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Review #1, by someone___1 

13th November 2012:
Question time! Was Marvolo's wife under a love spell? Because it certainly seems that way.

Awesome story, and I am completely enthralled.

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Review #2, by whacked 

1st June 2009:
its very well written, but the effects of the love potion were inaccurate, as was the description. merope should have smelt infatuating scents, as should have Tom, and Tom should have been a bit more mad about merope, like ron was about romilda in the sixth book. but i really like how you've captured the time and characters. i like cecilia best, because i personally think merope is a bit of an idiot, Tom'e a bit stupid, and bether shouldn't have made the love potion. but oh well. 10/10 as usual!

Author's Response: Hey, hey now ... when did I ever say that this potion was Amortentia? ;) ;) Because it's not and I never use that name in my story. This is a potion that was entirely fabricated by yours truly, so I got to do with it what I liked: made up the ingredients, the recipe, the effects, and the side-effects. (And the after-effects too, if we come to that.) Good catch though! If I were writing about Amortentia, you would be absolutely right! But I am a canon freak and I would never deviate that intensely from JKR, at least not with a fact like potion effects.

Haha you're not alone! A lot of people seem to like Cecilia best :) Merope is a bit of an idiot, absolutely. But hence the whole story - if she were clever, you'd be complaining that she was too OOC. ;) She needs to be stupid so that Voldemort can be born and the whole Harry Potter series can begin!

Thank you so, so much for your reviews :) I hope you're enjoying the story and I love hearing what you have to say! *hug*

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Review #3, by effyban 

25th May 2009:

You know, when I was in my freshman year, we read Romeo and Juliet. The teacher insisted that everything in the book was carefully planned out to follow a certain plot. Foreshadowing and such. I was a silly little teenager then, and thought it was all nonsense. But this story really reminds me of the subtlety and tragedy that was Romeo's and Juliet's love.

Setting up the Rose and John factor was a brilliant move. Cecilia is excellently developed as well. And while I'm usually quite skeptical of the main characters and constantly diss them in other stories, I can really feel the pull of their attraction to each other.

This story is already my favorite of all I have read.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness! :) That's one of the best compliments I have ever received. While I definitely don't believe that this is on the same level as Romeo and Juliet, I'm so incredibly flattered that it reminded you of that story! I read R&J my freshman year of high school too, incidentally - seems like that is the baseline for everyone :D

I so appreciate your words. I put a ton of effort into this story - planning it out, foreshadowing, deciding what to do next - and it's such an incredible feeling to know that somewhere out there, someone has enjoyed it. I'm thrilled that you were able to sympathize with the characters!

This review means so much to me. Thank you for taking the time to write one, you've made my whole week *hugs*

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Review #4, by rosie_sirius93 

22nd January 2009:
naw. You made me fell sorry for Cecilia, see how good at writing you are???!! I loved the parts with Tom and Merope but they are so sad at the same time because he is under the potion so he doesn't really love her!! I love your characters and this story as well!!

Author's Response: Haha :) I feel sorry for Cecilia too, I can imagine what it must have felt like to lose a loved one mysteriously (and not knowing it was because of a love potion!). I love that you picked up on what I was trying to show: that despite the potion, he doesn't really love Merope in the way that love is supposed to work. Thanks hun!

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Review #5, by Blue Moon 

30th October 2008:
This is such a good story so far! From the facts given to us in the Harry Potter books about Voldemort's parents, I can see Rowling writing this section herself!

Author's Response: Oh thanks so much! What a compliment :) I do wish JKR had given us more of Merope's story myself. Here's hoping for a prequel or a Voldemort-centric story, right? So glad you like this story so far and thank you for your review :)

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Review #6, by sazel_c 

27th October 2008:
This is going to hurt all of them so much in the end, I really love this. Seriously! Bethe is awesome. I hope she's still there for Merope when this is all over...

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like the characters :) Thanks for your review!

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Review #7, by savagebeginnings 

25th October 2008:
Hello again! I don't even know what to say about this! The fun little forbidden relationship between Tom and Merope is now known by Cecilia! That's good. I never liked her. I feel bad for her, but I still never liked her. It does make one wonder though. How will Tom react once the potion wears off? I mean, we all know what happens in the long run, but what really happens to him the moment it runs out? I have a feeling that Bethe won't be too happy to give Merope more love potion because of what it's doing to their friendship, so how will she make do? Guess I'll just have to continue reading to find out! I feel so bad for Bethe. She's such a good friend to Merope.

I think you're doing a wonderful job with characterizing Merope! You take everything into account in her life and weave a very wonderfully believable character! Overall, I think you're doing an amazing job with this and I love all the characterizations!

Author's Response: Yeah I suppose Cecilia discovering Tom and Merope's affair had to happen sooner or later. :) She's definitely the kind of character that most people like to hate, but I'm glad you did feel sorry for her - after all, something was pretty much stolen away from her that she had hoped for, for a while.

I hope you'll like the scene where Tom slowly recoups from the potion! You'll see it coming up very soon...

Glad you like all the characterizations! Thanks for your review :)

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Review #8, by Tor Petty 

21st October 2008:
How chilling the line: Tom Riddle, at last, completely in her power. It caught me completely off guard in the midst of all that lovey-dovey romance. Beautiful, really.


Very symbolic dream. Impressive.

I really loved this chapter. A lot. :D

Author's Response: Hahaha Cecilia is on the rebound, you have to remember ... she's saving her pride. First time in her life she has been dumped by a man for somebody else, so she has to recover somehow. I feel bad for John and especially Rose. Glad you liked the dream! Thanks so much for the review :)

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Review #9, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

20th October 2008:
Hey, me again!

This was another great chapter. Your writing is amazing. You weave a scene like no one else. I love the plot. It's simply stunning.

I don't really understand how you think you will gain any suggestions or constructive criticism from reviews. This story is far to perfect and enchanting to have even one tiny grammar mistake.

I'll continue reading, as I have the time. However, I can tell the closing of the review fest that is creeping ever closer will convince me to procrastinate school work more and more often to help Ravenclaw. . .

Ah well. 10/10, no surprise. Keep up the good writing!!!

Author's Response: Hello hello! :) I'm so glad you're liking this story! Oh, you're too kind - of course I'm always looking for constructive criticism and I know I have lots of room for improvement. The spelling and grammar I'm not so worried about, since I proofread like crazy (and I AM crazy about that stuff - don't want to be a hypocrite since I point it out to other people I review), I was more concerned about the flow and the general direction of the story. But thank you, I'm so glad you like the plot! And yes, helping Ravenclaw is a terrific idea :D We need all the help we can get! Thanks a million, hun!

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Review #10, by severus_lover 

13th May 2008:
Hello me again! I liked how this chapter started off with Merope and Tom ^_^ love, love, love that scene. Has the love potion kicked in yet or is it Tom's feelings because he does seem to like Merope a fair amount already. I feel so bad for poor Cecilia. She really loves Tom but alas, he doesn't feel the same way. She was just an innocent by-stander *tear*Bethe's dream is so creepy and somehow I cant help but feel like it is layered with obvious symbolisms that I feel stupid for not getting right away ^_~

I loved this line, it cracked me up lol:

He frowned slightly. "You planned for me to witness your little tryst? Why is that? I'm afraid you don't understand the idea of a secret love affair, Cecilia," he remarked lightly.

So Cecilia used John to get Tom's attention. I wonder how Rose would feel about that haha, could be interesting. Great chap! 10/10


Author's Response: Hi!! :D Yay it's you again! Woo-hoo and just in time for the Tom/Merope action to start. The potion has kicked in when they kiss, yes ... it doesn't take much, does it? ;) Tom does like her but he doesn't "love" her until he drinks it.

Yep poor Cecilia was in the wrong place at the wrong time, loving the wrong man. Never go after a guy who's already loved by a woman who means business.

The dream is meant to be confusing! Don't worry :) It'll all become clearer hopefully as the story goes on.

Thanks hun, glad you liked it!

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Review #11, by shadowycorner 

10th May 2008:
I litterally squealed when I saw the chapter image, heh. And then i almost squealed again, because I love Edna's quotes. Which reminds me to tell you how great it is that you put a quote at the beginning of the chapter. It always fits so well. And i write them down every time to enlarge my collection.

Well, Merope after all is a real Slytherin. And still so tender, human and innocent with her need for love and affection, obtaining it the only way she sees possible. It's an amazing capture of character, because she doesn't really intend much harm, she's just not giving up on her dream and is willing to get it one way or the other, as long as she gets it. And we know these are the general traits of Slytherins. So great, great job. Oh and the first scene was marvellous. At first I, too, didn't know what's real and what's the potion's doing, though in the end I think it was quite apparent. Oh, you really showed how horrible using a love potion can be in those few paragraphs, at least for me. The first little doubts in Merope made it for me. Living in a lie is never good. At least not long enough. But we all have to take responsibility for our actions. Poor Bethe, though. Merope was definitely not nice to her. Ugh. Slytherins!

The dream you described was so very dreamlike. Exactly like dreams are. Random, strange and scary at times.

Cecilia's reaction to Tom's affair with Merope was very realistic. In that time many women lived with the ordeal that their men had affairs and mistresses, which they had to put up with, and her giving him this option was well done. But I'm also glad she had pride in herself and decided that if she weren't first, she wouldn't be with him at all. I can't help but like Cecilia in a way. Sure, she's conceited and all that, like we've seen when she was in the village, thinks of herself as being better than peasents and all that...but that, again, was natural to a person living in her class and such. And I find myself sympathising with her.

Oh well...what new can I say? I just love this story and find it very enjoyable to read. I usually read stories where I can help and those with lesser reviews, and some I can say are hard to read as I have to force myself to keep going, but this is one of those I'm excited about reading and just love it. Dear Jules, you're now my personal period drama writer number one!


Author's Response: Oh you're a sweetheart for re-posting this review! :)

I love that movie. Don't Laurie and Amy make a good John and Cecilia? :D

Do you collect quotes?!?! Me too! My yearbooks from high school and college (and my scrapbook and memory book) are filled from top to bottom with beautiful quotes. I love finding the perfect one to go with each chapter, because quotes in themselves are kind of like a little summary.

Merope is the quintessential Slytherin in my opinion. She's ambitious, ruthless in a passive-aggressive way, and will do anything to get what she wants. On one hand, these people make things happen -she's got Tom, hasn't she? But on the other hand - exactly, she's chosen living a lie over living without him.

I'm really glad you sympathized with Cecilia. Originally, I wanted her to only be marrying Tom for his money and not to love him at all - but I thought, how much angstier would it be if she really did love him and had to face losing him to Merope? I wanted her to be more complex than just Tom's beautiful arm candy. She thinks too highly of herself to marry a man who doesn't put her first, and in the end, she has to let him go. She's Merope's foil when it comes to Tom because she knows when a situation is pointless.

I can't tell you how excited I am that you like this story so much! :) I have loved reading all of your kind reviews and it's an amazing feeling when someone else has enjoyed your writing. So thank you, thank you for being so wonderful and taking the time out to read and leave feedback. I appreciate it very much!! :)

*hugs* Jules

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Review #12, by Misty_Rey 

7th May 2008:
Wow, that potion sure didn't waste anytime LoL!

The first section of the story had a good flow to it, the way Tom almost immediately went from contentment of their friendship to obvious flirting to downright snogging her! The scattering emotions were in check and weren't over-the-top. Merope's naive narration was well written, especially the part of her castle in the sky falling to the ground and him being her knight in shining armour etc. It was also very telling that Merope showed no signs of remorse over what she was doing. I guess that's where Voldy got this trait of his from ;).

It might be just me but Cecilia seems to be getting the best lines in the story XD. First, from the previous chapter, it was the poignant line of:

A woman always knows when a man looks into her eyes and is thinking of someone else.

Now there's this telling line:

There is always a strange fascination for the other woman in a dying relationship, a painful and obsessive curiosity suffered by the one who has been replaced.

(WARNING! I may get slightly philosophical here XD)
You create something extraordinary in the form of Cecilia. Through her, we see the incredibly common and everyday traits found in basic human nature and psychology. Her actions are realistic and relevant in the real world. She suspects him of betrayal and therefore follows him. If she'd seen him in a fit of passion with Merope, she wouldn't have been as upset as she was when she saw them in a decidedly tender moment. She knows that passion is fleeting while caring is on a deeper level (we know that this isn't really the case with Merope and Tom but you catch my drift ;)). And then in a desperate bid to win Tom back, she tries to make him jealous. These are all appropriate reactions to the situation she's facing and therefore the story becomes much more convincing. It's astonishing that you seamlessly incorporated all this and shows that you have a perceptive understanding of psychology. Bravo!

The dream. I'm finally catching on to your hints hehheh! The various allusions were exquisitely executed. I'll admit that I had to reread to get a better understanding but it was worth it, the effect was masterful. That Tom doesn't truly reciprocate Merope's feelings, thirst like when Dumbledore drank the potion in the cave, the cave enchanted to demand blood upon entry. It was fun to decipher, great job! One thing I didn't get was the flower... The best I could think of was that it's connected to Lily Evans-Potter and her protection and, I'd like to think, Narcissa and her lie to save her son since it's these factors that attributed to Voldy's downfall. Of course, I could just be reading too much into it XD.

Another intense confrontation between Merope and Bethe that was just mind-blowing. If I were the crying type, I would've shed tears at this part. You again explored human nature and psychology here which I enjoyed reading. Merope's insistent self-denial is brilliantly written while Bethe's foresight and perception of the situation mirrored mine had I been in her position. Everything she said made sense and I agree with. I really liked Bethe's growth here and that she’s matured into this 3-dimensional character. Although she is basically a foil for Merope, she has become well developed and there's more to her than the kind, sweet, compassionate village girl from previous chapters.

The confrontation between Tom and Cecilia was another very well done piece. My favorite part here was hands down when Cecilia was desperately seeking assurance that Merope meant nothing to him. It was simply heartrending, her clinging to the hope that his betrayal was merely a fling, nothing more. Surprisingly, Cecilia didn't come across as the typically pathetic, jilt lover in this chapter. You managed to give her many more layers and therefore made her believable and realistic, like I said before. While she is a character to sympathize with, that wasn't all she was and that made her a 3-dimensional character. I'm almost sad that she won't be featured in later chapters =(.

The Bethe-Merope exchange and Tom-Cecilia confrontation tied for my absolute favorite part in this chapter. Please pardon my ramblings in some parts of this review, I'm not explaining myself as well as I could've.

Another great chapter my dear, 10/10!


Author's Response: Aw I love when you get philosophical LOL :D Everything you said and noticed was right on. Ahh where should I start?

Good observation that Merope hadn't much remorse at all. She got the potion, dumped it in, and gave it to him without hesitation. She knows it'll work, she doesn't care all that much how it will affect others besides herself, and she doesn't even feel guilty that she's bending Tom to her will. She's like that crazy lady at the supermarket who wants the last box of Cheerios and woe betide anyone who gets in her way.

There's so much to be said on Cecilia - she turned out to be a lot more complex than I had planned, mostly because I didn't want her to love Tom originally. I wanted her to be a sort of social climber who wanted Tom's money and that was that, and if some weird girl bagged him, then on to the next rich man. But then I just started writing and she fell in love with him, and it continued on from there. She became the betrayed fiancee and I think it makes her story a lot more sympathetic if, underneath the beauty and the wealth and everything else, she's really just a girl with an unrequited love (not unlike Merope). They both want Tom, but the difference between Cecilia and Merope is that Cecilia lets him go - she's not so ruthless and doesn't really have that obsessive backbone that Merope does.

Yay the dream! I think you pretty much got the gist of it, and added a lot more insight into it. Those are some great connections (I didn't even think of Dumbledore's blood and the cave!). I won't explain a lot about the dream because it'll give a bit too much about my plot away, but yeah, the missing wedding ring, the thirst, and the flower - that will all be covered later on.

Bethe, like the others, is a tragic character who was pretty much used by Merope to achieve her own ends. Her part in the story isn't quite over yet, but the friendship has been so brittle over this love potion deal that it just couldn't go on. You'll see why it's even more tragic that the love potion broke up their friendship, because it almost didn't even have to exist...

Yep, with one last bid for Tom, Cecilia was desperate to find out what Merope really meant to him. In the end, she had to let him go because there was just no way this could keep going on. Don't lose hope yet, you might just see Cecilia again - in fact you'll see all of the characters again before the end. :)

I'm so, so, SO happy you've continued to enjoy reading!! Thanks for the amazing reviews and for your even more amazing insight! *hugs*

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Review #13, by momotwins 

1st May 2008:
Something I haven't mentioned yet: The chapter quotes you've found are absolutely perfect. Love them.

The kiss scene is just brilliant, I can't even tell you how fabulous your writing is here. I can just feel Merope's joy and hope bursting out of the words, I love it! I do feel sorry for Cecilia, though :( Poor thing, she can't help being a total flake, if she'd been raised better she might have been a better partner for Tom. She reacted in a very upper-class sort of way to the mistresses concept hehe. And holy wow, Bethe's dream was amazing. I think this is your best chapter yet.

Author's Response: Oh thank you very much! :) I like the quotes too and I've been having fun finding them. I think most of them are from "quotations.com" and I just search based on the topic. I've found some beautiful, beautiful sayings - I have a thing for collecting quotes. You can imagine what my high school and college yearbooks were like :D

Oh I'm so happy that you liked the kiss scene! It was the peaking moment in their relationship for me because I felt that I had built their acquaintance up enough, yet I was a little insecure about making it too flowery or sappy. I feel bad for Cecilia too :( It's a little unfortunate that she fell for this particular man.

YAY! You liked the dream! I'm interested in dreams, I always keep a journal of the ones I can remember, and sometimes they're just so odd and disjointed - yet when you analyze them, they make perfect sense. Bethe's nightmare works in the same way - it's a mixture of things she fears with things that she instinctively feel will happen.

Thank you so very much!

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Review #14, by Bella_Portia 

25th April 2008:
Where you describe "his gentle face" -- I stopped for a moment. Of course, it was consist with your portrayal of TR and, beyond that, it was Merope's POV. Yet it seemed strange to describe the man who sired (if you'll forgive the old-fashioned, rather equine-sounding term) Voldemort in such a benign term. Reading "the kiss" scene over, I thought it was quite powerfully done. It did strike me, however, that this might be a time when Locket might have put in his two cents. Some of Merope's insights about the degree of control and possession she now exerted over Tom seemed like a leap notwithstanding her employment of the potion. (Also, and I may be alone in this, I'm a fan of The Locket, as it seems to represent SS's presence.)

In reading the scene where Cecilia follows Tom, I thought he would have been better off sticking with her, if only because she seems to be a heck of a horsewoman to keep up with him so well.

That dream sequence was outstanding.

Regarding the opening scene in Bethe's shop: I really like the way you use the gossip of the village to give the reader information about your plot. It creates ambiance, enhances the character of Bethe, creates minor characters (which, when well done, are always a pleasure of fanfiction), all at the same time as it helps the plot along. It's a device that works really well for this story. And the herbalist's shop is somehow as good as a beauty parlor or a barber shop in that the nature of the place is conducive to gathering and talking about personal stuff.

The scene with Merope and Bethe, where B tried to warn M and M essentially made excuses and ended telling Bethe she wasn't her friend -- because she wasn't telling Merope what she wanted to hear and was instead being honest: nice scene, sadly true to life because, unfortunately, infatuated people do act like that.

Finally, I liked the final scene with Cecilia. In particular, I thought you gave her a lot of dignity in a painful scene with her fiance, and I liked that you handled it that way. (I hope she doesn't end up with Havering, though; he's not good enough for her, or her sister, either.)

Author's Response: Hi Bella! Thanks for coming back for another review, I really love reading your feedback. :)

It does sound a little odd to describe Tom in that way, especially in the context of what kind of a kid he's going to sire. But he was known for being handsome and so is Tom Jr.; they're quite the good-looking pair but while Jr's face was probably never gentle, Sr.'s face might have gotten some help from the love potion. :)

I was going to put in a word from the locket originally! I took it out because I felt that the locket would allow the relationship between Tom and Merope to play out; the locket has set up all the pieces - having Merope save Tom's life from Morfin's attack, preventing her from ruining her chance with Tom by hexing her brother, and helping her enhance the potion. Now I think it's taking a step back and just allowing things to play out. You'll see in Chapter 9 that it has yet another opportunity to speak (Merope actually longs for it to speak to her) but it remains silent.

I'm so grateful that you liked the dream sequence!! I wanted it to be a little unnerving, confusing, and disjointed, the way nightmares usually are, yet since it is a dream of Bethe's, it also has a prophetic tinge to it.

Glad you like the village gossipers! They seem to be quite popular and I have a real affection for them because they are extremely useful in all of the ways you have mentioned. They offer a sort of third-party look at what is happening with the main characters. I remember clearly from HBP that Dumbledore mentioned what a scandal it caused in the village when the squire's son ran off with the tramp's daughter; these gossips will play in nicely when that happens.

Merope is so naive! And very infatuated, too much so to listen to Bethe's reason. I think she might have some deep-seated guilt already beginning to blossom as well - she is tricking an innocent man, after all - that she covers up by projecting her anger onto someone who appears to disapprove of the whole situation.

And Cecilia and Tom have finally broken up!

I'm so, so glad you're enjoying the story :) Please don't feel obliged to review each chapter if you're short on time; it already means so much that you're having fun reading! Thank you a million times for your opinions!

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Review #15, by dulcet_tones 

7th April 2008:
Amazing! Absolutely, amazing! This is a very ingenious take on how the 'love' affair between Merope and Tom Sr. began and I've enjoyed it immensely so far. Reading it is reminiscent of how I felt when perusing Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice. You have a very innate elegance in your writing that is very hard to come by.

The job you've done with both your original characters and those of canon is absolutely brilliant. I also am completely in awe of your ability to interweave smaller plot lines into your story and the eloquence with which it is done. Not many fan fic authors have that ability, at least not as gracefully as you do here.

Bethe's backstory is very interesting to me and I would love to read more of it, of her childhood with Ms. Jones, the troubles therein, as well as what on earth had happened to her Hogwart's letter. She is my absolute favourite out of your OC's presented with in this story and I think that her story would be a great fic for you to work on after this. (That is of course if you haven't already started it. *wink*)

I have only two nitpicks. The first deals with the timeline of the story. The way you have written it seems to fall back more to the mid-1800's, the same time period as the two classic pieces of literature I've mentioned above. Closing my eyes, with the way you've described the engagement party and the like, I picture something along the lines of scenes from P&P the movie. The feel of it should be more like that of Atonement should it not? The timeline of it is closer to that which you have mentioned for this story. But then again, it's somewhat crazy of me to praise how you have written it and then critique on that as well, but I felt I should do both since those were my feelings. *shy smile*

The second is regarding the photographs of the church a couple chapters back. I'm not so sure they would have used photographs even back then, it seems more of a modernization. Mrs. Riddle and Cecelia would have most likely traveled to the church so that she could show her the building. Again, those are just my personal feelings.

Still, you've done an awesome job! I'm very very impressed and I do believe that I will be returning to find out how you bring this to the desired end that JKR has presented you.


Author's Response: Hi Stacy!! Thanks a million for such a long and insightful review :D I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the writing so far; it really means a lot to be able to entertain people with my work. I do tend to have a sort of old-fashioned flavor to my writing, probably because I love period books and stories so much. The two stories you mentioned are two of my favorites. :) I'm really glad you liked the interwoven plot lines! I like to concentrate on a spectrum of different characters, which sometimes doesn't sit well with readers who want the story to be all about this character or that. It can take a little getting used to, but it's great that you enjoyed that!

Thanks for pointing out the era discrepancies! I agree that it is a little old-fashioned for the 1920's, but I've always imagined Little Hangleton as a very quaint, traditional village in a sort of rustic area of England. Although cars and gramophones were in existence, the way I pictured Little Hangleton was a small country hamlet that's a little piece of history and holds fast to the values that might have been around for decades. I agree though that it's not very authentic probably! *blush* As for cameras, they were around in the 1920's and I think a wealthy family like the Riddles would have had access to one or would have hired someone to take pictures for them. I think you're right though that Mrs. Riddle would have taken Cecilia to see the church!

I really appreciate your thoughts! I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story if you decide to keep reading. Thanks so much Stacy :)

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Review #16, by MsVoldemort 

6th April 2008:
I love this! I love the idea and your writing is great. I always thought there should have been even more about Merope, and I really like the way you are setting everything out! Very very well done! I can't wait for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much :) I agree, I always thought there was much more to Merope. I wanted to do something no one had done yet with a very minor character. Glad you liked it!! And I have good news, Ch. 9 is practically done so it should be in the queue this week. :D

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Review #17, by OneOfTheWeasleys 

4th April 2008:
Another brilliant chapter! The way you make this plot flow and how you describe everything makes it all seem so real. It is magnificent! I know how this story will end but a part of me always hopes that Tom will indeed fall in love with Merope and it will all end well. (You know, fanon is sounding like a good route right now ;D) Only teasing, canon is much better and I must say you are doing a great job at keeping it that way.

Lots of Love,

Author's Response: Hee hee! Maybe I should write an alternate ending with all of these requests for a happily-ever-after. :) I'm keeping it canon, but I'll tell you what I told everyone else ... I don't think you'll be disappointed by the epilogue, and I promise the story won't end on a sour and depressing note. :) Thanks so much for your reviews, yay!! I'm really cracking down to writing Chapter 9 today so hopefully, if the juices are flowing, it should be done within a day or two... *crosses fingers* :)

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Review #18, by Potterholic 

4th April 2008:
I love it! I adored how you wrote the kiss and their conversation. "The only place I am supposed to be," he said softly, "is wherever you are." Aww… It’s hard to believe his love came from a potion, it seems so earnest. ^_^ I wonder what Bethe’s dream meant. I’m guessing it has something to do with Merope and Tom, right? Her argument with Merope was nicely written too. Anyway, I’m glad you focused on Cecilia too, I totally felt for her when they said goodbye. I’m so excited to read more! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks hun! Yes that potion is a really effective one because it convinces both people involved that the drinker is really in love. (It's a good thing these potions don't really exist out of fiction, because a lot of people would be in trouble :D) Bethe's dream has a lot of underlying meanings that are all jumbled together; they should make sense later on.

I'm so glad you're still enjoying it! :) Chapter 9 will be up very shortly!

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Review #19, by Renfair 

1st April 2008:
Oooh...this was also a great one (well, obviously. What else could your chapters be?)!! Bethe's "dream" was great (I don't know about you, but I *love* writing cool prophetic dreams with lots of symbolism XD) and really creepy since the reader knows what will eventually happen to Merope's and Tom's relationship (Waaah! That's so sad!) Er, maybe you can make it AU where they love each other for ever and Tom Riddle Jr. grows up in a loving home with two supportive parents and never feels the need to massacre innocent people? Heh. Just a thought...So, it's looking like Cecilia's going to marry John out of convenience. Ah, how gentry-like of her. It's really interesting how at the very end, Tom seems to subconsciously know that he's lost something very precious, but he can't see it because the love potion won't let him have feelings for anyone but Merope.

So...wondering just how far you're going to take the story...probably all the way to Merope dying, huh? That's going to be so sad, but we already know that it's a sad story going in, so at least we're prepared for it. Keep up the awesome work and churn out some more chapters!

Author's Response: Hahaha maybe I'll write an alternate ending or something. :) I do love Tom and Merope together but I'm afraid the ending here will be a sad one, just as it was in canon. *sniffle* However as I told Rebekka, I think that Tom/Merope shippers will not be disappointed in the epilogue I have planned for this story. So it won't all end on a depressing, everyone-is-dead type of note.

I think you're right, Cecilia may just settle for John after all ... I don't know if they will appear again in the story (quite possibly) but I know for certain that Rose, her younger sister, will show up again so you'll get to see what has happened and how it's affected her and such.

Tom's subconscious is still there on some level - but realization won't come until the potion stops. His brain's a bit muddy, is all... :D

Yes, the story will extend through to Merope's death and baby Voldy's birth. It will go even further than that as well - when the 16-year-old Tom Riddle Senior returns to Little Hangleton to umm... "have tea" with Uncle Morfin and dear old Dad.

Thanks my dear! Terrific review as always :)

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Review #20, by burnt august 

27th March 2008:
I could have sworn I had read chapter eight, but it seems that I have not! Curses on my dis-functional memory! Hehe and I even remember seeing that you added an extra chapter and I thought I read it, but now that I opened it up and found something I've never read before - I suppose I haven't read it? Ah that was a run on sentence :]

But enough with my rambling! I thought the first kiss scene [ and later more kisses] between Merope and Tom was simply adorable. It was very well written, not cheesy or anything.

I really liked how you switched point of views in this chapter, I think it really adds to your story! And poor Cecilia, I almost kind of feel bad for her. And as for Bethes dream, it's rather frightening and confusing. You did a good job with making it make no sense yet still tying in at the same time.

Ending was powerful, actually this entire chapter was very powerful! Excellent job, and don't forget to leave another request when you update!
August Embers

Author's Response: Hi August! Thanks for coming and don't worry about it, I always get confused on what chapters I have and haven't read - that's the problem with having a reviews thread and so many different stories to read/re-read. :)

I'm glad you didn't think the kiss scene was cheesy! I've known myself to go overboard with the cheese once in a while, since I am a romantic at heart.

The switching POVs is one of my favorite things to do. I'm beginning to think I do it more for myself (because it's so fun to imagine a storyline for each character) than for the reader, but it does keep things interesting so I'm not spending too much time on one particular character.

Yes poor Cecilia's part in this story is pretty much over! And Bethe's dream is like most dreams - twisted, confused versions of what we fear the most, mixed with her visions of the future.

Thank you so much for your review. :)

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Review #21, by Echo95 

25th March 2008:
Hi! I liked this chapter, but I do think that Tom and Merope shouldn't need the potion. Voldemort could have been so evil cause his parents were so nice!

Author's Response: Thanks! I think if they had time, their friendship would have become something more - but time was something they didn't have. I think without the love potion, Tom would have still married Cecilia.

A lot of things contributed to Voldemort's evil nature - since Harry Potter represents love (he survived because of it), I guess then that Voldemort is the absence of love. If you think about it that way and apply it to his parents, it does fit together. Thanks! :)

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Review #22, by greylady_Ravenclaw 

25th March 2008:
Finally he is out of that engagment. I was beginning to think that it was just going to continue as an affair for him and Merope. It's a bit sad that Tom had to see Cecilia and John together, but it got their engagment off sooner.

Poor Tom. He doesn't know any of this isn't real. Its so sad. And I can't believe Merope and Bethe had a fight. They need to be friends because Merope needs more friends than just her locket and Tom. And Bethe was just trying to do the right thing and warn her friend.

Please post on my review thread, even if the spots are filled, when you update the story. I can't wait to read what else is going to happen. Great Job! 10/10

Author's Response: I know and it's a good thing he broke it off too, but Cecilia kind of had to goad him into doing it by having him witness her and John together. Well, it's all over now and I think it's better for both of them. Had they stayed together, it would have been one-sided for Cecilia and she's a snob but she's also a good person. She really loved him and I think she deserves better.

Yes, poor Tom - he's kind of wavering in between his subconscious and the effects of the love potion. He would get a nasty shock if he ever discovered what has happened to him...

Merope and Bethe's argument was inevitable, I think - there is just too much guilt on Bethe's part and too much blindness on Merope's for them to pretend that there's no elephant in the room, so to speak. The problem is staring them in the face but it's too late for Bethe to do anything, and Merope just wants to ignore it and pretend that anything is wrong.

Thank you so, so much for all of your reviews!! I'm really glad that you've enjoyed the story so much and I appreciate all of your feedback. I'll definitely let you know when I update, if you like! :)

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Review #23, by inkismyworld 

24th March 2008:
I'm so happy to finnaly get up to date on this wonderful fic! I just love everything about it! From the writing style to the way you fleshed out each of the characters. I espeically like the way Merope doesn't come off as a completely obsessive-clingy girl, and has a bit of a backbone. Also I love the whole Tom-musican connection and I cannot wait to read more! *favorites*

Author's Response: Wow thanks ink!! :) Merope's definitely obsessive but she's not obsessive in a clingy stalker way - she's more obsessive in a hero-worship, dreamy type of way. She's grown a little backbone for sure and Tom has noticed!

Thank you for your kind words and for favoriting! :D So glad you liked it!

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Review #24, by marauder_lover 

24th March 2008:
Wow. Once again that was a stunning chapter and beautifully written. I loved it from start to finish and all the little different points of views there were too.

I think you wrote thelove potion bit in right after very well, and Cecilia's discovery of the couple really well too. I think you still have Merope maticulously in character, that is exactly how I imagined her to be when she gave him the potion, I'm just saddened for her as I know it will all end badly.

Another wonderful chapter, keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much :) I hadn't planned on giving Cecilia so much of a spotlight but I think that her story needed to be fleshed out a bit more. After all, a real woman wouldn't just disappear after discovering that her fiance loves another. Now that her story is coming to a close, it will be focusing much more on Tom and Merope (although Cecilia, Rose, and John will be seen later on in the story, I'm almost positive).

I'm sad for her too - it's really a tragedy - but at least she'll be happy for a little while. :)

I appreciate ALL of your glorious reviews!! It makes me happy that you liked the story and I hope you enjoy the rest of it when it's updated!

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Review #25, by chiQs09 

21st March 2008:
OMG! What was that??? My heart melt like butter when Tom and Merope kissed! I liked the whole scene with them together! The way they laughed together, and all those wonderful things Tom said to her, that he'd go wherever she ís! So romantic... aww... (´_`) And Merope, at least is having a little guilty conscience of stealing someone else's fiancé, from his home, parents, etc. But I have a feeling that he would've gone with her away anyway, even if he hadn't drunken(?) the love potion...

Now only you the writer answer me this: Was the love potion already showing its effect the moment he drank it or would he have said all those things to her anyway, I mean was it him saying all those things? (Practically, what Merope was asking herself! hehe) Because I know he loves her! *sigh* ^_^

I somehow felt pity for Cecilia. It's one thing to doubt your finacé's feelings for you, that he might have an affair etc. (that's already hurtful). But it's another thing to have your doubts and paranoia confirmed by witnessing him with the other woman. And it's another more hurtful thing to find out at the end, that all along for him, you were the other woman. Cecilia would've even forgiven him if he had said that he was just infatuated with his "mistress". But Tom told her the truth... Wondefully done!

Favourite Quote:
-"I went walking in the grove so that he would join me, knowing that you would see us from the conservatory."

-"I'm afraid you don't understand the idea of a secret love affair, Cecilia," he remarked lightly.
LOL Nice comeback, Tom!

I think this chapter was amazing. As always! Even Bethe's dream was wonderfully described. I think the scene with her and Merope in the shop was amazing, too. Merope is really looking rose-tinted glass, I think she did fall in the trap she had created herself. For Tom's infidelity and Merope's stubborness for stealing someone else's fiancé, their only karma will be an evil kid, named Voldemort! haha

Okay, can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I was so excited to see your review, I always love reading feedback from you! :)

Hee hee yay they finally kissed! Merope does have a conscience but she wants him too bad to really give in and listen to it - her stubbornness will unfortunately be her undoing :( Before he drank the potion, Tom was not in love with her - he was curious and attracted to her, but it wasn't love or anything. It took the potion (the main effect of which is obsession) to convince him that he loved her. I hope that answers your question :)

I'm glad everyone's feeling sympathetic toward Cecilia because this chapter was meant to have that effect. The love potion is a good thing because for once in her life, Merope is happy, but it also shows her selfishness and how she overlooks its effect on others aside from Tom and herself - i.e. Cecilia and even Bethe.

Rose-tinted glass - I couldn't describe it better myself! She's leaving in a total dream world and that will make it much harder when reality punches her in the face. Exactly! I'm beginning to think this story is a tale about karma lol ... what comes around goes around and all that.

Thanks my dear! I'm really grateful that you liked it :)

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