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Review #1, by knicoles 

26th July 2013:
Molly and Arthur were done just right :).

"Only one thing bothers me -- poor Remus --- he and I have both resolved not to marry for the exact same reasons --- fear of the demons lurking within ourselves. The difference is that mine is in my veins and his takes over once every full moon."

This was a insightful observation.

And ahhh how I love your Tonks :).

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Review #2, by funkynat 

26th November 2009:
what a disgusting fat dirty pig, no it's not kind for pigs. What an ugly creature this goyle! Yuk

Author's Response: Unfortunately, there really are people in the world that are like him.

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Review #3, by SunnyRae 

9th October 2008:
I love your story! Been to caught up reading to actually review but I got a little confused in this chapter and wanted to ask you on it. I've been thinking the diary entrees were in order or perhaps this is a mishap? But I did notice that one date went from Sunday October 13th where Remus and Kerri had dinner with the Weasly's to October 9th and 11th, 11th being the full moon I think.
Perhaps I'm not used to reading a story told by journals and letters (which is a fantastic idea i think) but I thought I should still ask!
Great story! Loves it!

Author's Response: I think I see what you mean. For the most part, the dates are all in order but I decided to put all the correspondences directly related to Quirrel separate from the rest so that they all ran together. It's been a long time since I last looked at this chapter though.

Nice to hear from you. I always appreciate reviews.

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Review #4, by Shellee 

22nd May 2008:
To be honest, I think Snape is more right. Dementors almost scare people to death. They'd rather run from it than run to it. I don't think they're untouchable and in a way, they're kind of humanish creatures that can die. She shouldn't worry too much, I don't like it because she deserves better.
It's nice to see Remus with the Weasley's. They really seem nice and even though they haven't seen eachother for a while, they're just like old friends. Good that Molly still knows things about him, I liked the comment about the steak still mooing. Hehe.
Ah, so she does notice the change in things, well, it seems very good, cause in the book Snape kept his eye on Quirrel too. Snape is a bit rough on her, but I get it, he's her brother and he cares for her. I do think that she shouldn't be so hard on herself, she is her own person. Her choises make her different. She's right, it's none of Snape's business what she was doing, I think he'd be grumbling as he writes his letters if he found out it was Remus that she's fond of, and working with. It's her favorite pass time, let her have that at least.
Pssht, that Transfiguration deal does seem very tempting. It'd make me laugh, he deserves it. How dare he think she'd go up on an offer like that? Urgh.

Author's Response: Kerri will eventually be helping Snape spy on Quirrel. She's in a good position for it because they used to be friends.

And Kerri figures out right about here that Snape doesn't like werwolves. That's why she'll keep her friendships from him for as long as possible.

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Review #5, by ButterflyRogue 

18th April 2008:
Bah... I'm finally back to reading... That was a rather busy week behind me...

Anyway, Goyle is such a pig!! And I like Tonks' idea... :D
I like your take on Quirrel... I never really considered him much as a character, but I find it very interesting to read about his changes since the "Voldy-in-the-head" thing... I'm looking forward to reading a bit more about it...
Haha, can't wait for Snape's reaction when he hears of Kerri hanging out with Remus...

Well, I better hurry now... I want to catch up on the story as much as I can since I'm a bit limited with time...

Author's Response: Everyone hates Goyle. I didn't realize how much until readers began cheering for Kerri's impending revenge on him in later chapters. People really wanted him to get what he deserves.

That's exactly why I handled Quirrel the way I have. I never gave him much of a second thought either until I started this. It occured to me that he must have had a life prior to Voldemort with family and friends and normal ambitions. I've really enjoyed working with him throughout this story.

It'll be a long time before Snape finds out about Remus. Kerri has figured out that he probably won't approve of her being friends with a werewolf so she already keeps it from him. As I currently envision it, he'll probably find out by accident on the night of her graduation -- at the end of the sequel that I'm now planning. The part I can't wait for is that third year when Remus teaches. It's really mean, but Kerri and Snape will be hugely entertaining while they're fighting with each other over Remus all year long. (Poor Remus)

Thanks fro reviewing.

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Review #6, by Bella_Portia 

15th March 2008:
I enjoyed the exchange between Kerri and Severus. Severus did come off like a slightly whiny parent ("You think you have it bad, kid. Try living throught the Depression.")

Forgive me, that I keep this one short. I will only say that your chapters keep me wanting more of the story.
Again, I liked it very much.

Author's Response: Well, he has been through some pretty horrible things that she hasn't. He hopes that she never will and he wants to keep her safe. Which of course, will not be easy since she's as stubborn as he is.

You're almost caught up to me now. I don't have any Marauder stories in the oven right now so updates to this story should come more quickly for a while -- depending on the validators.

Thanks for reviewing !

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Review #7, by morgana67 

25th February 2008:
Kerri's feelings come very much to the fore in this chapter. You have done this really well, ah and the Weasleys very much in character too. Quirell well, at least Sevvy is now keeping on eye on him. Yes, his comment regarding werewolves was pretty unkind and very Slytherin, however, I think this would be his view. I wonder what his reaction will be when Kerri and Remus get together. I think he will try to disuade her by whatever the means.

I look forward to more chapters. I know 14 is in the queue.

Author's Response: Oh yes. Snape is going to be a difficult problem for the romance. I'm trying to picture the three of them at Hogwarts during that year Remus teaches and I haven't quite figured out how to keep Kerri and Snape in character without killing one another....It's a shame, because they're just making friends and they don't have all that much time.

Thanks for your review.

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Review #8, by Bella 15 

16th February 2008:
im sorry i havent reveiwed any of the other chapters or maybe i have reveiwed once but anywyas i really want her to tell remus that she is the son of lord voldemort. keep writing

Author's Response: She will next year after Hagrid gets arrested for supposedly releasing Slytherin's monster. She thinks of him as a father and she'll be feeling very vunerable at that point.

Thanks for reviewing !

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