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Review #1, by knicoles 

26th July 2013:
This is probably my favorite chapter so far. We're really getting a feel for who Kerri is and now all these fun werewolf characters are coming outta the woodwork to involve her even more intricately into werewolf society and thus Remus. You're doing a great job of making sure the personality of each character shines out.

This review is out of order b/c in my hurry to find out what happens in the next chapter, I forgot to review this one, I liked it so much!

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Review #2, by funkynat 

25th November 2009:
yes i have a complaint.

Haha no i don't. Got ya!

Author's Response: I'm glad...

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Review #3, by Shellee 

15th May 2008:
Aw, Snapey's watching out for his sister. He's nice, he seems to be trying. I'm kind of curious to know what Snape wanted to do at first.
Ha, how did that frog get there? The weird piece of candy! A walk might be nice to relax. Hehe, Bazil looks like a fun guy, even though he's a werewolf. I4m curious to how he sounds now. I was wondering about the werewolves being around there. Ah, she's going to be the attention of guys more, isn't she? Nice that she's got something more to do now, something she loves. And now she's spending even more time with Remus, lovely!

Author's Response: Yes, Snape is trying hard to be nice. It isn't easy for him because he isn't used to it. People have told me that Snape is too soft but I want to show that side of him that only Dumbledore saw. At heart he was really a very decent, compassionate person.

All the boys are fun guys. They're like older, even more irreverent versions of Fred and George although I do have major plans for them.

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Review #4, by ButterflyRogue 

9th April 2008:
If there's something I love more than good fanfiction, it's music! :D So glad there's a band involved!!

I like your description of the werewolf commune as well... I've never really read a werewolf centered story so I'm really looking forward to sticking to this one...

Actually, I'm pretty fond of AU stories, especially well plotted ones. I just like it being said it's AU so I know I can expect anything and not a weird mix of AU and canon that makes very little sense...
But I won't rant now...

Great chapter! Off to

Author's Response: The band, like everything else has a purpose. Besides raising Kerri's 'coolness' factor it provides a way for her to become entrenched in the werewolf subculture.

I have big plans for the commune but I'm not even going to start on that or I'll give away too much.

Thanks again.

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Review #5, by Bella_Portia 

9th March 2008:
Very enjoyable. Love Basil and the band (although I think you make a good case for a boy band -- why do they need a girl, exactly??) Relationship with Snape is interesting.

Author's Response: Thank you.

You're the first person to complement me on the boys. I've been worried that people might not like them. They're kind of an edgier version of Fred and George, I guess, although I have big plans for them.

The nineties were the heyday of the boy band weren't they? But some band like "No Doubt" had only one girl in them. The boys like Kerri, think she's talented and that she's attractive to look at. Maybe they also know that she'll pull in a lot of curiosity seekers who wonder why an otherwise normal person would want to be hanging around a bunch of werewolves.

Kerri and Snape are both trying very hard to be nice to each other. They don't totally trust each other enough to completely open up, and probably won't for some time. Snape is my second favorite character on the series though, and I set out to show people the side of him that only Dumbledore used to see.

Again, thank you very much.

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Review #6, by Richter Vans 

2nd February 2008:
Ok, this chapter has an issue, is missing spaces between the texts and dialogs. You should update ASAP.

It was very interesting, one of my characters will start a band in Hogwarts, Is muggle born so he introduces Muggle instruments. Alan Parson, XD.

I like the humor you managed; it’s subtle and right for the characters.

But I exhort you to reconsider going Canon, XD. It’s just that the story is so well written that I would like to consider it canon. Y___Y... And well, I don’t know, I guess is hard to make that suggestion, but as your only reader, XD I really think it would be for the best. :P... That way No one beside those characters knows Kerri. And is of no big importance for the books. And she could teach at Hogwarts after the 7th book, so she isn’t mentioned in the previous books.

You could write a one shot about her in the war, OoO!!...

I don’t know, I guess I just get exited trying to make all fit into canon, XD. But is your decision.

Best regards.

Richter Vans.

Author's Response: Did one of those get through with the missing spaces? I hate when that happens. One of my Marauder stories was like that and I had to go back and fix the whole thing. Thanks for letting me know.

I consider it a great compliment that you like this story enough to wish it was canon. This is just how I've always envisioned the story, and it has been in my head for several years now. I knew how I wanted to end the series before Rowling wrote her ending. I'm going to stick with it as much as I can, except for a few obvious places.

I want her to teach at Hogwarts from years 3-6. I want her placed there to take part in some of the events to come. During the seventh year, I plan to have her resign from Hogwarts and openly declare war on Voldemort's followers. Right now, I picture her as uniting some of the more decent werewolves and using the commune as a base. I have pretty huge plans for this story which will eventually have six sequels, one for each year that follows.

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