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Review #1, by datbenik513 

25th May 2009:
This one is all about conflicts.
Well, we did know Bellatrix had never fully trusted Snape, but up until know it had never come down to wandwork. A skilled Legilimens as he is, he was able to foresee the curse coming, but from now on, he would have to watch his back. Bella is dangerous, even for her own kind.
In the meantime, the Burrow faces another conflict. Lupin has to give some answers for things he'd caused. Once the smoke's cleared, Harry can concentrate on Ginnys's "dream", if the word is at all apropriate here, as we still don't know what she saw. I loved this scene but I can't say I did like Ginny's behaviour. She's too much like my wife, too much out of the blue.
Hermione finally breaks down, after bottling her emotions after the death of her mother for too long. Guess why it's not Ron who's able to comfort her? Now? You get my point? :)
Draco is doing something which may prove very dangerous to him and to many others. Let's hope it will not be the case.

Author's Response: I always had the feeling after reading the vow scene in HBP that Bella was right about Snape. Snape took too many risks when they kidnapped Petunia and as a result they got away (albeit with casualties) so I can see that Bella would be angry and suspicious. I also wanted to show Voldy putting her down.

Now, Ginny, well the girl is fiery and she's not too happy to be taken to task for something she hasn't done but would really like to do. lol

Yes, I wanted Hermione to react later on, not right at the time. Now, Ron loves her dearly but hasn't got much experience when he comes to losing someone. Harry's had plenty and I'm not sure Ron is the best person to say the right thing in sad circumstances. I don't see Ron as some silly clown like some fanfic authors do but I still think that Harry would have taken the centre stage on this, only because he knows exactly how it feels. It's all very innocent though. The pairings still remain as they were.

Draco, yes, another one with more intuition that we saw in canon, although maybe it has more to do with Narcissa than with him (the intuition).

Thanks so much again.

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Review #2, by SpringTime 

13th November 2008:
I think Bella was good, but Snape was too revealing, I think he plays his cards much closer to his chest, especially with someone as crazy as Bella. I laughed at the Ginny Harry debacle, very funny stuff. I also loved Ron's reaction so right on the money. Of coarse I also enjoyed the nice bluch between Ron and Hermione (but that is just my own preference). Wonder what Draco is going to do...?

Author's Response: Well, Snape is going through some shock in this story. As you already know because you have read on, he is secretely in love with Narcissa, so Bella's attitude towards her own sister is really touching a sensitive fibre with him. Also, he is just trying to intimidate her but I think he secretly knows that he won't be able to play the spy for much longer. I always saw him as someone with a lot of integrity (I was one of the people who thought all the way that he was good) and well Voldy killed Lily (which I also guessed he had loved) and now is trying to get Draco to kill Narcissa. The man has put up with a lot to keep his cover but everyone has a limit and I think this is his.

I'm glad you enjoy the Harry/Ginny/Molly scene. I wanted to put something light in there but also to show that there is a lot of sexual tension between this two and Molly just despairs because she sees Ginny still as her little baby but she knows that unless she locks this two away separately, things are bound to happen sooner or later... I'm pleased that you enjoy the Ron/Hermione bickering scene. Draco, well, again you know by now since you have read on.

Thanks so, so much for all your reviews!

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Review #3, by Georgia Weasley 

25th October 2008:
The whole situation with Ginny and Harry had me rolling. Of course Remus would jump to conclusions about a 17 year old boy standing outside his girlfriend's bedroom in the middle of the night. And look what he started! Ah, Remus. Gotta love him. He's lucky Harry didn't kill him. All the dreams going round in this chapter are very intriguing. First Ginny, now Draco. I hope this doesn't mean he's going to go getting himself caught by dear Auntie Bella.

Author's Response: I'm glad I made you laugh. Sometimes, I feel that if I didn't include a little humour in this story, it would just be far too dark, since so many bad things happen. Remus, well, I think he sees himself as a parental figure to Harry to some extent and also feels a certain responsibility towards the Weasleys. Tonks, of course, was trying to be subtle but didn't achieve it and Ginny is pretty fiery. Poor Harry! This scene, however, is a little bit of a precursor of something that will happen later on and all I can say is that I wouldn't like to be near Molly at the time! lol

The dreams, well, you have read the next chapter, so you know now what Draco was sensing.

Thanks so much, babe.

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Review #4, by crazygingercatlady 

8th October 2008:
A superb chapter. I am still laughing slightly over it- I loved the whole Ginny slapping Harry and then Molly getting into the action too. It was brilliantly written and really funny. I do like how you're making Remus a parental figure, of sorts, for Harry, it's a good idea and makes sense. Also I love the protective Ron, I thought that was really funny and again really well written.

Your characterisation of both Ron and Hermione is really good. You manage to combine twat-ish Ron and maturing Ron really well. The same goes for Hermione, you craft her logical side really well and you also manage to show how recent events have impacted her. And, as I said before, Ginny is absolutely superb.

I'm getting more and more intrigued about what is in the sock, I'm in two minds whether it is the real locket or it's something else entirely. Also I really liked how you tied the other parts of the story at the start and the end. It makes a contrast of sorts- Snape is in such a difficult situation and so is Draco, while Harry, though he is situation isn't easy by any means, does have a normality of sorts and has a strong support network around him. I thought the part with Bella and Snape was really good and both of their characters were well written and well protrayed.


Author's Response: Oh, I'm so pleased that you like the characterisations. I always imagined Hermione having sort of a delayed reaction, since I think her practical sense would prevail at first.

You are so right about Harry's and Draco's roles being almost reversed here. Yes, Harry has a lot of support and well, his life would be pretty okay if it weren't for the Horcruxes and Voldy whereas Draco's life is going to get even worse.

I'm so pleased that you found the Ginny/Harry/Molly scene funny. I could just see Molly going pretty mad. She loves Harry yes, but not to the point of allowing him to sleep with her precious little daughter. Silly Remus! In a way I wanted to show the sexual tension between Harry and Ginny. Okay, let's say that they won't be able to keep off each other forever.

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Review #5, by celticbard 

12th June 2008:
Hi morgana!
I'm back for chapter twelve. I must say though, my favorite scenes in this installment were those at the very beginning and end. I loved Bellatrix's confrontation with Snape. It really showed the tension and underlying friction between the Death Eaters.

I also enjoyed Draco's scene at the very end. You described his feelings of unease perfectly. I wonder how he will react to his growing sense of danger and will the priest he's been staying with get hurt?

Snape has also been placed in a rather awkward position here, though I have a feeling he has something up his sleeve, as usual.

I suppose I shall just have to wait and see ;)

And it was rather foolish for Lupin to go blabbing to Tonks like that. I would have thought he'd have held his tongue. Oh well.

I only noticed a few errors in this chapter. They are as follows.

Then and idea struck Harry as he remembered the events of the previous night.
This should be, an idea...

"I haven't said such thing, why would I do that?"
This should be, such a thing...

Remus looked downwards sheepishly regreting
This should be, Remus looked downwards, sheepishly regretting...

But I would get to practice Appparition if I were you, your test it’s coming up soon, in fact, really soon!
I think this would sound better as, But I would start to practice...

Muggle transport
This should be, Muggle transportation...

now almost choking in her own tears but still battling to regain composure.
This should be, choking on her own tears...

He had come to have to rely on the person who he had thought wanted to steal his glory.
I think this would sound better as, He was forced to rely...

This was another good chapter, morgana. And I look forward to finally catching up with the rest of this story. Good luck!


Author's Response: Thanks so much again.

I have now fixed all the errors. The tension between Bella and Snape. Well, you will find out in the next chapter for sure which side Snape is on. You're right in that he is in a very bad position and yes, he probably has some plan, but it doesn't mean that it will work though...

As for Draco, well, the priest may not get hurt at this stage but someone will for sure. All I can say is that his life is about to take another turn very soon and that his intuition is probably quite strong.

Lupin shouldn't had gone blabbing but his main concern is that she is under the age of consent (which I took it to be 16, like in Muggle UK law), if only for a few days. This scene is probably unnecessary but I thought that it shows the sexual tension between Harry and Ginny and the fiery nature of their relationship. Now, Molly's reaction well, this may have been a bit of a taster for what may come later because these two are so attracted to each other that they are about to explode and she kind of guesses that it's almost unavoidable, unless she's to lock them up in separate rooms for life! I thought that it creates also a break from the seriousness of the situation around them. Also, Harry has this knack not so much for getting into trouble but for letting "trouble" find him.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Yes, the first and the last scenes are the most important ones in this chapter and you'll see why very soon.

Thanks so much. Great review.

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Review #6, by DragonGoddess 

13th May 2008:
I was wondering if I could skip chapters and review alternative chapters since there is no content in my reviews. Itz kinda bland when I haven't anything to say.

Anyways, since I am leaving a review, I'll make it at least a wee bit meaningful. The whole Ginny/Harry thing was hilarious!! Really xD I was amused to say the least. Very stupid of Remus. Not to mention the scream from nightmares...did that assist too? xD

Draco...well, I wonder what's up with that kid and how he's going to be of ultimate help. Bella really isn't bothered either ways is she? Where is Narcissa? I haven't seen her around...or have you explained that already? Sorry if you have :(

Moving on to the next. I shall be reviewing alternate chapters. Hope you don't mind :)

Author's Response: Of course you can skip reviews for chapters! It's entirely up to you!

I'm glad you found the Harry/Ginny scene funny! Harry has picked a rather fiery young lady... I guess Remus was Harry's parents' friend and is very friendly with the Weasleys, so I guess he is adopting a parental, concerned role in this one. Watch up for Molly though. It may be difficult for Harry (if it does happen later) to sleep with her baby daughter (as Molly perceives her) and live to tell the tale. I'd rather take on Voldy if I were him! lol

No, I don't think they hear her screamming. Grimmauld Place is a large building.

Draco... you're guessing now, I think and you ask about Narcissa. Umm...you will find out very soon! Lucius is in Azkaban in this story and Cissa at Malfoy Manor (no, she hasn't shown up yet). Bella only cares about her beloved Voldemort (I guessed this before DH too, when people thought I was barking).

Draco's circumstances are about to change. He will have no choice but to grow up a bit (even if slowly).

Thanks so much. I love your reviews! x

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Review #7, by Shellee 

17th April 2008:
Ah, yes. I almost forgot that Vow Snape made, so he can't really say where Draco is. Nice, hehe! Bellatrix is a bit stupid, someone should pull out on of her nosehairs! It's not going to help at all and she's just a bit urgh. Even though I love her as Helena Bonham Carter, she makes me as pissed as Peter Pettigrew in Aurora's fics. -growls- Off with her!
It's not like Harry would have let Hermione go unless she told him what was wrong, of course she would hve told about the nightmare, it worried her. It was quite funny that Ginny threw a fit like that. Though, she shouldn't blame Harry like that. As if Harry would ever do that and to Lupin and Tonks of all people! No one should blame him, or believe him. It's Remus' fault. I don't see why Molly wouldn't believe him, I thought he was like one of her son's? Hmm. Then Ron of all people, who was involved with why Harry was in the hallway -shakes head- He's just a bit too stupid sometimes really! I'm glad they're going to buy a car and take lessons, but will they have the time for those lessons really? Can't wait for the next part.

Author's Response: Yes, I like Helena as Bella a lot too. I like her as a character because she is so mad and fanatical but I certainly wouldn't want to come across her in real life!

Yes, Ginny is being a bit unreasonable with Harry again but I think she has a quick temper, especially with him, she's very fiery but her anger doesn't tend to last too long.

Molly, well, all reason goes out of the window with her when it comes to her little precious daughter, who she still sees as a child. She is going to be keeping really and eye on her and Harry because she can sense how much chemistry there is between the two. Ron is just too overprotective (like when he forbid Harry in canon to kiss Ginny again). Here, they are living under the same roof and they just cannot avoid each other's presence.

Yes, they will have the time for the muggle driving lessons because something will happen that will make their base a muggle place but of course, they main task is hunting Horcruxes. They just reckon that the more anonymously they do everything, the better and Harry is far too well known in the wizarding world.

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Review #8, by punk poet 

3rd April 2008:
another good chapter ginny was pissing me off

Author's Response: Yes, Ginny jumped the gun and was being her fiery red-hair self (I love red hair by the way). Poor Harry, he's so lost. This chapter seems a little irrelevant but it foreshadows something...

I'm so happy that you're still at it with this story.

Thanks so much, again.

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Review #9, by juls 

27th March 2008:
The argument was delightfully written dear. Poor Ginny has got to be going crazy- for she wants it, but they haven't done it and to be accused of doing it... well, so much for young ones to handle.

Ron of course is being his difficult self- he knew why Harry was at their bedroom door, and if everyone had thought it all out, knowing Hermione was in the room also would have ended any questions.

The driving lessons will be funny to experience I imagine- their Apparition ones were funny.

Progessing. can't. help. it. I'm. hooked.


Author's Response: Wow, you're hooked! That just makes my day! It's so encouraging. Ok, the misunderstanding doesn't really advance the plot much but I thought I have to show the sexual tension between them and the fiery nature of their relationship. Poor kids, they are going to explode if they don't get to do it soon! lol although, they will, fear not! I really enjoyed writing this scene, I thought I add a bit of fun and ordinary teenage life to a story that otherwise would probably just be too sad.

Ron, well, silly boy, he misses the obvious and then he categorically says that him and Hermione are a different matter, well...

Driving lessons, yes, there will be funny scenes but they are going to have to more or less live as Muggles during part of their quest for the sake of anonymity.

I'm just so damn flattered that you enjoy it so much!

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Review #10, by AnnaKay 

18th March 2008:
Yay! We get to see a little bit of Snape and Draco. Just a little is fine.

I always thought that Lupin was able to jump to conclusions very easily. Ginny really flew off the rocket a little bit, but I can understand why she would do that. Yay! Car driving, that would be very interesting to see. Ahh, Harry is trying to be sweet, while trying not to show it.

Author's Response: Yes, Snape and Draco's stories seem parallel at this point but they will converge later as you are about to discover soon (well, you have already done since you have read all that's up).

Lupin is very caring but I think his main worry was that Ginny is 15 even if only for a few more days, and thus under the legal age of consent in the UK. I made that the same for the wizarding world, also he is probably worried that they are a very impulsive pair and probably hadn't thought of contraception.

I thought Ginny would have a right go at Harry before thinking things through properly. I see her as a pretty fiery girl.

The car driving will be fun but it's mainly a means of going to places without attracting attention from Muggles etc.

Harry, yes, he definitely has feelings for her but at this stage he's still full of those "noble" thoughts about not putting her in danger.

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Review #11, by Gords7015 

18th March 2008:
This was another interesting chapter. I liked the action of the possible sex confrontation, but at the same time, I think that Ginny might not have reacted in that manner. I get the sense that she is really cool under pressure, and someone who is really hard to rattle. I don't think she'd fly off the handle quite this far if this were to occur.

Otherwise, I do think it'd be hilarious if Harry bought a couple of Ferraris for the Trio and Ginny to do a bit of a drive by with in the Dursley's neighborhood (without the shooting aspect, but maybe some horn)...

Nice work

Author's Response: I'm so pleased you enjoyed this. The missunderstanding seems a bit unnecessary but it foreshadows something, well, these two will not be able to control themselves for ever and Molly just knows it and is very protective of her youngest child and only daughter, even if she normally forgives Harry anythig. I actually see Ginny as a very fiery person, with quite a bit of a temper, but not one to hold grudges. I imagine her a bit like her mother, with the red-hair temperament. I agree with you though that she can keep her cool in important situations, like when trying to figure out stuff and so forth but I can also imagine quite a few heated arguments between her and Harry.

Yes, having really flash cars would be a lot of fun but I reckon they need something that is not bound to attract attention, something ordinary, not too overly posh but not a banger either, but it would be very cool. They are going to do quite a lot of muggle stuff in this story for this reason, not to attract attention, so I guess Mr. Weasley will get to play with their toys. Thanks so, so much for reading and reviewing all this. I have started on your story too.

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Review #12, by Aurora Dawn 

26th February 2008:
Hi Morgana,

What an entertaining chapter -- I think more entertaining than the one with all of Fred and George's presents. Poor Harry -- all these crazy red haired women. I'd hate to see what Mrs. Weasley would do to him if she thought anything really had gone on. Ginny is so awesome here and I think Ron is very much in character. The only thing is that I really think Remus would have believed Harry -- still the scene was so entertaining that it doesn't really matter.

You mentioned to me that some people think your Snape is a little out of character with using curse words, but I don't think so. He does that in this chapter and I think it fits perfectly well. What people need to remember is that in the books, we mostly see Snape around the students, and obviously Dumbledore would take offense to him cussing them out. "Potter you little #$%% ! Get your %#$# over here ! I don't care if you do have practice you little #$#% -- you have detention #$#% it!" No, no, that would never work.

The only thing is, I can't imagine Snape questioning Voldy's judgment to any Death Eater -- certainly not that crazy @##$ Bellatrix. He survived all those years by keeping his opinions to himself.

Snape and Narcissa, huh? That ought to be interesting. Poor Snape does have a talent for taking a liking to unaccessible women.

Very fun chapter. Well done.

Author's Response: I'm glad you found this entertaining, yes that was my idea. Well, Molly, yes, wait and see what happens much later on. Let's say that Harry may end up in the dog house! Ginny is pretty fiery so yeah, she would slap him I think. Remus, well, the way I make it be is by following the British age of consent, it being 16, since she is still 15, that would be illegal. I think the reason he doesn't believe Harry is because of Harry's clumsy reaction. He blushes and to top it all, it comes up with something on the lines of "the dog ate my essay" by telling him he's lost his glasses. Also, he didn't go to Molly, he just mentioned it to Tonks and then Ginny causes most of the commotion.

I agree that we see Snape in canon primarily as a teacher and no, you can't go using language like that in the classroom. As for how he treats Bella, I saw him as trying to intimidate her, to stand up to her and he's beginning to lose it a bit. He has some scruples so it's hard for him to aid someone who he sees as a child having to kill his own mother, besides, yeah, you may have guessed something here (I didn't mean to make it that obvious, oops!) but you will get to see a lot more in the next chapter, which is my darkest one so far.

Thanks so much for the review and best of luck with your story!

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Review #13, by kara101 

19th December 2007:
Sorry for the rambling a bit in the last review. I had too much sugar and am not even 13 yet. So I was patically bouncing off walls and still am, a little. Okay back to the reviews. In some places you forgot to put a period after Mrs and Mr and then you adressed Ginny as the red haired girl which was weird since the narrator knew who Ginny was. If you do not want to repeat yourself you do not have to use said but you can not adress people differently. For example, I could not call myself Kara then pink sweater girl then Sara then the brunette and then Amy to avoid repeating because those are not my names. The bit about Draco seemed a bit out of place I would move that to the next chapter if it needs to be in the story. I think this is the longest review I have left you so far out of 11 other chappies! Great job and do not think that you must have done bad because I wrote so much. It was good but always room to improve. Keep on writing!

Hermione G

Author's Response: Don't worry about the rambling at all and I hope you feel better soon. Yes, I must put the periods in and I know what you mean by my obsession with trying to avoid repeatition. It doesn't sound right, you are absolutely correct.

I'm very pleased you have read and reviewed so much.

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Review #14, by Bella_Portia 

14th November 2007:
LOVED the scene with Bella and Snape. My one suggestion is that (IMHO, naturally) this is one of those dialogue scenes that would be more dramatic if you eliminated all but a few of the “he said adverb/she said + adverb” clauses. Not all, of course; some add a lot (the “pure undiluted hatred” line, for one; and it’s important to know Snape is disgusted by Draco killing his mom – (although it is not clear what disgusts him at that moment: the very idea or Bellatrix’s indifference to it). But the reason for suggesting as much “pure” dialogue as possible” is twofold: First, the descriptions may not add anything ie, the reader infers from the words that Bellatris “mocked” that she delivered her words “with a malevolent glare”. Second, it hurts the flow of the intense conversation the reader is visualizing in his/her head.
The baby voice for Bella doesn’t ring true – she uses it on people she perceives as children, but I don’t see her talking to Snape that way. Granted, she’s a fruitcake, but, even so, she knows not to pull such condescending nonsense on people who can hurt her.
“Go to hell” struck me as out of character. This is Mr. Snide Wit. As I’ve read GoddessofSnark remark on the form, he has a uniquely dry wit. Even very angry, frightened and upset (and suppressed terror is probably Snape’s normal day-to-day state), I can’t imagine him saying anything so mundane. Same with the remark, later, about “I could see you coming by a mile.”
Finally: “stopped by Severus in her tracks.” I presume you mean he was too fast for her. (Which means, by the way, he’s pretty darn fast.) You might consider just describing what happened – which is not clear. Does he disarm her? Use some other spell? How does she react? This inquiring mind wants to know.
Above sounds critical. Let me reiterate. LOVED THE SCENE.

Scene with Ginny et al. The scene was entertaining, but unnecessary. Also, although Lupin is an A-1 jerk in DH (for wanting to desert Tonks; he redeems himself), he’s also fundamentally a logical man. I can see him telling his wife about his observations, but Tonks is a levelheaded individual, also. Didn’t seem all that reasonable to me that they would have jumped to the conclusion they jumped to. The scene is cute, and I’m sure it will get a good response from everyone but my cynical self. My thought: if you cut it and save it for its own story, certainly would not hurt this story.
I must say that the statement about Statutory Rape getting one a stint in Azkaban threw me for a loop. I had no idea that Wizarding criminal law was so much like that in California.
Okay, you’re gonna keep the scene. Well, the part where Harry demands Lupin get him out of it, I especially enjoyed; and Ginny and Molly’s respective characters seemed to be very well done.
Maybe I missed it, but after Molly was “completely persuaded,” I didn’t see where she or Lupin left the room; let the remainder of that scene obviously was with Ginny and Harry alone.

Next scene: Harry’s line about “whose neck are we trying to save her” struck me as odd. I realize he regretted his lack of tact; but, even so, it seemed a strange thing to say.
Hermione having swelling of grief – GOOD.

But the last scene, Draco having prophetic dream that sort of paralleled Ginny’s – GREAT!

So sorry this went on and on and on. I just started and couldn’t stop. Best regards.

Author's Response: I really appreciate your very valid points and I will try to explain best I can.

Firstly, yes, to many he said etc + adverbs, yeah. Reason for it, I overcompensated! When I first started writing this fic, I hadn't written for ages and originally I got a lot of reviews saying my dialogue lacked descriptions. I tried to remedy this, edited and it seems I have now gone to the other extreme! I must balance this aspect! I can see how it can cut the flow.

Bella's babyish voice, yes, I took it direct from cannot but you're probably right in that she uses that only with younger people. Maybe I should delete that bit. About Snape's speech, you\'re probably right again. Ok, Snape is much less formal with his "colleagues" than in his role as a teacher but still. The trouble is that he is wittier than me and I'm writing him! lol I'll see if I come up with something better. Finally on this scene, yes, I realised the lack of spell I have edited this using the expelliarmus but the edited version of this chapter is currently in the queue.

Now, the Ginny/Harry/Lupin scene. Yes, it is a bit unnecessary but it forshadows something that will in fact be important, it's sort of a hint. When the suggestion is made, Ginny claims that she is only a minor with regards age of consent (decided 16 as this is the one in the UK muggle world) for a few days (window of opportunity after that?). I assumed that it would be illegal to have sex with someone younger than 16, although this maybe a bit too Muggle! Molly is semi-persuaded only... Now, Lupin was Harry's father's friend and is truly worried about him breaking the Law in this way and also feels a responsibility towards the Weasleys. Tonks yes, she probably wouldn't jump to conclusions but possibly the way Remus told her what he had seemed sounded incontrovertible, hence the chat about contraceptive charms. She is not telling Ginny to stop but to be carefull... About them leaving the room, it's actually Harry and Ginny who do because they are both fed up with lectures but I have added a paragraph here to explain in the new version.

Now, Draco, well, his premonition will be revealed in the next chapter. Chapter 13 will have important consequences for many of the characters... I'm glad you liked this. Ginny, well, she was possessed, she is also now very close to Harry, and the more intimate they get, the stronger the connection...

Also, yes, Hermione had to show her emotions eventually. She does actually panic a bit in canon but I also see her as someone a bit private when it comes to grieving. Her reaction before had been more on the lines of "getting on with task of destroying the culprit". It's a bit of a delayed reaction.

Your are just so helpful and insightfull. Thanks so much!

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Review #15, by JLHufflepuff 

30th October 2007:
This has some more developments that are important. However, there is so much going on that it gets a bit confusing. I do realize, however, that since you are dealing with multiple perspectives it's something you almost have to do throughout the course of a chapter, and you do it well so that there is no confusion over who is doing what. Still, just a lot of info. at once.

I like the interaction between Snape and Bella, and it's interesting/great that Snape is holding his Unbreakable Vow that he made about protecting Draco.

As to Ginny suddenly being paranoid that Harry is lying about her, did that come from her drinking that potion in her dream in the previous chapter? I know Lupin saw him leaving her room and misunderstood, but It's been a few days since I read the last chapter, so I may have missed something.. But it seems to be coming out of nowhere. I liked how Mrs. Weasley got all huffy and mad about it, though, and how they had to calm her down.

Also, it's good to see Hermione progressing in her grief, as she should be. I was amazed that she seemed normal just like they were.

Also, the little hint of Draco at the end is interesting and intriguing, though it might be better right after the Snape scene .. Just a suggestion...

I'm enjoying reading this even though it seems like I'm going slow!!! :-)

Author's Response: I understand what you mean. I have some many sub-plots going at once that I have had to make a list of problems and helpful items so that I don't leave any loose end unexplained.

Now, Ginny... she is in a bad mood because of the dream yes, but also Lupin put his foot in by telling Tonks. He found Harry's story rather unbelievable and put two and two together. I think this scene is perhaps a little unnecessary but it may drop a hint as to how things may progress later. Molly's reaction, well, she loves Harry to bits but Ginny is her youngest and her only girl. The whole misunderstanding, if anything plants more ideas into this pair's heads. There is a huge sexual tension between them, which will serve a purpose... I just wanted to drop subtle hints. Intimacy will open certain chanels between these two and we already know what goes on between Harry's and Voldy's mind. The fact that she is getting closer to Harry is making her have these dreams.

Now, the paranoia thing with Ginny is because Tonks has been hinting to her to be careful, if they are doing anything at all... but there will be more to come towards the end. Oops, I think I have said far too much...

Hermione, yes, I see her as someone very in control (even if she can be a bit panicky at times), but I think she would be very much a person to grieve privately. Harry, of course, is the best one to handle the situation, since bless him, he has the most experience!

The Draco bit, you may be right, it may be better place after the Snape/Bella scene but this last bit is very connected with what happens in the next chapter.

Now, I'm very pleased you are following this and don't worry about being slow. Goodness, it's a very long story.

I look forward to more updates on your Scorpius one too. I just love that little boy!

Hugs, x

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Review #16, by jyyl94 

15th October 2007:
Awesome ! I really really really really can't wait to hear more about Draco !! The plot is flowing nicely, but sorry this review is awfully short. I really wanna go to the next chapter !!

Author's Response: Draco is an important character in this fic. So, yeah, you'll find out soon enough... I'm so glad you are getting so much into this! It cheers me up and makes me want to continue! Don't worry about a review being short, you're reading and reviewing the whole thing, which is awesome! x

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Review #17, by Joanne K 

18th September 2007:
'contraceptive charms' lol!

Author's Response: Sorry, I forgot in my response to your last review to say, Ginny, well, there are two things there, firstly she was once possessed herself, secondly the connection with Harry, well, the sexual tension is there for a reason, their intimacy serves also another purpose... and yes, the contraceptive charms, well, I thought, of course, they are bound to have those! Otherwise everyone would have as many children as the Weasleys but I get they just liked having lots of kids, I couldn't see Molly with just one or two! There will more on the said charms later and it will be important, but maybe I'm saying far too much here... Oops! Anyway, I'm glad you are enjoying this, I'm enjoying yours too and thanks for replying to my reviews also. I know the feeling about writing after DH and about the queue! x

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Review #18, by LupinFan45 

9th September 2007:
it's really good! keep writing!!!


Author's Response: I'm very happy that you enjoyed this one too.

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Review #19, by dramione12 

8th September 2007:
totally AWESOME! loved it!

Author's Response: This chapter actually has surprised me in terms of reviews because I thought I was being too self-indulging with the "misunderstanding". I just love writing the Harry/Ginny sexual tension thing. Well, if I were Ginny I couldn't really wait, could I? But then again, yes she is only about to become 16, and Harry is too much of a gentleman for his own good sometimes.

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Review #20, by edenvirg 

25th August 2007:
*Breathes in, breathes out* I find this story so engaging so far. You have style, you know, a flair for dropping information only when it's necessary so that anticipation builds up. :)

Author's Response: So, you liked this. I guess the Harry / Ginny misundestanding is not too necessary for the plot but I wanted to show sexual tension between them and a fiery relationship. The dream, well, Ginny will get an important connection, almost as much as Harry and this goes just crazy when they become completely intimate.

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