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Review #1, by delta 

5th February 2008:

Every time I read this story I'm reminded - powerfully - of just how amazing your writing is. I am in complete awe.

I'm going to take a slight tangent and apologize for being MIA for so long because in actuality, you inadvertently caused my erm . . . disappearance from hpff until about two weeks ago (don't worry, it's nothing bad ^_^). As much as I would like to claim school (the fault does partially lie there), it was actually my sudden fascination with a particular ship and my discovery of treasure troves of this ship littered across the net (but sadly not at hpff). (Can you guess the ship?) It's Severus/Hermione. =] I would never have taken a chance on a HGSS story over at ff.net if not for having read Fallen and Afterglow and having seen that HGSS was actually feasible. So THANK YOU (for jumpstarting my new obsession)!

Anyways, back to the story . . .

The one word that goes through my head after reading a chapter of yours is ‘Wow.’ I’m continually astounded by your plot and ability to write characters so realistically. For someone to tackle the issue of time . . . I just can’t say enough about how much I admire (and envy) your ability to explore such out-there topics and develop the idea with a maturity that most authors never reach.

There’s so many time-turner fics out there (which ironically, I highly dislike), but I have yet to see any that truly explore the ramifications of time travel like you have with the Past Universe vs. the Present Universe. Greengecko takes a similar approach with the idea of parallel universes, but her approach is more oblique – I think that here, you’ve truly managed to provide a look on how a moment in time can change the future for an individual so powerfully (although I have my suspicions on exactly how much Mort changed the future to achieve the current Present).

I’m also very intrigued by Snape’s relationship with the Death Eaters and the Order. Lily and him seem to be on good terms, but Dumbledore doesn’t exactly sound like he has the highest opinion of Snape at this point. The way that Emilia is treated in this universe is also interesting. (Btw, why is Emilia called both Emilia and Emma?)

And . . . oh, but the part where Emilia realizes that she’s only second-best is heart-breaking. I don’t know if it was meant to be this way, but the way you described it had me picture Emilia as inundated to the idea and apathetic about it (but in a depressed sort of way – if that makes any sense). The conversation was brilliant – short, terse, and so powerful in so few words. I don’t think I’ve disliked Snape/Lily (and I do dislike it) as much as I did reading that scene. The parallels Emilia draws between Lily and herself are striking. She’s second-best, always second-best.

I’m also extremely curious about the plot. Snape looking at Emilia’s death just seemed so wrong, and what Emilia is going to do sounds sad? right? self-sacrificing?

Guess I’ll have to read on to find out. ^_^

Author's Response: Mort changing the future? Well. My excuse for entirely forgetting about him is... :P that how much could an old, coughing his lungs out man change the future? He was more powerful in his head than in reality - his ideas of greatness influenced by Voldemort. I see Mort like canon-Peter, the way that JKR portrays Peter in the last few books. But like many things in this story, I lost track of him - that's what comes out of making a story too complicated. :P

The Snape in the "other" time is perhaps more turn-coat than the canon Snape appears, though even with DH, Snape's loyalties are really uncertain. What terms he was on with Lily after fifth year are never mentioned, though they must have met sometime during that period.

I prefer Emilia. Emma was a silly idea. :P Stupid younger me.

The most important part of the story is the second-best thing - how Emilia realizes that she isn't first in anyone's mind, not even Snape's. She becomes, technically, a nobody, and that's probably what breaks her heart most, seeing that nothingness in Snape's eyes (but that's later, I'm getting chapters ahead of myself :P).

Thanks for the review, delta! It's great to see you around again! ^_^

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Review #2, by Kimberly 

5th November 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #3, by hullo 

29th September 2007:
great! update soon!

Author's Response: I will try to. Thank you! =)

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Review #4, by QueenRowena 

28th September 2007:
Wow, it's hard to keep up with all the twists of this story. Excellent chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! Sorry about all those twists, hopefully they straighten out soon. =)

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Review #5, by JamesandLily4ever 

22nd September 2007:
OMG! (Sorry for that I mean: Oh my God!) What will happen to them? (Dudette, I see that this is linked with Deathly Hollows - Snape & Lily theory, I mean. Hopefully something good happens amist this time-changing sequence -- I'm getting lost in it...)

Keep up the great work though! I love the suspence. :)


Author's Response: The time-changing sequence will unravel itself soon, but yes, I couldn't not include the Snape-Lily thing, not after it played such a huge role in DH. Thanks very much for reviewing and enjoying! ^_^

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Review #6, by Romina Stephanie 

11th September 2007:
I am at loss of what to say. True, there's so much happening at the very moment, it's hard to navigate in my own head. But it's so spellbounding, I ignore the fact that I am confused. I'm desperately trying to read between the lines though. There have been unexpected relevations and happenings lately that I'm still catching up with everything. I'm also very curious about where this is heading now...

I loved the dream. The other version seemed more real; this was more blurry at the edges of the picture you painted and the entire scene left me pretty much speechless. The Dark Mark, the dying man... I'm ninety-eight percent sure she was occupying Voldemort's body, but it all fell surreal. And the rat!... You wrote the dream vividly and I was basically living it. A scary feeling, I must say.

Snape's encounter with Voldemort and the dead Nero was also written well and the end of that part shocked me. Makes me curious about the circumstances in which she will die. Well, you certainly know how to keep it interesting, so I congratulate you for that.

And then... Well, the final part was filled with so much I haven't yet been able to take it all in. What was it Albus had explained to her about time? Will she brew the potion once again and return to her time? I can always hope. But still... Emilia couldn't have been so happy in her other lifetime. At least now she had spent many years with Severus, whom she loved. Or loves more like. Their futures are too unpredictable, and I don't even want to speculate about their destinys. I'm sure you'll manage to surprise me anway, so I won't struggle and just follow the course of this story. Wel, haven't got much more to say. Can't wait for the next chapter =p Keep it up!

Author's Response: I'm sorry that it's so confusing - I've been trying to organize it all a bit better, but you did get the part about the dream, which is awesome! ^_^ Yes, it has to do with Voldemort - an idea I borrowed from the OotP movie, when Harry gets taken over by Voldemort, someone mentioned that V. did it before too, making people go mad. That's all I say about it, though. ;-)

The next chapter will explain things better, I hope, so maybe that'll unravel more of the knot for you. =) Thank you very much for reviewing, Stephanie. ^_^

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Review #7, by Bears Kitty 

10th September 2007:
so did Snape take the bowl with him? im confused

Author's Response: Yes, I think he did, though I can't remember now. :( Hmmm....

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Review #8, by Astoria_Launay 

9th September 2007:
Ohh man.

Author's Response: Thank you! ^_^

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