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Review #1, by troll 

25th February 2012:
This is my very first attempt at leaving a review. I've enjoyed all eight chapters so far. I think the post-Hogwart's generation stories are a whole lot more interesting. It's good to read about Minerva McGonagal and 'Professor Weasley', and that they are in charge and getting things done.

And you are very good writer. Look forward to reading more.

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Review #2, by hermione_fan 

25th July 2011:
I really enjoyed this chapter. I have formed a few guesses as to who's child Nyah was. However, I now think I am wrong!

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Review #3, by Occlument 

19th December 2010:
Hmm... This is a cool chapter. Kind of sad, the departure (anna). I couldn't imagine MacGonagall sticking up for a pranked Nyah and putting a spell on Alexander, though. Isn't he supposed to be terrified of Nyah anyway? After the Jackass Episode?

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Review #4, by MusicLife2288 

30th September 2010:
So is she Harry and Ginny's daughter? Anyways great story so far, I'm totaly sucked in

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

~ HPMom

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Review #5, by Temple Deer 

4th November 2009:
Picky things first: I'm not sure McGonagall would snicker. It seems out of character. A half-smile, perhaps, that was gone almost before you could see it? And, when Hermione speaks, it's not to the wind, it's to her Headmistress. I liked the line when you used it to describe Nyah's talking to herself, though.
You know, in spite of everything happening in this chapter, I feel there's not much happening. Perhaps it's simply the transition from the last chapter, where so MUCH happened. I like Alexander's come-uppance, but would have liked to see Mother's reaction to it. The scene with Hermione in Nyah's bedroom doesn't seem necessary to advance the plot, unless the picture is important. What about Nyah's box of memories? maybe that would be better instead of the picture. (I say this, of course, not having read anything beyond this point). I am chalking up Nyah's trusting nature (considering she's been abused much of her life) to the fact that she is desperate for adult approval, so I can go with that; but realizing you're an orphan, no matter how horrible your parents, must come as a huge shock.
I can tell this chapter has been causing you some grief. It sits uneasily with me; maybe the humour of Alexander's charming outfit is clashing with Anna and Nyah's tearful goodbye? Is this chapter neither fish nor fowl? Am I riding the same emotional roller-coaster as your character? Am I being no help to you at all?
'Nuff said. I do like the way you ended this chapter, though, with the image of a picture perfect hideaway for the poor little rich girl -- blasted to smithereens by her horrible affliction. Give us a bit more description of the interior, to match the one of the exterior. The pace needs to slow a bit, in order to build up. Hermione's descriptions could be given in dialogue -- your dialogues are lovely. And, please could we have something mundanely magical going on in the house? That's the best part about being in the Wizarding World, isn't it?
Please forgive my heavier criticism, this time!

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Review #6, by poprockzwitch_14 

30th April 2009:
okay so i thought there were a bunch of subtle hints about harry and ginny being her parents, but if that's where you're going i'm having a little bit of a tough time fitting it in. i'm going to keep reading i guess because i can't say my stuff yet until i figure out for certain. but i'll tell you that if that is where you go, you've done a very good job of putting in little clues here and there--showing, not telling, which is actually very difficult to do.

on the other hand, i'm enjoying this story tremendously. two things: did we ever explain about how she came to the nickname nyah? i can't really see that stemming from pricilla. and also i kind of wish there had been more anna in the scenes where nyah was learning about magic. i think it would be something a teenage ish girl would be freaking out about.

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Review #7, by Hopeless 

27th November 2008:
I know I've read this before and saw it in my favorites and stared re-reading. It's a wonderful tale and I know why I made it one. I just love the Nyah mystery!
I can't wait to read on.

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Review #8, by kat 

25th November 2008:
I am really enjoying this story. You have created an interesting scenario, and the character of Nyah is quite vidid.

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Review #9, by snuffles387 

13th November 2008:
Very good..when i first started reading your story, it sounded very dull but you quickly get into the story. Its really good.

Anyway I have to go bed now otherwise I wont get up tomorrow (dunno why i am tell you this thou) and shall continue reading it tomorrow.

Bye for now!

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Review #10, by Pookha 

25th October 2008:
This chapter was all about the beautiful characterization of Hermione. She is so wonderfully supportive of Nyah and I'm sure that even at this point she can see Harry in her and she just doesn't realize it yet.

McG's retribution on Alexander was also wonderful.

Even though I read this before, I honestly don't remember why her magic is painful and I'm looking forward to them getting to the bottom of it.

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Review #11, by Mistress 

8th October 2008:
Wow, this was an amazing chapter. I really loved it. I love Nyah!

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Review #12, by Ariana_Gryffindor 

26th May 2008:
Back again lol

Okay this was good i love that Alex finally got what he deserved because he was kind of a prat.

this line “Change is often frightening. But you must ask yourself, isn’t the adventure worth the risk?” it is rather inspirtational a powerful line within itself it holds a lot of meaning.

i do wonder how Ron will react to another fmaily member even if it is temporary? Also i am very curious to know why magic hurts her so much, it is rather sad to think that something so unbelievable can be so painful.

Magical stamps were a great idea and seemingly oringinal.
This is short review because that's all i have for this chapter for the moment.

Steph @0o0@

Author's Response:

Hello again! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed Alexander's little payback... I enjoyed writing it! The line you quoted is my favorite as well! :D

As far as Ron's reaction to someone else in the house... I think it's like everything else that Hermione does - he may not understand it, but he rarely questions her! :D

Why her magic hurts will be explained... I promise! :D

Thanks again for another wonderful review!

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Review #13, by celticbard 

21st May 2008:
Well, Teresa, you've certainly presented your readers with another emotionally stirring chapter. Nyah's mixed emotions were heart-wrenching. On one hand, she wants to leave the wretched Stewart household, but on the other, she truly loves Anna, Mrs. Cleary and her 'father'. The separation is certainly trying for such a young girl. I do hope she is able to keep in contact with her old friends and hopefully, make some new ones at the Weasley household ^_^

This chapter was quite well-written. I especially loved the scene in which McGonagall made sure Alexander got exactly what he deserved. That child is such a brat! I got chills reading the spider bit-I'm deathly afraid of them myself, haha.

I must admit I'm rather anxious to see how the Ministry hearing will turn out. Will Lucius Malfoy show up and how will he explain his actions to the Minister? Hmm, something tells me his sordid role in this tale is not quite finished, unfortunately.

I only noticed a few errors in this chapter. They are as follows.

Nyah jumped, a bit afraid of what she just witnessed.
This should be, Nyah jumped, a bit afraid of what she had just witnessed.

Her feet couldn't move fast enough down the steps, taking her to the spot where Hermione vanished.
This should be, where Hermione had vanished.

Nyah's steps grew slower and slower as the realization of what happened earlier truly began to sink in.
This should be, of what had happened

McGonagall's eyes twinkled with vast knowledge and laid a hand on Hermione's arm
This should be, and she laid a hand

The windows were open in the front rooms letting a warm breeze to flow through the house.
This should be, letting a warm breeze flow through

And you've left us off with a cliffhanger! Oh, I do hope Hermione will teach Nyah how to control her magic for her sake. Anyway, great writing, Teresa! Good luck!


Author's Response:

Hello friend! :D

Thank you so much for looking over this chapter for me! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I too, enjoyed McGonagall's payback to Alexander. And when the prank came up... I really had to think... what would be the worst thing for me? Yep, spiders! I hate them!!! I know you're not supposed to insert yourself in the characters, but I admit... that was me all over the place! LOL

Yep, an edit is in order! :D Thank you for finding all of those. I looks like "had" is not a word I use enough of! :)

Again, thank you for all of the time you put into the reviews that you do! I really appreciate it! :)

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Review #14, by Pingo 

16th May 2008:
Love it! :) I love it all.. Hmm.. No not Harry's daughter or is she?? Grrr.r..

Author's Response:

Hello again! :D

Thanks for reviewing! I'm very glad you're enjoying it!

Hmm... about the theory... you'll have to read on to find out! :D

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Review #15, by shadowycorner 

15th May 2008:
Yup, definitely their daughter. Ginny's hand-on-the-waist gesture, arachnophobia inherited from her uncle...ah yes. :)

One can really see you've put a lot of effort into this chapter. I only spotted one typo when you wrote Headmistree, oh and I also noticed that sometimes you capitalize certain terms and then you don't. Stick with one. In the Potter books, Professor, Headmistress, Wizarding World...School of Witchraft and Wizardry are always with capital letters. :)

Great, great writing. You're marvelously tying up the hints and loose ends, setting out more and more of them. It's this great tangle that is very effective and has its quality, which I mean as in it's not a mess. Nyah is a wonderful creature and I love reading about Hermione, she's really one of my favorite characters and she's so often badly written in fanfiction that I'm always very happy upon finding a good portrayal of her. And Minderva was cool in this chapter. She had her respect, strength and also the little mischievousness (sp?). I giggled when she turned Alexander's clothing to frilly pink ones. That's so like her, these brief moments of setting out against the rules. :D

This really is a wonderful story and you certainly have a knack for good writing and perfect plots. A talent! :)

xoxo Elizabeth

Author's Response:

Hi Elizabeth!!!! :D

I'm so excited about your review!!!! You are the ONLY one that's mentioned the 'hand-on-the-hip'!!!!!! YEAH ~ points for Elizabeth! Really, though.. it was such a small hint, but really Ginny through-and-through! {clap, clap, clap}

You're right, I didn't cap all of the words. I am relying more on my Strunt & White (english book from eons ago) as to the proper way to refer to someone as in "the professor saw..." versus "Professor Weasley saw..." I'll do a bit more research on it, but you're probably correct!!! {sigh - more editing - lol}

I'm glad you enjoyed the flow of the chapter. The canon characterizations are very important to me and tweaking them just a bit to fit them to their ages now is the only change I hope to do with them, so I am very glad it came across well.

As far as the prank the Headmistress played... lol... I enjoyed that too! McGonagall has a small streak of mischief that is usually well-hidden, but does creep out from time-to-time. :D

Again, a lovely review - and I do appreciate it! :D Thanks!

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Review #16, by hedwig1175 

9th May 2008:
Poor Nyah! What is happening to her?!?

Another awesome chapter. I love Nyah and I'm so glad she got to move in with Ron and Hermione. :)

Your story is amazing and as much as I'm looking forward to my Mother's Day Dinner at Olive Garden tonight, I can't help but to look at the clock wondering if I have time to finish more chapters! And to think... I'm suppose to be working on homework! :)

Great job! Can't wait to read the next one!

Author's Response:

Chari - Olive Garden is my FAVORITE restaurant! Love, love, love it! Yummy...

Thanks for another wonderful review! I knew you'd be happy about R/Hr cottage! :D

Go have a fantastic dinner... the story will be here when you get back! :) and then you can get the homework finished too! :D

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Review #17, by Bella_Portia 

6th May 2008:
This chapter had a lot of charm and thought in it.

The scene where nasty little Alex gets his comeuppance was delightful. It was a droll McGonnigal touch to turn him into a little ballerina.

In a similar way, but on the other end of the emotional scale, the scene between the two little girls, Nyah and Anna, was touching and sweet. I liked the element of the magic stamps -- that was simple, yet inventive, and fit the scene nicely.

I liked that last scene in the attic, particularly Hermione's reaction to it and the nice little bit about Nyah leaving the drawings so Anna and her dad would have something to remember. (And I hope Hermione remembers to send that Howler.)

Finally, the description of the Weasley place in Hogsmeade was detailed and just right -- exactly like the sort of place you'd expect someone who grew up in the Burrow to be at home in. In particular, I liked the description of a house set among nature -- bees and flowers.

I continue to have great admiration for your storytelling.

Author's Response:

Hi Bella! :) What a lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter.

I had to get a little pay-back in there from McGonagall to Alexander... he is such a brat.

This whole chapter was rewritten the night before I submitted it as I was rather unhappy about the one written before as it focused on Hermione and not Nyah.

Glad you like the 'magic stamp' idea. :) And although she leaves that small piece of her at the Manor (the drawings) I don't forsee them staying there, as I'm sure Mrs. Stewart probably cleaned every trace of Nyah from the room.

I'm glad you like the cottage - it does feel like a blend of the Burrow with a home similar to what Hermione was raised in. :D

Thank you, thank you!!!! :D

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Review #18, by morgana67 

4th May 2008:
I really love your description of The Burrow. Ok , you mention Ron but not Harry or Ginny... I stick to my guns so far...

This is just so addictive!

Author's Response:

Hi Morgana! :D

I simply adore the Burrow! I wish it was real and I could just move in! LOL

Can't wait for you to read on... ;)

Thanks for the excellent reviews! :D

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Review #19, by ButterflyRogue 

2nd May 2008:
Ugrh... Spiders... I'm very much like Ron regarding them... They terrify me to death... I think I would have died of shock if something like that happened to me... Evil little git, that Alexander... And I know there was a reason I've always liked McGonagall... lol

I'm so glad Nyah is finally moving from that place, but I feel sorry for her having to part with Anna and the people that actually cared about her. :(

The description of Ron and Hermione's home was wonderful. I really could see it clearly in my mind, it was so well detailed.
However, it was too perfect to last... Poor Nyah... To cut the long story short, I'm yearning for more, so I'm just going to continue reading... :)

Author's Response:

Hi :D

Yes, the spiders... Ugh!! This chapter actually went through a 90% revision right before posting it and I had to think of a bad prank to play. I, personally, HATE spiders so I could really connect with Nyah's distress and sat here wiggling while writing it. I felt like I had spiders crawling all over me! :D I'm glad you liked it/hated it too! lol

I had to let McGonagall have a bit of fun without actually breaking the rules too much! :)

I'm very glad you enjoyed the chapter! I look forward to your thoughts at the Story Club! :)

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Review #20, by Morgan 

30th April 2008:
Again an amazing chapter! I'm still obsessed with your wrting its vantastic! Great Job :) 10/10

Author's Response:

Hello again! :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter as well! :) And feel free to obsess away... I do!!!! :D

Thanks for taking time to review... I really do appreicate it! :)

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Review #21, by Shellee 

22nd April 2008:
I wish I could Apparate. It was a very cruel joke of Alexander. Good that McGonagall came to the rescue! Hahah, good payback. Aww, I very much like this chapter. They went through such a rough goodbye. I hope they will see eachother still though. I don't think, I can't see it that they wouldn't, it would be too mean.
I'm glad she likes the place! It looks so nice. I wonder what happened to her now, though.

Author's Response:

Hi :)

I wish I could apparate too! Think of all the gas money we could save! :D

I liked the little payback as well from McGonagall! :)

Nyah and Anna will see each other again... sooner than you might think... ;)

I'm very glad you're enjoying it, and thank you again for taking so much time to read today!! :D

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Review #22, by KaraBlack 

12th April 2008:
This was another amazing chapter!

I continue to love little Nyah and how she is being introduced into the wizarding world.

The plot in general seems very new and exciting something that is completely different from the norm. (to me) it makes the reader interested and ready to come back for more!

(great cliffhanger by the way)

As for her connection to Hermione...i have theory (a very very far fetched theory) but a theory all the same lol 10/10

amazing chapter!

Author's Response:

Hi KaraBlack! :)

I'm thrilled that I've been able to give you something rather unique to read. That is a feat in and of itself in the HP world!

Sometimes the cliffhangers are good... :D

Oh, a theory... I wonder what it is? Sometimes they are very creative! :D

Thanks for stopping by! :D

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Review #23, by Ginerva_Potter 

11th April 2008:
The ending of this chapter is rivoting! I'm definitely interested in what's going on!

Author's Response:


There's a lot more to go... and the pace will continue!

I'll let you know as soon as I update! :)

Glad your reading for the right reasons!!! :)

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Review #24, by Gords7015 

29th March 2008:
I have returned! (well, not in the same manner as General MacArthur, but since I love history, what the heck...). Well, I'm glad that Nyah got out of the house, and I just hope that she didn't hurt anyone with her magic here! It'd suck if she got kicked out after managing to escape! Moving onwards!

Author's Response:

Hello! :D

Glad you see you've returned (not like Voldemort - but returned nonetheless).

Hermione wouldn't kick her out! lol But she did do a bit of damage.... :(

Thanks for reviewing - Hope you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #25, by chiQs09 

26th March 2008:
I finally found the time to continue reading this amazing story! I'm happy Nyah left the manor, and relieved that she'll see her sister, Anna, again soon.

Waah... will Anna blow up the Burrow? :s

Author's Response:

Hello again! :D

LOL - no "Anna" won't blow up the Burrow - and neither will Nyah! (I think you meant Nyah - but anyway...)

Yes, Nyah is away! YEAH! She has lots of fun at the Burrow - and so far (ch 17) she hasn't blown it up .... :)

Thanks for reviewing - you know I love them!!!! :)

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