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Review #1, by IndigoSky 

3rd April 2011:
Kay, with that dream journal, you're definitely a Scrubs fanatic. And then you said John Dorian Nott and my theory was confirmed. FRICKIN' LOVE SCRUBS!

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Review #2, by FrostyFannie 

21st March 2011:
I LOLed so hard at the girl journal part, with the sexy crisp white pages and all!! This story is getting addicting!

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Review #3, by Siriuslover177 

19th February 2011:
He fancy's her!
I LOVE the Imaginary Journal!


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Review #4, by GinnyPotter25 

29th December 2010:
The Imagination Journal, is the BOMB.

I think I'm in love with James.

Thank you for this moment.

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Review #5, by Taylor 

17th October 2010:
Ha ha! The last part is like High School musical!

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Review #6, by PetrificusTotalus 

15th August 2010:
Wow you're story is awesome! :) I'm enjoying it so much!

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Review #7, by Lilyandjameslove 

11th January 2010:
Reference to Scrubs much...?
It's alright I LOVE Scrubs.
This story is bloody hilarious!
James is brilliant and funny, kind of a spaz but not like obnoxiously spastic, like in some fanfics. He can write about me in his Imagination Journal anytime he wants!
Great writing, as far as grammar and such, it's perfect. I can't wait to read more :D

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Review #8, by Blacksluvr 

22nd December 2009:
But then, one horrible day, you realize that your best mate journal has a really big, shiny lock on the cover and sexy, crispy white pages inside. What would you do, Imagination Journal?
thats brilliant

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Review #9, by unicorn_fan 

26th July 2009:
lol loving the little chanting thing at the end there quite quite humourous lol
awesome chapter =)

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Review #10, by Newresolution 

17th July 2009:
I've come across this story a few times, just never got around to reading it, and I already love it! It's hilarious!

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Review #11, by musicgirlhp14 

11th July 2009:
It's like reading a female Georgia Nicolson. anywho, I have warmed up to your story considerably. In fact I quite like it. It's nice to read a next generation fic that doesn't involve some kind of evil plot to, you know, kill everybody who was left after the last war. So I really like your story and it's light-heartedness. And the pranks.

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Review #12, by ingenious 

11th June 2009:
Great ideas in this chapter! It just doesn't really fit in to the whole Hogwarts idea, the dinner shout, call back thing

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Review #13, by rhysus2008 

25th May 2009:
Even though you do have fluff as one of the genres, I was hoping it would be less fluff, as I find fluff stories really useless. I'm NOT saying your story is useless, I'm just being stereotypical. :P

I hope you edge more towards the romance and humor (but please don't make it overly romantically soppy :P) but to be honest, I really liked this chapter. I'm starting to warm to the characters and they are each getting a seperate personality.

One thing that made me cringe though was calling Nott "John Dorian" but you did say you were corny! :P

7/10, best chapter so far.

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Review #14, by Lily 4 James 

15th May 2009:
Hahaaa I love James' translation :)

In fact, I loved the whole story so far

One thing though... it gets a little confusing (especially at the beginning) when it comes to characters, relation and dialogue, just because theres so much of all of them.

That might just be me though so I'll go read more :)

Other than that 10/10 :D


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Review #15, by PrincessPadfoot 

7th May 2009:
Another excellently written chapter. Favorite Scene: James' responses to J.D. and Roses' conversation.

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Review #16, by xXtwilightpotterXx 

10th April 2009:
Im loving this book; thye last parts kinda reminds me of
high school musical ^_^

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Review #17, by Felix 

4th April 2009:
"Oh, trusty Imagination Journal, please guide me..."
--Seriously, this is too much, I just need to say this whenever i'm feeling down and the minutes of continuous laughter will heal all that is wrong in the world.

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Review #18, by Spicky 

20th March 2009:
hilarious, this is an AMAZING story!!!
LOVE it!!!

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Review #19, by CaSurferGrl 

8th March 2009:
Hahahaha. Imagination Journal. Wow. Nice lock and crisp white pages. Hilarious!

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Review #20, by katey 

3rd March 2009:
“No! Don’t fall for it! He’s just a horny chauvinist deep down. That’s all J. Dizzle will ever be!” I declared softly.

“Rose,” said J.D. very carefully, “will you be my girlfriend?”

No Rosie, I thought, tell the schmuck you’ve actually been itching to join a convent…

annnd and

"Let’s say you have a best mate journal, who theoretically is a girl journal. But then, one horrible day, you realize that your best mate journal has a really big, shiny lock on the cover and sexy, crispy white pages inside. What would you do, Imagination Journal?"

sooo boss, lol completly amazing

LMFAO,i love you
and him, he's so funny
makes me wanna watch Scrubs
ha, oh yay it's on today!
idk i really enjoy your story =D!

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Review #21, by Burnt Cheese 

2nd March 2009:
Hah. Loved the last line. I'm officially addicted. Oh, and is it the drop-dead-gorgeous Gaspard Ulliel on your story's banner? *swoons*

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Review #22, by Fragile Words 

24th February 2009:
Aha - Whose house?

*said in a very deep manly voice*

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Review #23, by ME 

23rd February 2009:
Brilliant Chapter. Love the story. Very well written and amusing. A lot of scrub refrences, lol. J.D. Frick. And now the Unicorn Journal. I love that show! Great Job!

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Review #24, by skeet500 

1st February 2009:
i absolutely loved the scene with the imagination journal. i love tegan too, she's hilarious. james is just a very interesting character, very multi-leveled. it was also pretty funny when the whole gryffindor house went all high-school-musical at the end

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad to hear that you like James & Tegan, as I'm quite fond of them myself. ^_^

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Review #25, by dianap00 

15th January 2009:
I love the chanting. It is completely fitting and fun and inspiration-inducing. I love the James-Fred interaction. The two have an endearing dynamic. I like that he likes his lady friend. It's endearing.

Author's Response: Thanks! The chanting might be a little silly, but I like it. xD Glad you like the James & Fred rapport. =)

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