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Review #1, by knicoles 

25th July 2013:
Wow, and yet another tie in: best friends with Charlie. This is smart b/c, how would we know, he didn't exactly get a lot of play time in Rowling's books, but it links her to the Weasleys even before Harry came to befriend them. How on earth did you think this up?! I'd love to have a mind so analytical as this!

And just when you didn't think there could possibly be any more ways to tie in a non-canon character - enter Tonks in her college years. Room mates?! Perfect! This'll be a fun relationship, too, b/c they're similar enough in that they can relate and laugh with one another, but also b/c they seem very dissimilar, too.

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Review #2, by ChoS_sista_gurl 

12th November 2008:
Hey there, I think you write Tonks very well, from what I've read of her. She does seem like the cheerful, upbeat type who gets along with almost everybody. I just hope that she and Kerri won't be fighting over Remus...that would be a terrible way to break up such a new friendship! =(

I don't have much else to say about this chapter. The Weasleys were fun, as usual. I expected Fred and George to give Charlie a hard time about Kerri, but wouldn't Charlie seem a little more embarassed about it than he was? I guess he's the stoic type, then. =]

Next chapter.


Author's Response: Writing Tonks was actually a little hard for me in the beginning because I hated her guts from OOTP through HBP. It was after she was killed at the end that it occurred to me what a good, loyal person she was, and then I began liking her. Somehow she's managed to be one of my favorite characters in the series.

She and Kerri will not be fighting with Remus. Eventually I plan to pair her with another OC but not until one of the sequels. I have one sequel started and several more planned. My goal is to go all the way through the DH year.

Poor Charlie is probably just used to his brothers being idiots. Ignoring them is probably the best way to survive living in the same house with them without committing murder.

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Review #3, by Renfair 

4th October 2008:
I think I'm almost as depressed about losing my reviews I left you here as I am losing my own TDoON reviews :( But that's ok cause we'll simply march on! At least we both still have a lot of chapters to review to get our count back up ;)

*sigh* I want to be friends with the Weasley family. I think EVERYONE wants to be friends with the Weasley family. But the way you wrote it seemed very natural like Kerri really did belong there. I loved the bit with Percy and his "prefectness." I think I might have already mentioned this in a previous review (but who knows since they all went poof!) but it's kind of interesting how you have Kerri being friends with Tonks when we know that Kerri ends up with Lupin. Makes me wonder if you're going to totally just ignore the Tonks/Lupin thing or maybe if they'll have this massively awesome girl fight over him. Which I find kind of funny actually...typing that I just noticed the possible connection between the werewolves commune (interesting concept, by the way. That's a good reason why the werewolves would be pissed at wizards...) and Lupin. Maybe he lives there? Phee hee hee! We'll see soon enough! Hopefully pretty soon too...cause I just love romantic angst and I bet there will be plenty of that with Remus around...yay!

Author's Response: There's no point being depressed about any of it. What's done is done. It's just aggravating to me that I lost EVERY SINGLE review for the sequel because I began posting it after May or June or whatever the magical date is. Oh well.

Everyone needs friends like the Weasleys. I always think of Ron as Harry's "Sam" from Lord of the Rings. He's just an ordinary guy, nothing outwardly special about him, but Harry would be totally lost without his support.

Originally I had a deep hatred for Tonks. I knew from the moment she was introduced that Rowling was going to shove her at Lupin. I guess I'm as protective over him as you are over Snape and even then I had the seeds of this story in my mind. I hated Tonks right up until Deathly Hallows came out and she died alongside Remus. Then I started thinking about her in a different way. She's a good, decent person and would have done the same thing regardless of whether she was with Remus or not. That's when I decided to give her a bigger role in this story. I won't have she and Kerri fighting over Remus but she'll have her own little romances and plot lines devoted to her. I have someone picked out to pair her with in the end but not for quite some time.

So yes, I will just ignore the "Tonks/Lupin" thing. I just felt Rowling shoved them together because they were both conveniently single and she wanted another romance. It just made no sense to me. Tonks is a nice girl but I don't think she's quite prepared to understand and cope with Remus's hangups. So I created someone that could and found someone more suitable for her too.

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Review #4, by Shellee 

14th May 2008:
Ha, I knew it. Pfft, I hate it that people can't think a boy and girl can't just be good friends. She really does seem to get along with them wonderfully, which is very nice. Aw, he has a great opportunity and he should grab it with both hands. They're too goof of friends to be mad at the other because they go for what they want and grab their chances. He even thought about it to make her life even easier, so she wouldn't be all on her own! He's such a sweety. Seems like Kerri and Tonks will get along wonderfully. I see those two as your two typical college girls that have loads of fun being themselves and still study to get enough grades to be just about a top student. And Charlie seems like your typical guy, it's lovely!

Author's Response: "Pfft, I hate it that people can't think a boy and girl can't just be good friends."

Exactly -- I've had the same problem in my life. The more I think of it, the more horrified I am by how much of myself I'm giving away in Kerri's character. We're a lot alike in some ways.

You're half right --- Kerri is pretty sensible and hard working whereas Tonks is the party girl. They'll have their differences but they'll still be best friends.

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Review #5, by JLHufflepuff 

26th April 2008:
Hehe.. I absolutely love the Weasley characterization as Kerri visits the Burrow. I think Fred and George are perfectly and hilariously portrayed by saying "Prefect" like eighty-million times... So them. I feel bad for Kerri not having the familiarity of Charlie's company at Merlin, but it seems as though living with Tonks is going to help her out... This is where my canon sensibility is cringing. I know this is AU, so I will try to accept it.. It's just going to be weird if Kerri and Remus are snogging in one room and Tonks is rolling her eyes or something. But I will surivive it, probably because you would pull it off! :) Oh, and great foreshadowing "casually" having Tonks mention the werewolf commune.

Author's Response: Remus and Kerri spend the majority of this story trying to ignore their feelings for each other. He doesn't date because he's a werewolf and she doesn't because she's Voldemort Jr. So far the scenerio you've suggested hasn't come up. Maybe the girls can work out a system of some sort....put a specific object in the window to warn when a boyfriend is visiting. Or he has his own place...maybe they can go over there. You've given me something to think about.

Thanks for your reviews.

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Review #6, by ButterflyRogue 

9th April 2008:
I have to say I've been rather caught up in your story in the past two days... College work is kind of messing with my officially proclaimed "fanfic reading time", but I'll do my best to finish up the rest of this story that is posted so I can join that crowd of reviewers in anxious expectation of new chapters... :D

Now, for the review itself... As a first, I really like the concept of the story - the letters and the diary entries... I like that style very much but was always scared I'd do really bad trying to write it...

Secondly, your OC, Kerri, is sometimes so much like me that it's getting scary... I like the way her characterization goes so far... It's probably the first Voldemort's daughter OC I read about that isn't mysteriously transferred to Trio's era and in a anxious relationship with Harry (such repetitive scenario had gotten me to actually dislike any OCs that are Voldy's descendants). She's lively, believable and I'm glad you've proven me wrong regarding that opinion... ;D

As a third, I like the other side of Snape you showed in the first (I think it was the first?) chapter. He's still ready to throw in a snide remark, but is visibly softer towards someone he likes. He was always an exceptionally interesting character to me. I think it's great you made him Voldemort's son too because it adds to the tragedy of his character and fits a bit with his bitter and brooding behavior.

And fourth, your Dumbledore is fantastic!! "By the way, your father is Voldemort. --- Lemon drop?" lol Okay, I know it didn't exactly go like that, but he's the only one who could have said it and get away with it... :p

Also, I especially liked this chapter and the introduction of Tonks and the Weasleys.
And I can't wait until I read further and reach the part where you bring Remus into the mix. *loves*
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go and read more...

~*Rosie Nymphadora from ehpf*~

Author's Response: Wow...you guys over at ehpf are giving me the nicest reviews. I'm very self conscious about this story because of it's AU nature so I love it when people have good things to say about it.

I'm glad you like Kerri. She has a lot of me in her too. Sometimes I think that I'm giving away too much of myself by characterizing her as I do.

Some people have criticized me in the past that Snape is too soft in this story. What I wanted to show here is the side of him that apparently only Dumbledore saw throughout the seven books. You're the first person to compliment me for making him Voldemort's son. (Another of those parts that worries me a bit).

As for Dumbledore, he's just fun. With him, he's so offbeat that you never know what he'll say.

Thank you so much for reviewing.

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Review #7, by Bella_Portia 

6th March 2008:
Enjoyed this chapter. Your characterizations of canon characters are dead-on -- twins, Percy, Tonks -- perfecto. (I have a less clear vision of Charlie; but you did great with him, also.) Notion of a facility for werewolves, all on their meds at full moon, is both funny and ghastly.

Author's Response: Thank you. I've always been a bit worried about my characterization of Tonks because she only became one of my favorite characters after DH came out. Honestly, before that I couldn't stand her. I never felt she was right for Remus, but the realization that she would have been willing to die at his side is what changed my mind about her. (Ironically, that's one of the things I'm changing here).

The werewolf commune becomes very important later. Kerri makes some very important friends in there. I thought it was also a good device to show how the Ministry, and society in general treat werewolves. It's really just a way to segregate them from the respectable population.

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Review #8, by morgana67 

10th February 2008:
Ah, more characters come into this. Yes, I think Kerri and Tonks are going to get along fine. Now, it will be interesting to see Tonks' interaction with Remus, once he gets to date Kerri and goes to visit. Of course, in your story I assume that Tonks doesn't have a thing for him. Maybe she doesn't even know him yet.

I guess Kerri will meet Remus soon. I'm intrigued to see how it all happens.

Author's Response: Oh yes, Kerri and Tonks are going to be best friends. Kerri is a tomboy and has always had more male friends than female, so it's good for her.

Tonks doesn't know Remus yet, but they do like each other when they meet. She gets along very well with all of Kerri's friends and eventually I plan to pair her with one of them.

I just never thought she was right for Remus because she hadn't been through the heartache he had. He and Kerri understand one another because they've both had to fight their inner demons.

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Review #9, by Richter Vans 

1st February 2008:
The story is interesting, I never read off canon stories, but this has cought my eye. :p... I want to read the other story of yours. The one about Remus. XD... But I'll finish this as I promised.

I want to hear more about the university, XD.

I dont think Azkaban is near London. OoO?? its never been mentioned in the books I guess...

The ends is sort of painfull, Y___Y, either Kerri or Charlie have any money to spend, I dont think Tonks would put them through such tedius situation...

Author's Response: The university isn't necessarily in London. I suppose it could be, but I've never actually stated it's location. I put Kerri's home not too far from Azkaban for a reason though.

Tonks is well meaning, but somewhat naive at this age. She's a bit of a party girl, but she begins to mature a bit as she hangs around Kerri and the werewolves she befriends and sees the harsher side of life.

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