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Review #1, by singer123 

22nd November 2011:
Oh God!! That's so CRUEL!!
I have Nyah's Mother!!!

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Review #2, by SeverusLove 

28th September 2011:
Hi, I found a typo in the last sentence:
praying she would wake up and this had all be a terrible nightmare, but grateful for the hole in the wall. -- did you mean "been" or "all had to be"?
I'm loving the story so far. I love the little pictures in the beginning of each chapter. They're beautiful.

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Review #3, by princessamy1997 

22nd March 2011:
This chapter was so sad. I actually cried!
And thats saying something because i usually never cry!

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Review #4, by flozoeoreo 

12th February 2011:
Oh my God. I really liked it. My heart was in my throat and my hand was over my mouth, oh that horrible excuse for a human being! You are an amazing writer. All I could think when I got to the part where Mother said "It will make what's coming a little easier" I thought, why you witch.

(I wasn't exactly thinking "witch" but we'll just go with that.)

10/10 for being the best mystery writer ever :)

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Review #5, by Occlument 

12th December 2010:
Great chapter. Mother's punishment is horrifying but done just right. One thing, though, I thought the first few paragraphs of this chapter (just until Nyah is discovered by Mother) could have been summed up to the previous chapter. Just a thought. Otherwise, still brilliant. You can definitely capture the exact feeling of a scene with your words, which is what I struggle with.

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Review #6, by SaphireSmiles 

24th November 2010:
This Mother-figure is evil...it'll be good when Nyah can escape.

So uh...muttering and healing, eh? Mrs. Clearly is clearly a witch? Haha, we'll see.

Great job. :D

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Review #7, by AnonymousAntonymous 

15th August 2010:
Oh mu god. :'(


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Review #8, by Temple Deer 

28th October 2009:
Phew! Scary, and deftly handled. One picky thing - if someone did that to a child, and I found out about it, I would be FURIOUS. I'd like to see some emotion from Mrs. Cleary other than just concern. Something small, that Nyah may not even pick up on but the reader would.

Sorry I wasn't able to pick this up sooner; we've had holidays!

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Review #9, by jameslover4ever 

10th October 2009:
WOW...this is like really really really good! your a great writing and this is very creative! i love it!

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Review #10, by Pookha 

15th October 2008:
This chapter introduces in a very clever way that Mrs. Cleary is much more than she seems. Any sympathy that I had for Nyah's mother is long gone now, as child abusers who perpetuate the cycle deserve no sympathy. This is something I feel strongly about. It is very similar to Bella_Portia's take on Sev's early life and makes me feel for both Nyah and Sev.

Beautiful and it sets up the story for what's to come.

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Review #11, by merlins_pants 

9th October 2008:
OMG! I can not BELIEVE they did that to her! Poor Nyah! I feel so bad for that little girl. You did a great job with making the reader feel very close and sympathetic to the characters. I really feel the hate for Mother and Alexander, and the love for Nyah, Anna, and Mrs. Cleary. And obviously there's something a little strange about Mrs. Cleary! Is she a witch? She seems almost like a fairy godmother to poor Nyah. 10/10 can't wait to read more!

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Review #12, by Mistress 

8th October 2008:
Great chapter. I'm completely exhausted though (fits in with the sleep at the end of the chapter) so I'll review the rest when I wake up. GREAT story! 10/10!

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Review #13, by Reese 

3rd October 2008:
I really, really like this
story so far! It's very
captivating and original.
I'm looking forward to the

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Review #14, by xXmalfoysgirl4everXx 

9th June 2008:
Oh, I am just falling in love with little Nyah. She is such a young, brilliant girl and totally doesn't deserve the treatment she's getting from her horrible family. I'm glad that she at least has Mrs. Cleary and Anna, and I'm starting to think that Mrs. Cleary is a Healer! I could be wrong, lol

I really like the "hole in the wall" symbolism. The way I see it, it symbolizes hope, and love for Nyah in her time of need. So far, this is getting to be a really good read! I've put it on my top five list of favorite all time fics, along with Daddy as my first. Have you ever read that one? It's amazing, kind of a Ron/Hermione post-Hogwarts fic.

I'm really excited to read on! Once again, thank you for replying this story on my review thread! I'm glad you did, I'm getting anxious to see what happens to Nyah. 10/10...it deserves more like 100/100! =] you have a wonderful talent for writing, keep pursuing it!

Author's Response:

Hi! :)

Your theory on Mrs. Cleary isn't far off... {wink} Wow! I'm honored that this is on your top five list! And yes... "Daddy" is one of my favorites as well! Excellent, excellent story! And one of the first ones I read when stumbling upon Harry Potter FF.

Thank you for a wonderful review! I really do appreciate it! :)

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Review #15, by TantheCan 

8th June 2008:
Oh my!

I simply can't get over how wonderful of a writer you are! Being a fan fiction writer myself, I am incredibly jealous!

I feel so bad for Nyah. It really is a good thing that Anna and Mrs. Cleary are there for her.

This chapter was once again beautifully written, and I commend you on it.

Hmm, so Mrs. Cleary is a witch? Or well thats what it seems like. Although, I might be totally off. I had a small feeling she was...

Keep up the great work!

Author's Response:

Hello! :D

Don't be jealous - I'm sure your writing is just as great! There are things I feel confident in writing, and others that would fail me... so I'm glad you're enjoying this piece! :)

Ah... the theories begin! :D (I love to hear theories - as some of them are dead-on!) You are a very astute reader to pick up on those clues as a lot of people didn't see it at all ~ yeah for you!!!

Thanks again for another lovely review! :D

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Review #16, by Leo072491 

4th June 2008:
I really loved this chapter. Truly I did. For the first time I got a clear idea of each of the characters. Alexander is a rat, the mother is a psycoatic "witch", Mrs. Cleary is acting as like an underground mentor and protector to Nyah, the butler seems a lot like Mr. Filch, and Anna seems like one of those friends who really wants whats best for someone but can'tstand up for herself. Oh and the father is clueless.

I think you handled the child abuse scene beautifully, well as beautiful as a child abuse scene can be. We saw the before and the after and the readers had a clear idea of what was going on. So wonderful job with that. The only thing honestl I had a question about by the end is, "Is this the first time she has been abused?"

If you could just sneak in the anwser to that question somewhere that would be perfect. By letting the reader know this it gives even more insight to Nyah's homelife in the past. Other than that Beautiful job, total 10/10

Author's Response:

Hi Leo! :)

I'm really glad you enjoyed this chapter! Being my first writing, I think it too a while to get into the 'groove' so-to-speak and really understand 'how' to write. I know that sounds strange, but it's true... I'm very glad you get a better feel of the minor characters in this chapter.

This chapter went through a massive edit to get it on the site, but I'm very happy with the results. In the original, you see that no - this isn't the first time. I can definitely put that in - thanks for pointing that out! I really appreciate it!

Your review is wonderful, as always! Thank you for your time!!! :D

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Review #17, by Ariana_Gryffindor 

22nd May 2008:
Okqay here i am again

So forst off Alexander is a prat i don't like him at all anymore. he rmother is soo cruel poor Nyah. So Mrs Cleary is witch? that is what agathered form the chapter anyway, itdoes make me wonder though why she ran away screaming when she saw Nyah floating abve her bed in the middle of the night id she knows all about magic.
Or maybe it is a cover? ooh she could be working for Dumbeldore and the school or even for Nyah's other family or some sort of wizarding childrens srevices or something.

her mother doesn't deserve to have children, i thought yeah giving her something to numb the pain would be a touch of nice in the woman but hurting a child like that to me is bordering on human.

Gosh listen to me i'm getting a little carried away. Anyway i am goign to read chapter five and then stop for now

Steph @0o0@

Author's Response:

Hello again! :D

Yes, Alexander and Mother are quite cruel. :( Mrs. Cleary screamed at the beginning because even as a witch, she has never witnessed that type of magical power in such a young witch such as Nyah. It really frightened her at first, but then getting to know Nyah, Mrs. Cleary realized that she could never leave the child in that home and had to stay.

The only reason Mother gave her the medication is so that Nyah wouldn't fight back... :( No emotions = No magic.

Thanks Steph! That was another great review! I love the questions!!!

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Review #18, by Pingo 

16th May 2008:
Oh God, I had written such a long review and my computer jsut deleted it all.. Baah..

Well here I go again. .haha..

I only review this so you know that I've not abondened you completely.. I'm so very sorry about the long wait!! So sorry!

I loved this chapter.. It was amazingly well-written and just wow.. :)
Is mrs. Cleary magical?? Is she Hermione??? Oh I just have to find out I guess..

I'll only review the chapters where I can't stop myself and then I'll leave you a long reivew making up for anything in chapter 18. :) I hope that's all right with you! If not then.. HAHAHAHAH.. :)

Well, see you soon, I don't think I'm able to let myself not review.. haha.. We'll see..

Oh and this time I'm copying the review, so it won't get lost..

So sorry about the wait! :(


Author's Response:

Hello friend! :D Glad to see you made it back! :)

Please don't apologize... life gets in the way sometimes. I'm just glad you're here!

Lol - No... Mrs. Cleary is not Hermione... but that is an interesting theory. :)

Thanks so much for leaving a very animated review and I'm glad you're back! :D

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Review #19, by Browneyes101 

14th May 2008:
Here I am again as you requested. :)

Now, you know how I do my reviews I only do two chapters at a time so come back and request if you want. Now I really don't know what to say but this chapter is prefect. Once again I liked the chapter all the way around. Really, there is nothing more I can say.

I didn't really type anything but I hope I helped.10/10


Author's Response:

Hello again! :)

Yes, I realize it's two chapters at a time, and I appreciate your time in reading and reviewing, if for nothing else but to say that you enjoed it and I'm doing what needs to be done.

This is my first attempt at writing so whether it be praise of helpful criticism - I appreciate it! :D Thank you!

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Review #20, by shadowycorner 

14th May 2008:
Nyah's mother is one horrible, horrible woman. Ugh. I just...hate these kind of things. have you ever read Flowers in the Attic? It just makes me shudder every time and this was so much like it. Poor little girl.

This chapter, stylistically, was flawless (I just think you wrote be instead of been in the last sentence: "...that this has all be a terrible nightmare...") Like I mentioned, I'm glad Nyah is not completely alone in the world, having Mrs. Cleary and Anna. It comes off much better than if she'd be tortured by everyone. Now I really want to find out why Nyah's mother hates her so much. And Alexander...well, what a horrible little idiot. He didn't even make a real appearance yet, and I already hate him. But I guess that I'm even supposed to, right? :D

Author's Response:

Hello! :D

I believe I read that book, but it's been 25+ years ago (showing my age there)... I'll have to find it again.

Yes, 'Mother' is quite awful and is very, very good at it. :(

Wow! Thanks for finding the 'missing letters'! I'll go and change that right away! :D

And you are right... Alexander was cut from the same cloth 'Mother' was, so he's bound to be bad...

Thank you for the compliments, and for the wonderful review! I do appreciate it! :D

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Review #21, by greylady_Ravenclaw 

13th May 2008:
Wow. This had tons of emotion in it. When Anna was at Nyah's door and telling her it was locked, I almost cried! That woman is evil. Pure evil. I can't stand the woman. At. All. No one should harm a child like that! I'm sad and mad and happy (That Mrs. Cleary and Anna helped her).

I feel a bit stupid, though. When I was reading this, for some reason I though Mr. Whittaker was a Ms. xD Just my mistake when I'm reading.

I didn't notice anything that I thought could be better. Sorry this is short. I'm watching the third Harry Potter movie.

Great Job! 10/10

Author's Response:

Hello! :) Thanks for reviewing another chapter!

This chapter (aside from the very end of the story) is really the only reason this has a rating of 'mature'. It was a difficult chapter to write, and I'm glad it come off powerful to you.

Mr. Whittaker, I do believe, is somehow a relative of Mr. Filch (in my universe) as they are very much alike.

Have fun watching the movie and thank you again for reviewing! I'll most certainly be back! :D

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Review #22, by Lily Roselyn 

12th May 2008:
Oh my gosh! This woman is horrible! Who is she?

Author's Response:

Hello again! :)

I know... this was the worst chapter. And you're right... 'Mother' is horrible...

Thanks for reviewing! I do appreciate it!

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Review #23, by hedwig1175 

8th May 2008:
Oh wow! Poor Nyah! I knew it wasn't going to be good. I hate 'Mother' more and more each time I read a chapter. And I am so thankful for Ms. Cleary and Anna! They are wonderful.

I love your writing style. And your detail hasn't wavered. Wonderful story and plot line! I'm so hooked.

Can't wait for this weekend so that I can get caught up!

:) Love it! Great job!


Author's Response:

Hi Chari! :D

This was a difficult chapter for most people to read, but it was really crucial to the storyline.

I'm thrilled you're enjoying it! :) I'm sure you'll get caught up soon...

Thanks for reviewing!!!! :D

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Review #24, by SBSL 

4th May 2008:
So Mrs. Cleary is. a witch? Or not? I think she is though. Poor Nyah! Her 'mother' is completely evil. She might be able to give Voldy a run for his money. Anna seems like such a nice sister to Nyah though, it's hard to imagine Anna and Alexander being twins. Very hard to imagine.

I really love this story!


Author's Response:

Hello again! :) Thanks for taking time to review another chapter!

Mrs. Cleary is very special, as you'll see in the next chapter... ;)

Voldemort and Catherine may be similar in that neither one really have much capacity to love. They choose to bend people to their ways... or else. :(

Anna and Alexander are a bit more alike than anyone realizes...

Very glad you're enjoying it! :)

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Review #25, by morgana67 

4th May 2008:
I just knew that the rock had been left there on purpose by Alexander.

Now why is Catherine so cruel. I have worked out by now that she is not her child. Is she a product of her husband's love affair with someone and she vents out her jealousy on he child? Is this someone dead? I'm rather intrigued. It seems as if, like in Harry's case Nyah has some memory of an accident or something, yet again Mrs Cleary seems very kind... umm...

Of course Mrs Cleary must be a witch, for what we have seen. I'm quite impressed thought that she can do wandless magic.

You certainly manage to keep me interested. Very well done!

Author's Response:

Hello again!

Lol - I never thought about the rock being in cahoots with Alexander! You're probably right... :D

Good theories as to why Catherine is so cruel and cold to Nyah... :) There will be an explanation given, a bit later on.

Again, thank you for taking time to review and I'm so glad you're enjoying it! :)

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