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Review #1, by emma28 

2nd January 2017:
Very well written and well thought out. And I love that it has a happy ending, not many stories do

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Review #2, by AwkwardWeirdo 

29th June 2013:
This story was just perfect

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Review #3, by dobbywinky1 

8th June 2013:
Nice one. Just one recommendation. For your next one, you might want to proofread it. Just a few grammatical errors. Nothing so drastic. But once you get that aspect also right, your work would become 'perfect'. (pun intended) :)

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Review #4, by beapinkie 

10th September 2012:
Awesome story :) I enjoy reading marauader fan fics... Especially romance ones with Sirius :)

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Review #5, by JustAnotherPotterhead:D 

3rd August 2012:
Amazing story :D I loved every bit of it :D

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Review #6, by Svenni 

24th April 2012:
Wow, great story. I read it the whole evening until early in the morning and just needed to finish it. I loved to get to know the characters. You described them detailed but not boring or too long at all. Just perfect. Thank you for your time and sharing it with us

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Review #7, by livinginamagicalparadise 

30th December 2011:
Can I be honest with you? At first, I can say I didn't like this story. Don't get me wrong, your writing is brilliant, but Melody wasn't really a likeable character. She was dense and vain and just not relatable. But once I got threw, I really started to warm up to her. I loved Sirius and I think every guy should act somewhat like that. The story was good, minus some minor, exusable grammar and spelling, but the story was overall really good.

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Review #8, by xjamesandlilyx 

19th November 2011:
I love this story, so much! Thank you so much for uploading it. I love Sirius more than anything! Thank you soo much for writing Melody into the world.(: x

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Review #9, by :/ 

8th October 2011:
I hate to say it but that was a rushed ending. I hope everything works out for you though. Goodluck.

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Review #10, by paddypaws 

2nd October 2011:
loved ur story.. love sirius and his romantic side! :)

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Review #11, by Herm_own_ninny 

13th September 2011:
This was so great!!! Thank you for writing this. I wish there was more!!! And I sincerely hope you still read all your reviews because so many people still go on and on about this story :D So good.

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Review #12, by loriinwa 

7th September 2011:
Yeah, there were the to-be-expected grammar mistakes, and, yeah, some parts were incredibly cliche.
But, overall? That was AMAZING. So...keep writing, keep going, and maybe work Melody into another story? But I guess she already has her happily ever after...
Well, yeah, now I'll go look at all your other stories.

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Review #13, by coco 

2nd September 2011:
I stopped reading fanfiction a few years ago because I just could not find quality writing that interested me. Yesterday afternoon I revisited this site in honor of it being the day the Hogwarts Express would leave and found your story. Despite the mounds and mounds of AP homework I should have been doing I read your story chapter by chapter thrilled and dying to know what would happen next. Thank you for writing a wonderful story, you renewed my faith in fanfiction

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Review #14, by Seamuslovegood 

11th August 2011:
This is an amazing story. I've read few other fanfictions of sirius/oc. But it was by far the best. The way u turned Melody's perspective of life and friends was trully wonderfull. Thnx for such a beautiful story. Keep up the good work:-)

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Review #15, by rachel 

30th July 2011:
im so glad sirius and melody get a happy ending!

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Review #16, by harrypotterfanatic 

21st July 2011:
A lovely story, i almost teared up at the end. Keep up the good work!

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Review #17, by Kaye A 

19th July 2011:
I just reread this story after having read it a long time ago and it just as great as the first time! Just wanted to say you did an amazing job, thanks for sharing your talent! =)

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Review #18, by Ann 

17th June 2011:
I love your story, Your a great writer

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Review #19, by Forever_Pirate 

7th May 2011:
aww this was such a sweet story :)

amazing i am truly proud :)

its everything one can dream and hope for :) great job!!

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Review #20, by Indira 

29th April 2011:
:( You ruined it. By stating everything was happy and perfect you ruined it. I'm sorry this sounds harsh. I LOVED this story. Serioudly, I was addicted to it. I wish it would never end. Sigh, oh well. I really wish you had a better ending, but it's okay. You restored my hope in boyfriends with this, so thanks for that :D

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Review #21, by Potter Lover 

5th February 2011:
I read this story in two days and loved every chapter! Great job:)

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Review #22, by Kenzie 

26th January 2011:
Loved it, loved it! So amazing. When Sirius and Melody broke up, I almost cried. EP!!! This was a perfect end chapter, fluffy, but not too much. =]

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Review #23, by Blissful Beater 

30th December 2010:
Wow...this is one of the best stories I've read on this site. Add a couple of crazy plot twists, a few doses of oblivious male, a pinch of PURE EVIL, jealous, heartache, comedy, and the struggles of finding yourself and true love (paired with some spectacular writing), and you get this masterpiece! Everything in the story was real and easy to relate to...I'm very impressed.I'd never thought of Sirius in the way you portrayed him, and it only made me fall more in love with the character. All n all, the story was incredible. 10/10!

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Review #24, by nay 

28th December 2010:
Just read this story again, like the 5th time or something. I absolutely adore it. It's like a favourite move you watch now and then and just can't understand how something can be so awesome. I love it. I love you!
The characters are amazing, the plot is enchanting, and I just can't stop reading when I start. When I have to leave the computer I just want and long to go back and read more... True story, haha. This love-story is amazing, one of my favourite ones ever (EVER!). Makes me happy and inspires me, you know? Makes me all fuzzy and warm inside. Haha. And also, your writing is really good, I'm really impressed by your skills. You find a way to make everything interesting.

Well, now I have to get to bed (stayed up waaay to long to finish this tonight), so I guess I just wanted to say that you are amazing, and this story is a masterpiece.
Really really love it. Hugs from Sweden! =)

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Review #25, by Lira 

11th November 2010:
Omigod, I totally loved your story. Normally i dont like sirius/oc fanfics but this one was awesome. congrats!!!


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