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Review #1, by knicoles 

25th July 2013:
I like how Snape and Kerri's relationship is developing, the back and forth between them. It seems believeable :)

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Review #2, by strawberrydarhling 

19th June 2010:
You've certainly got me interested!

I get the feeling your going to be hearing from me a lot in the future!

Author's Response: I hope so.

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Review #3, by Aeana 

15th February 2010:
Nice chapter, good length and it really helped to set the foundations for an interesting read. I love back story, it helps to focus the entire plot.

You've definitely convinced me to continue reading.

Author's Response: Thanks. Finally someone approving of the length of my chapters. I think they must be getting shorter or something (the second sequel). I need to go back and see how long they've been in the past.

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Review #4, by LunaLovegood72 

23rd May 2009:
That will be really awkward... having to teach Harry. I hope the story goes that far; I guess I'll find out ;-)

Great chapter; I'm really glad Kerri and Snape are getting to know each other!

Author's Response: I do intend for the story to go all the way through the entire seven years that make up the Harry Potter books. I'm almost through with year two and am planning year three, the Prisoner of Azkaban year. So fairly soon Kerri will be teaching there.

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Review #5, by ChoS_sista_gurl 

12th November 2008:
Seeing Kerri and Snape interact like true siblings was sweet. I'm glad that in your story, Severus Snape has someone to care about and who cares about him. He deserves it, the poor man.

The timeline is coming together as well. So, this is at that time between Voldemort's disappearance and his return. Kerri knows about Harry, but Voldy doesn't know about her.

However, I find it hard to even think about Snape being the spawn of Voldy as well. He risked life and limb to pose as a double agent for Dumbledore against his own father? Snape must have inherited none of the powerhungry malice from his genes to act that way, although he does speak about Riddle with some respect and reverence. All this seems to contradict each other, but maybe Snape is such a complicated character that we're not meant to understand what goes on in his brain. LOL. =]

Off to the next one.


Author's Response: This takes place in the same year as "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." Kerri and Quirrel were school friends and I had a lot of fun with him through this.

I never thought about it seeming incongruous for Snape to turn on Voldemort. If he was in love with Lily I didn't see why I couldn't hate Voldemort for killing her. Poor Voldemort is not exactly good at endearing himself to others anyway. And yes, Snape is a very complicated character which is what makes him one of my favorites.

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Review #6, by ... 

26th May 2008:
I'm not sure if it's just my computer... but this chapter repeats? Anyways, I think it's an absolutely brilliant idea, and I can't wait to see how it formulates along the next thirty chapters...

Author's Response: I know it. People keep pointing it out and I keep saying I'll fix it and then I never get around to it.

And thank you.

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Review #7, by Shellee 

13th May 2008:
Firstly, you scared me with the length, but it seemed that you typed up the same content twice? Or am I missing something? I hope not, I skimmed over it and not concentrating fully might not be so good. It must be at least a tad bit boring to live with Snape, certainly when everything is so outdated. They seem to get along though, well, kind of. Soon enough she'll find out more about herself, I think, right? Seems a bit, uhm, ennerving, that she resembles Voldemort so. I'm sure the head she has got between her shoulders will keep her from doing anything bad like her father. I don't think she should be scared to ask about his past. They're siblings, they should be able to talk.

Author's Response: I need to fix that, I really do. When I started posting I wasn't used to doing it and I must have hit the button twice or something. I think you're the third person to point it out and I've still been to lazy to fix it. Sorry about that.

"Kind of" totally sums up the way Snape and Kerri get along. They're trying hard to be nice to each other but it will be a long time before they trust one another completely.

Eventually I plan to have Kerri actually meet her mother's side of the family, but that won't be till much later. I'm told that I'm very good at pacing myself. In the first novel, Snape will offer to start looking into Kerri's mother's side of the family and find out all about them. In the sequel, which I've just begun, Kerri has an argument with her mother over it.

Yes, Kerri is a lot like Voldemort. I like to think that she's what Voldemort would have been like if he hadn't come out completely insane and evil. She won't ever go bad like he did, but she'll have moments of violence as her friends begin to die off -- Siruis Black for instance. She and Sirius will be very close friends during 1994-1995.

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Review #8, by JLHufflepuff 

22nd April 2008:
I really like the letter from Hagrid - very in-character. It's exactly how I think he would write a letter.

I love the way you use the transcript of her conversation with Severus to tell a LOT of backstory as well as characterize both of them wonderfully. You convey her feelings of guilt and shame at her parentage in a believable way, and it also deepens Snape's character to think that he served Voldemort - his father - and is now working against him. I liked having a hint of Lily thrown in there as well.

On the funny side, I loved them making fun of Lockhart - "Humping with Harpies" and "Faring with Fairies" .. tee hee..

AND - I think this whole chapter is in there twice... It looks like all the sections were repeated again, if that makes sense. My computer could just be messed up.

Author's Response: It's highly possible that the whole chapter has been repeated. I didn't have much experience posting then so there's no telling what I did. I'll have to check it.

Poor Lockhart. There will be a lot more making fun of Lockhart in the future as he does show up in person later. He's in the process of writing "Wanders With Werewolves" and he's just a constant annoyance.

I like working with Snape, my second favorite character in the series. He was one of the deepest characters but it turned out that we really didn't know that much about him. I've been accused of making him 'too soft' but I want to bring out that side of him that no one but Dumbledore apparently saw. He and Kerri are still fairly distrustful of one another at this point so it will be a while before she knows who the little girl in the picture is. (Of course later on she'll be hiding some details from him too so I guess they're even).

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Review #9, by Bella_Portia 

4th March 2008:
I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. I think your take on Snape and the sibling relationship (and the filial relationship to LV) is fascinating. Also believable -- I'm drawn right in.
Kerri and Snape -- really well developed, and their respective voices feel right.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. Words like 'believable' and phrases like "I'm drawn right in' make me very happy.

Snape is one of my favorite characters and while I want him to maintain that canon "Snape-ishness", I also want to show his more down-to-earth side too. Turns out that Dumbledore was seeing an entirely different Snape from the one everyone else did, and that's the one I want to know more about.

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Review #10, by morgana67 

9th February 2008:
Lovely chapter. Love when they are watching the photographs. Absolutely great, nicely written too.

Now, the one thing that has happened is that your chapter is repeated, like if it has copied itself and got attached to the end but that is easily mendable.

I'm dying to see what she is like when she meets Harry, since the poor thing feels guilty because of who she is.

Ah, in the previous review I forgot to say that I love the sentence when she said that she went to Dumbledore for comfort and what she got was lemon drops and Snape! (poor genius)

Author's Response: Thank you so much.

Hmm...it repeated? Thanks for catching that. There's one where the paragraphs all run together too, that I need to fix.

She meets Harry when she goes to visit Hogwarts at Christmas. Lots of stuff going on in that chapter.

Thank you so much for all your kind complements. I love it when someone tells me that they like reading my work.

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Review #11, by Richter Vans 

31st January 2008:
Theres a big issue, read this chapter and you will see. Its double posted!! I though it was a very long chapter but no. The text is duplicated.

I Loved the Idiot part, XD. But how old is Kerri? I cant figure that out with the date. Y__Y.

I'll keep on reading...

Author's Response: Kerri is nineteen years old.

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