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Review #1, by smileyface 

29th May 2008:
awe. so cute and so classic! adorable! they just fit toeather so well! and where is our sirius?

Author's Response: haha yes, im afraid dear old serius has been a bit...forgotten :(

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Review #2, by hjplover 

25th January 2008:
i have a bad feeling about chad, but i hope he's gone. james and her are so adorable together!!

Author's Response: lol thanks, yeah, but i just really dont see chad beig a nuisance anymore

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Review #3, by xotightwitprongsxo 

19th January 2008:
AW poor chad:( such a sweet boy...that said nice chapter:) UPDATE soon!

Author's Response: lol chad may be sweet but james is sweeter...and HOT! ahahah thanks for the review!!

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Review #4, by fawkes_feathers 

17th January 2008:
Awe!! That was a cute ending! Update quick!! I want more about Lily and James!

Good job!

Author's Response: ooh thanks!! glad you liked the ending, i did too :) i will do my best to get more writing done in the few seconds of my free time but no garuntees.

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Review #5, by Indira 

16th January 2008:
Do I detect a hint of foreshadowing??
"I was fairly certain Chad wouldn’t be bugging me anymore..."
I think I do.

Author's Response: perhaps...perhaps... :)

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Review #6, by hanoverpretz01 

16th January 2008:
update super soon

Author's Response: lol thanks, i will do my best :)

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Review #7, by A Diffrent type of Flower 

16th January 2008:
it was nice
haha chads ramblings were funny =p
please update son

Author's Response: lol thanks... i was very proud of that part, i thought it was appropriate to the way a guy kind of rambles when hes nervous about asking some one out or someting... so yeah... tanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #8, by dramaqueen6 

16th January 2008:
Sweet! I'm having a brain dead moment here...I can't think of anything to say...I guess it makes sense because I'm singing along with that Fergie song Finally. I love it! It's so sweet and I feel like it could be in a musical. Mmm..."Finally! Now my destiny can begin! Though it will have a different end. Finally! Now my life doesn't seem so bad. It's the best that I ever had." I love it! Okay enough rambling. Beautiful chapter. Send me the next one soon so I can beta it. Love you!


Author's Response: honey, please dont tell me you're turning into a ferg-head. i dont think i could stand it!!! ahah wow, i guess your lack of words reflects your feeling about my chapter....wow lucy, thanks.....

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Review #9, by doglover 

16th January 2008:
i love it! keep up the good work!!

Author's Response: thanks!! i will certainly try my hardest!

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Review #10, by harrysgirl88 

16th January 2008:
That was quite funny, Please UPDATE SOOON!!! I love this story. Chapter Rocked!!!

Author's Response: lol thanks, im glad i made you laugh, that is what im goign forwith this story. lol i will certainly try to pdate, but no promises. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by lizzieJ02 

15th January 2008:
I like your story so far. So what if the chapters are short, doesn't mean the story is bad or anything. Great Job!!

Author's Response: thanks!!and, the chapters are significantly longer now than they were when i started...just throwing that out there... but im glad you like it! thanks soooo much for reviewing!

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Review #12, by onestop_hpfan18 

15th January 2008:
It was short, but it was filled with necessary information about Lily breaking off with Chad. Keep up the great writing and don't worry about updating fast. I understand how tough it can be to get updates out when you're busy. I just started my second semester of college last week and already I'm falling behind on my writing cuz of all the studying I've had to put forth.

Take as much time as you need with the next chapter. 10/10

Author's Response: awww thanks! yeah busy schedules suck. apart from all of my schoolwork, i have at least four extracurricular activities going on, and barely enough time to sleep. writing has been difficult, but im glad every one is being so understanding about it. thanks for the review!!

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