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Review #1, by Dinthemidwest 

16th September 2016:
I had to check & see if you were going to update-yay!! Glad to hear that it's in the works! This is so much fun! Dialogue is great-Nellie & Izzie are great characters to pair with the Marauders. You captured an interesting Regulus & Sirius as well-well-done!

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Review #2, by alicia and anne 

14th February 2012:
I bet Izzie fell over on purpose to get Remus.
He definitely was a fish finger gone mouldy but I'm glad he's apologising.
:-O She was faking it! I knew it was on purpose to get Remus, and to get Sirius after Nellie, such a clever actress she is!
I love Izzie and Nellie they have such a unique and wonderful relationship and they're fantastic together.
I totally yawned when you mentioned yawning, so yeah I do notice you yawn when people mention yawning.
She's going to the boys dormitories? I wonder if anyone will catch her coming out of them and start rumours? The boys room is very clean! I'm very shocked by that, normally they have messy rooms :-D
Oh gobstopper, it's not a cafe it's an orange. That just made me laugh out loud, that is pure amazing! Oh my her parents own it? that makes perfect sense now as to why it's called that!
*Phew * She didn't get caught which is good :-D
That sounds like such a complicated dance! I'm tempted to try it although people will look at me strangely.
Haha royal mail :-D
Oh Nellie and Izzie are too funny, headlocks, funny insults. And Nellie yelling that she was broken when she walked into James :-D
Candyfloss!! :-D
Trust Nellie to make a snow angel in front of everyone :-D
Another wonderful chapter, and I don't want to shake Sirius anymore which is good!

Author's Response: Heya lovely! Haha, yes, probably! That is Izzie afterall. Yes, me too! He needed to say sorry. And yes, Izzie is very clever. I'm so glad you like the relationship between Izzie and Nellie, they're so much fun to write together. Yes! Yawning is really weird to think about. Haha, yes, they have a clean room ;D Haha, yes, Nellie's parents are a tad weird.

Haha, yes, the dance is a tad complicated.

Haha, I'm glad you liked those parts :)

Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day! xx

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Review #3, by Secret Santa *hands you a candy cane* 

27th December 2011:
HEY HEY HEY! What's up SEXYDOORFRAMES? UHM, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? Well, well, well! I AM YOUR SECRET SANTA cheyya it's me, your secret santa! Hey!


I'm sorry I made you cry...I wanted to say sorry then...but I was being a fish finger gone mouldy

You see Sirius, I can't force forgiveness. It has to come by it's own.

Oh no. My night wear. I looked at my legs; smooth. No forest was growing there.

Eating napkins because they looked like rice paper and crawling around poking the customers in the ankles with straws.

Obsessed with these lines you know, especially the one she said to Sirius, how insightful. Really, insightful. I think Nellie is a secret genius! A genius I tell yah! Anywho, another excellent chapter from another excellent author. I just wonder where the story is actually going, I mean I enjoy Nellie's drabbles but I feel like there's an underlying plot that we haven't reached yet and hasn't even sprung up.


Author's Response: Haha, hey santa!

i'm so glad you liked those lines, it means a lot to me, i always love hearing peoples favourite lines! i had a lot of fun writing them.

haha! maybe ;) you never know! Aw! You're far too kind to me :) Yes! The plot sorts of develops from here :) I always was known for taking my time with everything! But there are a a lot of interesting things coming up with the story and I hope you like them!

thanks so much for the wonderful review, i loved it and i hope you have a great day!


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Review #4, by Rexy 

30th October 2011:

Author's Response: Awww! I'm glad you think so. I love making snow angels! And of course, just return it later on ;D Thanks so much for the review, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story and I hope you have a great day! xxx

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Review #5, by foreverfleur 

27th August 2011:
Another great chapter--I particularly liked it for the Izzie-Nellie exchanges. This is one relationship where the banter just never gets old. I feel like I'm with my group of friends and we are just going on and on and on about absolutely nothing but in the moment it means everything.

I applaud your character development. Seriously--I feel like I could reach out and touch them if I wanted to.

Author's Response: I love writing Nellie and Izzie's friendship. They're just there for each other over anything. Exactly! That's what I wanted it to feel! I base it a little on my friends. Thank you so much, character development is my thing so I'm so glad you are enjoying the characters so far.

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Review #6, by Chanel 

8th August 2011:
So, last night, I read a bunch of chapters, but I was too tired and lazy to review them all, so here I go! I love that Nellie's parents are just as out there as she is; I feel like it gives us some reasoning for Nellie's personality being so out there! I love that Izzie tricks the tricksters, and it wasn't done in a manner in which the boys just seemed dumb or one sideded, it was very believable. I'm an actress myself, so when I read stories I look at the believable-ness of the characters. That's why I always mention it in my reviews, if you've noticed! (: Great job once again!
-Chanel (SlytherinPrincess55) (Gryffindor)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like the story so far! It would make sense for Nellie to have weird parents to make such a weird little child! Haha. I'm so glad you thought it was believable! Really? That's so cool! I'm jealous! Character development is one of my favourite things ever! So I work hard on it. Thank you so much for your wonderful review, it means a lot to me. xxx

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Review #7, by girly1393 

16th March 2011:
I wonder when Nellie will finally learn Sirius has feelings for her.

Bravo to you.

Author's Response: One day maybe... ;) One day...
It's coming up.

Thank you and thanks for the review :) It means a lot to me.

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Review #8, by Lillylover22 

10th March 2011:
i love her parents cafe's name!! this is great. nellie is so random!! 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Yes, I had a lot of fun thinking up the name for a cafe that would suit Nellie's parents. And yes, Nellie is very random isn't she? But that part of her charm I think. I hope you like the next chapter too =D Thanks for the review, I'll try to update soon. xx

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Review #9, by SearchingForLuna 

3rd January 2011:
Her happy dance is SO difficult. I tried it and fell over.

Her parents' cafe sounds so cute!!! I tried to say it five times fast but failed.

...I have to say, this is quite an interactive chapter.

ONWARD!!! *advances with lance*

p.s. 10/10:)

Author's Response: Haha, I can't believe you tried! That makes me laugh!

Yes, it's quite a mouthful.

I'm glad you liked the chapter, i hope you enjoy the rest!


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Review #10, by Ignorance 

4th September 2010:
hehehee, oh dear Izzie is too cool and a little too scary :P
fab chapter, you are a awesome writer :D
10/10 ;)

Author's Response: I'm glad you like Izzie, I love writing her :)
Thank you so much, you're far too kind.
thanks for all the reviews, you are amazing :)
I hope you enjoy the next chapters :D

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Review #11, by CessZ 

15th August 2010:
So Sirius is NOT evil...Izzy is!!
I love the facst that Nellie keeps on wandering off and i LOVE her thoughts!!!
Those not-so-subtle hints at James/Lily were not lost on me!!
Well..what can I say about this chapter other than...I LOVE SNOW ANGELS!! :D

Oh and dis “I thought they had nine stomachs.” made me laugh. ALOT!

Going off to the next chapter..


Author's Response: Hehe, Izzie is pretty evil at times :)

Yes! I thought that Nellie being a wanderer and not even realizing it was very in touch with her character.
Hehe ;) I'm glad they wasn't.

And this may be embarrassing, but I actually used to think that! I know xD

Thanks for the amazing reviews :)

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Review #12, by katebabelovesharrypotter 

25th July 2010:
I don't get what was funny about the "mail" "royal" thing either... I don't know if i should have though...

Author's Response: Royal Mail is a British Paper, Lily was asking Nellie to name a British Royal, like the Queen.


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Review #13, by Myriad 

14th July 2010:
:D I love Izzie. I love that she was faking drunk for Remus. That’s just all kinds of awesome.

I really like that Sirius was willing to come out and admit he was wrong and apologise to Nellie. In most cases I would say that the problem was resolved too quickly, but in this case I think it works really well. Especially considering Nellie hasn’t quite forgiven him yet.

“Plus, I don’t think nobody is going to answer them soon; simply because nobody really knows the answers do they?” Well that’s not proper english no is it? That first ‘nobody’ should be ‘anyone’.

“Well, you’ve never slept in the girl’s dorm.”

“No we haven’t.” James smirked, “Strange that isn’t it.” :D I love that exchange :D

I really really love the way you bring back little details from previous chapters. The thing with the sayings, Sirius’ snorting, fish finger… Please keep doing this!

I love the café name, that was hilarious.

“In thirty seconds, I saw laughter, tears and I think that boy has really upset that girl over there. She looks quite angry. Oh, she just punched him. Now, that has got to hurt.” Nellie’s got such an interesting way of narrating life. I like it!

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record (but I’m going to anyway), but watch your tenses, fragments and grammar.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like Izzie, I get real mixed opinions of her, some people hate her, some people love her. It's really weird.

Yes! I understand. I experiment with arguments later, that last a while, but with this one, I didn't feel like I had to drag it out. They may have got some things in the air, but a lot is left unspoken.

Ah! Sorry! It's the way I would say it in my head, thus it's too much slang, thus doesn't really make sense. But I often don't anyway. Thanks for picking that up for me. I should remember just because I'd say it like that, doesn't mean it's right. Haha.

I'm glad you like the exchanges.

Thanks! I'm a stickler with details like that. I have to be careful with what I say as Nellie rambles and I don't want her to say something in one chapter, only to say the opposite in another. So I'm trying to be consistent.

And, I'm glad you like the cafes name :D It was fun to come up with something strange like that.

Thank you so much! That made me smile!

Don't worry, it's etched in my brain now :D

Thanks so much for the review lovely, it's really appreciated.


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Review #14, by TallestTower 

13th July 2010:
Yay Nellie and Sirius are reconcilled kind of! And Sirius was such a sweetie about it :)

Izzie was funny with her tricks with Remus. I was wondering what was happening vis a vis those two.

I liked to see Lily back again, as she's a nice character. Although in this story, I think she's a little like "Woooah, these people are crazy." She needs to get her crazy on. Embrace her inner Nellie. :D

Hehe, I loved Nellie's chat with the marauders! I love it when the marauders are all there in the chapter, so that was fun to read. And "Oh gobstopper, it's not a cafe, it's an orange." Had me cracking up :D

I loved this chapter, it was so good to read - it just makes me feel happy inside. And I was cracking up when Nellie started making a snow angel mid-sentance.

Uhh yeah, I keep repeating the word I love in this review, but there is very little not to love in this chapter. Except maybe Izzie's headlocks. I'm a little scared of them.

The next chapter looks reaaal good to so I'm going to go head over there now! (This is the benefit of being behind on stories, I don't have to wait for updates. Ha! I defy your cliffhangers!)

Keep writing and thanks for posting - Peeas out! (See what I did there? Peas were mentioned in the chapter, and now I'm making puns about them. Yes I know, I'm a genius. I'll send you my autograph in the owl post. Try not to feint from excitement. :P)

Author's Response: Oh yes, they're sort of on the mend now, until I break them up again. Mwhaha *chokes* Ah dammit, I'm no Slytherin ;)

Hehe ;) More Remus/Izzie chats later one. It's a slow burner though.

Oh yes! But I think she's getting used to them. They're slowly dragging her out of her shell, she is understandably hiding holding back a bit.

Thanks so much lovely! I'm glad you liked those parts.

You wouldn't want to be in Izzie's headlocks. Headlocks are just bad, full stop.

:O Just you wait until you get to 27! Mwhahaha.

*screams* Oh my! I can't wait!


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Review #15, by shayrocks50 

28th March 2010:
snowball fights at hogwarts are awesome i think everyone should have a snowball fight in there fan fiction

Author's Response: I know! I think they are awesome too. But I hate getting hit with a snowball! Haha

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Review #16, by fatality 

9th November 2008:
my goodness.
ive read this story's 12 chapters without rest!
i am officially addicted.

i love this story and Nellie.
very original and great to read.

- - - - -

Author's Response: i'm so glad you like it so far.
thanks so much.

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Review #17, by lollipop_marauderette 

30th May 2008:
oh my lanta izzie is scary.. that was a funny chapter


Author's Response: She is sort of scary ;) Thank you so much, xx

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Review #18, by JSB 073 

26th May 2008:
SNOWBALL FIGHT!!! Those are so much fun and I feel one coming on!

Author's Response: Haha, yes, they are fun :D

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Review #19, by magicked_ 

6th April 2008:
haha. nellie is so funny :D

Author's Response: thanks. xx

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Review #20, by dianap00 

25th February 2008:
Nellie's quite a dear. I love that Lily/James are being weird. The three girls sure are getting along, which is very fun.

"I never had a plot. I'm too spontaneous for that!"
--too true...


Author's Response: Slowly building up their friendships ;)


thank youu x

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Review #21, by The Golden Trio 

1st January 2008:
"Why is life so confusing? What was I going to have for breakfast tomorrow?" - fun-nay!!!

“ Can ’t touch this. Sirius suddenly came out with, he sounded confused.What? Oh nothing. He mumbled." also fun-nay!

"Oh gobstopper, it’s not a café, it‘s an orange" - strange name!

great chappie by the way!

~xoxo TGT

Author's Response: haha, nellie parents are strange ;)

thank youu x

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Review #22, by marieluz 

29th December 2007:
i LOVE this story!!! nells is crazy!

Author's Response: thank you and i guess she is ;) xxx

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Review #23, by Voldemortia 

26th December 2007:
omegad *scream* nellie and izzie remind me sooo much of myself! you have their characters PERFECT! This story is amazingly funny! I just read the 'next time on the world, biscuits and sirius black according to nellie o'neill' and wow I burst out laughing so much I had tears in my eyes! ( well, I had tears in my eyes the whole chapter it was so funny!)

9/10 (only cause of teh GRAMMAR MISTAKES! :K err I think you should read over it a couple times just to make sure you havent forgotton anythin xD)


Author's Response: Aw, i'm glad you can see yourself in their characters. aw, thank you. Aw, I'm so happy that it made you laugh.

Don't worry, I will and thank you very much.


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Review #24, by writers_block_94 

21st December 2007:
update soon update soon
please please please
i'll love you forever if you do!

This has to be one of my fave fanfics ever! Great job!!

Author's Response: thank you so much and the next chapter should be up soon :) xx

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Review #25, by weasley_gang 

20th December 2007:

i LOVE this story!

i REALLY hope u update soon!


Author's Response: Thank you so much and i'll try to ;D xx

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