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Review #1, by Sue Clover 

29th December 2014:
Snape being brotherly is so precious. It's not cute, exactly, because I don't think Severus Snape could ever mange cute, but it gives me feels. I like it. Oh, I meant to mention this earlier, but is Quirrel's alternate first name just another aspect of this that is AU, or is it something else?

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Review #2, by knicoles 

26th July 2013:
Hahaha, I predicted that Tonks would be the one setting things ablaze, but how wrong I was!

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Review #3, by lunylovegoodlover 

17th February 2011:
The addition of Lockhart is perfect! I love how you manage to keep all of the characters themselves and yet still throw them into really creative situations. This is a really addicting story!

Author's Response: Thanks.

It's result of way too much time on my hands. I deliver newspapers so I have a lot of time to just think, which is where I get most of my ideas. Poor Lockhart almost becomes a running joke in this story and then Snape has to deal with him in the next.

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Review #4, by demonne 

14th May 2010:
very good.at first i wasn't sure i liked the letter n journal format but i kept going n i'm really into it now.can't stop reading.

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad you like it.

Actually, the letter-journal format gave me a lot of problems in the beginning and I almost abandoned the story around chapter 8.

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Review #5, by funkynat 

26th November 2009:
a lovely young woman.

Author's Response: Thank you on Kerri's behalf.

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Review #6, by Shellee 

21st May 2008:
And finally, I got back into reading. Took me quite a while, but I've been trying to read the Harry Potter books, I'm not in the Order of the Phoenix, not yet half, and I have almost finished my one McFLY fiction I was going to write before starting my own HP fiction.
Mahaha, I love Charlie's letter. So guy like. Well, he can do it all he wants, doesn't tempt me. Hehe. Then Hagrid's letter, I'm kind of anxious for her to hear about how he's being at the end of the year, she might even start hating Harry Potter. Some brother and sister bonding time is nice, even if it's through letters.
She's lucky to have everything so well planned that she can get her work done. I'm kind of like that, only the thing is, I have too much fun in planning things than actually do them, hehe. Great to hear her and Tonks are getting along. Not great to hear that Lockhart has made her his target. The poor thing, she'll be traumatised by something too tacky or something other. Though I have faith that she can handle herself in situations like that, even if she's not taught about it or anything. Whatever fool that looked at her as if she's crazy when she said Lockhart made the spill worse is crazy herself, and terribly blind.
You have to forgive me, but now I got an image of a female Snape stuck in my head, well, morelike Snape with a dress and such, hehe. She seems to like Remus more too.

Author's Response: Well, she is a great deal like Snape. As time passes even she starts to see it. "I'm going to end up just like my brother." she'll say if she's feeling depressed. The difference between them is that she's younger and has some hope of having a better life. Since he lost Lily, he feels life isn't worth living and has all but given up.

Lockhart is so much fun to play with. I'll actually use him later to push she and Remus together. There's a period of time when he goes away to write his book, but he'll be back with a vengance...and just as annoying as ever.

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Review #7, by ButterflyRogue 

9th April 2008:
I'm starting to feel more and more connected to Kerri... Some of her opinions and thoughts are so much like mine... And I love that you included Lockhart... He's always an amusing addition... ;)

Just wanted to mention that in case I forgot later... Sorry if I'm being annoying with these short, rather senseless reviews.

Author's Response: Oh yes -- Lockhart. He too has a function but he was just so much fun to play with. When I started this story and I knew there would be a sequels I wanted to connect them all as best I could. I asked the question, "What was Lockhart doing before he taught at Hogwarts?" Annoying Kerri. A lot.

No, your reviews don't annoy me at all. I love reviews. I check obessively for new ones every couple hours or so. You wouldn't believe how long it was before I got my first review for this story. It took months.

Thanks again.

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Review #8, by Bella_Portia 

12th March 2008:
The letters were outstanding.

The letter from Charlie was so well thought-out, in terms of what his duties would logically be as a beginning dragon guy (dragon keeper?). The humorous tone was just right.

Same for Hagrid.

Snape's letter not only sounded like him, but it was such a clever counterpoint to Hagrids, with respect to their different points of view as to people. Poor Severus, to create an 11 year old as his nemesis, and poor Harry, to have to bear the brunt of it. You caught his sarcastic humor, too; bubotuber pus for brains, indeed.

Anyway, wonderful job with the letters.

And Gilderoy can't catch a break from fanfiction writers. He's never redeemed but is always 100% total jerk. That sequence was fun.
Great chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you !

Charlie's part was inspired from watching "Dirty Jobs" on Discovery Channel. There are people who actually have jobs like that, although the episode I was thinking of a the time featured cows instead of dragons.

I love writing Snape's letters. He's trying so hard to be nice to Kerri, but he's just as awful as every to everyone else he knows. I think he was a very smart man and could sometimes come up with some witty zingers when dealing with Harry. It's fun to play around with him like this and get his opinion on things, especially other teachers.

Poor Gilderoy. No, he's there because he makes a great foil for Remus. He drives Kerri crazy throughout the story and eventually I'll use him to push Kerri and Remus together. I could have used an original character, or even another canon character, but Lockhart is just too entertaining to resist.

Thank you very much.

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Review #9, by morgana67 

21st February 2008:
Very entertaining. I really love the scene with the spilled coffee and Lockhart's performance.

The one little thing I noticed at the very beginning (but I'm getting nit-picky) is that Charlie tells Kerri who he is in the photograph when I would have thought that she knew him well enough. Well perhaps in comparison to the dragons, the people looked really tiny and almost undistinguisable, so I probably have put my foot in here.

I love the letter from Snape. He is opening his heart to someone now, it's good to see that happen and when he says that he doesn't want to alienate her like he's done with everyone else, you can't but feel for the guy. He's determined to hate poor Harry but if he wasn't, he would be totally out of character.

Quirell is the one I can't figure out. Was he as young as Kerri's age in first year? I imagine that's what you're saying since they were in the band at school together. Now, was this his first name too? The story doesn't have to be canon of course, I was asumed that the details concerning book 1 were, however, you did explained this at the beginning that Jo's version is a muggle one that has been passed a bit like Chinese wispers, so I guess he is possessed by Voldy as we speak, i.e. that he is the same person as the one in Sorcerer's Stone.

I love the reference that Kerri makes about going to leave in a werewolf commune, very appropriate.

Author's Response: Thank you. Poor Lockhart -- you just can't resist picking on him.

Charlie was kidding when he said that, but maybe it wasn't clear in the way I wrote the lines.

Yes, poor Snape. Gradually he and Kerri really begin to open up to each other but it takes time. Kerri is aggravated with him and completely confused by his dislike of Harry. She just thinks he's being his usual, jerky self and feels sorry for the kid. It'll be a long time before she finally finds out why Snape hates Harry so much. In the meantime she has to put up with his complaints about the poor kid.

Quirrel is few years older than Kerri. As band mates and house mates they were close friends. Quirrel was looked up to by the younger Ravenclaw students and Kerri even had a crush on him at one time. I don't think his first name or his age were ever given in the books and I've never paid attention to the interviews so if Rowling ever gave out the information, it would be news to me. His first name is Aedennan in this story.
And yes, he is currently possessed. When he does finally start answering her letters they're very creepy and it opens up some heavy dialogue between she and Snape.

And thanks so much again for reviewing !

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Review #10, by Richter Vans 

2nd February 2008:
One thing that I don’t really mind much, but you should try out. Hagrids letters written in Hagrid's way, XD, you know, with lots of grammar errors and such. :P...

This chapp is good, but feels like a filling one. There’s not much actions in it, juts the Lockhart incidents, XD.

Richter vans.

Author's Response: Well, Lockhart is actually going to become very important later on. I just wrote a chapter where Kerri's band -mates slip him some veritaserum and he opens his mouth and tells a lot of stuff about himself that he shouldn't. He's in the progress of writing "Wanders With Werewolves" and they decide that the information he spills might be used to discredit him if the werewolves start being harassed once the book is published. Besides being comic relief, I also plan to use him to bring Kerri and Remus together.

And about Hagrid's letters, I know I could probably do better. I think right now that they sound like him in the way he speaks, but that the writing doesn't really look like his. His spelling wouldn't be that good.

Thanks for reviewing !

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