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Review #1, by enchantments 

28th November 2010:
I love basically everything about this story! I'm so excited to keep reading and find out what happens next.

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Review #2, by rosie_sirius93 

21st January 2009:
Loved this chapter, definitely my favourtie so far! You really are an amazing writer, I think you portrayed Tom perfectly, showing that he isn't a stuck up brat and I liked his parents as well. I liked the part with Cecilia and John, controversy is always great value! Loved the line 'it was all set in stone' very clever!

Author's Response: Thanks hun :) I'm thrilled that you liked Tom's portrayal. He is a spoiled rich kid, but I wanted to show other facets of his character too. Even rich people have their problems and I'm positive that the Riddles were not perfect as the villagers made them out to be (aside from their snobbery, they seemed to have it all, didn't they?). I agree, controversy = drama and I love my drama *huggles drama*

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Review #3, by mocho 

23rd November 2008:
Excellent characterisation. Even the minor characters are well defined. You have a very good feel for carrying a lot of information in tiny snippets of conversation. Your descriptive adjectives and adverbs convey the mood of each individual very well. I really enjoy reading your story.

Author's Response: Thanks, mocho! I put a lot of effort into this story and particularly with the characterization, and it means so much that you thought all the minor characters were well-defined :) I do love to expand on a story through conversation, and I'm glad you enjoyed the way I wrote this. I really appreciate your review and I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story, if you decide to keep reading!

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Review #4, by sazel_c 

27th October 2008:
Seriously awesome stuff.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #5, by savagebeginnings 

25th October 2008:
Why hello again! This is an interesting twist! We get to see things from Tom's point of view!

Tom sighed. "Honestly I'd rather have a smaller gathering, Mother. A fortnight of preparation and three hundred guests is a little daunting." - That is so relatable to me! I'm not a fan of big parties either.

I really like the way that you've set up this entire story. You're easing the readers in and introducing things and people at a nice even pace. You can just tell that there will be much more intense situations coming up. You've left very nice little cliff hangers for us and that's one thing that will keep us coming back for more!

I love the way that the plot is developing as well! Also, there seems to be at least one character that someone can relate to in some way. I think it's great that you did that because then you appeal to a much bigger crowd.

Overall, I loved it! There's a lot of different stuff happening and I love each little aspect of it!

Author's Response: Hello hello! :)

Yes, I thought Tom deserved some time in the spotlight. I have never seen a story written from his point of view before, and since he's Voldemort's father and the victim of the love potion, this tale is as much about him as it is about Merope. He's different from his mother who is as extravagant as can be!

Glad you like the flow and the plot. The beginning is a little slow compared to the later chapters, but I do like to take my time setting the scene, introducing characters and relationships, etc. That's why I do better with novel lengths than shorter stories.

Thanks for your review!!

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Review #6, by Tor Petty 

14th October 2008:
Wow - I love how much thought is put into the characters of Riddle's parents. How the father is a gluttonous country gentleman, and the wife is a city-bred wife. They seem real - not just minor characters in a story, but people with real histories and opinions.

I also like the description of the Gaunt house. Especially the twisted cigar line. Bravo!

How sardonic the line: it was all set in stone.

There's a lot more drama in this story than expressed in canon! How wonderful! You've taken names just mentioned and turned them into characters all their own. Marvelous!

And it almost seems as if the locket is using Merope, as if the locket knows who will be born of Merope's obsession with Riddle. How odd.

Best chapter yet.

Author's Response: I'm happy that you like Tom Riddle's parents! They're quite the pair, aren't they? I wanted them just despicable enough for Tom to want to leave and never come back. They do like to smother their son.

Very astute of you to point that out about the locket ;) It plays a pretty central role towards the story's end.

So glad you like this! Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by celticbard 

5th May 2008:
It seems as though Tom's family is just as dysfunctional as Merope's. On the surface, they are quite different, of course, but deep down, I sense more than a few similarities. I wonder, then, are Tom and Merope truly a match for each other? They both seem to be longing for something, a new life, a change. Either way, I love how you have developed each and every character. Their back-stories are fascinating as are their quirks and personalities.

Tom came off as lonely to me, just like Merope. I cannot wait to see what will happen when they finally come together.

This was another excellent chapter, girldetective. I simply adore this fic. Good luck!

Author's Response: I agree, his family has its own share of problems despite having everything they could possibly want (maybe because of having everything they could possibly want). Good connection there, I think Tom and Merope share a desire for escape and they've found it in each other. I honestly think escape is one of the main attractions for Merope rather than love; how can you really love someone you've only ever seen riding by?

Thanks celticbard! Your reviews have been so great :)

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Review #8, by ButterflyRogue 

4th May 2008:
I love the insight of Tom in this chapter. You showed there's more to the stuck-up, rude and spoiled brat, to say so, and very nicely described how the rich aren't always the happiest ones either... I also liked the explanation on why was he always riding by the Gaunts house --- to show he was not intimidated by Marvolo. It seems as something someone like Tom would do... :)
I also liked his interaction with Merope. It seems as if she had sparked his interest by not hiding from him anymore. And the association to the Pleiades was very nice... I'm a myth addict myself so I always get all giddy at such associations... :)

The ball reminded me of something Jane Austen would write (I'm 'Pride and Prejudice' obsessed, just so you know... ^^) and it made me want to know more about Cecilia!! And John as well. You write all of your characters very well, practically painting a very vivid picture around Tom and Merope making everything very believable. It is so livid I can almost imagine myself being there!

And the song Morfin was singing --- cute... in a morbid, disgusting kind of way... :p I'm a disaster with writing poetry so I pretty much worship anyone who can. :D
The locket's foreshadowing gave a dose of mystery. I like the way you've amended it to the story.

Once again, excellent work!

Author's Response: You've got it down exactly - the point of writing Tom Riddle Senior was to be able to show him as more than just the perfect, rich, good-looking guy that everyone wants to be with. He has his own share of problems as well, and he's not so perfect, but I really don't think that he was all that bad. Just my own personal interpretation of course, because he was rude and snobby and he did leave his pregnant wife in canon.

I'm obsessed with "Pride and Prejudice" too and I definitely wanted to give this story a little bit of that flavor (even though it's a completely different era) as a tribute to one of my favorite authors of all time. It just seemed natural for me to combine JKR and Jane Austen because they're two women that I admire so much and that I aspire to become. :)

I can clearly see the world around Tom and Merope in my head - the village, the people in it, the great house - and from there it's a cinch to get it all onto the computer. I think a key thing that helps me write is the planning ahead; I like to make a list of all the elements involved and build them up slowly around a central plot. It really helps me to feel like I'm in tune with the world that's created, and I'm so glad that you were able to get into it as well! :D

Hee hee ... Morfin is so batty. I had so much fun writing his poem, I might do another one eventually. ;)

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Review #9, by shadowycorner 

4th May 2008:
The talkative locket is such a good idea. :) And I have to say that i really admire you how much thought you're putting into your writing. I mean, one can really see you're one of those writers who are doing their best, and the result is wonderful. Reading this chapter, and even those before actually, has been like reading a classic novel written in this period. Also the characters, they're all developing and not one of them is only one-dimensional. Many people would make, let's say, Cecilia a superficial little annoying brat, or a very conceited lady, but you made her a solid sympathetic character, and I really love this. Just as the relationship between the Riddles and their one love for Tom.

Tom riding around the Gaunt house and his thoughts about Merope...now that was done really originally and I can already see that the relationship between them won't only be superficially done with only the potion.

I also liked the previous chapter, which I didn't review (sorry!) because I wanted to move on quickly to the next chapter. Especially how Bethe viewed Merope, sayign that for a girl who's been deprived of care and love she still has great capacity for it. That was an amazing line. This is really an amazing story. 10/10


PS: "The faintest star of the Pleiades, he recalled from his lessons, because she fell in love with a mortal." Wow. I didn't even know this. Just wow.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks, I like the locket idea too :) I think it makes a lot of sense that this locket is a sinister magical object with a lot of history.

You're really nice, thanks for complimenting my writing :) I have put a lot of time and effort into this story, planning it out, writing it, incorporating the different characters and plot lines - so your encouragement is truly appreciated. :D

Glad you like my characters! They don't appear much in canon, so sometimes I felt like I had a big lump of JKR's playdough to mold into whatever shapes I wanted. (Haha weird analogy...) Cecilia gets all of one line in HBP, I believe, and Tom Riddle Senior doesn't get much more. His parents aren't seen at all, in fact the only proof of their existence is the grave in Little Hangleton cemetery.

Yes I think it would make a little more sense to establish some sort of relationship or connection between Tom and Merope, before the love potion comes into play. I always felt that Merope needed some sort of "green light" before she whipped out the magic juice and handed it to him, you know? She's a sheltered, shy, somewhat unattractive girl (just assuming from the way she was described in canon) and I don't think she would have just marched up to Tom Senior one day.

No problem, don't worry about leaving reviews for each chapter! I'm thrilled that you've enjoyed reading. :) Thanks Liz!

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Review #10, by momotwins 

30th April 2008:
GREAT characterization on Tom Riddle! He's amazing, haughty and dignified, very upper-class (maybe wanna-be upper-class) British. I had to snort at his mother saying all the work she'd done, ha, that was a great line: all the maids I've scolded! I wish that was all the work I had to do, sheesh ;) And the contrast between the glittering ballroom of the Riddles and the worm-ridden shack of the Gaunts was a fantastic touch, nicely done.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you very, very much! :) I'm thrilled that you love my characterization of Tom Senior! I like him too and I wanted him to be the epitome of an upper-crust heir yet at the same time, just a human guy. Hee hee I'm with you on that, I wish I had a bunch of maids to order around all day as I sit and polish my jewels :D

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Review #11, by morgana67 

25th April 2008:
Ah, Merope is getting bolder here, good on her!

I like how you have made the relationship between Tom and Cecilia a little complicated. Also, the characterisation of Mr and Mrs Riddle is very interesting. The period has a feeling still of the 19th century but it suits the plot very well though.

Really interesting story!

Author's Response: So glad you're enjoying it! Yep it turns out that Tom and Cecilia's relationship is a bit one-sided, while the Riddles' marriage has a lack of sides at all since they loathe each other. :D Sorry about the anachronistic period feeling - I know it's not very realistic but hopefully it doesn't detract too much for the plot *crosses fingers* Thanks again Morgana :)

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Review #12, by Bella_Portia 

5th April 2008:
What a wonderful chapter.
You created you own world. The horse, and Tom's inner life were entirely believable. The family -- the unhappily married parents, the rival, the social climbing, the desire for solitude, even the love of horses -- all these things give Tom as much dimension as Merope.

The entire segment of the engagement ball was fantastic. I don't read romance lit, and yet your scene looked like it would fit right in to that genre. It was extremely well done.

I loved the scene at the end. It was an appropriately creepy ending. (I don't know if it matters, but rattlesnakes are not native to Britain or to anywhere else in the Eastern Hemisphere. Of course, maybe there are magical varieties.)

Author's Response: Hi again Bella, thanks for returning :) I'm very happy that you enjoyed Tom's character development! I wanted this story to be about him as well as Merope. I always felt that there was more to the tale than their getting married, his discovery of her trick, and his abandonment, and I'm afraid I'm taking quite a bit of liberty with JKR's characters and basic storyline. :D I am trying to stick to canon as much as possible, but it is fun to add in my own different aspects i.e. Tom's bickering parents, their expectations for him to marry well (meaning Cecilia), and his little rivalry with John.

I'm pleased that you enjoyed reading about the ball, even if you're not a great fan of romantic literature. :) I knew right away when beginning this story that it would be chock-full of drama, but I've been trying to prevent it from falling into the cheesy-soap-opera realm.

Thank you so much for reminding me about the rattlesnake! I believe Pookha also told me that they were not native to Britain and I just completely forgot to change it. I'll look up an appropriate species now and change it immediately. :) I very much appreciate your review!

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Review #13, by _DearMyLove_ 

3rd April 2008:
Yay, now the April Fools is over I can get back to reading this story! ^_^

I really liked the focus on Tom and Cecilia this chapter. It was nice to get a bit more character development for those two. I am actually really interested in Cecilia’s character, and I loved the way you’ve characterised her, especially adding John Havering. It’s nice how you’ve developed her from someone who’s in the books for all of five lines. Actually, have you or are you planning to use that little bit of the book in your story? Just wondering :)

Is the whole thing about Merope’s name and its meaning true? It’s very interesting anyway, and so right for Merope, considering her story ^_^

Ooh I also love Mr and Mrs Riddle. There’s sort of a parallel between them and the Gaunt family…you know the horrible male figure and long suffering wife. Although, Mrs Riddle is more unpleasant than I would imagine Merope’s mother to be…well I don’t know if you intended to have that parallel but I guess that’s the show of a good writer if the reader can see different interpretations ^_^

Another question…do you go horse riding? I was just wondering because the start of the chapter has a lot of horse riding vocabulary. Oh and I liked the way Merope’s getting more and more confident. Talking to Tom is an important milestone! ^_^ sorry for randomly going from one idea to another…I’m just writing down things as I think of them :)

I thought that the bit with Merope and Morfin could go on the next chapter or something…it just sort of felt a bit added on. The ending of the engagement party was a lot stronger. The bit with Merope was well written (I really loved the poetry! ^_^) but I just think it could have gone onto the next chapter or something…

Really awesome chapter, I really enjoyed it. I’m off to read the next chapter! 10/10 :D

Author's Response: Hello again!! :) So glad you're back.

The character development for Tom Riddle Senior goes without saying, since I wanted this story to be about his and Merope's relationship, but Cecilia's development was completely for fun :) She was literally in the book for a few lines, just as you said, and so it was like a whole new character for me to work with. And yes, I did use that part of the book in my story but I wrote all of the lines myself so as not to offend any copyright laws :D I think that part was in Chapter 6 ... *scratches head* pretty sure it was 6...

Yes, JKR specifically chose Merope's name because of the Greek mythology behind it. I Googled it and a whole bunch of great sites came up, explaining in detail how Merope is the faintest star in the constellation of Pleiades. She wanted to parallel her Merope (who married a Muggle) with the Greek Merope (who married a mortal instead of a god). JKR's a genius! It would take years to go through all of Harry Potter and analyze the hidden meanings and such. :)

Mr. and Mrs. Riddle were never seen in the book, so again I had the freedom to do with them as I pleased. :) I thought it would be interesting to have them absolutely loathe each other, which would make sense because people had arranged marriages back then or wed for money/status. That's a great interpretation! I didn't see that myself, good thinking :D

And the answer is yes! I took horseback-riding lessons for three years and learned everything from a simple trot to jumping fences. It was fun! (except for the falling off part, which happened a lot :D ) I gave Tom the hobby because riding was probably popular among the country aristocrats...

I added in that ending as sort of a quick look into what is going on with the Gaunts - it's supposed to be abrupt and kind of jarring, and I wanted it to foreshadow what will happen in the following chapter(s).

Thanks so much for this long and insightful review, dear!

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Review #14, by hogwarts_witch 

30th March 2008:
Absolutely amazing! Sorry it took me this long to review this chapter. I've been meaning to finish reading this for a while now, but I've been sort of busy...

Anyway, there were no mistakes in this chapter from what I could see. You're a wonderful writter and do an excelent job putting words together.

I really liked the fact that you added more about Tom and his life in this chapter. The chapters before this were mainly focused upon Merope, so it's nice to finally have it focused on Tom and his family for a little while.

Author's Response: No problem, thanks so much for coming back! :) Yes I like to see the story from different characters' viewpoints too and wanted to focus on Tom a bit. After all, it's almost as much his story as it is Merope's. Glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #15, by greylady_Ravenclaw 

23rd March 2008:
I couldn't stop with the first three chapters. This is such a great story! I'm actually thinking about writing a one-shot on Merope now.

For the questions you left, I think that Tom thinks he loves Cecilia, but he really doesn't. And Cecilia will go back to John because she will get tired of being obedient to Tom. And I don't think Morfin is gonna tell because he may get smart a realize that Merope isn't laying down anymore and letting people walk over her.

I was so surprised that Merope would read openly at her house, especially since her dad wants her to stay illiterate. And I was surprised that she talked to Tom. I always expected her to just keep quiet and stare at him out the window and just enjoy watching him ride past while she planned her revenge on Cecilia. Great Job! 10/10

Author's Response: Haha thanks! I'm glad that people are beginning to take an interest in Merope; two or three other people have told me that they are inspired to write a one-shot or even a novel based on her. :) She's a really interesting character!

I think you're right about Tom - the main problem with him is that he has settled for Cecilia. He doesn't really know what it is to be deeply in love, he's just kind of taking what he gets. Cecilia truly loves him though, unfortunately for her.

Morfin isn't very smart but you may be right - depends on his thinking process (if he has one! lol). Merope usually only reads in the attic and since her father is always lying around drunk and napping, it can be easy to do. Just as long as he doesn't see her doing it!

She talked to Tom mainly because of Bethe's prophecy that they would end up together. It gave her the confidence she needed - but of course the prophecy wouldn't have come true if she hadn't made it. That's the key behind the self-fulfilling prophecy - something that Merope and her son Voldemort have in common is to make them come true.

Thanks for your review!

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Review #16, by marauder_lover 

23rd March 2008:
Ooh, I really love this! I never really got into much other than the Marauder era, but this I love even though the characters are barely known. I really love the whole drama that is unfolding now, and I love the development with Merope and Tom.

I like you're development of Tom too. I think it's good that you have developed him too because it helps you get into his head. Plus, it's better to read about a character rather than a shell.

I liked this: The faintest star of the Pleiades, he recalled from his lessons, because she fell in love with a mortal. A very cute detail added that makes your story awesome.

Great so far! Love it!

Author's Response: Yay! Well I think you're pretty brave for trying a brand new era. I know it's tough for some to read a period drama like this -old-fashioned settings and dialogue just doesn't click with some people. I'm very happy that you gave it a try and found that you're enjoying it! I love older eras -something about this time period and even the Founders period is so interesting and involving to me.

I'm so glad that you like Tom! Very rarely in fanfiction (or at least the fanfiction that I have read thus far) do you get to see into Tom Riddle Senior's head; mostly it's all from Merope's point of view. I wanted to do him justice too since he is as much a part of the creation of baby Voldemort as Merope is. :) Every time you hear about him in canon, it's usually something bad and so he's portrayed as a villain - I wanted to try something a little different with his character.

That reference to Merope's name is true and is a part of Greek mythology. JKR chose her name for that reason :) Very clever!!

Thank you very, very much! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story if you keep going!

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Review #17, by Echo95 

21st March 2008:
Hi! It's me again. I really don't see anything wrong with this, I actually think that it is quite good. Do you mind if I move on to the next story in line? Cheers!

Author's Response: Hey Echo! Of course you don't have to keep reading if you don't want to. I just wanted your opinion on it. :) Thanks for your time!

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Review #18, by AnnaKay 

19th March 2008:
Very interesting. Now I know the tale of Riddle's mother was always a big one, and one that could be full of different opinions. You have seemed a very good way to go down it and make it very interesting. I really like it and it has kept my attention very well.

I wonder what was going to happen, you ended off with a slight cliffhanger. Not a bad one by any means, just one all the same.

Author's Response: Haha yeah it is a bit of a cliffhanger but I had already written the next chapter when this was finished, so I wouldn't have tortured anyone much anyway. :D I'm really happy that you like my interpretation of Voldemort's mother's story; you're definitely right that it can be full of different opinions. Just reading that one tiny chapter or two about Merope can have a hundred different interpretations about what she was like or what she might have gone through. This is just what I imagine. :)

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Review #19, by Gords7015 

3rd March 2008:
Another good chapter. It was all well done, and my own critique is that maybe Morfin wouldn't know the word "decay." He'd probaby use rot or something like that, given that he can't read and wasn't schooled. However, that is serious nit-picking... Good work!

Author's Response: Hahaha you're absolutely right, I'm really glad you pointed that out. Someone else had a critique on a word that Marvolo used in the same chapter and I changed that too; I need to remember to stick to simpler words for these two. I'll fix it immediately! Thank you!

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Review #20, by luvdraco87 

29th February 2008:
I also really loved this chap. This story keeps getting beter and beter.


Author's Response: I'm really glad! Thanks!

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Review #21, by burnt august 

22nd February 2008:
This story is coming along very nicely! I like that it is being told from different viewpoints, so not only do we get Merope's story, but we get Cecilias, Tom's, and Bethes in addition. I also like the idea of the Slytherin locket being her protector and adviser.

I'm just going to finish up reading and then you can expect another review from little 'ol me :]

Author's Response: Oh, I'm very glad that you like it so far! :) The constantly changing viewpoints are not to many people's taste, judging from a few of my past reviews, but I'm happy that you enjoyed the way I've written from each character's POV. I like to change viewpoints because it keeps the story fresh and it's also my omniscient privilege - you get to see what everyone is thinking without having to flesh it out in dialogue! :)

Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #22, by CharmedOne 

17th February 2008:
I like how Merope's character is evolving, and it's about time she stood up to her relatives! I like how you changed the pace and had some scenes with Tom, I am surprised that Merope learnt to read great literature at such a short period of time thought - I suppose it shows she is a powerful witch, but I'm not quite sure if I believed it at first. Reading books maybe, but reading that kind of literature is difficult for people who are literate by six or seven. But still a great story all the same

Author's Response: Yep you're not the only one who has pointed that out to me :) I am seriously considering going back and expanding this particular part of the story, maybe when I'm nearing the finish line for it in the summer.

You are exactly right, I planned for her natural capability to show that she is a powerful witch. She's not the weak and dull and overpowered girl that comes across in canon, I wanted to expand on Dumbledore's assumption that she must have had some great magical power. It takes a lot of strength to live a lie, which eventually she does regarding Tom Riddle Senior. In my story, this power and strength is manifested in being able to do things rapidly and to learn very quickly in comparison to others.

I'll definitely come back and look at it! Thanks! :)

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Review #23, by Rebekka 

13th February 2008:
Oh, I love you for writing this story. It's romance, old romance, Jane Austen romance. ^_^ Oh, I read every word at a time, trying to see how you do it. I truly admire your writing skills and I'm yearning to learn... ^_^ I don't know how much you do background work, but it seems like you know every character truly well and that you have this whole world mapped out. It's just marvelous.

Gosh, I don't have any words for you even though this is such an amazing story. I wish I knew how to express my feelings when I read it, how happy I am, how excited, how interested. It's just so wonderful. The ending of this chapter was perfect. And wow, Tom actually noticing Merope... Does she have mental powers? *laughs* Anyway, I just truly adore this. Completely and utterly adore this.

Oh, and the quote in my last review was cut off partly for some reason. It looks really silly that way, but you know what I meant. ^_^

Author's Response: Haha what!? You're insane! You have nothing to learn from me, you're a fantastic author yourself. Some fanfiction stories just draaaaagggg the reader along with the plot, but you know how to craft a good solid story so the reader wants to go along - I love your Draco/Harry. Everyone go read "Be A Good Boy" by Rebekka. *end plug*

Thanks for mentioning Jane Austen! She is another of my idols and I have grown up with her books. She has influenced me in many ways and I think I subconsciously integrate that into my own writing, no matter what kind of romances I write, they always seem to have that kind of old-fashioned courtship flavor. :)

Yep Tom notices Merope even before she administers the love potion, at least in my tale. I think it would have been hard for him NOT to notice her, since his family practically owns the village and the Gaunts are, after all, in the neighborhood. They're the town weirdos! But Merope isn't really a weirdo, which fascinates Tom ... she doesn't seem to belong to either side, there's an interesting dichotomy in her case.

I am BEYOND grateful for all of your amazing reviews, and they mean that much more since they're coming from a gifted author like yourself. So glad I could entertain you, and I hope you enjoy the rest of it just as much! Thanks my dear! :) :) :)

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Review #24, by SBSL 

30th January 2008:
Here I am, finally reviewing this story. Sorry it took me so long.

I like how the locket seemingly talks to Merope, it seems to lead into the Horcux part. I also prefer reading about Merope and Bethe, rather than Tom and Cecelia, even though I know both are needed.

Hmm, does Cecilia love Tom as much as she thinks she does, or does she love John too? I think Tom loves Cecilia, just not enough.

I think Morfin is going to tell, just not yet... He'll wait until Marvalo is already mad at Merope.


Author's Response: Hey there, thanks for coming by. :) Really? I had no intention of leading in the whole Horcrux thing, I have a completely different intention regarding the locket talking to her but that's interesting you should mention that. I'm glad that you like reading about Merope and Bethe! I know other people who are enjoying the Tom and Cecilia subplot more than Bethe's story, so I guess I can't please everyone all the time! Every piece is crucial to the story, I assure you.

You're right! I couldn't have put it better myself - "Tom loves Cecilia, but not enough." Not enough for her or for him, unfortunately.

Thanks for the review! :D

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Review #25, by yougivemefever 

25th January 2008:
Ooo, the plot thickens!

Good work, like always. I forgot to comment on the way you write the characters speaking! When paired with the glorious descriptions you give, I feel like I'm back in their time period. Keep up the good work - I'm going to add this to my favorite story list!


Author's Response: Yayy thank you! :D I'm thrilled and honored to be added to your favorites, I'm happy that you like the story so far! Well it's been a rough road with the dialogue, since I'm usually writing when I'm around other people and I forget to stay in that 1920's British mindset. But I've been doing my best to keep it as genuine as possible, so you won't see anything like: "Hey Merope, what's shakin?" Tom asked. just kidding but you know I mean! :D Thanks for your review!

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