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Review #1, by Ashla 

13th August 2010:
When did George get in?

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Review #2, by Mud 12 

3rd May 2009:
hey who gave you this awesome mind ca I burrow it

Author's Response: Awesome mind eh? Thanks! Don't think it's too awesome . . . I haven't updated in months, and believe me, this "awesome mind" is kicking itself in the butt to get more writing done!

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Review #3, by Amy 

11th March 2009:
hey if you rearange my name it becomes May I think I'll go by from now on you are such a great writer this is awesome two wands up LOL I have never really read the books but the movies are awesome Amelia G W

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Review #4, by notenoughpotter 

15th May 2008:
I enjoyed seeing that the three Weasleys are together. Did Mrs. Weasley die and I missed it?

The scene where they're watching the interrupted newscast reminded me of the trio listening to Fred and George's radio show in the forest. It was a nice way to introduce everyone to "V."

Poor Neville - he's not going to be able to hide himself from Malfoy. Hope he ends up alright.

Author's Response: Glad you liked the part with the Weasley's, though there are only 2: Ginny and Fred. Don't know where you got the third there (unless you were counting Hermione). Mrs. Weasley, you'll find out about her and the others. You don't give all the information out at once when you're writing, you give it as it is needed. Where Mrs. Weasley is isn't important right now, but it might be later.

That intro of V on the television, it's actually more from the film than HP. The event you're talking about, I'm guessing, is from HPDH, and I'm still reading it (I'm only on chapter 8), so I haven't read it yet. Neat that it sounds like it though. :)

And yeah, Neville's in a bit of a pickle, that's for sure. You'll find out what happens in the next chapter. :)

Thanks again nep!

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Review #5, by H4H 

29th March 2008:
I really like the direction the story is heading, it fits the characters more than the movie version. Apar from the fact that i'm not a huge fan of Ginny, i like the fact that she and Fred survived and that Hermione is staying with them.
I'm really intrigued by who V is, i have no clues on that. I wished it was Harry, but i know that to be imossible. But i'm even more intrigued by what V is going to do next; seeing that on this version of the story V doesn't take her with him, i don't really know how this is all going to turn out, and since i don't suppose there's going to be a horny bishop, i can only guess there'll be new characters for your V to kill (if he'll kill anyone, that is).

Anyway, it's very good chapter, i love it. It made me want to watch the movie. As always, Chris, excelent work.

Author's Response: Oh Summer! How I've missed thee. How are you doing lately? Haven't heard from you in a while really.

You know, I should redo your banner for you. I don't think the link is really working anymore (it doesn't show up for me). I still have your original banner, but perhaps I should redo it. Maybe I'll review your story soon and suggest that. :)

Yes, I remember your fondness for Ginny. :) But yeah, she did survive, as did Fred. It's great that you like where the story is headed, though the next chapter kinda sways the story a bit.

No clues eh? Well, you'll get more clues as the story goes on. But you are right, it won't involve so much of V taking Hermione or any horny bishops. There will be other people for V to exact revenge on. Take a guess as to who (though this new chapter does give a hint).

But I'm glad you liked it, as always Summer. Do come back and review the new chapter, I'm eager to hear your thoughts on it! :)

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Review #6, by pandadude 

27th March 2008:
Goodness, all I can say is I'm so sorry! This has taken forever for me to do. My apologies! :(

Your story is fabulous! I love it so far! :)

I only found one error in The Broadcast where you called Fred, 'George.' Honest mistake. ;P

Plot-wise it sounds enthralling and as for your writing it all flows nicely and I think it works great for a darker HP story! No characterization problems whatsoever. Loved it!

I'm definitely adding this to my favorites and feel free to request more reviews!


- jess (jet)

Author's Response: Hey there pandadude! Go pandas!

Don't worry about taking your time getting here, there's no rush. :)

I'm glad you like the story so far though. Did I call Fred George? Whoops! Didn't mean to do that obviously. :)

It's great to hear you like my writing and how the story moves. Of course I hope you do come back now that another chapter has been added, and I look forward to hearing from you again! :) Thanks Jess!

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Review #7, by painfullygone 

24th March 2008:
Wow. This is pretty awesome.
Love the discriptions, and I've never seen the movie, but I think I dont want to see it after this. This is really fantastic, and any other story similar wouldnt compare.

Author's Response: Hello again!

Glad you're enjoying the story as it moves forward. Descriptions, I'm always working on them, so I'm glad you like them. And I don't think you need to fret too much, I don't think there are many stories with this crossover, so you wouldn't many similar ones to begin with. :)

Thanks again!

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Review #8, by AnnaKay 

14th March 2008:
I just noticed a mistake, and I only think that it happened one time. I think you used George instead of Fred once. It's nothing big but a little oopsie.

I really like this V. He is an interesting character, and it seems he is trying to make everything right. I wonder who he is?

Author's Response: Ah, right to the end! :)

Did I say George? Didn't mean to, sorry! Thanks for finding that! :)

Glad you are enjoying my V! He's much more interesting than you think. There's a lot of background to his character you have yet to find out about. There's a reason he hides his face and such.

Thanks again AnnaKay for reviewing! I do hope to hear from you again!

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Review #9, by crazy4fred2 

7th March 2008:
A-m-a-z-i-n-g! I wrote two whole pages of notes for this story, most of them are stupid comments but, here you go:
~ Gah! I hate the nickname 'Mione also! I can see Hermione liking her name because of the uniqueness. It's very Hermione-esq.
~Same deal about punctuation as the other story XD
~ Gary= Awesomeness (I have no clue why I like him)
~Wouldn't Voldemort search for her since she was Harry's BFF? (I think he would check to make sure she was dead) Maybe she should've changed her last name also to be less detectable.
~ Yay! Neville's alive!
~ What are her 'deep emotional scars'?
~ Heh. Constant Viligance! (When the newscaster said to be viligant)
~Though I have never seen V for Vendetta, I find this story very inticing.
~ LOVE the Shakespeare quotes, especially since they fit the situation
~ I love the way V speaks. It reminds me of those heroic-movie types
~I love Neville, he's such a cutie!
~ I think it's flus without the e, but I'm not sure
~ Your description of Voldemort(and everything else) is extrordinary. (I love the whole nose bit, My best friend and I call him 'He-who-misteriously-has-no-nose')
~ Yes, God bless the man who created google :P Even though this story is dark, it has a nice balance of humor in it
~ It's great that you are giving people their names for a reason. Pointless names are another thing that irritates me.
~ Uh-oh! Malfoy is with Neville! Stupid ferret-faced git, he better not hurt him! (Just out of curiousity, do you hate Neville? XD)
~ Before you post you may want to read over it once more, because I spotted some silly mistakes like 'pour' instead of 'poor'.

That's it... XD I'm adding this story to my favorite because it really is fantastic. You're an amazing writer! Keep uo the great work!

Author's Response: Crazy4Fred! Nice to see you back!

Two whole pages! WOW! That's great! Yes, I thought to throw in the 'Mione cliche in there, just to put that Hermione wouldn't like it. :) Like Gary too eh? I thought a nice old man would be great for a new worker like Hermione. So many people scared and worried, having an old man in there, I felt he'd be a bit more relaxed about it all.

Yeah, Voldemort might have looked for her, but the war was messy, and there were many other wizards to kill first. Once everything was done, lots of people were missing, including Hermione. As to the last name, well, Granger isn't too uncommon. Plus I wanted her to at least keep something the same. I mean, even here, they don't find her until something happened.

Yep, Neville's alive, and her emotional scars are from the war (some'll come up in chapter 2).

V has a weird way of speaking, and yeah, it incorporates lots of quotes from books, plays, movies, etc. He sounds sorta off, but it works. :)

Glad you liked Voldemort and his description of course. The humour, I've been told I can put in some nice sparks here and there to make things not so deadly-like. :)

Names, spells, etc. I'm good on, at least I think. Look at HPOL (my long long story), and you'll see names/spells/places/etc. I like giving them more meaning than just a random title.

I don't hate Neville, he's great! This goes more with the V for Vendetta story-line, but just wait. You don't know what's happened with Neville yet.

Silly grammar mistakes are I think my specialty, so sorry for those.

Thanks again though for reviewing, and it's wonderful to hear you enjoyed the story and it's on your fav list! Thanks!

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Review #10, by Elivania 

6th January 2008:
Nicely done, Chris. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Eli! Hey, how are you? Great to see you back!

Glad you liked this chapter! Hope to see you back when the next chapter goes up!

Thanks for coming by!

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Review #11, by saphireprincess 

5th December 2007:
i love this story! i haven't seen the movie v for vendetta but now i really,really want to.update soon.10/10

Author's Response: Hey there princess! Nice to hear from you!

Glad you enjoy the story! The film is very good, I would encourage you to watch it. Aside from some knife-throwing, it's pretty good.

But thank you for reviewing, and for that awesome score!

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Review #12, by delta 

29th October 2007:
Yay for a new chapter. :D This was brilliant as always. I really enjoyed reading this, and since I haven't seen V for Vendetta, I'm probably getting everything more at face value (hence, me thinking that the speech was pretty darn original before your little AN :P). I'm really, really curious as to the identity of 'V.' I'm thinking Snape at the moment. Any confirmation?

Author's Response: Delta! Nice to see you!

Yep, new chapter. Glad you enjoyed the update of course. There is a broadcast that is very similar to mine here, so it wasn't as original as I'd like to admit. :)

I would hope everyone is curious about V. Snape? Well, you're the first one I think to suggest it's someone outside Hermione's year. Props to you on that, but is it Snape . . . hmmm . . . I don't know. I think I'm gonna leave you hanging there. :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by LittleBookworm 

29th October 2007:
I can barely believe that this is the last chapter I must review *sigh* I was already getting used to reading this and I can't wait for you to update this since it's absolutely amazing and very well written. :)

Now, about this chapter, it was okay. I always expect more Hermione/V interaction and I'm starting to think that Neville/Hermione are cute as well, though in a platonic way. I'm happy to see that someone else we know, apart from Neville, has made an appearance. I have been wondering what had happened to Ginny, since her and Hermione were good friends and Hermione didn't mention her before. I guess I got my answer and I hope to see more of her in the future.

Once again, amazing story and keep up the good work. :)


P.S: Update Soon! ;)

Author's Response: Hey, read right through, wonderful! :) I know, it's upsetting more isn't up, but I'm trying. It'd difficult with the workload I have from uni, but I'm trying. It's great to hear you like the writing and the story though of course. :)

I think you're always expecting more Hermione/V. :) Hermione/Neville, it's questionable if it'll move beyond the platonic, but you're probably correct in assuming it won't. As for Ginny, yes, she makes her appearance. There are still other characters to inform about, but you'll find many are no longer around. When one side loses a war, they tend to lose big time.

Thanks again though LittleBookworm for reading through all my story, and it's great to hear you enjoyed it so far!

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Review #14, by Violet Gryfindor 

27th October 2007:
Great chapter! I'm glad to see that you're still continuing this story. It's an exciting read and the way that you've combined the two stories is seamless. Poor Neville, though. Hopefully we'll hear more of him soon - I was comparing that scene with that between Evie and Deitrich, so now I'm worried as to what Neville's fate may be. The part where "Archibald" storms into Ginny's house was definitely my favourite - I never expected it at all, so kudos to you for pulling that one. It'll be awesome to see what sort of twists and turns you'll try out next. :) Thanks for posting this, I really enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: Violet! Great to see you back reading my story!

Yes, though it's taking a while to post chapters, I am continuing. I want to finish all my stories on hpff before I take a leave for a while. School's getting pretty busy, and I'll be moving this summer.

Great to hear the stories have meshed well so far. Yes, Neville's fate is up in the air, isn't it? Let's cross our fingers there.

Archibald, I wanted to have some fun there. Originally I was just going to have Archibald actually be a muggle, but putting a spin on it proved to be more exciting for the story. Plus I figured after everything, that Ginny wouldn't be living alone in the middle of nowhere. But it's good to hear you didn't see that coming.

Yes, twists and turns will be interesting for sure. I've started the next chapter already, and it's going to be quite an interesting one, for Hermione and for our detectives. Their workload just got a lot bigger! :)

Thanks again Violet for coming back and reading! I hope you're still trying to guess at who V is. More hints may come up, who knows? :)

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Review #15, by BabyMagicWitch 

25th October 2007:
Hi! It's good to see an update for this story and because it is nice and long and wonderfully brilliant in content I forgive you for taking a while :) nice work

Author's Response: Hey there BMW!

Yes, thank you for the forgiveness. It's taking a lot longer to post now 'cause school is incredibly busy. I'm in my last year of uni, so it's quite busy with things.

But I'm glad of course you came back, and that you enjoyed the story! I hope to hear from you again!

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Review #16, by amrawo 

24th October 2007:
great chapter! update soon!

Author's Response: Hey there amrawo! Thanks, glad you like this chapter! Hope to hear back from you!

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