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Review #1, by Lily 

14th May 2015:
lol Arthur is a man who knows what he wants XD Such a innocent kid X3

Good luck Reid. lol I look forward to getting to know more of Arthur's friends as well!

Wish there was fanart of this fic XD If I could draw I would. lol

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Review #2, by CantpickwhichWeasleytoravish 

13th November 2013:
Glad he has his priorities straight. First, kiss her. Next Hogsmeade. Then girlfriend. Finally marriage, and maybe graduating. Oh awkward Weasleys, you make me giggle

Author's Response: Hehehe... Yeah, he's got his priorities sorted for sure. Thank you so much for reviewing! I love your username!

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Review #3, by Debra20 

17th July 2013:
Here I am with another reivew! I hope I'm not boring you with my repeated presence, but I can't help it if this story is so awesome...it's your fault! :P

So I was just thinking that I've never really made any real comments about the OC's you've created. I've always thought writing OC's is a lot more difficult than writing already established characters, because you have to find a voice of their own, give them personalities that are realistic, etc. A great deal of things that don't always come so easily. And I wanted to say that yours are very well created. Each of the girls and the boys have a distinct voice, which I personally think is VERY hard to achieve. It's one thing to create one or two MC's, but several supporting characters with voices of their own, faults, desires, etc, is not easy feat. You've risen up to the task extraordinarily. I am eager to see what role each of them play in the development in Arthur and Molly's story and the War that's forever looming closer to them!

Author's Response: Absolutely not boring me at all! I love your reviews, they really make me smile.

I do love to create an original character. Making Molly and Arthur's circles of friends at school was a lot of fun. Large supporting casts can be difficult to juggle with screen-time, but I think it's worth it. Each member of their circle has a different part to play in the formation of their relationship, Molly's friends in particular. Thank you very much for the review! :)

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Review #4, by marauderfan 

31st May 2013:
Oh my goodness I am loving this story so much. Molly and Arthur are adorable. (Arthur particularly - he is so awkward in a really endearing way.) And they just seem so believable and really relatable. Ahh!! I'm pretty sure I'll just end up spending the whole evening reading this fic. Definitely adding it to my favourites. But I have to make dinner now, so I'll be back to read the rest later ;) (And sorry this review is essentially just a long ramble!)

Author's Response: (oh and forgot to mention in previous review response - Molly using a love potion is canon! She tells Hermione and Ginny about it in PoA)

Arthur is so awkward. He does loosen up though. He's just so self-conscious around her just then, so once he gets a little more secure about her feelings for him, then he's able to relax. Enjoy your dinner, and thank you for reviewing!

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Review #5, by patronus_charm 

7th February 2013:
I hope you’re not getting annoyed by all these reviews, it’s just if I left it to the end, I wouldn’t be able to express my love for this story, so it’s easier doing it this way ;)

I really loved the ‘new’ Arthur in this chapter, he just seemed so much for confident especially with the ‘Hello ladies’, I just couldn’t help but laugh, as that’s possibly one of the last things I could have imagined he would say. I guess it just shows you how much love can you change you, and it’s lovely seeing him braver.

Molly such a hypocrite! Dreading that she would receive a howler yet she sends her son one. I mean driving a flying car to Hogwarts and giving someone a love potion, are similar levels of crime, so I do feel she was unfair to poor old Ron.

We got to know a bit more about their friends characters today which was nice, especially Reid he’s just so funny, I hope we get to know more about the firecracker incident as it sounds very entertaining. Poor old Cecilia you can tell that he still loves her but he’s not having any of it.

Another great chapter in my opinion, but I don’t really need to say that as all of its awesome!

Author's Response: I **adore** reviews on every chapter! Never fear, I am enjoying them immensely. The opposite of annoyed, I promise!

Arthur gains a lot of confidence through dating Molly. He tries to be suave and polite to her friends so everyone will like him.

Ah it's not hypocrisy! When you're a teenager, you don't want to get in trouble, but as an adult you have to be the one to deal out trouble. It's the cycle of life. lol She did get up to some crazy things, didn't she? The love potion is canon, the events surrounding it are my own invention. I think the underage grand theft auto was definitely worse than a little love potion, though.

Their circles of friends are definitely a big part of the story. Reid does still have a thing for Cecilia haha.

Thank you so much! I'll get to answering your other reviews very soon, but I wanted to let you know that I love it when people review every chapter, so no worries about that. :)

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Review #6, by slytherinchica08 

2nd January 2013:
You know, I'm already starting to run out of things to say for this story because its just so good! I feel like each chapter I'm just telling you the exact same thing but every chapter is just so good! There's no mistakes to be found, the flow is amazing, and so is the story line! It's all just amazing and wonderful and I have no problems with this story at all! I love the relationship between Arthur and Molly and it grows with each chapter. I did feel bad for Arthur though when he was daydreaming about having Molly as his wife and then she comes up behind him and scares him causing him to knock over his inkwell. I'm hoping the next chapter is going to be their date and I'm just looking so forward to it! I can't wait to see what will happen to them when they are finally on their own and together! YAY! And will she let him kiss her on the first date or will she make him wait? I don't know but I know that I will be reading more so I can find out! Great Job!


Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I'm glad you like the story :) I'm very compulsive about grammar and spelling so hopefully there's no typos kicking around in here. It drives me nuts when I find one. Arthur is easily distracted by thought of Molly. He was devoted to her even before they got together. Unrequited love that wound up fulfilled. Lucky for him ;) Thank you very much for the review, I really appreciate it!

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Review #7, by TenthWeasley 

28th September 2012:
I feel like Cecila is going to be important to this story. Would I be right on that count? I'm not sure why... but something in me (probably the suspicious part that's read way too many fan fictions for my own good) is telling me to keep an eye on her. Or maybe it's the fact that Reid keeps bringing her up -- poor bloke. He really does seem like quite a nice guy; it's a pity he had to set Cecilia's scarf on fire. I am making all sorts of suspicious faces at my screen right now, and you can bet I'll be watching extra-closely when Cecilia appears on my screen, at least for the next few chapters.

Oh! Arthur and Molly are so adorably clumsy, and what's even better is that they're so adorably clumsy together. ♥ Arthur fumbling with his books, and Molly making it worse, and Hattie just grinning at the pair of them because she knows everything... You really are great at writing romance here. I admit with no small amount of guilt that I haven't read a lot of your other stories, and this is the first romance of yours I've tried, but you've got it down so well. You can just make it seem so natural and real, and in the fan fiction world, I don't think I need to tell you that realistic romances don't really come around that often. That's one of the reasons that reading this story is so fresh and enjoyable!

I literally cannot wait for their first date! I hope Arthur kisses her -- oh, goodness, do I want to see that kiss! Molly instigated the first one, even if it was only on the cheek (STILL HAVING LOTS OF FEELINGS ABOUT THAT) so of course the ball's in his court now, as it were. And she's got to let him! And now I feel kind of like one of those crabby old ladies who screams at the people on Wheel of Fortune, but this is literally the first time in I-can't-remember-how-long that I've been this emotionally and mentally invested in a fan fiction -- and actually, in a story, period.

I cannot even believe it took me so long to read this. Have I said that before? I have -- but it warrants saying again. I'm on tenterhooks waiting for chapter seven! Onward I go, and another great chapter, WTM! ♥

Author's Response: Ah you would be correct on Cecilia's importance. You'll have to read the sequel for more on how all that develops, though. She's the other dominant personality (with Molly) in the Gryffindor girls. And poor Reid. He really has it bad. He's sort of a nice guy and sort of a self-centered jerk, which is actually just like Cecilia ;) The fire bit is explained in a one-shot titled "Fireworks", if you want to read it.

Hattie always seems to know everything. But she's good at looking the other way when needed. She's so quiet in a lot of ways, especially compared to Molly and Cecilia and Siobhan who have such big personalities, that Hattie is often discounted. So it makes me happy when readers notice her ;) The library scenes with Molly and Arthur made me happy, I'm glad you liked them! I love writing romance. Romance and comedy and just enough dramatic angst to flavor everything. That's how I like to roll.

Molly's very dominant, but Arthur will figure out how to not be so in awe of her and be himself. He just needs time to settle down. And get yelled at a bit, because of course it's still honeymoon stage best behavior right now haha. Molly's temper hasn't been out yet. They'll kiss, don't worry. It's coming up soon!

I'm so glad you're reading it, and reviewing! Thank you very much!

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Review #8, by alicia and anne 

20th September 2012:
Oh I love that song! *continues jig from previous review*
I really like Reid and how he makes out he doesn't care about Cecilia but totally does :-D
It's great to see that they're all such great friends, there's not many stories where there's a great friendship like these all have.
Can't wait to read more of your wonderful story! *is hooked*

Author's Response: I like this one too. It's a good song.

I see that Reid/Cecilia is sucking you in. People really like that ship, which makes me quite happy. And the friendship makes me super-happy, there's a lot of backstabbing teenager stories on the archive. I think this fits in a more innocent sort of time, so I wrote them that way. The sequel has a bit more teenage drama.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #9, by Snapdragons 

18th July 2012:
Oh, goodness. I can relate to the feeling of being terrified of a parent's reaction, all right! There's definitely an art to diplomatically handling situations. Thankfully, I don't have a mother like Cecelia's, haha. :P If I was Cecelia, I'd try my best to stay out of trouble, too!

Keep the dream alive, Reid. :P Now I'm curious as to what the fireworks incident was... though I think I remember seeing a one shot about it on your author's page, so I'll probably go check that out sooner or later! I really like Reid, though - he's hilarious. Incorrigible is a good word!

(I was sad that Arthur seems to have started to figure out that Petula doesn't really like Muggle Studies. Poor Arthur.)

Also, it was a sweet moment when he dumped the ink because Molly was there - once again, he really is head over heels, isn't he? :)

Author's Response: Ah Cecilia's mum. Cecilia is the prefect for their year (alongside Thad) and stays out of trouble, though her mom probably wouldn't really send a Howler over a love potion. :p

"Keep the dream alive" made me laugh. XD Reid is totally incorrigible. There is a one-shot on the fireworks incident, yes! You can go read it anytime during Unsinkable, there's no spoilers in it.

He is totally head over heels! Fortunately, Molly soon will be as well ;) Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #10, by LadySlytherin96 

1st November 2011:
I love Arthur..I seriously do. Not like Molly does (we all know she does) but...ah, every time he thinks romantically about her I'm like 'awh' and get all sappy and melted...I know...

Author's Response: I have to admit, I love him too. He's such a good guy. I just tried to do him justice in this story. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #11, by xxpetrapan 

9th February 2011:
Oh...Reid and Cecilia are funny. How adorable is Arthur when he is thinking about marrying Molly. Petula kind of annoys me but that is possibly because she is always whining!

Great Job


Author's Response: Petula likes to whine haha. She's a drama queen. Arthur's a daydreamer, but he is sweet. Thank you for the review!

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Review #12, by ReAnimated 

29th November 2010:
Reid...>_< He's just asking for trouble!
Molly and her friends are so unique and different from each other yet manage to be the best of friends. I wish I was that close with my friends to the point I could tell them anything without worry.

Author's Response: Ah, Reid. He's such an idiot. I do love him. lol

Well, they tell each other most everything. Molly and Hattie both hold things back from the others that they only tell each other, and same for Cecilia and Siobhan. Girlfriends are the best :) Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Jazzeh Turnip 

22nd August 2010:
Oooh, Arthur's turned into a bit of a ladies man then, eh?

I'm really loving how you've written this. You don't elaborate more than you need to, and I rather like not being told every ridiculous detail about Arthur or Molly's friends. This is probably the funniest chapter for me, by far, and thus my favourite chapter.

I like how you use song titles for your chapter titles, and how you put in a relevant verse from that song too. It's a nice touch and it makes me want to go listen to all the songs.

I think I've said/read the world Molly so much that it doesn't seem like a name or a word any more.


Author's Response: This is the 600th review for this story! Woot! Thank you for coming by and reading, I do appreciate it.

The song titles are all from songs of this period (1966-1969ish), and I tried to make them fit the chapters. Someone once made an Unsinkable playlist on iTunes, but I don't know if it's still there.

That happens to me with words sometimes too. Siobhan's name especially.

Ah the funny. Wait til you get to the badger scene. That is possibly my favorite in the entire novel, I must admit.

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Review #14, by AndrinaBlack 

21st August 2010:
I keep loving this story a lot! It's such a feel good story that makes me smile all the time and giggle every once in a while. What made me laugh especially in this chapter was Arthur's musings, with: "He was hoping if the Hogsmeade weekend went well, Molly would become his girlfriend. And then, he would marry her."

I love how you also add little incidents and details in this, which makes it so much more lively, like the potions insident in this chapter. Apart from Molly and Arthur I also like the way you portray their friends. Especially Hattie is the perfect best friend. This was another great chapter!

Author's Response: Hehehe. It's very fluffy and sweet. I think the fluff is sucking you in. It happens to me too haha. I like Arthur's getting-ahead-of-himself inner monologues, they always made me laugh when I was writing them. I'm weird, I know.

Gemma gets mentioned again later, and again in the sequel she features a bit more. She's one of the small characters who gets little screen time but several mentions. I think I've only ever written like two lines for her to actually speak, but I like her.

Thank you for the reviews!

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Review #15, by Historyrepeats 

30th July 2009:
"No they had to finish hogwarts first"

'nuff said

Author's Response: Exactly hehe. Thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by DeliriousforSirius 

2nd April 2009:
*“All right then, that’s it, I’m through with Cecilia.” Reid slapped a hand on the table. “No more pining for her. She does look beautiful today, doesn’t she?”
*He was hoping if the Hogsmeade weekend went well, Molly would become his girlfriend. And then, he would marry her. Wait, no, they had to finish Hogwarts first.But someday… He forgot about his homework, propping his chin on one hand and staring off into space, imagining Molly as his wife. He could kiss her whenever he wanted to, tell her he loved her, and she’d say –
*“What were you thinking about so intently, Arthur?” Hattie asked sweetly.He turned bright red. He wasn’t about to tell them that he’d been picturing himself in his own home, with Molly on his lap in front of a roaring fire, kissing her. “Erm… Nothing, really. How was Potions?”

Author's Response: Ah, hormones :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by MoonNRoses 

23rd January 2009:
I love how you're taking the time to deal with their friends' issues. It's buidling a good character profile for both Molly and Arthur. Still loving the story... Still thinking it's cute.

Author's Response: I think friends at school would have been sort of a surrogate family for Molly, and for Arthur. They're both very family-oriented people and quite loyal to their friends. And of course Molly likes to play matchmaker, look at her with Remus and Tonks... Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by long_live_luna_bellatrix 

25th October 2008:
Haha! Reid is so funny, he's just a minor character, but whenever he pops in he makes me laugh! I loved Arthur's logic in that last conversation with him, he was very clever.

This continues to be a spectacular story, I love the plot and the characters best. Nobody really knows a ton about Molly and Arthur's past, and you've filled in the holes VERY nicely. I love it.

Way to go! 10/10, as always, I'm so excited for chapter 7! I can see why this was nominated for Most Addicting Story!

Author's Response: Thanks! Reid is one of the more popular OCs among my reviewers lol, he is a fun character to write and definitely took on a life of his own as I went further into the story. Thank you so much for all the great reviews! You're awesome :)

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Review #19, by presi 

17th October 2008:
My favourite line thus far "go read your fake Howler!" hehehehe


Author's Response: Thank you! I like that line too :)

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Review #20, by evil little devil 

8th October 2008:
Yay! I love Molly's friends, they're hilarious. In that on chapter you've characterized them fully in my mind, it's brilliant! And I love the Cecelia/Reid thing, Reid is bloody hilarious, and they seem to be a lot like Lily and James. I wonder what the firecrackers incident was. This is one of my favourite story's now, I love it! You are a brilliant author :)

Author's Response: Wow thank you! The firecracker incident got a one-shot from Reid's point of view, if you click my author link you'll find it :) I also have a Siobhan one-shot.

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Review #21, by HannahGranger 

10th June 2008:
i loved that library scene, it was simply hilarious!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #22, by Girldetective85 

24th May 2008:
Haha poor Reid. He and Cecilia remind me a lot of James and Lily! I hope she'll forgive him eventually for the firecracker disaster, and go out with the poor guy already! Obviously he's not going to get over her anytime soon.

Things are going great for Molly and Arthur though, aren't they? :) Great job again with the characterization of Arthur. I can't praise it enough! I loved when he was upset about Petula taking Muggle Studies lightly and considering it an easy class. Anyway I'm excited to see what happens on Molly and Arthur's date!

Author's Response: yeah they are a little James/Lily-ish, aren't they? I never thought about that before. Hmm. hehe Poor Arthur, he thought Petula felt the same about his favorite class as he did. Thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by rowenaravenclaw94 

15th May 2008:
incorrigible! that reid is! good job! 10/10! it's kinda funny that he's one of the girls now! hehe!

Author's Response: lol Reid is fun. Thanks!

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Review #24, by Labby 

5th May 2008:
I love Arthur sitting with the girls. I'm sure that does have to annoy Reid.. and what is this thing that he did? With fireworks? Is he like a pre-Fred and George Weasley or something? I guess it's just Gryffindor getting into trouble. Not that difficult of a thing. At first I was a bit confused with all the mention of the new characters, but I'm definitely seeing some distinct personalities now and I'm liking it. I can't wait until Hogsmead!

Author's Response: Guys are odd sometimes with what annoys them. Reid, no he's not a F&G precursor, I wrote a one-shot about the fireworks incident to explain it. Yeah, I'm a canon stickler but there's not a lot of canon info for this time period. It pained me to have to invent classmates and friends for them, but I'm kind of into it now! I've got a Reid/Cecilia one-shot (Fireworks) and a Siobhan one-shot (Black Velvet Band). I might have to write about Petula at some point too lol.

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Review #25, by JLHufflepuff 

4th March 2008:
This is cute, too. I like that the girls have their own little circle and kind of have to "approve" each other's choices .. :) It's good that he's been allowed into the inner circle. I think you develop all the girls well and give them their own traits, desires, etc...

Author's Response: Girlfriends rule *lol* I really enjoy writing OCs, which I found surprising on the one hand cause I'm a canon stickler, but not surprising on the other cause I wrote original fiction for years before ever discovering fanfic. Thank you for reviewing!

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