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Review #1, by Gryffindor Seeker 4 

19th September 2012:
I was really liking this story until those last two paragraphs. Why'd ya have to do that to the poor girl. I'm considering not reading anymore, just so I can pretend that she successfully fought off He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named with the power of her love for Severus. Then they go on to fight the growing evil with every once of strength they have, defeat it, and live happily ever after with their cute, little baby.
But my curiosity will probably get the better of me.

Author's Response: I entirely agree with you! For some utterly insane reason, I tried to make this story fit into canon (in the aftermath of DH's "Prince's Tale") and it was the worst decision. Now you've got me imagining what could have been. It's hard to say whether Snape ever would be the sort to have a happy ending, but I do like the idea of he and Emilia at least trying to make it work. They deserve better than what the ending of this story gave them. :'(

It's great to hear that you've enjoyed the story up to this point! Thank you very much for taking the time to read and review!

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Review #2, by delta 

5th February 2008:

Is Emilia back in 'her' time now?

This was truly beautiful. Once again, I'm amazed at your ability to write time. To me, time seems like such an inconceivable concept that I couldn't even begin to grasp - much less mould - and your dexterity at shaping it to fit this story is astounding. I love the plot line you have created with time here - it's really unique. And to have the remnants of Emilia and her actions disappear - this reminds me of Obliviate and how the person being Obliviate'd will fill in events for the erased memories.

I can't stress enough how much I love how you portray Snape and Emilia's relationship here. It's very jaded and very different. Earlier, I lamented the fact that this story wasn't gearing up for a happy ending, but now, seeing how the story shall run its course, I think I like this better. It's so much more . . . interesting (not exactly the word I want, but . . . ).

Hmm . . . what loose ends will you tie up? Why was it so vital to Voldemort that Emilia be removed from the equation? Does Voldemort know of Snape's duplicity/remember Emilia now that her actions have been erased from this universe?

This was brilliant. I'm intriguied about your idea of rewriting this story - will it reflect the new DH information?


Author's Response: Yes, technically, she's back in canon and ready to die. *looks innocent* Well, not die, but there's no place for her in canon (being an original character - perhaps I'm unconsciously mocking OCs?). So there is a plot in all this mush of a story? :/ I'm worried about the plots I make up, they never seen very organized (the re-write should have a plot, however).

Hope you enjoy the rest of the story, Janet. Thanks again for reviewing! ^_^

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Review #3, by celestlyn 

1st February 2008:
Oh my! I love this story! I have to admit that some of it is a bit too deep for my peabrain, but I love it anyway. I adore Emma and I'm so sorry that her life has been so sad. If she must sacrifice herself for the good to win, I hope she is loved by someone. So very sad. Each time that Snape turns and walks away from her or she away from him, I want to just strangle them. They have a knack of always doing the wrong thing. Oh well, otherwise there wouldn't be a story. You are so very talented. Keep it coming!

Author's Response: It's much too complicated a story, don't say that it's because of you, since not only are you not the only confused reader, but it's made me one confused writer. o_0 It's nice that you can still love the story (wish I could, haha). The Snape-Emma relationship is pretty intense - they have to be the worst lovers in the fandom, never getting together for long, though it suits their personalities well enough. ;) Thanks very much for taking the time to review, I really appreciate hearing from you. :)

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Review #4, by beating_faster 

19th January 2008:
I'm going to have to mull that last paragraph over for a bit. This sentence confused me: "Although the minute, hour, or day changed, the world around did," so then I couldn't really grasp it all, even after the third read.

Does this mean, by what Voldemort had just forced her to do, she canceled the second time she had created when using the potion to show Sirius proof of Snape/Lily? And now she's back in her old time and everything is canon and she's missing? Phwa, confusion is never good because I'm not sure if it's all staring me in the face or if you really haven't mentioned/explained it all--what exactly happened--yet. Sadly, I kind of lost entire understanding of the truth of what's going on since the time change. I only really understand some things. Other things I'm not sure about. In the new time, she practiced necromancy even though Grimm was not dead? I'm going to have to go back a few chapters to figure this out. Maybe I didn't understand the tea stain thing correctly. Hopefully I can sort this out on my own and your next chapter will come out soon. Because really...

WHAT A CLIFFHANGER! *brain jumps out the window, leaving me insane* teh heh.

Author's Response: I meant it to mean (this happens a lot to me, somehow I'll often speak weirdly) that she's gone back to her original time, but to the same date/hour as it was when she left the new time. It makes sense as an idea, but perhaps in explaining it, it won't translate into language very well. She didn't cancel the other time, she just went back to her own. It's like a parallel universe type of sequencing.

I hate this story for its confusing-ness and I don't know why or how it came to be this way. It just wrote itself into this, not at all following my vague plans that were more cliched but less complicated. I'm very sorry that you got confused. I am confused as well. :P I won't even try to explain it because I'm rewriting it anyway once the last chapter gets done.

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Review #5, by QueenRowena 

16th January 2008:
Great Chapter. Can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #6, by Romina Stephanie 

16th January 2008:
There's much I'd like to say, but I don't know where to start. Just - this was brilliant and heartwrenching. And things have finally come to my understanding... Can't wait for the next chapter - yet, I think I can. Don't want this to end =/

Author's Response: Yeah, I tried to make it make more sense - put an honest effort into it... and it worked! *parties* Thanks very much for hanging in with this story for so long, Stephanie. It's wonderful that you have. ^_^

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Review #7, by JamesandLily4ever 

12th January 2008:
Oh snap! Why? Why? Why did she have to kill the poor bloke? Why did she have to even listen to Voldemort???

Dude, must the world be so dark? Please update soon!!!

P/s: 10/10 for this suspenceful chapter!!! Please update! I'll read the next chapter, I promise!!

Author's Response: Thanks for this, haha. I promise to update soon with the last chapter, hopefully it's not quite so dark as this one, though I guess it has to be.... *thinks* Anyways, thank you for all your wonderful reviews! I really appreciate them! :)

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Review #8, by SilverShadow04 

2nd January 2008:
Oh no poor Emilia eiether way her life seems to be very sad indeed. What will happen in this time now? Can't wait to find out.

Author's Response: Thank you! =D

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Review #9, by Ariqa 

2nd January 2008:
If this were a movie I would be on the edge of my seat, tearing up my tissues the popcorn forgotten.

Author's Response: Haha! I'll try to not keep you on the edge for too long. Wouldn't want that popcorn to go cold! =P

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Review #10, by hullo 

31st December 2007:
gosh! I love this story so much! Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! ^_^

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Review #11, by DAC 

30th December 2007:
this was exquisite. heart beakingly sad, and wonderful.

Beautiful writing.

Now, I must read the rest. Please update PDQ

Author's Response: Thank you! I will try to update asap. =D

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