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Review #1, by Lolz! 

5th November 2011:
God this is hilarious! Totally random .Teddy o.o...

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Review #2, by Annevader  

13th April 2011:
Oh my god this is so albus because when viridian was on about the new DADA teacher, i was like 'If it were up to me, i'd make Teddy Lupin the teacher'. And then then then you DID! It was so cool! And i absolutely loved the part where they were all going 'Eeee'. My class totally does that some times but sadly the teacher hasn't run off and taken an indefinite vacation yet.
You know what's really freaky? I write stories too, just not fanfics and when my friend told me to read this she was like 'The writing style is a lot like yours' and i was like as if because my stories are fully whacko parodies. But we do have a lot of similarities. Like the exaggerated numbers(713?), the ridiculous characters and their habits and all that. Anyway, your story is really funny and j'adore it! Okay my french sucks.

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Review #3, by Siriuslover177 

20th February 2011:
Loving it!
I'm glad he's going to be the teacher!


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Review #4, by MalfoyMayhem96 

6th October 2010:
'Ello! I absolutely love this story :) Great Work!

PS: Do we really taste like fish or cheese? LOL :D

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Review #5, by PetrificusTotalus 

16th August 2010:
funny chapter, loved it :)

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Review #6, by miaa 

20th April 2010:
Love the story though

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Review #7, by unicorn_fan 

30th July 2009:
very god! i loved the whole E! thing lol =D i could just picture it hehe
great chappie

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Review #8, by musicgirlhp14 

12th July 2009:
SO CALLED IT! Ahem... erm...

Funny thing... My grade eleven class pulled the same sort of prank on my mentel Business teacher. And seriously, he is mental. Some kid ten years ago dropped acid in his coffee and after a bad trip he's never been the same. Anywho, we were in a portable (because my school is that old) and when ever he was teaching and the heater would turn on we would all take turns making bird noises increasingly louder as the heater went on. We would call out, "Oh no! There are birds in the heater!" Yeah, he didn't believe it for a long time, but after a particularly mad day he brought the custodians into see if there were really birds in there. SO FUNNY! The Principle actually told my entire class off. Best prank ever, I must say.

FABULOUS STORY SO FAR! Though I was rather hesitant at first, I do like it's light-heartedness. A great read when things ain't going so great.

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Review #9, by Michelle 

4th June 2009:
so i just started reading this fic and cannot stop. i'm usually not into stories of the "new generation", but i figured i'd give this one a shot and i'm seriously in love with it! i'm also a major fan of the office references... :) great job!

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Review #10, by rhysus2008 

25th May 2009:
Wonderful chapter. Very good. I thought the Gryffies were a little harsh on Dawlish (it seemed a tad Slytherin-like) but this was definitely my favorite chapter so far.

Guess what? You've just earned a 9/10

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Review #11, by PrincessPadfoot 

9th May 2009:
This chapter was so Albus! And i too enjoy dolphin-safe tuna.Favorite Line(s): Some were even so happy for me to address them that they grinned. Grinned so wide they were frowning.

“Which is what I said!” exclaimed Micah.
“That’s what he said!” burst J.D.
Micah blinked. “Er, that doesn’t make any sense.”
“Bite me,” snarled J.D.

Those fricking bacteria ate his phalanges, DID THEY NOT?”

I mean really, who gives a bibble about the History corridor?

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Review #12, by Spicky 

23rd March 2009:
LOVE the story!!!

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Review #13, by Burnt Cheese 

3rd March 2009:
Oh my God! Quite the cliffie there. What a surprise!!! :D:D

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Review #14, by inkscribble 

2nd March 2009:
Amazing, of course! I love the whole couple names thing. And the fact that Teddy is going to teach them is brilliant because I love Teddy and since all of your characters have been great so far I'm sure he will be too.

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Review #15, by skeet500 

1st February 2009:
i'm sooo excited, one that teddy's going to be their teacher, and two, i just plain love this story! i can't wait to see what the gang'll be up to next. although i kind of want to know a little more about james's family life, like his relationships with his parents.

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Review #16, by dianap00 

15th January 2009:
"Some were even so happy for me to address them that they grinned. Grinned so wide they were frowning."
"Groans of love erupted from my adoring populace, and they all proceeded to ignore me."

Oi, is he deluded. I love that James is so painfully deluded. And it's patronuses... naturally.

Sure, Jegan is a bit clumsy, but we do all right.
He can't be any more perfect. They cannot be any more right for each other because that isn't fair.

I think I'm in love. It isn't my fault. It's those Lupin boys - those infuriatingly great Lupins... In this case I mean Teddy of course. I love - *squee* - the fact that Teddy is a Professor Lupin. I swoon and all that. But, grr, Hufflepuff? Nothing against it or anything, I love Hufflepuff with all my heart, but really... Lupin in Hufflepuff fits and that fact alone bothers me for unreasonable reasons. Gah. I love this story.

Author's Response: Haha, I forgot the "grinned so wide they were frowning" bit, lolz. Aww, I love Teddy too, but I think it would be sweet if he was in the same house as his mummy - I mean, it isn't canon (I think) but I guess it's my interpretation. ;)

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Review #17, by twinkies 

16th November 2008:
Loved it. I thought for a second that someone had found them that was from slytherin or something.

I love the thing about the firebolt Zeus. That was so funny. Awsome story and chapter. They're getting better and better by the update.


Author's Response: Thanks! Nope, it was just a Hufflepuff named Teddy Lupin. ^_^ It's great to hear that each chapter improves upon the previous one, since that means I'm improving as a writer. =)

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Review #18, by KristenBlack 

15th November 2008:
I love Teddy, even though we all know almost nothing about him!
Brilliant chapter, of course, I'm sure you're getting tired of me saying it. I wish review boxes had synonym boxes like my handy dandy Microsoft word does but alas, it doesn't. But at least I can assure myself with the fact that there is no synonym for 10/10!

Author's Response: I see Teddy as That Cool Teacher we all have at one point. =) Heck, I don't care how you express your satisfaction with the chapter, I'm just so glad you liked it!

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Review #19, by bearman 

13th November 2008:
this is definitely my favorite chapter of yours in this story. the others are all good, and some almost as good, but i thought i would go back to this chapter and review. . best quotes,

"Well, at least my parents didn't take a shit on me"

"Micah was so full of glee that he could have wet himself and no one would be surprised."

"Oh dear, Professor, it could be neurological," suggested Tegan morbidly. "Something in your brain--"

AND finally

"No, Professor!" J.D. half-whispered, half-gasped, his hands grabbing his terrorized face. "Professor Dawlish--it was a flesh-eating bacteria, wasn't it? Sweet Albus, the flesh-eating bacteria ate the workings of his inner ears, didn't they? Is Professor Dawlish going to be okay, Professor Viridian? No, don't say it! I don't think I can bear to hear bad news! The damned bacteria wasn't just in his ears, was it? Oh no, such sick, perverted microorganisms such as these wouldn't be content with simply obliterating our poor teacher's eardrums, would they? They got into his phalanges, didn't they? You don't have to protect us, Professor Viridian! Those fricking bacteria ate his phalanges, DID THEY NOT?"

sorry for takin up so much space but this chapter literally had me rolling with laughter.
the whole conversation with veridian was great too. just wanted to let you know what a great chapter this is.
thanks for the laughs, sometimes i think that fanfics like yours are better than the original just for the humor and characters like james.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like this chapter - it's the result of a month's worth of writer's block. =) Ooh, I love to read favorite quotes! You really can't go wrong with an elaborate flesh-eating bacteria and phalanges joke. ^_^ Wow, it's seriously flattering that (sometimes) you prefer this story to the original - of course I'm going to be humble and disagree, but thank you nonetheless.

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Review #20, by BigTiggaPwnz 

7th November 2008:
Oh why, oh why, are you so fly? You bring tears to mine eyes, like a turtle saying bye. So I ask you once again.

Why, oh why, are you so damn fly?

Pretty much your story makes me want to shoot cauliflower into my nose so I will be energetic enough to read all night long. Oh! One more thing: Can I bear your children... and maybe James'?

Author's Response: I am so damn fly cuz I was born under the sign of the turtle saying bye. (I have no idea what that means, lol.) Thanks, I'm glad you like the story! Bearing my children would require utilizing the wonders of science, as I am female, and you'll have to ask James's permission first. xD

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Review #21, by lyrix82 

26th October 2008:
Yes! Teddy Lupin the DADA professor, an awesome addition to the story!...I felt so bad for poor Jamesie about the patronus, I have to say I was expecting a stag to burst out but I think you're right not to follow the cliche.This story is such a breath of fresh air, it's lovely. Thanks again...

Author's Response: Wow, I didn't even consider making James's Patronus a stag. =D I did want to make him a separate person from his grandfather - many author choose to make next gen characters carbon copies of their namesakes, but where's the fun in that?

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Review #22, by Girldetective85 

20th October 2008:
Ohhh snap! Somehow I think Teddy's going to be a little bit harder to annoy than poor Dawlish. That prank was freaking hysterical though, I laughed so hard when J.D. was talking and the "Eeee" sound was still going ... I thought somehow he had learned to throw his voice across the room like those crazy dummy controllers. Viridian is a pretty ... interesting headmaster, to say the least.

Author's Response: Sometimes, the best pranks and the simplest ones. =) With Viridian, I sought to create the worst headmaster Hogwarts had ever seen. I mean, we don't know much about headmasters through the ages, but all too often you get a principal like Viridian in real life and you can't help but wonder why they went into education. =D

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Review #23, by Mistress 

9th October 2008:
This was an amazing chapter. I love how you introduced Teddy as a teacher! Hilarious! I also sort of felt bad for Dawlish, not too bad of course because he was a git. I'm excited for the Ravenclaw match!

Author's Response: Thanks! Aw, Dawlish probably doesn't deserve your pity...he's just a misanthrope. ;)

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Review #24, by siriuslyhockey 

9th October 2008:
I really thought that was an excellent idea with Teddy being the teacher! Bravo! James and Tegan are so cute together. I don't know if I would have been able to keep my face straight in the defence class when they were messing with Dawlish. Very funny though and I must say it sounded like he had it coming. I wanted to comment on Scorpious and Albus being friends too, I think it is really cool. Can't wait for the upcoming quidditch match!

Author's Response: Dawwwlish. *snicker* I like the idea of Scorpius and Al being friends...not BFFs but just treating each other civilly. Actually, my favorite next gen ship is Albus/Scorpius, but I doubt that will ever crop up in this story. ;)

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Review #25, by JMJMJMJM 

11th June 2008:
i just figured out that Mattie thomas is supposed to be Dean's son. Wow, i'm kinda slow...
haha keep up the good work!
awesome chap

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