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Review #1, by Scarlettescarf 

1st May 2013:
Dude, this is so Albus!

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Review #2, by Ceecee 

17th August 2011:
haha u gotta love beyonce on your little picture thing :)

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Review #3, by Gryffindor_Heiress 

29th May 2011:
I like Shepherds Pie.
And this story.
You rock.

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Review #4, by Beth 

2nd May 2011:
Forgot to comment earlier but nice Pig Latin last chapter =D

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Review #5, by Siriuslover177 

19th February 2011:
That was really cute!
He was 'kinda' holding her hand. :)
Loved it!


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Review #6, by GinnyPotter25 

29th December 2010:

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Review #7, by NeverGotHerLetter 

2nd October 2010:
YAY. Love love. Ahaaa, love it.

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Review #8, by PetrificusTotalus 

15th August 2010:
This is so Albus!! :)

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Review #9, by castaspell 

3rd June 2010:
Haha I love that saying. I'm now going to say that. And only a few of the numorous people that I know will understand what I'm talking about.

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Review #10, by ForeverAWeasley 

31st March 2010:
i HATE her name. i dont know what it is about tegan, but i absolutely hate her name. also not too fond of the chant. other than that, this is pretty good, tho.

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Review #11, by Helmixi 

13th January 2010:
If Harry has green eyes and Ginny has brown, then how could James have blue?? I haven't studied any eye-color genetics, but that is kinda.unlikely. But otherwise awesome story, almost as crazy as I am :D

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Review #12, by jetteblack 

24th October 2009:
I know the whole point is gryffindor honour etc. But it does get a bit tedious, no offence, just constructive criticism! Great job otherwise,

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Review #13, by unicorn_fan 

27th July 2009:
kwl chapter as usual =)
loving 'thats so albus' i could probably catch onto that... hehe
i also liked 'thats so voldy' it would have been kwl to have them all going round saying both of those lol
so yeah kwl chapter =)

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Review #14, by FreakOut13 

18th July 2009:
Haha, this was not about what I was expecting it do be about. But don't ask what I was expecting. xD I gave up expecting things with this story. Everything is always so random and wonderful. I apologize for not reviewing on the first six chapters. I was waiting to see if I could trust it to be as awesome as I thought it was after chapter one. It is. :)

That "What team?!" "GRYFFINDOR!" chant reminds me of High School Musical, though. I always picture Corbin Bleu and the Wild Cats doing their little chant when you write it, hahaha!

Anyway, great job, as always. I look forward to the next chapter. I'm also going to check out your MTA thread 'cause I have some questions. :)


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Review #15, by OMFrickinGOD! (aka, kelly) 

22nd June 2009:
i love you. will you marry me? ehhh...dont answer that. maybe i should just backspace a little...nah, too lazy. YOU, my dear friend, have inspired me to make an account on this name, just so i can review while be signed on! TO THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! AND PIE! ROAR! ARE YOU AMERICAN?! THATS SO ALBUS!

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Review #16, by rhysus2008 

25th May 2009:
"Gryffies, we’re a team. We have to start acting like one, and in the representative democracy in which we operate, each Gryffie is equal and must not be denied his or her inalienable right to respect, Quidditch, and the pursuit of pie."


This Chapter? That's so Albus! Guess what? You've finally earned an 8/10 from me. I really liked this chapter. I didn't think a fanfic with little to no plot (by which I mean, some dark and/or evil lord taking over the Wizarding Universe and Harry and/or some variation of him going to save the world) would work, but it's working well!

I'm starting to like this.

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Review #17, by jman7693 

22nd May 2009:
I can't hold it in any more... This story is SO ALBUS! Hahaha, this is the best, funniest, most amazing story on this site! I had to write a review before i exploded from impatience at not writing a review for this story yet, haha. I love all the characters. They just seem so real! Even I have had some of these types of conversations before in real life! James is my hero! I can really empathise with Micah, not just because i look like him, either.

Omg I need to continue reading!!
PS-when james said "do you need help buttering your roll?" I already new what was coming, but i still laughed for ten minutes straight at my computer screen, not even lying. ;)

And i don't think i empathised this thoroughly enough: JAMES IS MY HERO!! For some reason, I feel like I act and feel like him sometimes. :D And he's hilarious, brilliant, smooth, completely psycopathic, staker-ish ;), and not so nonchalant. LOL, your story makes me smile and laugh.

Oh and PS again-I admit to speaking and thinking like James sometimes...and I admit to saying the forbidden:That's what she said! Seriously, ever since i read that first 'that's what she said' joke Micah said, i was officially hooked to this story.

There are no possible words to describe the epicness of this story. I am so in awe right now that my mind is blank.

Last PS- I love how you made Tegan's appearance rather cliche, but her personality incredibly unique along with everything from her name to her heritage. You just put so much thought into this story and in its characters, i am just amazed.

Okay, i seriously need to stop rambling now...

Holy frick :D, I need to shut up but, your writing is just so colorful and vivd and spot-on. Your charcaters are so alive and lifelike that i can really imagine real people doing things like the Griffies do. And i like how you made the Slytherins not all evil and i like how you made their vocabulary so sohisticated but real. That's really hard to do in a story! James is...beyond words epic.

Frick(I laugh everytime i see that word coz it makes me think of this story) I need to shut up. I'm rambling like James(which is so endearing!)(not just coz i do it too on a ragular basis)

OMG, I am officially ending this super arse long review.

As a last note if you didn't realise this yet: Your story is incredibly awesomely amazingly wonderfully beautifully epic! :D :D :D

Oh and(I swear this is it!) I just wanted to tell you that i used the term "Griffies" in my story. ;) It's just so catchy!!

PS-Ur story should be made into a religion...seriously. I would totaly bow down to its awesomeness.

I hope you got all this!!! Se ya!

67582362954956036/67582362954956036 =D

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Review #18, by PrincessPadfoot 

8th May 2009:
This chapter was so Albus!!! Favorite line(s): C’mon Tegan, say something! Preferably something about how you’ve always thought I’m a fit bloke and you too dream of one day marrying and procreating with me!

“Ooh, Tegan, do you need help buttering your roll?” I piped up.
“That’s what—” began Micah.
Mattie smacked him upside the head.
“Ow!” exclaimed Micah.
“Thank you, Matthew,” grinned J.D.

Frick on a stick with a brick.

Thank Merlin! But blast the old codger as well!

All of a sudden Micah, who’d been in a strange quiet trance the whole time, lightened up and proclaimed, “I have a fad too!”
We all spun ‘round to look at him. “Well, what is it?” asked J.D.
“That’s so Voldy,” said Micah proudly. “For when things aren’t going your way.”
“That’s so not Albus!” said J.D. in disgust.

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Review #19, by lily_evans_ginny_weasley 

8th May 2009:
Oooh, can I start a fad? Of that's so Albus? Dunno if it would catch on with all, but it's so Albus! Loving it!!! (And sorry if that made not much sense...)

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Review #20, by xXtwilightpotterXx 

10th April 2009:
"Thats So Albus!" Reminds me of "Thats So Rufus" in Never Been Kissed.
Am i Right or am i right?
BTY Great Storyline

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Review #21, by Spicky 

21st March 2009:
that's so albus!!!
really funny, and for a girl with no sleep, you sure can write!!!
Now, as you said that ramblings are welcome i will probably ramble a lot in this review!!!
so, you know the whole 'thats what she said' thang, my friend tried to bring that to us a while ago and it sooo did not catch on, but i said it a few weeks ago in my school and none of my friends had any idea what i was talking about, so i actually had to totally explain the whole concept, but then again some of my friends dont know what anything is, even though i supposedly go to a clever school, although my friend has a theory that the 11+ is just to see how crazy people are not how smart as all of our class are completely bonkers, but ahwell, you said that rambling was okay, and that is one of my many talents, its so good that i can type fastish or all this rambling would take me ages to do, but ah well, i seem to have a bit of an obsession with 'but's and tha 'ah well's and now you see what happens to my normally extremely short reviews when i am given permission to ramble it all pretty much gets out of hand, so i should probably stop rambling now, but as you gave me permission i may carry on for a bit longer, ahwell i think that this is probably one of the longest reviews i have ever written, weird that, but ah well some things cannot be helped, sad...
LOVE the story!!!

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Review #22, by Burnt Cheese 

2nd March 2009:
Frick on a stick with a brick.

That me laugh so fricking hard. Espesh the 'That's so Albus!' and 'That's so Voldy!' HAHAHHA I just can't comprehend how you come up with these little bits of genius. :) I have one small requestie though. May I borrow your 'That's so Albus' fad/trend thingy? I'll credit you in my Author's Note, def, and I'll even provide a link for your story telling everyone to read it! :D Please say yes!! :P

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Review #23, by skeet500 

1st February 2009:
i just love this story, it truly makes me laugh out loud, i can hardly contain myself when i'm reading it!

Author's Response: Thanks! =)

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Review #24, by dianap00 

15th January 2009:
I must be the essence of cool, or she will not fall in love with me.
Riiight. Oi, isn't James the most perfect and ponce-ish guy in Gryffindor. I lurve him.

Right, so these Gryffies are damn near completely adorable. I love that the girls like the cute Ravenclaw and that Albus is about to be annoyed to hell. Well, not hell but I am suspecting damn well near. Nearly Halloween - will he just ask her already - on the other hand, I am rather nervous for him.

Author's Response: James is completely delusional, but hopefully delightfully so. =P Al will be okay - he's just going through that difficult 15 yr old phase like his dad did in OotP.

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Review #25, by BipBopBoop 

8th January 2009:
oh boy i love this.
james gets on my nerves a bit but i like the way you write him. :]

Author's Response: Hopefully James becomes less annoying as the story goes on...hopefully. xD

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