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Review #1, by knicoles 

26th July 2013:
VOLDEMORT. Bahaha, I love how stubborn and intense Kerri can be, even towards her brother who would normally intimidate everyone.

I think this quote is the sum of their friendship, why Kerri and the guys click so well together:

'“Didn’t know you lived here.” said Basil, watching my face in the mirror. “Next full moon, we’re going to come howl under your window.”
“You do that and I’ll howl right back.” I told him.'

Again, love the interactions :)

Very mild building of the relationship between Kerri and Lupin. I like it. I liked the allusion of Molly saying that Remus needs to settle down with a nice sensible girl. That's Kerri to a T, as demonstrated again in this chapter.

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Review #2, by strawberrydarhling 

21st June 2010:
I've just spent the last hour reading this story!

I should probably have a break now, can't wait to read some more though!

Author's Response: I love compliments like this one. Thanks.

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Review #3, by funkynat 

26th November 2009:
please let me sleep! Its 5am already. Make a boring chapter so that i can stop reading for tonight.. Deal?

Author's Response: Boring? I didn't win the Dobby awards by being boring.

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Review #4, by Shellee 

22nd May 2008:
Ehehe, VOLDEMORT! Yeah! No fear. He's a miserable breadstick. Hehehe, Snape won't like it, I'm sure. I actually thought that Snape would be one of those people like Dumbledore that aren't scared of the name and such. Then again, he was a Death Eater and it's a habit.
Aw, I really love Basil and the gang, they're so furking cute I could cuddle them, even if they're werewolves and could rip me apart if they wanted to. They're just like, regular ridiculous teenagers, hehe. Well, I wouldn't blame her at all for feeling scary in the Lair. If you know you're surrounded by werewolves and stuff. Then with Fenrir, urgh. Her and Remus seem to get along though, that's very nice! They spend the night together, aw, even if it's not together together. I feel so bad for him, he deserves so much better. I wish I could turn forth time so he realises Sirius is still his friend and they go live at his house. Hmhm. Very lovely, my dear.

Author's Response: Well, part of Snape's problem with the name is fear and respect. He doesn't say it and he doesn't like hearing it. Kerri, on the other hand, doesn't have respect and she's too young to be afraid so she has no problem with it.

Basil and the boys wouldn't rip you apart...they're harmless idiots. Though I do have some serious plans for them in the future. In the beginning people seemed to think they were just minor characters but they seem to be getting more appreciation. Some people have have even told me that they have favorites.

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Review #5, by Bella_Portia 

20th March 2008:
The letter to Snape seems a bit foot-stamping. (Too bad she couldn't send him one of those Hallmark cards where you record your voice -- he opens it, and it's VOLDEMORT over and over, perhaps sung, with Hybrid backing her up. Ah, well.

Good job on the creepy werewolf club. But did Fenrir just leave a bag of money lying on the table, untouched? Strange.

I'd like a little clarification on Mr. Mudblood, since I had the impression he represented a faction that we'll hear from again. Let's see, this is Draco's first year, so their ilk is around. Just wasn't clear what he was doing outside the hallowed halls of Slytherin.

Nice scene with Kerri and Lupin. I wondered why he would own a briefcase that said "Professor" -- had he ever been a professor?

I liked the ending and look forward to the letters from Snape.

Author's Response: Kerri was being bad with that letter there, wasn't she? She's pretty much lost her fear of Snape but I wonder if she'd have the guts for a stunt like that in front of him. The scene you described would have been a fun one....and then show Snape opening it and freaking out.

Fenrir left Kerri some money as a tip. It was ill gotten gains -- the Goyles had paid him to attack someone over the last full moon -- and neither Kerri nor Remus wanted to touch it.

Mr. Mudblood will be back again. He's a student at Merlin, probably about Kerri and Tonks's own age, and most likely was a Slytherin back at Hogwarts.

Well, Remus has been a tutor, so I'm going to make the convention that he can still hold the title of professor. He did have that briefcase with him on the train in Harry's fourth year so I thought I ought to put it in.

Thank you very much !

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Review #6, by FullMoon 

19th March 2008:
How soon until the next chapter is finished?? This is a really awesome story!!! The characters are so original but completly believable, and I love how you tie in Kerri with Harry and the gang!! Remus is my favorite character and I love how he plays a big part here too. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much !

The 16th chapter is done and I submitted it for validation last night. I'm hoping that it gets published before March 26th when the queue closes. I have 56 chapters written total, but because wait times for validation are so long, it just takes time to get them posted. (And I've also been working on some Marauder stories too, which also cut into my work on this one).

Remus is my favorite character too. If Harry was the hero of JK Rowling's story, then Remus is the hero of mine. I really admire him for his patience, kindness, and cheerfulness in the face of disaster.

Thank you so much for your kind review. I love to know that people are enjoying what I'm doing.

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Review #7, by Bella 15 

14th March 2008:
lol i like the excerpt it sounds like its going to be funny. i like how she is getting closer to remus. yay it makes me happy!

Author's Response: Hi there, glad to see you're still with me.

Well, she won't get revenge on Goyle right away, but it is coming eventually. She has a talent for spotting good opportunities.

Yes, gradually, little by little she's getting closer to Remus. It will scare the crap out of her when it happens, but she'll get over it. I just wrote a romance scene between them the other day.

Thanks so much for your review. It's good to hear from you.

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Review #8, by morgana67 

9th March 2008:
Very good chapter again. The descriptions here were really good. I could feel the bar and the house after the party and Remus' flat. I was waiting for Kerri to tell him who her father was but, you did it very well by not jumping to it just yet. Ah, and she is beginning to acknowledge a little that she fancies him... I think Tonks is very much in character here to. Very well done.

Author's Response: Thanks. This was actually one of my favorite chapters to write because I got to describe the place where Remus is. It isn't much. but I think that it tells a lot about him.

Kerri likes Remus...she just hasn't realized it yet. When she does, she'll fall hard and fast and be absolutely terrified. That will be sometime around Christmas.

As for telling him who her father is, that's something she's kept secret all her life. She has a lot of respect for Remus and trusts him, but it will be a while before she can bring herself to divulge that information.

Thanks for reviewing.

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