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Review #1, by SpringTime 

14th November 2008:
One, good chapter title (one of my favorite books) two you really nailed Draco in this chapter with her arrogance. Very nicely done.
You have Hermione not finishing her saying Voldemort towards the end of this chapter, I think she might stutter over it, but in the end she would be able to say his name (she has been since fifth year i believe) just a random thing I thought that I would point out.
Good chapter, see you in the next one. :)

Author's Response: Oh, I love Jane Austen too. I'm really pleased that you liked my take on Draco.

I think you're right that Hermione should have said Voldemort in full, this is an oversight on my part. I'll go and change that.

I thought you might enjoy seeing a bit more of Draco lol

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Review #2, by Georgia Weasley 

28th October 2008:
I love that you are developing the change in Malfoy slowly. That's the way true change happens, isn't it? The overnight stuff is usually fleeting, and the true feelings come back eventually. Done this way, his heart is well and truly altered by the end. Poor Harry. The weight of the world is awfully heavy on him. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks so much babe for reviewing so much. I'm replying to this first just in case I don't get a chance to reply to the previous chapters' reviews before I get back to England. I'm currently in Greece on holiday and the internet in the cruise ship doesn't work.

By the way, I recall replying to some of your previous reviews from a hotel in Gatwick airport but they don't show, so they must have crashed. I think Mercury, the Greek myhological god of communications, is angry with us! lol

Now onto this review, yes, I don't think a grateful Malfoy would be realistic even given the fact that he is pretty powerless now but I thought, like you that this had to be done slowly. Harry is not too pleased himself but he accepts that he hasn't got the heart to contribute to Draco getting killed or something if he refuses to help him.

Sorry about the delay in replying x

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Review #3, by crazygingercatlady 

8th October 2008:
I really can't praise you enough for creating a Harry who is matured and believable. You really have taken into consideration how events have changed him and I also like how you have him thinking about things in a much more logical way. Again you show his maturity by the way he asessess his decisions in terms of the impact it will have on others.

Adding Draco to the mix has made things very interesting and I really like how you're showing Draco's struggle to adjust to such a change in circumstances. I really like how you just didn't change him into a nice guy, you really exploring how recent changes have impacted him and how he's struggling to keep up with the changes.

I also thought it was really interesting how you drew parallels between Draco and Harry through the fact both have lost their mothers, and by the same hand. It's an interesting comparison and it's interesting to see that they now have something in common.


Author's Response: Thanks so much Tory.

I have the feeling that I replied to this review at some stage but now appears missing, so I will reply again.

I'm just so pleased that you liked my characterisation. I wanted to change Draco considerably, hence I set him in very different circumstances to what we see in the first books of the series. I wanted him to change but slowly and realistically so I'm really happy to see that you think I have achieved this.

Harry also, yes, I see him as someone who is maturing too. He has always had a very noble heart and no matter how much he dislikes Draco I never thought that he would have wanted him killed, as in fact we see in DH that he saves him even if they are fighting in opposite sides. Of course, they will clash considerably and there is a lot of history between them, so that will make up for some comic relief at times too.

Thanks so much for your encouraging and detailed review.

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Review #4, by Shellee 

17th April 2008:
Draco is in the house! Whoop whoop. Heheh. I think he should be a bit more grateful that he has somewhere to stay that will be fairly safe. He's been through alot, as they all have. I'd be killing for any kind of proper food right now. Then they're wanting to basically force Veritaserum on him. Tsk, I thought they knew better than that, they were more sensible than that! Glad that Harry has some authority over them really, Draco deserves a bit of rest. He shouldn't look down on them and the house, I think. I hope they will believe him though, I do. Then again I know more =p Aww, Harry should go to bed himself.
Whoo, next one.

Author's Response: This in a way is going to be a lot of fun because Harry and Draco have never been best of friends to say the least. Now, Harry is a compasionate person so he can abandon him when he is in so much danger. I thought Draco would not turn all completely polite overnight. He was more humble with the priest but he used to hating Harry and the Order and muggleborns, blood traitors and what not. I thought it was more believable to let him develop very slowly. The curious thing is that the roles are now practically reversed. He is more or less in the situation Harry was at the Dursleys although Harry is a nicer person that his uncle and aunt.

The veritaserum, I thought it was just the kind of thing that Moody would insist on!

I can't believe you have read and reviewed so much! xx I would like to read your original fic too but I will let you know when I get another computer because at the moment I have to do this at someone else's or at work which is not really ideal.

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Review #5, by punk poet 

4th April 2008:
loved harrry reaction to draco. once again well writen

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed this because it was hard to work out how both boys would actually act in these circumstances. Thanks, again.

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Review #6, by Gords7015 

24th March 2008:
This was a very good chapter as well! I think that you showed how awkward it would be for Malfoy to be with the order. I half expected Moody to put the veritiserum in Malfoy's drink without telling anyone.

Oh well, I'm on to the next one. Oh, and last chapter, there was a typo (forgot to mention it): You said sytle instead of style when talking about the newspaper article.

Author's Response: Well, it's worse for Draco for sure, but the other Order members are not looking forward to it any more than he is.

Thanks so much for spotting the type by the way and again, thank, so so much for reading and reviewing the whole thing! x

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Review #7, by AnnaKay 

18th March 2008:
Well you had to realize that Draco was not going to be perfect. Even though his mother died, and he is no longer a DE it does not mean that he left all of his old way behind. It is going to take some time and a lot of understanding.

It is nice that Harry helped him out a little by making Moody not question him. Harry can be nice, and I think he understands that it is going to take some time for good changes.

Author's Response: Yes, Harry realises this. Now, Ron is the most reticent of the lot. He has the most problems copping with Draco's snobbery. Harry still doesn't like him but I think it's in Harry's nature to give him a second chance, even if he realises that, ok, he will probably always be a snob. Yes, it will take time. I tried to make this change realistic but keeping Draco's old ways in many respects.

Again, goodness, I don't think I've ever had so many reviews in one go! I'm so pleased.

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Review #8, by Aurora Dawn 

3rd March 2008:
Hi Morgana,

I really like this chapter. It's the way you're handling Draco that I think is really good. Draco has never been around decent people or tried to be one himself. He doesn't understand the people he's now forced to live with. He seems very confused, expecting the worst out of everyone. He expects Harry to want him to 'bow down', he's half afraid Moody will attack him, and he's leery of Remus freaking out and mauling him on some full moon. That's the way that the people he knows behave.

His values are off too. He genuinely doesn't understand the way Harry has chosen to live his life. Harry lives his life according to the way his heart and conscience dictates, whereas Draco has lived by ambition. Now his whole world is upside down and he doesn't seem to know what to do with himself.

Through all of this though, he still maintains a touch of that Malfoy arrogance. I'm glad that you're able to develop his character like this without watering him down.

Something else I noticed is that Harry and Draco are somewhat in the same position that Sirius and Snape were in when they suddenly found themselves on the same side. I keep remembering that scene in the fifth book where they started going at it and Harry had to step between them. It should be interesting to see how Harry handles being in this position himself.

Very nice.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing all this. You have made excellent points actually. Yes, I guess LV expects people to vow down, Fenrir would bite you and Bella attack you. I'm almost feeling sorry for Draco now. I'm glad that you don't think I have watered him down too much. Now the reference to Snape and Sirius is really interesting. I have not thought about it like that, but it's so true. The way Harry will be, well, he is still a decent person even if he really doesn't enjoy Malfoy's company. There will be a funny scene later on with these two. Thanks so much.

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Review #9, by kara101 

22nd December 2007:
I have 4 chapters left to review after this one! I am almost done, and again I apologize for the wait. Draco is finally here and I love the way you characterized Mad Eye Moody, well done. Mr and Mrs always need periods after them. I can not wait to find out what Malfoy says and I have found barely anything to critic but I would get a beta for they always find things.

Author's Response: I'm very pleased that you liked this chapter and that you like my Moody! Yes, I'll put in the periods. The interaction between Harry and Draco will be, well... interesting.

Thanks again!

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Review #10, by Bella_Portia 

19th November 2007:
I thought you set a really high bar for yourself in this chapter. Not only had you set it up so you were dealing with multiple interactions among people who had deep-seated and passionate feelings about one another, but you were shifting among points of view. I don't know what you could have done to make it harder.

I particularly liked Moody in this Chapter. I thought you captured his voice and, even more, his disposition. I could well imagine him insistently standing by, brandishing his little vial of veritaserim. It was very clear how he saw Malfoy, that he mistrusted him, that he did not want Draco going any further without verifying himself, and that was that.

Harry was a little less clear. You describe a lot of different thoughts (Draco turned up at the cottage, which was nervy; he was with Snape, a bad sign; plus, he just lost his mother, which was sad and ironic at the same time), but it's never really clear what his attitude is toward Draco, how he mainly feels about him. For instance, if Harry doesn't want Draco to die on the street but still thinks he's a nasty excuse for a human being -- why doesn't Harry just lock Draco in a bedroom and feed him gruel?
And why, for that matter, would Draco expect anything else? He knows Harry isn't his pal or supporter.

Draco seems a bit uppity, given the position he's in. Even "thinking" a complaint about the food (what's his problem with ordinary food? what did he eat at the rectory?) makes him seem almost out of touch with reality. He is surely aware that if the situation were reversed, and Harry were his "guest," he would not be breaking out the good china. Would it surprise him if Harry starved him? Also, would his dominent emotion not be grief, which his upbringing would disincline him to show? Were the others noticing and being a little bit solicitous? Would Harry feel guilty because he hated Malfoy and felt terrible for him and empathetic at the same time?

Obviously, this chapter brings up a lot of really great stuff with these characters. I do think their individual voices may have been lost or flattened a bit in the process of creating such a complicated scene.

It seemed to me that, given his feelings about Werewolves and the fact that Lupin had, after all, been his teacher for a year, the sight of his cousin with one would disgust, rather than frighten, poor little Draco. Just a thought.

Thank you for an enjoyable read.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for another very in-dept review.

Well, I did not make things hard for myself on purpose. I just thought it would be interesting to see how Malfoy and Harry would interact in the circumstances.

I'm glad you liked Moody's characterisation. That's how I imagine him being. Harry, well, I think his mind is full on conflicting thoughts. In one way he doesn't want him to die on the other, ok, he is not going to enjoy having him around but I don't honestly thinks he hates Draco, he dislikes him yes but he sees him as a weaker character with respect to other Death Eaters. I don't think Harry has it in him to imprison Draco or to starve him! He saw how scared he was when Dumbledore had talked to him. In fact, Harry will get to feel sorry for him but there will be a reason why. Malfoy himself may have been harder with Harry had the tables been reversed but it doesn't come naturally to Harry to be cruel. He thinks it makes sense that he has truly changed sides but he is still a bit weary just like everyone else.

Now, Draco, yes, he knows he is not particularly welcome with the Order. Yes, he is too uppity. Maybe I overdid this! Yes, good point about food with the priest etc but he didn't have a grudge against him like he has with Potter. He is resentful that he has inherited so much in a way, and their dislike for one another is pretty rooted in the past. He doesn't actually make the comment aloud, he just sort of pulls faces. He realises he is in need of protection and will very much keep himself to himself. I started a thread before I wrote this chapter on how people saw these two and in was more or less consensual that no matter what, Draco would be still arrogant. I was perhpas in too much fear of making him too likeable or too pally with Harry. About the grief, I think this could be seen in two ways, yes, he would keep it private of course and I guess he does to an extent but also, he has been known to make a meal out of things like when the hippogriff attacked him in book 3. Also, this provides him with the best possible explanation for being on the Order's side, in a way, it's almost a trump card.

I'll see if I can improve this to make it a little less convoluted in terms of the characterisation. I think I must do this with the whole story when I get a minute (or rather a bit longer). About werewolves, yes, I may change the sentence a bit to give more emphasis to his disgust. The disgust is slightly shown by the look he gives Tonks when they are holding hands but, yes, fear... well may be he wouldn't feel fear as such.

I'm glad you enjoyed it overall and please feel free to owl if you have any specific suggestions re characterisation and so forth. Draco is not going to have an easy time anyway despite the fact that Harry will protect him even more than he himself believes he would do but there will be fireworks too!

Hugs x

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Review #11, by JLHufflepuff 

17th November 2007:
So now Draco is at Grimmauld place. I never even thought about how awkward that would be for everyone. Mrs. Black's response was good and very telling. I think you have Draco in character, and Harry, too. At first I thought he seemed too mean for Harry, but, truthfully, why on earth would he WANT to be nice to Draco at this point? :-) I guess we shall see what happens...

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing. I thought it would be interesting, especially for Draco's development to reverse the roles, Draco needing to swallow his pride and ask Harry for help. Harry is a kind person but he is also very stubborn and after all, he let the DE into the castle, even if he knows that Draco didn't have a lot of choice in the matter. There will be more on these two. They will be on the same side in the end but they are never going to really, really enjoy each other's company, although Draco gets put through the paces in this fic. I thought the Malfoys got away too lightly in DH. I expected Voldy to have been a lot harsher on him after he failed to kill DD!

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Review #12, by jyyl94 

15th October 2007:
The characterization was good in this chapter, and I loved the way you put Moody's character. Definitely him. Again, there were just a few grammatical mistakes, mostly punctuations, so I do hope you avoid these mistakes in the future. Great chapter, and keep up the good work !!

Author's Response: Yes, Moody trusts no-one and former Death Eaters even less! Harry is very much in two minds as to what to make of it all. Writing the Draco/Harry interaction was a bit challenging, especially now that Draco has to be humble (for his own protection) but has to remain himself (Draco can't never be too humble!). Again, I'll check the whole story for errors. If you spot anything very specific, by all means let me know. Did you think Harry and Draco were in character too? Thanks again so much!

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Review #13, by Joanne K 

22nd September 2007:
Yay. I'm finally up to date with all your chapters. Now I just have to wait for the next one to get posted ;)

I really liked your characterisation of Moody in this chapter, when he was in full auror mode. I loved Mrs. Black's portrait, too, it was well done.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for this. My next chapter is in the queue and I guess it should be up soon since it has been there a while. Yes, I don't think Moody would be very keen on having Malfoy there but Harry has always been a bit of a softy even if he doesn't like Draco. I thought it would be interesting to reverse the tables here. As for the portrait, yes, I guess the old hag doesn't know what to make of it all.

I'm looking forward to your next chapter too, x

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Review #14, by Labby 

16th September 2007:
This story is pretty good! You've kept my interest so far! I can't wait to read more! Great job!

Author's Response: I'm definitely glad you like it so far. Chapter 17 is up the queue so I think it may be up by tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. Hugs x

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Review #15, by LupinFan45 

13th September 2007:
It's really good!!!

Author's Response: Thanks again, I'm glad you are still reading... chapter 17 will be up soon x

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