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Review #1, by YouHadMeAtHogwarts 

18th January 2011:
Time to break up a depressing wedding. Ready. Set. Go!

Author's Response: Haha yep, that's right!

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Review #2, by rowenaravenclaw94 

25th January 2009:
poor rowena. how terrible! i wish that godric would come and sweep her off her feet! i luv salazar and belle! for some reason, though, i can't imagine him looking so atractive... when i was little, i always thought of slytherin looking like snape, and i guess it stuck... oh well! 10/10! good job!
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: Maybe godric will at some point ;) I imagine Salazar as moderately attractive, maybe just not as he ages haha

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Review #3, by WeasleyTwins 

8th June 2008:
Dun, dun, dun. Godric is alive you idiot! I love this story, I simply just get too into it!


Author's Response: that's not such a bad thing lol

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Review #4, by mm24 

31st March 2008:
I loved that! So great! I love Salazar with Belle! Great job! Thanx

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #5, by You_Know_Who_I_Am 

5th January 2008:
aww atleast somebody is on rowanas side

but she has kids doesnt she ..the grey lady in book 7 or is she not in the story hum

love it :)

Author's Response: Thanks :) Yes, Rowena is written as having children in the harry potter books.
Thanks for your review :)

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Review #6, by JamesandLily4ever 

21st December 2007:
Aw... poor Rowena!

You're doing a great job and because of that --- you get a 10/10!!

I am going to read on now!


Author's Response: Thank you, hope you enjoy the rest! :)

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Review #7, by Fields Of Innocence09 

17th December 2007:
Aww, please make more!!!
I can't believe i've finished it all! It took me like all day lol.
But it was very good and you should definately continue!
Excellent work! I love it!

Author's Response: Don't panic, there's plenty more to come, i have many ideas! I'm actually working on the next chapter so it should be up in a few days or so :)
Thanks for reviewing again!

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Review #8, by sinwillys822 

16th December 2007:
i hope godric is able to ride to the rescue and be able to marry rowena and salazaar gets to marry belle

Author's Response: That's a nice thought :)

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Review #9, by midwinter_wolf 

16th December 2007:
Aw Salazar's so nice! It must have taken alot for him to turn twisted. Does Belle die, so he hates the idea of unpure blood (not sure how this works but . . .) Again another Briliant chapter. Thankyou so much for updating, I always look forward to this story! Now you have to update again, ok? Thankyou so much, amazing fic,

Author's Response: It will take a lot to turn him into a more evil person, believe me. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm not promising but i MIGHT add another chapter before xmas :)

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Review #10, by hello251025 

15th December 2007:
Aww - what a great chapter! Salzar is too cute with Belle, I can't wait to see them get married. Quick question, how old is Belle? Sorry if you ansawered this in earlier chapters, but I really can't remember ... Anyway, I really did enjoy this chapter, it was worth any wait, lol, although I really don't want Salazar to leave again. As for Rowena's marriage ... once it is announced to the public it will be very hard to get out of, especially without being shunned by the whole country. Mabye she could poision Edmund? That would prove interesting and would make for a great chapter, lol! Also, I really cant wait to see Godric's reaction ... everything is getting exciting in the story now! Anyway, really great chapter, I can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: I know, i enjoy writing about Salazar and Belle. To answer your question, Belle is the same age as Rowena, so about 22/23 in this chapter. I'm afraid Salazar will definitaly be leaving his Uncle's home again. The marriage will be hard to get out of but there's only one way...
Thanks for being so patient and, i assure you, this story is just about to get VERY interesting indeed!

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Review #11, by hanoverpretz01 

14th December 2007:
he should attack edmund with snakes!
but amazing story
update soon

Author's Response: Yeah, probably hahaha Thank you :)

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Review #12, by Princess Di 

14th December 2007:
Aw, the last bit is so sweet!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #13, by Potter n Mione 

14th December 2007:
Salazar's so considerate! *laugh* Loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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