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Review #1, by Animaguskitty 

29th March 2011:
So good! I would write more but my iPhone is short on battery so really good!!!

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Review #2, by Siriuslover177 

20th February 2011:
Wow, he's stupid!
How could he have it Voldemort?
Awww, she's teaching him how to play. :)
Loved it!


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Review #3, by GinnyPotter25 

29th December 2010:
Adorable. =) Both the chapter image and the chapter. =)

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Review #4, by PetrificusTotalus 

16th August 2010:
another great chapter! :)

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Review #5, by yippidiedoda 

15th January 2010:
are you from northern california?!?!?!? I noticed you used "hella," which happens to be my most used every-day word (unfortunately and awesomely). please say you are!!! :)

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Review #6, by Lilyandjameslove 

12th January 2010:
Fünke...hmmm seems familiar. Perhaps you're an Arrested Development fan too :D

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Review #7, by ILOVEPOTTER 

16th October 2009:
WOW! I just started reading this whole story today! It is simply amazing. It is what I have been looking for to fill the void of no more books. Thankyou so much! It really fits in with the original books too!

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Review #8, by unicorn_fan 

30th July 2009:
kwl chapter
i liked the quidditch match it was very cool =D
james learning the guitar lol lets see were that goes hehe =)

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Review #9, by musicgirlhp14 

13th July 2009:
That's so cool that you play the cello!! I've actually been singing Opera since I was eight, so I know what you mean by being looked-down upon. My friends just don't get why I like singing and listening to classical music so much. :) Great chapter! Loved the guitar bit.

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Review #10, by rhysus2008 

25th May 2009:
That's a SHORT chapter? Wow, you've really lengthened them! This chapter was OK, but not quite up to scratch as the last one. I'm knocking you back down to 8/10 for this chapter.

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Review #11, by PrincessPadfoot 

9th May 2009:
This chapter was so albus!!! Another really good quidditch match! I really liked the placement of the snitch on the end of the broom. Favorite Line(s): I roared with laughter. “Oh Teddy Lupin, you’re such a card!”

Like how he was a half-blood, and that he played the oboe in the Hogwarts Symphony Orchestra. Nerd!


(I sleep with a copy of Quidditch Through the Ages under my pillow and it keeps my Imagination Journal company),

“I want the pretty red one,” I whined.

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Review #12, by Spicky 

24th March 2009:
yeah, i play the flute, instruments are fun!!!
LOVE the story!!!

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Review #13, by inkscribble 

3rd March 2009:
Another great chapter! I love how Snorky didn't even notice he had speller out Voldemort. James is hillarious and I love everything about this story. You're a brilliant writer. (:

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Review #14, by dianap00 

15th January 2009:
And then fast, like a quick bunny, I snatched J.D.'s scrap of parchment and bolted.
Must he? I mean, really, must he be so frightfully, horribly, utterly Albus. Oi, is he the most pinnacly bit of awesome ever?

I love all the quidditch; you've definitely a knack for writing it. Is it sad that I loved that Prof. Lupin was mentioned- however fleetingly. I am such a fangirl, it's almost sad.
Coughing up the snitch was such a moment. I was like: "Hey, I've read that somewhere before" and I couldn't stop smiling. Poor Snorky.
What happened to Rosie and JD?? Is she into Snorky or something... or was he just testy about mayhaps the possibility of Snorkster leaking it in the mid of the match? Did she seriously break up with him??
Oi. So drama.
I looOOoove the Gryffies.

Author's Response: The "fast like a quick bunny" line comes directly from a certain orchestra conductor of mine who isn't the greatest speaker. xD Haha, there is a lot of drama in this chapter... Watch out for Snorky. He may be trouble. =P

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Review #15, by xduffyxgreengrassx 

19th December 2008:
Lewd Wig! Haha love it! And "frick" haha
Great story so far. I just need to read the rest of it! :D

Author's Response: Thanks! Not many people get the name Lewd Wig, or mention it, I suppose. =P

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Review #16, by twinkies 

17th November 2008:
I know someone who plays the oboe but I don't like her, no offence to your friend though. Anyhoo, I loved the chapter. It was odd but surprisingly good. I always say that cause it's almost bad but not. If you know what I mean. I don't mean it in a bad way at all. I'll just stop talking because if I try to reexplain I'll make it sound worse.

I loved the chapter. ok. I got that out. 10/10

Author's Response: Haha, hopefully we don't know the same oboist. =P I completely understand what you mean - this story is eccentric, to say the least, which is why everyone will not find it to their liking, and that's just fine. ;) As a writer, my primary goal is to be unconventional, and I'm glad you liked the chapter. =)

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Review #17, by KristenBlack 

15th November 2008:
It's very true. As a violist, I never get the respect I deserve from people that play 'cool' instruments.
JK. I play the guitar, so I definitely feel for James. Being a new guitarist is not easy by any means.
I really like this deeper level if teagan. It's very sweet. And the detention scene...priceless, Teddy's as cool as ever (kind f strange that he's built that rep. considering we all know little to nothing about him).
10/10, of course. At this point I highly doubt you will ever writ something deserving less.

Author's Response: Orchestra high five! *is a cellist* We'll find out in a later chapter exactly why James has difficulty with the guitar. =) And Tegan is more complex than we all thought. *coughchapter19cough* Thanks for reviewing again!

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Review #18, by lu 

10th November 2008:

sorry for reviewing so much.you've probably realised by now that i really like your story lol.

Author's Response: Hey, never apologize for reviewing! Authors crave feedback! =) And that one single acronym is one of my favorite parts of the entire story. *thinks it's clever*

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Review #19, by Childish_Fairy 

9th November 2008:
"...and that he played the oboe in the Hogwarts Symphony Orchestra. Nerd!"

you are hilarious!

Author's Response: Thanks! For the record, I do love oboists. I cannot emphasize that enough. =D

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Review #20, by lyrix82 

26th October 2008:
I love that Teddy is trying to discipline them and failing miserably, VOLDEMORT is perhaps the funniest accronym I have come accross in Fandomland. Very amusing, I'mhaving so much fun thank you!

Author's Response: Well, I pride myself on my ability to make crazy acronyms. =P

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Review #21, by Girldetective85 

20th October 2008:
LMAO!!! Voldie played the oboe in the orchestra. Everyone knows the woodwinds are a bunch of sissies (no offense to your friend) and don't get me started on the brass... I also love Teddy's differentiation between a pyro and a special person who causes accidents. And a blue-haired John Krasinksi ... I have no words. :D So Teddy actually seems like he's going to get manipulated by the Gryffies a lot, at least they won't be full-out torturing him like they did with Dawlish. Love Snorky and how completely Luna he is, although the V.O.L.D.E.M.O.R.T. reminds me of S.P.E.W. Hitching a ride on Arlie's back to get to the girls' dorm was genius!

Author's Response: Oh snap, someone has a bone to pick with band kids! =P Teddy is Tonks's kid, after all, so he's going to have his fair share of clumsy moments, occasionally including fire, lol. Aye, the Gryffies will simply disrespect Teddy rather than harass him like Dawlish. I think you'll find that Snorky has a lot of (possible, since we know nothing about him) Rolf characteristics...oh fine, I'll come out and say that he's the villain of this story.

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Review #22, by HPWG4L 

19th October 2008:
Ahaha, silly Snorky ^-^

It just keeps getting better and better!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoy it! =)

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Review #23, by Mistress 

9th October 2008:
Like how he was a half-blood, and that he played the oboe in the Hogwarts Symphony Orchestra. Nerd!

Dear John, I am not afraid to admit my love for you—frick, this is from Rosie—but I cannot deny that your lack of reciprocation—OW MY BLOODY SPLEEN! YOU’RE HURTING MY SPLEEN!

...those are my two FAVORITE quotes of the chapter. I love that Tegan can play the guitar. And Snorky...words cannot describe how hard I laughed. He cracks me up--I love him as a character. I really like how you included the kids of certain people--Roger Davis' son and all that. Love it.

Author's Response: Thanks! Ooh, I'd forgotten about the spleen bit. ^_^ And I didn't want this next gen world to be exclusively comprised of kids with familiar last names, but a Davies here and a Shacklebolt there probably doesn't hurt, right?

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Review #24, by siriuslyhockey 

9th October 2008:
Teddy gave a sly smile. “I may or may not have lit the department on fire. By accident, of course.”
I think I just may be in love with Teddy! Those gryffies are lucky they got him.

“True that,” mused Micah. We agreed. Everybody knows all sorts of juicy details about Voldemort, the ones that he kept D.L. his whole life. Like how he was a half-blood, and that he played the oboe in the Hogwarts Symphony Orchestra. Nerd!
On the down low?! the oboe? hahahahahahahahah ur killing me. Oh what oh what will those gryffies get up to next. The ending of this chapter was weird but you said u were in a hurry so i guess i can let it slide cause the next one is already up and everything :)

Author's Response: Teddy Lupin is That Cool Teacher/Godbrother/Acquaintance that we all know. =) I certainly hope that people keep saying "on the down low" in the future...and I do love oboes, but Voldy isn't exactly the sort to play the flute, right?

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Review #25, by moony101 

7th June 2008:
I love the way you've been writing out James's pov . . . . Awesome Chapter!!!

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