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Review #1, by Georgia Weasley 

3rd January 2009:
I loved the flirty little line with the saleswoman. I have a feeling those emerald eyes could break some hearts as Harry gets older.
Ah, politics! Especially when Delores Umbridge is involved. Now they're blocking access to his money and his mom's wand? If I know Harry, he'll have Hermione and Ron help him hatch out a plan to get in there and get it. It IS his, after all. Your story makes me hate Umbridge all the more. She's really despicable here. Your characterization of the chief bank goblin was very good. I liked him a lot. Well done.

Author's Response: Harry breaking hearts? Surely not??? Well, you know my feelings on the boy!!! If only he were real... lol

Umbridge, yes, she gets worse though, probably worse than in DH, just about... At present she has only messed with Harry's money and wand, but don't you worry, she gets her cuppupance in fact in a way that I have to check with validators because it's gruesome... but okay, spoiler?? Well did anyone expect me to keep her alive at the end of the story??? She really irked me by turning up to Dumbledore's funeral...

The breaking into Gringotts, funnily enough was planned before DH, although not entirely written even now. I'm going to use different stuff though. Well, it wasn't much of a guess when I saw the illustration cover for DH children version UK prior to DH. It had to be Gringotts! now obviously Harry's main motivation is the wand. The money, he'll get around that one in a much easir way (the credit card? although it's not simple either).

I'm so chuffed you like my gobblin. I really did try to put myself in his shoes in a professional capacity. Thanks so much babe! x

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Review #2, by SpringTime 

15th November 2008:
I love the little moment of Harry talking to Ron about his relationship with Hermione. I know that this is mainly a Harry/Ginny fic, but I can't help but enjoy the R/Hr parts as much as possible. I am glad that you explained better why you chose emeralds, because I always think of Slytherin due to the color, but because of his eyes and the meaning behind them it really helps to take away the Snakelike conotations.
It was a nice chapter, mainly I know just filler, but sometimes I like those the best. It is the little moments that help build a story into what it will be.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm really glad that you like my filler chapters too. Yes, I'm trying to capture more of their normal everyday life and the interaction between the characters. Yes, my main pairing is Harry/Ginny but okay, it was obvious to me from the end of HBP that Hermione and Ron would end up going out together too.

The emeralds yes, I chose them because of the meaning and also because of Harry's eye colour. Someone else also mentioned the Slytherin connection but, to be honest, I don't think it even crossed my mind.

The relationship between Harry and Ginny will be an important part of the plot for other reasons too so I just wanted to show that, once he has come to the conclusion that there is no point in trying to get her out of his mind, he is going pretty fast, to Molly's dismay, of course.

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Review #3, by Shellee 

19th April 2008:
First of all, I loved reading this fic from the moment I started and I intend on reading and reviewing it until it's completed. =) I'm not one to read only a small part and then leave it, specially when it's good. I like how this is going, a bit pictures from Harry's side mainly, but also a bit of the dark side, I honestly love it. Now, on to the chapter;
Hermione to come out and shopping with him, should be fun, she always knows things and stuff. Though she might be a bit know-it-all-ish. I don't really think there would be a problem in Harry and Ginny being together, because well, she's already a main target. Not only because Harry loves her -being together or not wouldn't make her less of a target that way- but because she knows about the Horcruxes now and is trying to help them destroy them all. A ring would be a bit too much of the good thing, I guess. Not too much at once.
Oh, I think that by the end of this fic, I will have Umbridge cursed into oblivion. God, dammit, I hate that woman. She has no right to freeze Harry's accounts and such, the law hasn't come through yet or anything. Urgh -grumbles- I really wish I had a wand now. I don't think I've been able to follow properly though, but Harry would be able to take out more money than the twenty percent, as long as no one knew about it? I think I might have to let that one sink in.
Ah, I would love going to a jewelry store, specially with a load of money. I'm in it for rings and I can't imagine how beautiful that bracelet is for Ginny. Stunning, really. Plus, that enchantment he could put on the bracelet and cufflinks, wouldn't that automatically more or less say they're together again? Like a moodring, but different. Oh, I wish we had a Wizarding world in real life. I don't think Harry would be wearing cufflinks alot though, so it'd be more like a, wedding jewelry thing, I guess. =p
On to the next, I'm getting into it again.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so grateful for you reading and reviewing the whole thing though, mind you I don't think I'm even half way through (which is a bit worrying)!

I thought Hermione would be the best person for Harry to take with him for advice. Also, she is friends with both him and Ginny and fairly impartial. Harry loves Ginny to distraction of course but he has this tendency to feel guilty for everything bad that happens. As for Ginny being in as much danger, well, their being together will be advantageous and disadvantageous as far as Voldy is concerned but the main thing is that they need each others' moral support. Harry especially will do later on. I don't think anyone could go through what he will go through without someone extremely strong by his side, someone who will try to cheer him up no matter what, which is not going to be an easy job.

Yes, a ring would be too much. Ok, he doesn't care about spending money since Umbridge is just to eager to her her hands on it. The jewellery shop in question actually exists and is extremely exclusive, the price of the bracelet would horrify most people. Now, you're right Harry is not the type to wear cufflinks other than to weddings but he can still keep them in his jeans' pocket or somewhere like that, near, especially if they need to get in touch... It's not a love potion in any way. I researched the meanings of different stones and apparently emeralds can have a calming effect, which both of them can do with, since they are both pretty fiery and stubborn. Also both these items will become means of communication between them.

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Review #4, by punk poet 

5th April 2008:
i love the umbridge minister angle, she evil enough to do that

Author's Response: Thanks again. Yes, Umbridge is capable of this and much, much more. Harry's problems are just the top of the iceberg.

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Review #5, by Gords7015 

24th March 2008:
Well, this was a fun chapter to read, even if the ministry is being a bunch of bastards! Good work, and I liked the clerk flirting at the end there. No real issues here, although I think that Harry as a wealthy person ought to have some say in the wizarding world. He ought to be able to bribe some of the people in power in the ministry to block this bill. Why not take a play out of the Malfoy book?

Author's Response: Well, the Ministry wants Harry's blood, or wealth, think about it, whose side are they on, with Dolores as Head? Harry will not go to sulk in a corner quietly though.

I'm so glad I got you interested with my silly plots though!

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Review #6, by AnnaKay 

18th March 2008:
Well I don't like the Ministry very much. They are a lot that is a pain in the butt. Hey but at least Gringotts know how to get around them just a little bit. I am worried slightly about how Harry just wants to spend his money but if he can't really get to it, why not? Plus I could see how it is a good cause, with Ginny's present in there.

I think that if Hermione had not come along to help, Harry would have been completly and utterly lost. Thank goodness for her help.

Author's Response: Yes, Umbridge really has a grudge against Harry. I think she also fears what he may use his money for. Harry is beginning to lose it a bit. He acts impulsively. I think he was a bit too rude to the gobblin but I guess that's how I can see him reacting. After all, the gobblins had bent the rules quite a bit for him but they are afraid of the Ministry.

Yes, I think he is now openly confessing his true feelings for her. He's under too much pressure from other angles not to indulge into admitting his feelings and yes, he may as well spend the money than let Umbridge have it.

Hermione is very good at these things, even if not when it comes to her and Ron. She feels a bit bad when she hears the price, since she realises that it was her who took him there and that Harry just have to buy it no matter what.

Thanks ever so much, again.

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Review #7, by Aurora Dawn 

3rd March 2008:
Hello again Morgana,

You have Harry down so well...Ron too in the brief glimpse of him here...when it comes to girls. They're both so clueless,. They put me in mind of a pair of puppy dogs or something. Thank heaven they have Hermione to explain things.

Hmmm...Slughorn. I'm wondering if his presence in the bank is as significant as Quirrel's presence in the Leaky Cauldron turned out to be.

Much fewer typos here.

And it is so late, I absolutely have to get to bed !

Author's Response: Harry and Ron, well, I think we need to send them both on a training course, don't you think?

Slughorn plays a part in this story but not a huge one. He's sort of in and out of it. It is significant that he wasn't all over Harry trying to get someone to take a picture of them together or something.

The fact that they won't give him the wand is important though. Now, Harry is not going to stay at Grimmauld Place for ever partly because his going to think about finances and soon. Thanks so much for your reviews, you have almost caught up. Let me know when your new chapter is up too. x

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Review #8, by kara101 

22nd December 2007:
I feel so bad for the goblin, getting Harry Potter yelling at you. It is really sweet that Harry got Ginny a bracelet for her birthday and I really wondering how much money does Harry have? How do they have right to interfere with people's money and items? I am yet to figure out how the unicorn comes in but I will find out perhaps in the last 2 chappies.

I love this line here:

“Can I borrow your girlfriend for the day?”

“My...what, what did you say?”

Well thought out and thsi story amazes me. If you get the chance to read my story I would love it. Thanks for replying to my reviews and for posting your story on my review thread.Another somewhat long review, yay!9!

Author's Response: Well, yes, the goblin has really gone to hell and back to try to help Harry, but the Ministry has got them completely tied up. Although Harry understands this, he is pretty incensed, especially about Lily's wand (not only because it belonged to her but because it caused the curse to rebound and he needs to find out how exactly!). Anyway, ok, Harry is temperamental but I don't think he is that scary!

Harry's wealth, well, he is immensely rich (he was in shock himself on his birthday! The Potters were a pretty posh wizarding family and he has the Black estate also, from Sirius. I would say is definitely in the top ten in the country (in the wizarding world). He is also completely mad about Ginny, now that he has finally come to the realisation that there is no point in holding back. Since the Ministry is in a complete state of disarray, with Umbridge as Head, they are passing odd legislation and Umbridge's attack on Harry's wealth is pretty personal. She will never forget his insubordination in book 5, it is also indirectly an attack on the Order. The wand is considered to be an item of national security because of whatever Lily did (I'm not following canon here). Basically, Umbridge is a dictator.

The unicorn... well... chapter 20 will not reveal all but will give you a clue.

I have been reading and reviewing your story too. I have two more chapters to go and I find it enjoyable. I have made a few points but I hope I've not been too harsh. I appreciate constructive criticism so I tend to give it too but I'm not actually brutal, not that there was a need either.

Hugs and thanks again x

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Review #9, by JLHufflepuff 

30th November 2007:
More interesting developments. Die Umbrage! Anyway, I like the gift that he finally decided to get her, especially be cause emeralds do match his eyes. Very cute and sweet!

Author's Response: Yes, well Umbridge hasn't even begin yet! She definitely has it in for Harry but obviously the wand is a more serious issue... Yes, it was meant to be a bit of a cute chapter after all. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing x

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Review #10, by Bella_Portia 

26th November 2007:
This was a really nice chapter. The first scene, with Hermione and Harry, was really well done. The words you put in Hermione's mouth were very appropriate, very much what she would say. The second scene with H & H, after Harry had been to the bank, also excellent. The bit at the jewelers was delightful.

I also thought the scene with the goblin was well done. I liked the discussion of his banking schemes and accommodations. I did think the transition to using Harry's first name, and then suddenly going back to his last, made G seem oddly tentative.

Just a couple of nitpicking notes I made: "this guy wasn't" the choice of words (ie, 'guy') is kind of jarring, as you would associate more formality with a banker, even if it's his inner monologue -- "this young man", perhaps. Similarly, where Harry says, "you lot" it sounds inappropriately derogatory, since he uses the term at a point in the conversation when he's back on cordial terms with Garbhan. (Although, of course, I'm an American talking, without much feel for such a British expression.)

"Gently rebuffed the earnest advice" looks like a sentence fragment -- did you lose a word?

Anyway -- really good chapter. (Sorry there's no review of the preceding one. I couldn't get it to load.)
PS: what was particularly good was the way you advance the relationship between Harry and Ginny. This was a subtle, clever chapter. The Ministry takes over the financial institution, Harry is forced to admit (to himself) his feelings for Ginny, and NEITHER THE MINISTRY NOR GINNIE ARE ONSTAGE. I thought that was pretty darn cool.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for this. I'm particularly impressed with this because I know you are always honest, which is good because it helps you to improve.

Now, I personally enjoyed writing this. Ok, you haven't picked on that but I wonder if Harry is not a bit out of character by spending money like that, but yes, he is at a point when he is becoming a bit reckless since the Ministry wants the lot! Now, yes, he has to admit to himself how he feels for Ginny...

Now, you are write about the internal discussions being too much in slang. Yes, the banker would be more formal, and Harry has been primarily formal in the conversation, although pretty enraged! Now, the wand is a bigger problem than the money. Mind you, the money situation will almost turn him into an outlaw but not until Umbride does some other stuff, like attacking other species, that will be when things get very serious. Yes, the bit with the missing words, I'll go back to it because I think you are right and something got missed somehow!

You have certainly cheered me up though!

Hugs x

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Review #11, by Labby 

19th October 2007:
This chapter was really cute! I love how Harry spent a lot of time and money shopping for Ginny. Great job and I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Wow, you have now read all the validated chapters. I'm really impressed! Yes, I get that Harry has nearly given up on trying "not to be with Ginny". Well, Umbridge is definitely after his money, so he may as well splash out, but well, the shop I use in this exists actually(not that I have ever shopped there!)and they are actually jewellers to the British royalty so wow, probably someone's yearly wages on that bracelet, but I hope he doesn't come accross as a complete show-off but yes, I think it's safe to say that he is in love. Yes, I'll try to get on with chapter 19 as soon as I get a chance although I have visitors this week-end and I may not get a lot of free time. Thanks so much.

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Review #12, by jyyl94 

15th October 2007:
WOW, a super, duper amazing chapter !! I'm loving Harry and Ginny ships more, and overall, this is the BEST chapter of this story ! I totally loved it ! Everything was amazing in this chapter, especially the descriptions. I hope you'll write more chapters like this one ! It's sad that I've already finished reviewing every chapter, but do owl me if you already updated this story !! It was nice reading this story, so I'll definitely read it some more till the very end. Owl me if you can !!

Author's Response: Well, it's fantastic to have committed regular readers. I have started the new chapter but I'm a little stuck and there will be more Draco in it again, so you may like that! I'm so impressed with your comments on this chapter, since I actually thought it was a bit cheesy, although Harry is very formal and very assertive when it comes to dealing with the goblins, and mind you, he has a point: they won't be able to sit on the fence forever! So, if you weren't a Harry / Ginny shipper and now you are into them, well, what can I say! Harry/Ginny is a big part of this plot. In fact, lots of things will happen between them (some of which couldn't be there in canon) but again, you will have to wait and see. Just to keep you intrigued, Ginny will be very much a central character at the time of the final battle, although she will not be physically there... I'll owl you when I have finished my next chapter (I would love to finish it today but cannot make any promises).

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Review #13, by Joanne K 

14th October 2007:
This chapter was so cute! But the connection between Ginny and Harry through jewellery idea!!! That is so bizarre because I am currently reading another year seven fic that has the exact same thing! It's called 'Harry Potter and the Founders Study', you haven't read it by any chance, or is it just a coincidence?

Anyway, loved this chappie as usual, and can't wait until he gives his present to Ginny :)

Just wanted to pick you up on a spelling error 'laizer faire', the correct spelling is 'laissez-faire'. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for keeping up with this and reviewing. I thought maybe this chapter was a bit too cheesy but I thought poor Harry owes to cheer himself up a bit. When he gives Ginny the present are a lot of other things going on as well. No, I haven't actually read that fic so I guess it's another coincidence like between our stories. In my fic these two get very connected, and also with Voldy. She has already had the odd funny dream (the potion) and their sexual attraction intensifies this too, which in a way is a double-edged sword... Thanks for pointing out the spelling mistake. This chapter is about to get a little re-edited. Also I think the whole money situation may have come across a little convoluted. Hugs x and look forward to you posting some more of your story too!

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Review #14, by Sing4theSole 

11th October 2007:
Such a good chapter. upd8 soon

Author's Response: I'm really glad you enjoyed this chapter. I wasn't too sure myself because I thought the present may be a bit too fluffy. Harry definitely needs to get this wand now and he is going to have to live more or less in the Muggle world or be penniless. He thinks he is not materialistic but he will soon realise that money is acutally necessary sometimes. Umbridge will do something else to annoy the Order though. My next chapter, well, I haven't written it yet but I will try to get on with it today if I get the chance.

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