make excellent points. Don't worry about being critical, on the contrary, it helps a great deal. I'm just realising that yes, this chapter is probably almost incomprehensible because so much is left unsaid. Of course, it is all clear in my own head but in no-one else's. Another reviewer also thought that it wasn't explained enough how Harry knew all this and I have to agree. Also, I shouldn't expect readers to go back a few chapters to try and get the gist. Thanks for pointing this out. I honestly think that I'm going to have to go back and almost re-do this chapter. I get to eager to post and then I find flaws and by then most people who are following the story have already read it, which defeats the object really.

I see what you mean by letting Draco have his point of view. I have no problem with switching POVs so I reckon I'll do that. The difficulty when I wrote it first I think was that Draco would never spell out the ritual to Harry that he would merely hint, but of course, I never thought that I could convey this by describing his thoughts.

I also have to reiterate why Harry knows what he knows plus, yes, the realisation about the cabinets does seem to come out of nowhere. Ok, people in real life sometimes make mental connections quite suddenly but I think it will work better if I make some kind of connection, even if it is just a phrase of something that could prompt Harry to think about that.

I think my mind was a bit all over the place when I wrote this and it shows. Also, yes affronted has two "f"s.

I'm ever so grateful for you pointing these things out because I find your comments analytical and well thought and this piece is not hanging up together very well at the moment. Off I go to try and explain things a bit better.

Thanks so much and I'm glad you like the building. I just fell in love with it!

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Review #6, by Labby 

12th March 2008:
Another great chapter! I love the conversation between Draco and Harry. I love that even though Draco and Harry and interacting more and somewhat working together, the tension is still there. I don't think the two could ever get along. It just seems realistic that they're still arguing. I also loved the Harry/Ginny interaction. Poor Ginny. She always seems pushed aside because of her age. In lots of the stories I read with her that's the case. I can definitely see her getting worked up about it, even though it makes the most sense. They certainly don't need to get Molly and Arthur worked up. Anyways, great job with this chapter and I can't wait for more as always!

Author's Response: Thanks so much again. Yes, Harry and Draco will argue unti the end of time but they are now a lot closer in terms of co-operation, both sides...

Ginny, bless her yeah, she's been left out again, especially now that she knows about the horcruxes and she's definitely joined the trio. In fact, she's very usesul at times like when she played "high pristess" much better than Trelawney! Ginny is an asset to them and they know it but she's the still underage daughter of Molly Weasley. All I can say is that she fancied Harry since she was just over 10 and she got him! I'd not stand in her way if i were, well, anyone...

I',m so pleased you're still enjoying this story! xx

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Review #7, by JLHufflepuff 

12th March 2008:
I like that there is still tension between Draco and Harry - I can't see there ever NOT being... I am a bit confused about how Harry knew about Narcissa's contact with Voldemort.. You may have included this earlier and I just forgot, but that could be a matter to clarify.

I think the space Harry got for their meetings (and for their escape from Gringotts?) seems really interesting, and Ginny living there really would cause some massive problems in the Weasley clan.

I'm not sure about the prank with George and Fred. Is that coming up in the next chapter? I'm interested to see what happens with the priest.! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much again! Yes, Draco/Harry forever ongoing. I think they are both manipulative to a certain degree, but Draco much more so.

As for Harry knowing, well, in one of the previous chapters, just after Draco moves to Grimmauld Place, almost without wanting it, Harry catches bits and bobs of Draco's thoughts, including the fact that a Muggle church features somehow. He also sees that Narcissa hasn't passed away properly and sketches as to what Draco knows she did. He doesn't have the full picuture though. Draco was so drained and weak and the time that Harry just went in like that, when he was trying to ascertain his true allegiance. The main thing happened when he went with Ron to wake him up as they were comming down the stairs. I think it's either chapter 16 or 17. I made an attempt at explaining out that this was a bit uncommon since Harry was rubbish at occlumency/legilimency with Snape. My actual view is that he very much has the ability, even pretty naturally but that Snape sort of intimidated him. I think I should expand on this point a bit further though, because I think it's just merely mentioned.

Wow, the apartment... this is pure hedonism on my part. I went round the internet, almost as a prospective buyer and I have fallen in love with this place! Ginny, well, Harry tells her she can't move it just yet, well, because of Molly primarily, yes. As I said in a previous reply to a review, she would kill them both and that would end the story! lol Ginny is very determined though but somethin will make her not care anymore later on... Yes, they will live together, "maybe more" *laughs*

The prank, yes, it needed elaborating but I couldn't think straight and wanted to post, so I will explain more at the beginning of the next chapter.

Thanks so much!

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Review #8, by Joanne K 

12th March 2008:
Interesting chapter once again, it's good to see Harry moving closer to buying this apartment and 'sticking it to Umbridge' so to speak.

I did like the dialogue between Harry and Draco, at the start I wasn't so sure how in-character it was, but as the argument progressed I think you did a wonderful job of portraying them both.

There was one part that didn't sit right with me, it was at the beginning, the second thing Draco says, you have him as smirking, but I just didn't think it was fitting for him to smirk when in fact he seemed to be speaking quite angrily about something he is quite sensitive about.

There were only a couple of typos, one which has already been picked up on (I read the first half this morning). The other ones were:

"Gin, I must rather live at the Burrow" should be "I'd much rather live at the Burrow"


"that the prank hadn't work." should be "that the prank hadn't worked."

Other than that you did pretty well, considering you posted as soon as you finished writing it. ;)

I love the sound of this house, I just hope the glass walls don't mean that people will be able to see inside when they're having their DA meetings. lol.

Ginny was so cute wanting to move in with Harry, I'm glad Harry talked her out of it though, Molly would have been mortified otherwise. I also liked the little scene with Molly and Arthur, it was so sweet.

Anyway, I'd better end this review before it turns into a novel, I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Again, thanks so much for your review.

I agree with you that smirking may not be the right thing for Draco to do, I'll think of something else. Thanks for pointing this out. Also, the typos, yes, you're again completely right. I always seem to overlook something.

Now, the apartment. In my obsession with making things realistic, I went around the premier property real estate London sites and I chose this building, so it actually exists, the price is real too, I took a bit off considering it was then 1998 but still is shocking what a London apartment can go for. Ok, this is top of the range, but still. The glass windows, well, it will not be at ground floor level and the glass ones overlook the river, so there is nothing opposite as such. I have truly fallen in love with this place myself, but of course, not a hope in hell unless I turn into JKR overnight lol The address is actually real too. Ginny, I feel a bit sorry for her and Harry of course would like to live with her but, yes, Molly would kill them both and that would be the end of the story, however, he promised her they would, eventually... and Ginny is a very determined young woman.

In the next chapter, the priest makes a re-appearance and Draco will have to come clean with him. Also they are moving a bit closer towards breaking into Gringotts.

Now, is the constant bickering between Harry and Draco getting a bit tiresome. I guess, they are going to have to colaborate sooner or later but I wanted them to move in that direction slowly. Draco also is used to Crabbe and Goyle following his direction and Harry is not that easy to manipulate, although it doesn't stop him from trying.

I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter anyway an thanks so much.

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Review #9, by Snitchsista 

11th March 2008:
Good things with Harry and Draco, Morgana!! Brilliant. :) I love how you keep things in character. This part I particuarly like:“Look, Malfoy I didn’t play poster boy for the Ministry and I’ve no intention of doing that for you either." I don't know why, but it just sat with Harry. I loved it! Well done. *Claps* The only thing I would say is, maybe not have Draco say 'reckon.' I don't know, I can imagine him saying something a little more his character, like, "Oh, you suppose, Potter?" Maybe that's just me. Anyway, great work- and my new story's up! Anyway, yes, who cares about that? This is amazing!

Author's Response: Wow, I'm impressed that you found this again so quickly. I very much look forward to your new story too.

I'm so pleased you like my Draco/Harry dialogue. They will have to eventually stop being so antagonistic is something is to be accomplished. Harry is pretty strong headed and not the type to become Draco's runaround boy.

I think you have a point in saying that my Draco on that line is a bit too casual. Yes, I think he owes to be a little more formal, well spotted and please do not fear giving me constructive criticism.

Thanks so much x

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Review #10, by Aurora Dawn 

11th March 2008:
Hi Morgana,

Just when I thought I was caught up.

You know reading the part with Draco and Harry I was forcefully reminded of Snape and James. A lot of the things Draco says to Harry sound similar to things Snape has said about James. (The difference being that James deserved it).

Draco just plain needs to grow up and get over it. As Harry points out, they're on the same side. When he does finally start to break down a little, he keeps that classic Malfoy arrogance. You're very good at doing that.

I didn't see many typos, but I did see one that I thought was funny. "Merlin's bear !" Merlin had a bear? Well, Tonks has a werewolf, so why not ?

Author's Response: I'm rolling on the floor laughing now with Merlin's bear (it was meant to be beard of course).

You're extremely good at finding parallels, yes, Draco needs to be hit hard on the head with something. I tried to show Draco here as slightly cunning. He's not as bright as Snape (I'm not saying he's stupid) but he's trying to twist Harry's arms by either treating him almost as a servant (comanding almost that he goes to the priest and spill the beans on his behalf) or by trying to persuade him that it's in his own interest, when he goes on about Harry's parents. Harry is not going to begin to believe that they are ghosts but that was what Draco was trying to convinced him of when he run out of options. Silly Draco! Harry and Ginny are getting a bit sort of cosy and tactile again, and the girl doesn't beat about the bush, she is basically asking to move in with him, but wait and see on this one.

Thanks so much for keeping up and reviewing. Let me know when your next chapter is up. I have already started the next one. The one after that I think will contain a bit of action again. x

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Review #11, by AriesGirl40 

11th March 2008:
Glad to see Harry noticing Ginny and her good taste. A glass pyramid sounds kind of safe if you realy think about it.
I am also interested in finding out how Draco & Harry get along on their day together. (Harry seems to be making more of an effert toward Malfoy , Draco seems to be living in the Hogwarts past. He still has the green eyed monster for Harry.)
looking foward to your next chapter in this well done fiction.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for following this whole story up, it's really encouraging to have regular readers and reviewers.

Harry has been noticing Ginny for quite some time but yes, their chemistry is kind of increasing if anything. Harry is not an obstentatious person as such, but yes he has to dispose of a lot of money before the Ministry gets to it. I guess he's happy to go with her taste but of course, he is not likely to go for a place that reminds him either of Privet Drive or Grimmauld Place and good old Walburga Black, so I guess his taste maybe pretty much that way too. The building is actually more like a wedge, sort of half pyramid. Ok, I'm getting very carried away with this apartment here. The building exists actually and the address is real too. I wish I could buy that flat! lol Molly of course is never going to allow her 16 year old daughter to move in with her boyfriend, but, ok, wait and see because Ginny is one determined person.

Draco and Harry. Yes, Harry is more polite and more considerate. Draco envies him of course, that's why he says "you have a talent for falling on your feet." Of course, Harry is not stupid, fancy trying to get him to be the one to breach the statute of secrecy! Now, Draco is going to have to eat humble pie with the priest and admit that he lied if he wants help so, well, you'll see this in the next chapter.

Thanks so much.

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Review #12, by hanoverpretz01 

11th March 2008:
"to hell with umbridge!"
updatre soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for following this all the way. Yes, Harry is going to try to outsmart Umbridge as much as he can. He wouldn't normally buy an expensive property just to show it off, it's more of a matter of taking the money away from Gringotts before she gets her hands on it. The building actually exists, I did research this a bit.

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