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Review #1, by AnnaAlloy 

26th December 2011:
Aw they're so perfect for each other. I have the slightest feeling Sirius WAS angry about Nellie and Regulus. Thats just my thoughts, though. And when have those ever been right? When Sirius and Nellie were talking out in the rain I had this warm feeling. Loved the chapter, as always. :)

Author's Response: They really are :) Haha, he might have been :) You never know, you could be right :) So glad you like the chapter, it means a lot to me. Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a wonderful day! xxx

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Review #2, by Secret Santa *hands you a candy cane* 

21st December 2011:
Hello! It's your Secret Santa here! Let's give a big cheer because your Secret Santa is here! Have no fear! Your Secret Santa is here!

I find myself starting your reviews the same way. It must be done. I must mention my:

Favorite Lines:
- Fate danced our relationship off a cliff.
- "...I hate the colour pink...yellow is better." Izzie rambled on and on. "Bananas are evil...why can't dishcloths be round
- "There was a girl called Nellie, And she was rather smelly, With her blonde hair that always looked like it needed washing, She's not even that dashing."
- 'Cause it's cold and I don't want the frost to bite me with its teeth. It sounds painful.
- Gnomes would be cool; they'd have gnome sticks and poke us in the ankles if we walked too slowly.

This story is ridiculous and endearing and yet you have a plot going on, an actual storyline inbetween Nellie's drabbles. I'm really amazed at that. Her drabbles and you. Or you the creator of her drabbles. Anyway, this was another interesting chapter. I'm just wondering if this is a friendship story or a romance...or maybe a little of both?

Also, how do you write Nellie? Because she has such random thoughts do you ever struggle trying to write her lines or does it come easy for you?

Author's Response: Heya :) Thanks! I'm so glad you liked those lines, I had a lot of fun writing them. Thanks! I'm glad you liking it. It is a little of both :) It's more of coming of age story :) A story of personal growth! With a few extras added in. And Nellie just comes to me. I don't even think about it much anymore, I just type and her randomness just comes out on the page. Maybe her randomness, is my randomness! Haha. I also hear stuff, which leads to a thought and sometimes I write down those and add them into a chapter if they can fit. Thanks so much for the review! I hope you have a wonderful day! xx

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Review #3, by Rexy 

29th October 2011:
(8) is this the start of something new, it feels so right to be here with you and know looking in your eyes I feel in my heart, a start of something new(8) high school musical - a start of something new


Author's Response: Haha! They are cute lyrics :) Thanks so much for the review, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story and I hope you have a great day! xxx

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Review #4, by DrPepperchik 

19th October 2011:
Aw that scene between Sirius and Nellie was cute :)

In fact, they all are.

great job loved it!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you thought that was cute, there are a lot more cute moments in their future ;) Haha. Thanks so much, I'm so glad you like it! Thanks for the review,I hope you like the rest of the chapters and I hope you have a great day!


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Review #5, by HartOfARebel 

16th October 2011:
See now I'm confused..Sirius snags her heart? Since when? Why was Sirius glaring at her? Does he know about Reg??

Author's Response: Nah, Nellie and Sirius are just friends. It upsets her because Nellie hates people being mad at her. Maybe! You'll have to read the rest to find out :) Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day.


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Review #6, by foreverfleur 

24th August 2011:
Ah Ha! And we get to see more Sirius! Finaly! Interested to see where and how you develop this new relationship.

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Yes! Sirius is back! Thanks so much for all your nice reviews, I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters! Thanks again! xxx

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Review #7, by Chanel 

7th August 2011:
Ah, Nellie, Nellie, Nellie. She sure is one of a kind. I'm curious as to what the real reason behind the staring contest was. I mean, I feel like it might have something to do with Regulus, but knowing them, it's most likely not. I love the playing in the rain/mud scene with Sirius/Nellie at the end though! I think it's the cutest thing ever! (: I love that she is so easily sidetracked, and I think that it only works because one its you and two it's first person, which makes it okay to get lost in her thoughts. She is such a relatable character! I love it!
-Chanel (SlytherinPrincess55) (Gryffindor)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you think that :) Haha, you'll find out in a future chapter :) Thank you, I thought that was something that they would do and I thought it was a simple scene but sweet. Haha, yes, I think it works because Nellie is a bit over the place. I'm so glad she is relatable! Means a lot to me! Thank you so much for the review and I hope you enjoy the other chapters of the story.


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Review #8, by girly1393 

16th March 2011:
I wish everyone was as naive as Nellie. Life would be so much happier.

Bravo to you.

Author's Response: I think that too! She sees the world as a sunny place. It would be nice :)

Thank you and thanks for the review :) It means a lot to me. I hope you enjoy the next chapter.

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Review #9, by Lillylover22 

9th March 2011:
haha this was cool!! i think sirius is mad coz he saw reg and nellie together?? 9/10 =]

Author's Response: So glad you thought it was cool. Maybe ;) Who knows.maybe you'll find out in later chapters :D I hope you like the next chapter too =D Thanks for the review, I'll try to update soon.

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Review #10, by SearchingForLuna 

2nd January 2011:
Simple pleasures... I guess? Not only is it a free bath but her clothes are being laundered too. It's just the drying part that she's gonna have trouble with.

I love your titles and your Nellie. They're both so quaint, kind of. And silly.

I was too busy reading this to look for errors (which translates into NO ERRORS FOR YOU. :])

10/10!! :P

Author's Response: Yep. I think the greatest pleasures are simple and free :) Haha. That is true!

Thanks! Titles are hard, cause I try not to repeat the words I've used already & I always wonder which word I should connect to the chapter. I think you're the first person to comment on chapter titles actually =D And thank you, I'm glad you like Nellie :)


Thanks so much for the review & I hope you enjoy the rest of the story :)


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Review #11, by Ignorance 

2nd September 2010:
Oh dear, that child is funny and eats a lot also:P
Quite frankly i think Izzie's song was amazing, but each to their own :D
Another amazing chapter, i love all of the characters, they are so cool :)

Author's Response: Yesss, she is :)
And I love writing Izzie's songs! They're funny, to me anyway.
Wow! thank you! Im so glad you do! Means a lot to me :)

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Review #12, by moonbaby11 

23rd August 2010:
I liked the little rain scene at the end of this. Definetly my favourite part, probably because we got to see more Nellie/Sirius stuff happening. :)

I really enjoye this chapter, especially the bit about the common room being eerie. I'd never really thought of it that way.

I really want to know why Sirius and Nellie were having a 'staring contest'. Did he see her and Regulus together? Is that what's troubling him? Anyways, I can't wait to see more development of Sirius' character.

Another really great chapter. It was just so funny! I adore Nellie, and definetly love Izzie's songs. They're hilarious! :) Well, on to chapter 6! The little summary at the end here is making me ecited for it! :D

Author's Response: Aw really? Yes, gotta love a bit of Sirius/Nellie ;)

I don't like empty rooms so I took it like that.

Hehe, you'll have to read on!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it :) Thanks so much for the review, it's amazing to hear from you :D

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Review #13, by CessZ 

15th August 2010:
Moment in the rain...SO romantic...
Catching cold later...so NOT... :P
Well as usual amazing chapter..love the way Nellie's mind works...can't wait to read more...


Author's Response: Haha, I had to chuck in the cold part ;) I mean, I've always stood in the rain and I got a cold. So mwhaha, Nellie gets one :D

Thank you! I'm so glad you're liking the chapter so far!

you're amazing! thanks for the review!


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Review #14, by lilylunapotter26 

27th July 2010:
Aw! It was soo cute! Sirius and Nellie are soo cute together!!!

Author's Response: I think so too ;D I'm glad you think that too :)

much love,

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Review #15, by katebabelovesharrypotter 

25th July 2010:
I love Izzie's random complaints. They're simply awesome.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you think that :)

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Review #16, by Myriad 

14th July 2010:
I like your first few paragraphs and how the common room is eerie to Nellie. It’s different from most other stories where the characters find an empty common room peaceful. You’ve avoided the cliché this way.

“He can't fight it, theurge for power.” This might read better as ‘can’t fight the urge for power’.

“Fate danced our relationship off a cliff.” This is a great line! You’ve got so many really good lines sprinkled in throughout the chapter; you’ve done a good job with that.

“Was it even possibleto let him go?” A space between possible and to.

Your tense switches seemed to be better this chapter, but you still need to watch out for them.

I love that Nellie is so oblivious; it’s refreshing to have a main character who’s not constantly trying to figure out who likes them. It’s also pretty true to life. I know I tend to be oblivious about these things.

I like how Nellie get’s hung up about things like gnomes telling them off to class. She seems to get sidetracked a lot, which is an important part of her personality and character, however I think you should tone it down a bit. Maybe not go off on unrelated things as often, or for so long.

Your chapters really good plot wise. You’ve just got so many fragments it gets to be distracting. I would really recommend a beta. And some of the fragments are fine; they give Nellie a really clear voice because you can tell that’s just how she talks. Like all the stand alone lines, those are fine; it’s mostly in the paragraphs that the fragments are distracting.

Author's Response: Yes. I think large rooms would be eerie. I'm glad I avoided the cliche. I didn't even know that one existed. Learn something new everyday :D

I changed the power line & the let go line :D

And Thank you, I'm glad you like that line. It's actually one of my favourites.

Thank you, I'm glad you thought that.

Yes! I'm like that too. I don't get it. So I completely understand Nellie. Plus, I don't think Nellie's the sort of girl to spend ages talking about one convo for ages, like I know my friends do. She doesn't analyze as much. I'm glad you can relate.

Yes! It's an important part but I totally understand your point. I just have to find a balance. I think. I'm glad Nellie is coming across in the way I wanted her too though.

Thanks for the review :D The help is very much appreciated.

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Review #17, by alicia and anne 

9th July 2010:
:-O Sirius is glaring at Nellie, I wonder if he knows about Regulus?
I hope Nellie wins every staring contest against Sirius.
I want Nellies pyjamas! They sound really cool :-D
Hehe Izzies song was funny and a washing up liquid shaped clock? greatness.
I wonder why Sirius is being a jerk to Nellie, he must have heard her and Regulus.
The Gnome idea would be cool! I think Hogwarts should have them!

"I realized that although Sirius ticked the box of being attractive, it was his personality that was the most remarkable. Sirius was a charmer. For him, it was like breathing; he did it without thinking. Something pulled people towards him, like a force of gravity. He must sometimes get tired of pushing them away." I loved this description, it sounds so much how I imagined Sirius to be.
OO the preview of the next chapter sounds intense!
Can't wait to read more x

Author's Response: Knowing Nellie, she'd probably lose! I have Nellie pjs! And they are awesome. I have lots of pjs. They are my favourite thing to buy.

I love writing Izzie's songs; they amuse me.

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked that part.

Thanks so much lovely, you're like king! (queen sounds so lame)


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Review #18, by TallestTower 

15th June 2010:
*Jumps up and down happily*

Yay, more insight into Sirius! So he seemed odd in this chapter, pensive you might say. I thought their picture in the mud was very sweet and a really good idea and I loved the ending when you put:

[I took one last glance at our picture, but it was already gone.]

I just really liked that line. :) It was nice to have some more Nellie with Sirius time, although his disappearance at the end was odd. And all this staring contest-ness... I want to know whats troubling Sirius (And give him a big hug haha!) and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the next chapter! Thanks for posting!

Author's Response: Wooo! I would join in with the jumping, but physical exercise is not my thing ;)

Yes. He was. Thanks!

Thanks! I'm so glad you do. I know, it's not often they are alone. Yes, it was odd, but he had his reasons. Haha. You'll find out why Sirius was glaring in like chapter 12? Or something.

thanks for reviewing! They really cheer me up and inspire me for the next chapter :)


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Review #19, by shayrocks50 

27th March 2010:
haha every chapter you write and izzy is in it she always does something i would do except im actually a good singer i cant say the same thing about the peom thing i'd rather die then write a peom and i am not kidding

Author's Response: Haha. I'm so glad you can relate to Izzie. Haha. I'm glad you're a good singer. Izzie is really bad.
You not a fan of poetry then?

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Review #20, by AllThingsMagical 

18th March 2010:
Hey :)

Nellie really does live in a world of her own. It completely struck me in this chapter how she is completely oblivious to some things because she just completely misinterprets them. Like with Sirius glaring at her. Incidentally why was he glaring? She just didn't seem to realise. I actually quite amuses me.

I liked the way you started with a horror movie type scene - or Nellie interpreted it as one. I just thought it was an interesting way to start and I quite liked it. I also liked the way we got to see Nellie's internal dialogue with regards to Regulus. It was good that you showed that as it helped me understand her attraction to him.

I thought it was quite sweet how Nellie and Sirius were sitting in the rain and drawing pictures. The dialogue between them was quite humorous and enjoyable to read. I wasn't too sure why he ran off and left her at the end though. Is he mad at her over something? Like with the whole glaring thing?

There were a couple of points I wasn't too sure about. Izzie's general ramblings seemed a little random. Then the next day when Izzie wakes Nellie up would I be right in thinking that Nellie has a bath, walks to the grounds with Izzie and then they both go back inside the castle for breakfast? I didn't think it was too clear, perhaps a little more description would have helped. Izzie singing to wake Nellie up seemed a little random too though I guess effective.

I was wondering why you included the Defence lesson. It didn't really seem necessary and it wasn't like it was an overly important part of Nellie's day in comparison to other scenes. I guess I just felt it was a little out of place.

Generally I felt as though this chapter could still use a little work. There just seemed to be rather a lot in it and I wasn't too sure how relevant it all was and a little more description wouldn't hurt either. In essence though it was good and I did still enjoy reading it. :)

Author's Response: Hey! Sorry about the delay of replying. I usually spend a few days, trying to think of a good response or think about the things you've suggested. I really appreciate you taking your time to write me a review.

Yes. Nellie really does. She see's things her way. You'll find out why Sirius is glaring in later chapters, there is a reason behind it. I'm so glad it amuses you. Nellie is a bit dense in those ways.

Thanks, I'm so glad that is coming across. I just wanted the reader to understand that sometimes we love people who treat us like rubbish and can't stop.

Sirius is sort of mad at her from the glaring. But he is also worried about Nellie because she was developing at cold and so was he. So he didn't want to stay out and get a cold.

Yeah, you're right with that. I can see how it is a little unclear. I'm going to add in a few things to help that. Yeah, it was random. The singing thing is what my friend does to me. I just thought it would be a nice thing in their friendship. Enforce it. Sort of thing anyway.

I understand your point about the defence class. I'm going to think about that more. I think I just wanted to show the difference between Nellie's magical power and Izzie's. The fact that Izzie is an adapt dueler and Nellie isn't.

Thanks a lot. I'm currently working with this chapter with my beta, so it's currently going through editing. Thank you, I'm taking all this in. I'm going to add more description into it as well.

Thank you for your amazing review!

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Review #21, by hp4eva786 

11th January 2010:
i love how nelie's so ... aloof to evrything

Author's Response: haha, yes, she is isn't she :D

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Review #22, by prongs lover 

23rd August 2009:
hahahhah shes so random, its crazy.
Very lovable :)
i love izzys and her relationship and the way the interact with
each other!
gonna keep reading now!

Author's Response: Thank you. It makes me happy. I work on their relationship a lot in my head, and I'm glad it comes along natural.

thankss :D

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Review #23, by iluv2eatcarbs 

15th December 2008:
Ok I love this story and I wasn't planning on reviewing till the end but I noticed you love Dead Like Me...I do believe we need to become best friends...I LOVE dead like me...it was so short lived...=[ Much like most of my favorite shows. Sorry I know this review isn't really about the story -that I will reserve until the end- but I do love this story a lot and i LOVE Nellie, she reminds me so much of myself it's insane =P


Author's Response: You're so cool!
It was so amazing!
I love that show.
I agree, short lived. So sad. Just such an amazing concept.
I can't wait until the movie comes out though, it's going to be amazing but so strange without Rube. I liked him.

Thanks a lot, my fellow dead like me fan, which makes you pretty much awesome by the way.

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Review #24, by Karindi 

1st June 2008:
I love Izzy! She's like great^^. Haha, staring contest! I wonder what Sirius was mad about... 10/10

Author's Response: hmm, that was the question ;]

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Review #25, by lollipop_marauderette 

29th May 2008:
awww nellie is funny.. dont make her too stupid..


Author's Response: She's smart in the things she knows ;)

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