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Review #1, by Georgia Weasley 

3rd January 2009:
I've always wanted Harry to kick Draco's ass a bit. He needs it done, I swear. Actually, you wrote that quite well. I always have trouble with those kinds of scenes. I also like the way you have compared Draco's and Harry's feelings for their mothers. Although the boys are very different, they are more alike in that aspect than they would ever believe.
I can't wait to see how Ginny goes after Bill. I imagine that there isn't much she can't accomplish. I have such a soft spot for that character. Apparently, so does Bill, and that's why she'll be able to convince him. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Oh, I replied to this days ago but seemingly it never turned up so, here I come again!

Well, I thought Harry and Draco had to come to blows at some stage. I didn't take too much effort to turn life around for Draco, especially after HBP, I thought all I had to do was killing off Cissa - at Voldy's hand of course - and the whole picture would have to turn around, so yes there are similarities between them too although funnily enough Harry's life is kind of on the up (well if he wasn't for lovely Dolores and her many schemes!)

Ginny, oh, I love her too! I think it shows. She does tend to get what she wants, doesn't she? including Harry of course. Harry would be too blunt with Bill and would probably lose his cool a bit but Ginny will use her charm. I put quite a lot of thought on the chapter in which Bill and Ginny have that conversation. A lot of the planning for breaking into Gringotts will be explained there.

So glad you liked it!

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Review #2, by SpringTime 

15th November 2008:
Me again. So when you have Harry and Draco arguing it is very well done, and both seem to be pretty in character. I foudn that you have a line where Harry says "Now, where do we go from here, mate? Yes, I did called you mate..." I think that after he says mate the first time you should have Draco give him an incredulous look and then continue with the rant, just adding that one bit of narration would really help that piece of dialogue.
The little fight between the tow of them could have been a bit longer, maybe a punch to the face or somethign along those lines (I am traditionally not one fore violence, but it was over so quickly).
I am interested to see how Harry is going to take the news of Snape loving Lily, I know how he took it in DH, but as this is your fic it will be interesting to see a different take.

Author's Response: Thanks so much again. Yes, you make a very good point in that Draco should have shown some reaction to Harry calling him mate, even if he does that sort of accidentally.

I guess the fight is a bit short because action scenes are not really my strength although I may try and see if I can elaborate a bit more on this.

Now, Harry is not too pleased about Sevvy having had a crush on his mother, especially because he now is wondering whether she in fact ever reciprocated. In DH he has already changed his mind about Snape, whereas here he is still determined to think the worse of him.

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Review #3, by Shellee 

19th April 2008:
I think Molly should know they wouldn't just willingly throw themselves into danger. Of course, they are all her children in a way and she's worried, but she can be a bit more thrustworthy of them and they aren't exactly failures, they can conjure up some pretty heavy things. I'm scared about the breaking into Gringotts. Something isn't gonna go well, I'm sure of it. Even with the help of Bill and Charlie. Very curious to see how it's going to act out, though.
Damnation, Draco smoking would be sexy. Then Harry decides to start too! Oh my. Very bad for your health, boys. The talk went well, didn't it. Ending up in a fight. I'd be surprised to know if Draco could really defend himself that well. Poor thing got pretty cut up, I'd kiss his pale head till he was better. =p
Really like the chapter, next one coming.

Author's Response: Ha, ha! I got a lot of flag in this chapter for having Harry smoking but, as I explained whilst replying to previous reviews, he is not going to make a habit of this, it's something Harry does in a whim. He's finding the whole situation with Malfoy rather hard to handle. Harry didn't mean to cause any serious damaged but Malfoy wasn't being very nice to him, especially after Harry prevented the others from doing all sorts, like the veritaserum business. He tells him that his mother was stupid to die for him and that got him going but ok, this may clear the air a bit, which was very much needed.

Now, Molly, bless her! she is worried to death but yes Harry and Co are pretty resourful but they have also been very lucky so far.

Now, I'm now planning the Gringotts business...

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Review #4, by Gords7015 

24th March 2008:
Ok, a good chapter with only one issue. I don't think that Harry would use the phrase "common muggles" when he was convincing Malfoy. That comes across as a little too blue-blooded. Otherwise, nice work...

Author's Response: Yes, good obserbation I'll change that I think. Glad you enjoyed it though!

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Review #5, by AnnaKay 

18th March 2008:
Well Draco is really trying isn't he. At least he is not talking at all, even if those two manage to get into fist fights. Sometime they are going to have to realize that they would get along good if they could both get over their problems with each other.

Who knew that Draco or Harry would know enough history to be able to almost have a peace pipe. Draco was good to bring it up though, because I think it made Harry trust him more.

Author's Response: Well the boys have hated each other for solid years so they do hold lots of grudges but they are coming closer slowly. I'd have loved to make them become friends a lot quicker but I think that would have been unrealistic, especially taking into account that they are both very proud.

My opinion of Draco is that he is quite smart academically, not like Hermione but more like Harry or even a bit better. He was made prefect after all and I don't think Dumbledore would have chosen him because of his family's influence, even if Harry would like to think otherwise. Thinking back, I'm more surprised at Harry's knowledge since he more or less slept through of his History of Magic classes, coming to think about it, but yes, even Harry must have learnt the odd thing by now, besides it's something that features in Muggle films.

Anyway, thanks so much, as always.

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Review #6, by Aurora Dawn 

4th March 2008:
Well.Harry and Draco are doing slightly better than Sirius and Snape did...but only very slightly. The seem to be circling one another, each trying to figure the other out. They at least make an attempt to be civil to one another, which is more than Sirius and Snape ever did. (Boy, woudln't a fist fight between Sirius and Snape have been entertaining? Mundungus could have sold tickets to that one).

Author's Response: Mundungus selling tickets, urm... That really got me going! I love it so much! They do try to be civil but it just doesn't come naturally to them, they will co-operate in the end though, they will need each other!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing this much and so quickly. Makes my day!

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Review #7, by JLHufflepuff 

3rd January 2008:
I enjoyed this chapter. Mainly the Harry and Draco convo. that was the largest part of it. I like the way you are having the trio start to really wonder about him and HAVE to interact with him since he's now living with them. I can see a bit of added sympathy/curiousity on their parts.

The coversation did a lot to show me some of the directions you're taking the story. I thought the idea of the peace pipe was a good one, and the symbolism was nice. I think it would have been stronger, though, if you just mentioned the ritual and then didn't SAY that it was symbolic - that way the reader can (hopefully) make that connection themselves.

I also think that it's interesting the way you have both Lily and Narcissa being somewhat connected to Snape even if it's just the implication. This gives Harry and Draco a platform to start to empathize with each other, even though they didn't do a very good job with it to start out. I guess that's my favorite thing about how you're doing this - they are looking at each other's perspective but you aren't having them unrealistically immediately understand each other. I wouldn't be able to buy that! ;)

Anyway, I'm interested to see what's coming up next - especially if there is a Gringott's break-in planned.

Also, after finishing the chapter, I realized just how clever your title for this chapter is! :)

Author's Response: I'm very pleased you liked this chapter. Basically, I just thought that a change of circumstances would shows us a different Draco and my guess for DH was that he would be in danger from failing to kill Dumbledore and that at least one of his parents (more likely Narcissa) would die, although I thought he would survive himself. What I have done is turn the tables a bit. Now Harry in a way has power over him (which is interesting) but Harry is not a bully (well, not unless you hurt his feelings badly) and yes, he does feel sorry for him, Hermione and Ginny possibly too. Now, Ron will be the hardest to convince and Moody doesn't trust him at all! Yes, Draco will co-operate with them in the end. I thought this would be possible as long as as you said, he doesn't just get out of bed one morning and decides to stop being a DE for no better reason.

Lily/Snape, well, I thought that the last person Harry would want to find out from is Malfoy. It's a bit of a shock for him. At the end of the day, he doesn't know for a fact that she didn't reciprocate and well, she was always this saintly figure in his mind. He has seen the memory when Snape is being taunted by his Dad, he knows James wasn't perfect and of course we know that nothing happened between Snape and Lily but, as I said, Harry cannot be sure at this stage and then Malfoy insults her and Harry, so typically, he loses it. It must be so hard to know so little about your parents and having to find out like that, through your enemy so to speak! But in a way this also proves that they both know stuff that the other should since they come from opposite sides.

Now, yes, they have to get the wand and quick! so they will plan something but it won't be in the next chapter. The next chapter is a little fluffy but something will happen that will be important later on. In the following one there is a surprise, now whether positive or negative, I cannot tell you yet.

I think you may have a point with the ceremonial pipe. A lot of people thought that I had gone a bit far by making Harry smoke. I just wanted to express that this was a one off on his part because no, I don't think this was awfully in character but wasn't meant to be either. I mean the guy is a little tense at present with all he has in his hands and he just decided to go along with Malfoy's game. As for the title, I couln't think of one for ages, the pipe thing scene just came to my mind. I knew I needed to get him to find out that Snape fancied Lily and then, it just came to me, if this makes any sense.

Thanks so much for the lovely, in-depth review x

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Review #8, by kara101 

22nd December 2007:
When you wrote this chappy have you read the DH because if you have not then you really are like JK. I mean with the dragons and them thinking about breaking into Gringotts.I noticed that sometimes you had Malfoy say 2 things but you made them seperate pargrapghs will a new set of quotation marks, making me think it was a different eprson when it was not. Like:

"My mother, for instance, was a good woman. She was always kind and, for your information, she wasn't a Death Eater." Draco now paused and stood up but kept his gaze down. He couldn't let it out that he was feeling emotional.

"Don't you bloody see that I haven't been too pleased with Voldemort since he killed her.

I believe that these are both said my Malfoy if I am wrong please ignore and I apologize. You may want to add a meanwhile when you switch from Ferret and Harry to Ron/Hermione/Ginny. The fight between Malfoy and Harry seemed a bit exagerated. Could some one fracture a skull with their hands and then just get up. Overall wonderful chapter and I am on to review the last chapter. I will be sad when it is all over.

Author's Response: Wow, brilliant, you are nearly there!

I do take your point about Malfoy's speech, yes, I think that you are right and that it should have been in the same paragraph. I do make silly mistakes like that!

Yes, everything after chapter 14 is post DH but I got the idea from the cover of the UK children's book before DH came out (the one which has the trio riding a dragon and them all covered in treasure) but their main reason for breaking in is to get the wand. I mean, if Voldy gets hold of this, they are in trouble!

I think I ought to check the medical facts with the broken skull. I must also re-read this chapter because I thought that Malfoy only gets up after Harry has thought of the healing spell, if not, this is bad indeed and will need to be changed.

I'm very touched actually by the fact that you say that you will be sad when it's all over. Well, this story is still in progress so I'm not anywhere near the end, although a lot of the end has been written (I did it before DH, so that it would be my own ending). I look forward to your review of my last posted chapter.

I don't know how to thank you and yes, check my reviews of yours too!

Hugs x

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Review #9, by Bella_Portia 

29th November 2007:
It's a nice chapter. I won't say "as always, action is better than talk," but in this case it certainly is. I liked both scenes with Harry and Draco, but I thought the first one might have worked a little better if they simply talked first (or Draco smoked, since his nerves are on edge, and Harry listened -- I had a problem with Harry taking a cigarette and smoking like a pro) -- anyway, if they had talked first, then gotten the inspiration to seal their new relationship in the Native American way by smoking tobacco, and sharing a cigarette in substitute of a ceremonial pipe. In other words, if they smoked together only when they were doing so as a ceremonial act.

I liked the second scene with the boys, also. I think the fight was a very effective way to settle things with these two. (But I wasn't quite clear on what Harry was so upset about. Draco said Snape liked his mom, not that she slept with him. Seems no disrespect to her that she, like Jodie Foster, has a creepy admirer. Perhaps if Draco went all the way and told Harry that, back in school, Snape was his mother's . . . boyfriend! You know there must have been rumors.) Also, what the heck is an "agony aunt?" Is that British for confidant?
As to breaking into Gringotts: I'm the wrong person to ask, since I didn't particularly buy JKR's account. Rather than robbing the bank, I'd be just as happy to see someone stage a coup d'etat to oust Umbridge.

BTW, I thought the line "Potter, aren't you sick and tired of gloating about your supposed destiny?"
-- was an excellent line.
Awaiting more.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing the whole story (hopefully chapter 20 will be up today or tomorrow, although I wrote that when I was done and it may be a bit on the fluffy side!).

I'm glad you like the Draco -v- Harry interaction. Harry smoking yes, people don't seem very happy with this and you may be right that they should have done it afterwards. The Muggle cigarrettes serve the purpose of telling Harry that Draco has been living as Muggle, to pick such a habit up. However, ok I didn't have to make him smoke there and then, but Harry is also tense and a bit willing to go with the flow, although, he is not a smoker as such at all.

The fight yes, Harry jumped the gun a lot there. Ok, Draco called Lily stupid and he said that Harry wasn't worth dying for, so that didn't please him but yes, it would be a lot more effective if what he tells him is that she went out with Snape. I think I'll change that. It would shock poor Harry a lot more.

Gringotts well, it is imperative that they get Lily's wand before the Ministry tries to do priori incantatem to it and find out what it is that she did (ok in this I'm not following canon), but yes there will be a coup, but not just yet because she has to do a lot more damage first!

Ah, an agony aunt is someone to whom people write with their problems (normally love problems) and they have a column in a paper where they reply. Of course, Harry said this in a figurative sense.

I'm so impressed that you are following this all the way and that you come up with such good ideas! I'll keep you posted when more is up.

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Review #10, by hanoverpretz01 

10th November 2007:
pretty good
update soon!

Author's Response: I'm very glad you like it. I'm stuck in the middle of chapter 20 but I will post in the coming week, now it will obviously depend on how long the queue is but I will try to get on with this as quickly as I can. Thanks so much.

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Review #11, by jyyl94 

7th November 2007:
Heya, Morgana ! I'm here to review like I promised. First of all, sorry for getting back to your story a bit late like I promised. I was busy organizing my class's trip to Sunway Lagoon, a theme park over here, so I didn't have much time on the computer. But anyway, here's my review ! =]

Wow, I'm certainly impressed with how the story is slowly progressing, more of less, yeah. I'm beginning to see more Dracos in this chapter, so YAY you ! -.- Okay, really, it feels a bit weird that Harry is smoking, but its your story, so you have the right to change anything. I do believe that Draco maybe smokes, but Harry ? Nah, a bit too bad for him LOL !

I don't actually think that Draco and Harry would get along that fast, so maybe a bit more details about some scene of hatred to be added some time ? Furthermore, Harry smiling at Draco really gets on my nerves !

There were a few grammatical errors here, mostly punctuation, so I do hope you don't make the same mistakes in the future. Have you got a beta reader ? You could request for one from the forums ! I would have actually offered to be yours as I'm a beta-reader, but I'm beta-reading 2 people's stories already, so I'm quite busy with that.

Overall, a great chapter again. I hope to hear from you when you have updated !!


Author's Response: Ah, Harry smoking, yes, second person who has mentioned it is out of character. I wanted to show Harry a bit out of character here in a way. Harry is not a habitual smoker at all. He is a bit at a loss as to who to deal with Malfoy in the circumstances and I guess he just goes with the flow, he also wants Draco on his side, hence he is being very diplomatic, mind you the Lily / Snape thing gets to him in the end.

I thought it would be interesting to see Draco more or less in the situation Harry was in with the Dursleys (although the Order is much more powerful and of course a bit nicer). Harry is actually here very disturbed by Narcissa being a ghost and all the rest. Ok, he has been an orphan since he was one but the baggage for him is not quite so huge! I mean Draco doesn't even know which side his father is on, after his mother was killed because V blocked her! Draco is a lot worse off than himself and he knows it and I have my Harry as a very noble character so he will protect him even if it comes to a punch up! Draco, well, he is truly desperate, Voldemort is out for his blood. He may now begin to understand what it feels like to be Harrry! Voldy wanted him to murder his own mother as the only way to redeem himself in V's eyes. Not even Harry has had to deal with something like this! Yes, of course, they will fight on the same side, they will never get on totally though... but Harry is more mature and more capable of letting by-gones by by-gones.

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Review #12, by Joanne K 

2nd November 2007:
We are definitely on the same wavelength when it comes to breaking into Gringott's. We both seemed to have thought Bill's skills as a curse-breaker and Charlie's skills as a dragon handler were related to Harry and the trio breaking into Gringott's. I honestly though JK had planned it that way, it seemed to fit so well. I guess we were both wrong there, but I think it is so logical to use them both in that way.

I must say, Harry smoking just didn't sit right with me in this chapter. It seemed to fit Draco's character perfectly, but it seemed too out of character for Harry. Maybe I just see him as being this pure, saintlike person, I don't know, but I just didn't feel comfortable seeing Harry as a smoker. (What's Ginny going to say when she smells it on him?!)

I'm curious as to whether you had planned for the revelation about Snape liking Harry's mother, or whether it was influenced by DH?

Anyway, I am definitely looking forward to the next chapter, particularly how you deal with Bill and Charlie and breaking into Gringott's. :)

Author's Response: Ok, yes, same wavelength again!

Now, Harry is not really a smoker at all. He just goes along with Draco's idea in a whim really. He is not going to make a habit of it! Draco has done, though. Ginny, well, Mrs Weasley even may tell him off!

Now, Snape/Lily, I hinted at it in chapter 2 when Slughorn throws it at Snape's face but, of course the bit about Snape having asked Voldy to spare Lily is me trying to comply with canon, no I didn't guessed that. That he loved her, yes I did think book 5 gave us hints in this direction.

Now, the breaking will not happen in the next chapter, but they are working towards it.

Thanks again so much for reading and reviewing

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Review #13, by Sully11 

28th October 2007:
great job so far. what i think makes this story different fromm other harry/ginny year 7 fanfics is that Harry slowley realizes that he want to be with ginny. in other fanfics you get to the third chapter and everybody lives happily ever after. i like how you are using more detail and adding more interesting and exciting thing to this story as you go along. This sounds alot like JK's books. Awesome job so far. I hope you update soon. 10/10

Author's Response: I'm very impressed with your review! Now, my Harry/Ginny, well I cannot give the complete plot away, but it's not happy ever after in that sense!, actually I wrote the end before DH so that it would be my own, and believe me I wish i could tell you now, but it's pretty sweet and sour! Harry/Ginny will be important in terms of this plot but it's not a fairy tale, far from it...

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Review #14, by Snitchsista 

28th October 2007:
Loved their animosity, so cool. I'm not going to even try and explain why I thought the ending was wrong, because I am just an obsessed Harry versus Draco complete and utter idiot! Lol. However, your writing was amazing, and it was all very canon, apart from when Draco took Harry's hand. But, please don't feel that I hated it, or anything. No no. I loved it. It's just **sigh** me and my strong opinions. :) It was fantastic really. It's just me being stupid. I have owled you by the way.




Author's Response: I knew you woud find unrealistic! but in this, they are both fighting for survival, and, yes, they both have information the other one needs... Harry is controlling himself for a reason...

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Review #15, by Labby 

28th October 2007:
I like Harry's reasoning. They're getting a long, just a little bit - yay. At least to fight a common cause. I'm excited about the Gringotts scene, and to see how you chose to do it. Great job with this chapter as well!

Author's Response: Ok, I always thought of Gringotts, although it's not a Horcrux this time! Now, Draco is very weak here, even Harry can read into his mind! Harry is also too polite, he knows they can help one another... getting on, well, it will take time...

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Review #16, by Sing4theSole 

28th October 2007:
I luvved the fiting! So funny. Cant wait 4 updates

Author's Response: Thanks for that! I cut the fight short because Harry is in command more or less here and he has to be an adult!

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