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Review #1, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

27th October 2011:
Wonderful chapter!

I hope the next chapter shows what happens to Narcissa and that she's okay! Along with Hermione getting better!

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Review #2, by Mrs.Malfoy 

7th May 2010:
A very dark chapter. But it was beautiful

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Review #3, by MagicallyClumsie 

22nd February 2010:
wow...thats just wow.still hate lucius making her feel that and then unknowingly force her to kill her self wow.evil prat

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Review #4, by Mrs Padfoot 

8th September 2009:
Why wouldn't she use her last time to tell Hermione about the virus??

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Review #5, by Lillylover22 

19th July 2009:
she killed herself!! draco will be devasted!! 9/10 =]

Author's Response: He will be! It is a very serious and devastating thing!! ^_^

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Review #6, by camya 

5th March 2009:
so beautiful and yet so sad. poor narcissa. to love someone so completly that though you know his faults, you can not leave him. this is a very startling thought. i hope to never experience something as aweful as this.

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much. I hope the same for you - I am glad it impacted you ^_^

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Review #7, by gitgit 

24th October 2008:
oh my goodness
what is hermione going to tell draco
she was at hogwarts
and now she is dead

Author's Response: Its going to be a tough conversation for sure

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Review #8, by twinkies 

19th May 2008:
That was so sad. I don't even know what to say except that, that was sad. I hope Draco can escape and that Hermione doesn't die from the infection. Awsome story, you are amazing. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading!! I really appreciate your support!!!

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Review #9, by kissedbyavampire 

14th March 2008:

Poor Narcissa! Cool backstory though. One of the best I've heard.


Ah, the beautific qualities of your writing...so amazing.


Author's Response: Thank you! This is definitively one of my favorite moments in this story ^_^

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Review #10, by Vera 

11th March 2008:
I can not lie. Life's been so crazy that I haven't read this story in months. But it is written so wonderfully that I didn't have to start over. I still remember it and all its wonderful darkness. I have to say this chapter was intense, not over done in the least. It's perfect.
"But Narcissa did not hear him; she had escaped."
That line gives me goose bumps in a weird 'I'm almost happy for her' way.
Again wonderful job! I look forward to the ending.

Author's Response: I am very happy to see you here again ^_^ I hope you enjoy the posted chapters so far! I look forward to hearing more from you ^_^

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Review #11, by Katielynn 

2nd March 2008:
I cried. When Narcissa was telling Hermione about what she was supposed to tell Draco. It was so sad. I really liked Narcissa. But Im glad she's in a place where she can be happy now. :] But Im confused. When Lucius went to kill her it backfired. Does that mean that he killed part of himself?

Author's Response: I really, really, enjoy writing my adaptation of Narcissa. I'm not quite sure what you mean about Lucius trying to kill her though so I can't answer the question! Hmm -ponders-

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Review #12, by SilverEssence 

2nd March 2008:
your boyfriend's mothe came to you and told you to telll him something IMPORTANT and you didn't tell him and then she commited suicide and you STILL didn't tell him!!!

you better be going somewhere with this Celtic!!

[i hope that my review didn't sound like i was angry with you or anything. i'm just a passionate person >.< lol ]

Author's Response: I appreciate your passion ^_- Don't worry it will all work out all right ^_^

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Review #13, by merope_gaunt 

17th February 2008:
Wow, that was so beautiful in a twisted sort of way. 10/10~!

Author's Response: Thank you, merope ^_^ Nothing quite like 'twisted beauty' eh?

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Review #14, by Ms_Malfoy 

22nd January 2008:
o my goodness that is so sad. poor narcissa

Author's Response: It is sad :(

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Review #15, by jessica 

6th January 2008:
omg why didnt narcissa tell mione bout the virus i love the story i hope mione doesnt die

Author's Response: You shall have to read and see ^_^

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Review #16, by OneDamselsKiss 

28th December 2007:
oh my! I love it! So dramatic! such a masterpiece! I really wish that you could teach me to write like that! Its amazing and so captivating! Fantastic!

Author's Response: Aw thank you sweetie ^_^

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Review #17, by sehntuheekuhweehn 

28th December 2007:
Oh my god.

You are so amazing.

Author's Response: You're so sweet!

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Review #18, by HannahGranger 

26th December 2007:
That was so sad :`(...but so beautifull...hope to hear from u soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you Hannah. I apologize for taking so long in replying ^_^

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Review #19, by blackcat 

26th December 2007:
wowsers what an ending. keep it up and update soon!

Author's Response: thanks blackcat!

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Review #20, by vanillesky 

24th December 2007:
I LOVED IT... read it all in one go! please continue

Author's Response: Thank you vanillesky ^_^

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Review #21, by hpandme24 

23rd December 2007:
Noo Hermione is DYING!
Noo Narcissa is DEAD!

Anywho, I absoloutly love your story! You are a great writer!
Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you hun ^_^ The next chapter is in the que

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Review #22, by CassKIDD 

23rd December 2007:
WOW. I absolutely love your writing
i have been abolutely emerged in this story for hours and hours.
then was sad to discover it wasn't finished
you MUST finish it, and keep it going, it is absolutely brilliant :)

xoxox Cass

Author's Response: I shall certainly finish it. The next chapter goes up any day now.

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Review #23, by SlytherinPrincess 

20th December 2007:
this is really good. xxx p.s pls read my story 'The Miss Malfoy' if you like stories to do with (shockingly enough) the Malfoys. its basically about Draco's sister and what happens when she goes to Hogwarts lol x

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing hun ^_^ I, unfortunately, don't get time to read stories - but I can do my best.

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Review #24, by kimmikki13 

17th December 2007:
Your story is really going awesome!
i can't wait to see wats next!!

Author's Response: Thank you ^_^ The next chapter is in waiting!

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Review #25, by kat attack 

15th December 2007:
this is an amazing story! i cant wait for the next chapters!

i stumbled across this story like last week...and i just cant stop reading it!

post chapter 21 ASAP!!! please

Author's Response: Aw than kyou so much! The next chapter is in waiting as we speak ^_^

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