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Review #1, by luccia 

2nd September 2015:
This is so amazing!I love it so much!! Hugs and kisses

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Review #2, by piper15 

11th September 2014:
Aw I love that Ginny is there for Rose. Loved it! next chapter!

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Review #3, by Liana 

15th October 2013:
It's too bad Rose just doesn't tell Scorpius that she's pregnant. You'd think he'd halfway expect it if they didn't use protection. On the other hand they were both drunk. Things are going to get exciting when everyone finds out.

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Review #4, by We Are Padfoot and Prongs 

12th August 2013:
I'm waiting for Jenny to find out before everyone else and be Rose's shoulder to cry on. XD it shall happen.

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Review #5, by ginerva_molly_weasley 

18th July 2013:
Yay for Ginny and Harry swooping in to save the day. I'm glad Rose now has someone to talk to as to be honest we can only imaging how hard it would be to talk to Hermione about her situation. She's hardly the most sympathetic person in the world which would be interesting.

Also going to speak to Madame Pomfrey seems very good of Rose. I had expected her to be a little more judgemental but I do like the fact that she seemed to disregard Rose as a student and to do with her family but looked at her as a patient!

The whole prenatal idea is also really good as it is really likely that they would also need supplements like many of us muggles which is fabulous. You've obviously done your research which I find really good as the more that rings true then the more I can get into it.

I feel the chapter was a little bit shorter than the others but that might be because there were less scenes.

The whole Hugo and Rose sibling relationship I can't wait to see how much closer they are going to get due to this because he is quickly becoming her confident and as she took him to her scan they are going to bond so much over this baby!!!

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Review #6, by Zulyprim 

19th June 2013:
This is so good and funny! I love how Rose's emotions are running high and her attitude has a negative boost because of her pregnancy. It's a great story!

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Review #7, by Pip 

17th May 2013:
Good tone and plot continuing

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Review #8, by Scarlet Marauder 

5th May 2013:
the scan is too muggle like; the wand should conjure an image like priori incantatem did or something!

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Review #9, by Simi 

15th February 2013:
for sum reason i found this chapter quite funny... i really think rose shud tell scorpius bout her bein pregnant... its the 1 thing im waitin 4... luvin the story so far:)

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Review #10, by Rettopyrrah 

4th September 2012:
god forbid i ever have to have a scan, that's gonna be me. i'll have no idea what i'm looking at or what to say. i'd now just like to appreciate the fact that gaspard ulliel's face is the most flawless face.

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Review #11, by Taylor 

13th August 2012:
oh how i love this story

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Review #12, by slytherinchica08 

26th July 2012:
Another good chapter! I can't believe the huge love square thats going on and its seems that almost every potter/weasley is in love with Scorpius. I though that the ending was really cute with Rose and Hugo being together at the appointment and not really sure what they are supposed to be looking at in the picture. It was just a really cute sister/brother bonding moment. I cant wait to see what you have planned in the next chapters and find out how and when people finally start finding out about her pregnancy. So far its been a really enjoyable read. Great Job!


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Review #13, by Potter 

12th July 2012:
Really great :o keep it up :D

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Review #14, by Peacock 

2nd July 2012:
Oh my god I absolutely love Rose! 'I'm pregnant - im allowed to be a bitch!'
What a legend! I think you''ve conveyed her really well. Scorpius is pretty awesome too - i cant wait to find out what happens next in this awesome story!

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Review #15, by Racquel 

26th June 2012:
I love that as Im reading this chapter, the picture at the top of this page is Ron receiving his howler. A picture of Ron's parents being pissed at him as Im reading about Ron being pissed at his own daughter. And its a chapter that includes receiving a letter. I just found the connections somewhat interesting. That and to be honest I just wanted to leave a commit. :P Oh, about the chapter- going good, Im still reading of course! :)

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Review #16, by sophie_elle_malfoy 

19th June 2012:
Ginny to save the day! Yeah, I kinda hope that to happen. Ginny's like one of my favourite character.

Ugh, Scorpius is really annoying! If I was Rose, I think I'd go mental.

Great chapter, again ;)

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Review #17, by lexie 

30th May 2012:
make more it is awesome love it

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Review #18, by nicky 

11th May 2012:
Loving this so far, it's hilarious! Keep it up!

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Review #19, by Lillylover22 

10th February 2012:
Ginny has good advice. 9/10 : )

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Review #20, by GryffindorGirl17 

19th January 2012:
This story is so unbelievably funny, I laughed so hard about Ginny being in denial over James' birth. Lol, this is my favorite story on the whole website.

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Review #21, by AeroFerrarro 

4th January 2012:
I thought Hugo was in Hufflepuff

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Review #22, by lalaladila 

2nd January 2012:
Arrghh! No joke, this is too cute! James is just like older James with Lily and Albus is like Harry and Ginny :3

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Review #23, by Taylor 

3rd December 2011:
I can't stop reading !

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Review #24, by jordino 

25th November 2011:
i'm mentally preparing myself for when everyone finds out since i know they will not take it well, or at least that's what i'm predicting. haha

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Review #25, by classicblack 

6th November 2011:
Hahaha, oh Rose and her pregnancy weirdness. I just love her! Can't wait for the match because I'm pretty sure that's when Laura spills the beans. Oh and I really love Jenny :)
Until next chapter,

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