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Review #1, by datbenik513 

25th May 2009:
Indeed a belated gift, which just as well mark a small victory in their quest against Voldemort, should the locket turn out to be a Horcrux. Just a very sweet touch having Dobby deliver it to Harry, and more importantly, in a sock :)
That piece - Harry "freeing" Dobby - in the second book was a very important event, as it turned out later. He's won Dobby's alliance, and as we know, an elf is a powerful ally.

Was it just a nightmare? Has Ginny really Seen anything? Is that possible that she, due to her connection with Harry, has a connection to Voldy Harrelson? I guess the answer will have to wait, but you intrigued me. Another thread in the cobweb, another possibility, another thing to watch out for.

Two thumbs up!

Author's Response: Oh, I respond to the Ginny conundrum in my reply to your review of chapter 8, silly me! The locket well, it doesn't look exactly as it should but one of the kids has the right idea. Dobby was so sweet and yes, helping others does pay off normally.

Now, even if it turns out to be a Horcrux, they haven't a clue as to how to destroy them so there is still a lot of ground to be covered.

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Review #2, by NevillesSoulmate 

24th February 2009:
The use of Dobby was brilliant! And him giving it to Harry in a hand-knit sock was a cute touch. ;) Very interesting chapter, and Ginny's dream was intriguing!

Author's Response: Rose, thanks so much, honey! I always thought that Kreacher had had something to do with the locket, although I also thought that Mundungus was a strong possibility. Of course, they are unsure as if this is the real think because it hasn't got Slytherin's emblem.

Ginny's dream, well, there is an interesting connection running three ways between Voldy, Harry and herself. The connection between Harry and Ginny will strengthen as their relationship becomes more physical also but it can be a dangerous three way situation.

I'm so pleased you enjoyed this chapter and thanks so much again for the lovely chapter image. x

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Review #3, by SpringTime 

13th November 2008:
So in the first part you have Ginny using her wand to decorate the mansion, but she is still underage...? so when Dobby gives Harry the locket I am wondering why Harry tells him not to tell anyone if he doesn't even believe it is the Horcrux. That aside, you should show some kind of reaction before having Harry just order Dobby to be quiet. Maybe something along the lines of an intake of breath or something. (Wonder how Dobby knew Harry might want it, hoping that you tell later, otherwise it is just a bit convenient). Good too see that other people were on the right track about the locket as well. There were a couple of typos, you might want to do a quick read through, but nothing major.
Good update, glad to see they are being wary, and to see that one Horcrux might be crossed off of the list, those pesky things.

Author's Response: Oh, I replied to your review but it doesn't show, so I'll do it again.

Well done for spotting the underage magic. I think this detail escaped me but in any event, the Ministry is only able to tell that magic has been done in a place, not by whom. Harry always get caught out because he normally does magic at Muggle places like the Dursley's and the Ministry knows that only him could have done it, so I guess since Grimmauld Place is full of wizarding folk, Ginny can easily get away with this.

Now, like most people I guessed who RAB was and I remembered the locket they found when cleaning in book 5. I always sort of knew that Kreacher was connected in some way and the cave scene in HBP pointed to the fact that Regulus couldn't have got the locket out on his own and of course, house elves have different magic and are able to Apparate in and out of places wizards cannot.

Now, Harry is not sure if this is the real Horcrux or not, in fact he is sort of 50/50 about this, hence he is being careful. Of course we now know why Dumbledore got injured with the ring but they don't know this in my story, so as far as they are concerned, touching Horcruxes could in fact be dangerous.

Now, you have really made me think about why Dobby wanted to give this specific object to Harry. My original idea was that he probably knew how upset Harry got when he caught Mundungus stealing Sirius' possessions so perhaps, he realised that Kreacher was keeping this and wanted to return it to Harry since the whole contents of the house passed onto him when Sirius died but maybe I can think of a better plan than this. Thanks for pointing this out.

Again, thanks so much for all your reviews.

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Review #4, by Georgia Weasley 

25th October 2008:
Getting Ginny involved always makes me happy. I hated that she missed out on the adventure during DH, except I knew that Neville truly needed her at Hogwarts to help lead the resistance. I find it so funny that Dobby would present the locket in a self-knitted sock for Harry's birthday. Dobby is always a fun character to write, I think. Again, great job.

Author's Response: Although I knew deep down that Ginny was not to join the trio in DH, I always wanted her to, so she will play an important part in my story and her contribution will be significant because she is very brave and gifted. You will see later on that she has the highest ESP of the group, she is the seventh daughter after all.

Dobby, yes, I love him really. He is so sweet and loyal.

Thanks so much again! x

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Review #5, by crazygingercatlady 

8th October 2008:
Hello again :) (first review for the reviewfest- woohoo! hehe)

A great chapter, you story is making me more and more intrugued. There seems to be something more to Lily's wand and her magic than I first thought, so I'm really intrigued to find out what it is. I thought you handled Hagrid really well, he is heard character to write, his accent is so complicated to write properly, but I thought you did a great job. Again I really liked how matured Harry was and I really like how you have him taking control of the things in his life and his attempts to get all his answers.

I loved the bit with Dobby, I could never quite get over the fact he was killed off in DH. I didn't expect him to produce the locket so I thought that was a really good tying in from the last book. I really like how elements like this crop up amoung your original stuff, you manage to mix the two really well. The question is- is it the Horcrux? I look forward to reading on and finding out. I love the subtle bit of humour undertone when Harry went to get Hermione's help. I thought it was funny how Ginny just thought they were a pair of chickens for being scared of the sock. And repeating myself again, I really like how you write Ginny and I love how you take time with her character and actually give her a character, you give her an important place in the story. I really like that.

The dream/nightmare/possible vision at the end has me very intrigued. You are a really good writer because you have so many different aspects in your story that give the reader so many unanswered questions and this really urges them to read more. And also you keep track of all the various elements which is one the reasons why this is such a good and well written story.


Author's Response: Thanks so much again for your wonderful reviews. Sorry it has taken me a while to reply.

The wand yes, it is important. My thought before DH was that she had actually cast a spell to save Harry and make Voldy loose his powers somehow and that Priori Incantatem could actually disclosed what it was. I was a bit disappointed to read in DH that neither James not her had their wands handy at the ti me. When I wrote this chapter I hadn't completely decided what the spell would be but basically it would be like in my collaboration chapter on Harry; although whether Harry is a Horcrux or not in this story, I can't really tell you... The locket I was convinced it was going to be connected with Kreacher and I think it sounded like Dobby to steal it back for Harry. Now, basically this locket doesn't look exactly the same as the one in the memory, just to confuse everybody. I'm glad the confusion worked though. Ginny will definitely be a useful addition to the group. Now, the dream, well... she is the seventh child and was possessed by Voldy. There will be a very strong connection with her too and Harry and Ginny will become very, very connected later on, something which increases when they actually become lovers.

Sometimes I wonder if I have too many subplots but I will try to unveil everything in the end.

Your reviews are just so detailed and encouraging. Thanks so much!

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Review #6, by celticbard 

11th June 2008:
Hi morgana,
I'm so glad to finally get back to this fic. I certainly missed reading it. This was another intriguing chapter, I especially enjoyed the last few paragraphs featuring Ginny's prophetic dreams. I can certainly see how Ginny would have a connection with Voldemort, after all, she did possess his diary. But how will this affect her relationship with Harry? Will Voldemort try to use the connection to control them both? Hmm, the possibilities are indeed fascinating and make for one interesting plot.

I also liked just how Harry came across the locket...by complete chance. Then again, Dobby has helped him in the past, so it makes sense that he would come to his aid again. However, I do wonder if Harry and his friends will be able to keep the locket's presence a secret from the other Order members. Something tells me that they'll be hard put to keep a Horcrux hidden away.

I only noticed a few errors in this chapter. They are as follows.

It's it in a vault at Gringotts, high security item. After what 'appened to Dumbledore, I just thought I keep it safe,"
This should be, It's in a vault...

Harry frown surprised
This should be, Harry frowned in surprise...

There is something inside, Harry realised.
This should be, There was something inside...

Harry hadn't wanted to be ungrateful but couldn't wait to get rid of the elf.
I think this would sound better as, Harry didn't want to be ungrateful but he couldn't wait to get rid of the elf.

"Harry, do you know what time this is?"
This should be, what time it is...

The only other thing I'd like to comment on is Hermione's characterization. She was definitely in-character throughout most of the chapter, however, I don't think she would worry about getting sleep at such an important time. Perhaps you would consider revising those lines?

Other than that, you did a great job building and sustaining the tension. I'll be back for chapter twelve tomorrow. Good luck!


Author's Response: Thanks so much again. I'm glad you are enjoying this!

I must say, again, that your guesses are very good. Ok, Ginny was possessed via the diary but hasn't had dreams of this nature before... but she is now very close to Harry, who Voldy also manages to possess from time to time. Well, it's going to get worse, especially if they ever become lovers in a physical way...

You know, I wrote this before DH and I just knew that Kreacher had something to do with the locket, well, everyone guessed about RAB so I suppose... As for keeping it from the Order, well, Harry has now put it in the box that makes things invisible. The Order will suspect something sooner or later, though.

Thanks so much for pointing out the typos and errors. I'll go and fix them straight away.

Now, Hermione, ok, I think what I will do is to let her protest until she finds out what it's all about and then suddenly become very aware and very interested.

I really love your reviews! Thanks so much.

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Review #7, by DragonGoddess 

13th May 2008:
Wow...Ginny too having connections with Voldemort? That'd be something now! A Horcrux for b'day? One heck of a gift alright :) I haven't much to say and I know the review sounds rather empty. Still, I have to say this - great progress! Dobby delivering the locket was such a great idea!!

Moving on to the chapter next!

Author's Response: Well, most people guessed who RAB was and I though a house elf had to have been involved. I got the idea from the scene in the cave in HBP, when Dumbledore says that one person alone couldn't do it.

Now, bear in mind that this locket has no engraving...

Ginny, ha, ha... she is the 7th daughter after all. Also, she was possessed by Voldy and she is now very close to Harry (the closer they get physically, the stronger this link will become), so she plays an important role in this story. I just love Ginny!

Your review is not empty at all, it's very welcomed!

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Review #8, by Shellee 

17th April 2008:
It does seem a bit like there is more to Lily's wand, isn't there? I'm sure they will get it out of Hargrid in no time, they always seem to. I do wonder too why Voldemort would want it, it's not like he is something with a love induced spell, hes got no love, no heart.
Lovely Dobby to get him a Horcrux! Seems their search is already shortened. =p Wouldn't have thought that the Horcruxes would be so dangerous you can't touch them though. Dumbledore only got his hand burnt because of destroying the ring, didn't he? Ah well.
Ginny's well wanting to see it. She should be a bit more careful, I think, but then again she hasn't been in the whole things, she's just been told about them. It would be a bad idea to tell someone about it.
I think Ginny's dream might say something, but I don't think Voldemort knows everything, really. People have déjà vu dreams all the time, lets hope she's wrong this time.
Now, on to the next one, sorry for the wait, I fell asleep. =p

Author's Response: Yes, there is something important about Lily's wand. Hagrid is a softy but there are complications.

Yes, bless Dobby, now this locket doesn't have engraving like the one in the memory, so they are still unsure and of course, they are still clueless as to how to destroy them (will not be the same method as in DH) and he may have made some more...

Ginny and her dreams... you will find out a little further on.

Thanks again, babe!

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Review #9, by punk poet 

3rd April 2008:
me again. yeah i didn't like how dobby just gave them the locket (if it is the real one) i think you could of done a great search for it but i like how ron and harry see to be scared of the sock

Author's Response: Thanks so much again. Now, I know what you mean, it appears a bit too easy, doesn't it? Well, Harry's instinct would point to this locket being the real one, yet it doesn't look the same as it did in the memory, hasn't got the engraving. Also, they haven't worked out who RAB is yet. Ok, another clue is what they talk about when they tell Ginny about the Horcruxes in a previous chapter. They reckon Voldy knows that some have been destroyed? Could he had replace them? Yes, they boys being scared of a sock I guess adds a bit of comedy. Thanks so much again!

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Review #10, by juls 

27th March 2008:
I wonder what Lily's wand has in store for our Trio. Could be something well. magical, eh? It's amazing JKR never thought about Lily's wand, but she had her twisty plot, and we have ours. I'm loving this story so far dear.

What is the connection with the dreams Ginny is having? Is there still a connection between her and Voldyshorts? I hope not, I'm hoping it's just something she is picking up, or maybe it's just something she is subconsciously thinking up.

Great job... progressing to next chappy dear.


Author's Response: Well, I wrote everything and including chapter 14 (plus the ending) before DH and I was absolutely convinced that Lily's one was extremely important. Well when Harry sees DD's will and they talk, he guesses sort of thing. Yes, I expected a twist on this but there was a twist to do with a wand anyway in DH. Now, there are more problems to come regarding Lily's wand in my story.

Ginny, well, various layers here, firstly, you will see later that she is quite psychic, the best one of the group, the 7th daughter. As for a connection, well, back to book 2 I suppose, she was possessed, thirdly, she is pretty close to Harry now and maybe the poor guy had a point trying to stay away, for when they become physical lovers this will be like opening a can or worms, a sort of 3 way connection...

I'm so pleased and so flattered you have read and reviewed so much so far. Hugs x

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Review #11, by AnnaKay 

18th March 2008:
So is Ginny like seeing what is going to happen? That would be very strange because what I am geeting is that Voldy kidnapped her in the future and making her drink the potion. I would say that somebody needs to figure out what is going on or is going to happen.

Thank goodness that Harry has some common sense. It would be a bad thing to touch that locked I would say. It is a really good way to go, and I find it really interesting. I love Dobby, he is such a sweetie. I wonder how they are going to figure out how to destroy it?

Author's Response: Ginny is not actually seeing the future here, although yes she is a little psychic, the strongest of the gang in this respect. She has a connection with Voldy too and she will develop one with Harry also as they get more physically involved. The dream tells them something pretty worrying though, basically that Voldy knows that Dumbledore was after the Horcruxes. The way to destroy them has something to do with something that LV did in "Sorcerer's Stone". I thought I just drop that to tease your brain, evil me!

Yes, there is a slight twist with this locket but I would say that Harry's instincts are usually good. Yes, Dobby is a star! I was very sad when he died in DH. I always thought that Kreacher had to have had something to do with this too. Thanks, again, so much!

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Review #12, by Gords7015 

18th March 2008:
Ok, so they have the Horcrux, and Ginny is a seer. I can't say that I saw the latter coming, but a nice twist. I look forward to seeing that expanded!

Otherwise, nice chapter, although I'd like to see the group grow a set when they got to locket (excuse my slang)...

Nice work!

Author's Response: Yes, they have the locket but this one doesn't have any engraving, which according to what Harry saw in the memory, just doesn't fit. Also they are still clueless as to how to destroy them. I always thought that Kreacher had to had something to do with it, since everyone guessed RAB's identity, what Dumbledore told Harry in the cave about "two people being needed" gave me the clue, in fact.

Ginny, well, she's the 7th daughter but besides she was possessed by Voldy in book 2 and well, the closer she gets to Harry the more this will start to show.

Well, you are basically half-way through what I have written and I'm myself half-way through the story. You were warned that it was a long thing, and I'm so pleased and flattered that you have read and reviewed so much. It does mean a lot!

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Review #13, by Aurora Dawn 

25th February 2008:
Hi Morgana,

What I think you did well in this chapter was your use of Dobby (assuming it is the real locket). Dobby is so small and easily overlooked but it's very typical of him to come up with lifesaving solutions to things.

I think it's cute how Harry gets all embarassed when he runs into Lupin outside the girl's door. He's trying to be a grown up but he gets so flustered when Remus scolds him. He has a lot of respect for Remus so he wouldn't want him to think he was up to anything 'naughty'.

Ginny here reminds me a lot of her mother, very forthright and full of common sense. But on the other hand, she has some of her father in her too so she's not as uptight as Molly is. I think that's a good characterization of her and it's what makes her personality appealing. She really has the best of both parents.

One thing I would be careful of is making Ron too admiring of Hermione. Too many parts like this one will make him start to look kind of stupid, which is a pitfall that lots of fanfiction writers fall into : " "Hermione?" exclaimed Ron, as he came into the girls’ bedroom, giving Hermione an enquiring look as if expecting her to come up with the solution to a complex murder mystery."

Not a lot of typos and things like that. Overall, a very good job as always.

Author's Response: Thanks again. I always thought that Kreacher had something to do with the locket since everyone guessed who RAB was. Also, JKR drops a hint about how magic would register in the cave and that two people were needed to carry out the task. There is a slight twist with the locket because the one Harry saw in the pensive had engraving and this one doesn't...

I'm glad you like my Ginny. I love this girl! Yes, Harry and Remus. Well, Harry is an adult in some respects but not in many others. My guess with him would be that he found out about the birds and the bees with his school mates, maybe he hasn't even discussed this in detail with an adult. Actually, thinking about this, probably with Sirius but he would have known by the time Sirius was about because he was about 14, or 15 then. This will lead to a scene in the next chapter that is meant to be funny in nature but foreshadows something that will happen later. Watch out for Molly's reaction. I just wanted to put the thought into their minds, because, well Harry and Ginny do think about this... as it will become aparent.

Now, Ron, yes I'll have to be a bit careful with him. I have made him make comments that are spot on at times though, although he just drops ideas casually. I would certainly take notice of what he says at times. In this sentence I viewed him as very reliant on her, a bit in a lazy way. Wait for Hermione to come up with the goods but know that I think about this, I may be using this a bit too much.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your replies to my latest reviews too.

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Review #14, by kara101 

19th December 2007:
Do not harm Ginny! Dobby giving Harry a horcrux, hm. interesting. I like this chapter title it fits the storyline. By the way, I would not put all letters in your title in caps. So sorry for the such short reviews but I can not think of anything to say. Unless you want a long review of me rambling I am done. Here, no now I am done. Wait I forgot to say that I give you a 8/10 for always room to improve.

Author's Response: I do not intend to harm Ginny (well at least not at the moment). She goes through a tough time at the very end (planned and partly written but not anywhere near to be published yet). I love Ginny too and she will be important but Harry is very protective of her still...

Now, Dobby and the locket. I always had the feeling that Kreacher had a lot to do with this locket (since more or less everyone had worked out who RAB was) but I do something a little different, like changing the appearance of it slightly to confuse them.

I agree that there is certainly always further room for improvement and I'm certainly very impressed with the 8/10 rating!

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Review #15, by Bella_Portia 

13th November 2007:
Liked the party a lot. You had a clear image of the mansion, all decorated.
“U” can’t ‘ve t with ye? As opposed to “You can’t ‘ve it with you?”

“Generally speaking”, the party went quite well -- seemed “editorial” and distancing that made me feel, as a reader, so that I was completely removed from the POV of any character. If, on the other hand, you said, “Harry felt, generally speaking, the party went well,” that would eliminate this issue. The only question would be whether his internal voice sounded like that. (Is that much ado about little, or what?)

Great scene with Dobby. Good scene with Ron. Amusing little bit with Lupin.

I got the “Trelawney-like stuff” reference, but I still thought it was a bit obscure.
Final dream scene was really intriguing.

I love the way you balance all those characters.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the party. Now, I can't do Hagrid at all! that's is one of my known problems. Maybe I overdid his accent. Thanks for your suggestion. I love the character but I just can do his speech.

As for the neutral point of view, I'm not sure whether that is a good or a bad thing, or neither. I'll give it a thought though.

I'm very pleased you like Dobby, Lupin etc. The Trelawne-like stuff, well Harry has never paid a huge amount of attention to the inner eye, althouh he should do since he is highly perceptive and has open channels with Voldemort.

I am very flattered that you think I balanced the characters well on this.

I love your reviews because they are very in-depth and useful and I'm so please you are continuing to read and review this story. Thanks so much!

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Review #16, by JLHufflepuff 

25th October 2007:
Hello once again! I like this chapter because it is more along the lines of how I thought DH would go before I actually read it... It's interesting that you did have Dobby bring it to him, having stolen it from Kreacher.

I'm interested in the new Ginny development, though it seems to have come out of nowhere. I am sure you are probably going to be explaining it much more. I am wondering if she is seeing things and how Voldemort could be connected to her... From the journal in the 2nd book?

Just something I noticed:
tempt faith - should be tempt fate

I'm still likin' it!

Author's Response: Thanks so much again. Now, I wrote this before DH came out and I thought it was more likely to come from Dobby than from Kreacher, since I was surprised to see that Kreacher eventually took to Harry! I have left the story as I originally intended it because I thought there wasn't much point in trying to rewrite DH! since of course, I would never manage to do it anywhere near as well! lol

Ginny, well, yes, you are right, but there is a bit more to it than that (I mean a bit more than the fact that she was possessed in book 2). The fact that she was possessed in a way opens the chanels, but maybe Voldy doesn't even know she is seeing things... yet. Harry has something to do with this too and, as for out of the blue, well, yes... but something is happening between Harry and Ginny... well, just to give you a clue, it hasn't happened fully and, later on, the connection will get very intense indeed.

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Review #17, by jyyl94 

15th October 2007:
Wow, the descriptions in this chapter is perfect ! So, Dobby gave Harry a locket ? Its really amazing how you can know stuff in the DH, those lockets etc. About Hagrid's character, I think he's erm .. the way he talks should be changed, don't you think so ? Okay, I'm stuck at explaining once again, but hopefully you understand.

About this sentence : "Believe what, Harry?" Ron finally enquired, still not completely in the land of the living. I'm not sure if the land of the living is like, the correct quote or phrase to use, but if its right, then go ahead with it, but it definitely sounds so wrong in my head, lol.

Great chapter, keep the good work up !

Author's Response: Thanks so much again for this. Actually this was all (up to chapter 14 inc) written before DH and that was a sort of prediction but I wasn't completely right since in DH Umbridge had it although Kreacher was connected. I did guessed something about Kreacher 100% though (chapter 17) although it wasn't written before DH, but I guessed that by re-reading the cave chapter in HBP.

Now, I'm going back to this chapter 18 to see if I can spot what's wrong with Harry's speech. Is he too formal? Owl me by all means on this. I can't remember the chapter word by word... He speaks a bit formally in chapters 1 and 18 because of circumstances, but in this chapter he shouldn't speak too formally, so I'll check that. Yes, the land of the living phrase may not be the most adequate, but I'm glad you liked the overall chapter and that you keep on reading. It's very encouraging! x

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Review #18, by Snitchsista 

12th October 2007:
Oh damn, I am so sorry, I just reviewed the same chapter twice!!! **I am so stupid**





Author's Response: Don't woryy, I have done things like that. Once my post kept on crashing and I ended up with 3 threads the same! x

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Review #19, by Snitchsista 

12th October 2007:
I'm really sorry, but as I'm at University, it can't be a long review, but neverthless, I came here to review and review I shall. Thought I would surprise you as you probably thought I would never review ever again. I am guessing, because of how busy I am and so on, but to be honest. You're only busy if you want it. Lol. People go out. I don't. Anyway, onto your review. "Come on, you chicken!" Ginny said to Ron. "Give us the sock, let's see what it looks like."

"Don't be reckless Ginny, remember the state Dumbledore's hand was in!" warned Harry.

"Maybe we should get Moody or someone to take a look at it," contributed Hermione.

"And what if it really turns out to be a Horcrux? We can't reveal this secret. Harry promised... Dumbledore!" disagreed Ron.

Oh, I loved this. The dynamics of the characters was just so amazing, and I could really feel what they were saying. Wicked work, Morgana. Seriously. or should I say, siriusly? Anyway, I really liked the way that you pace this story too. It's not too slow, or dragging. It keeps the reader interested and that's a skill.

Thanks so much for your devoted dedication to 'Luke' and I really must read more of this story.




Author's Response: I'm really pleased to hear from you again. I thought you may come back to this eventually but I absolutely understand that you're busy at Uni, that goes without saying! Owl me if you want and tell me what life there is like.

I'm so glad you like the characterisation. I'm now a bit stuck on chapter 19, which I haven't started yet, keep on having ideas but that's about it. I intend to write some today though. Hugs, x

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Review #20, by Joanne K 

18th September 2007:
I loved the decorations at the start of this chapter, very creative!

And what you said at the end about Ginny... I don't want to give anything away, but it seems as though we're on the same wavelength again!

I wanted to give you a hint about writing Hagrid too. When I first started my story I was having a little trouble writing Hagrid, so I looked to the books to help me. Basically when he's speaking I go by three main rules:
1. Drop any 'h' at the start of a word, like 'Arry (Harry) or 'ere (here).
2. Drop any 't' at the end of a word, like tha' (that) or though' (thought).
3. Use 'yeh' instead of 'you', and me instead of my, for example "Yeh me bes' friend."
Put it all together, "Yeh alrigh' 'Arry?" Hope that helps! :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much for the tips because, yeah, I found it hard to do his accent. I think you are totally right with this and of course, there will be more on Hagrid, so I will need this. Cheers, x

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Review #21, by Snitchsista 

13th September 2007:
Thanks so much for reviewing 'Luke.' I will respond when I have time. Now, to this, well once again, you evoke such emotion within just one chapter. Everyone's in character, and it just, **dreams** Amazing, wanderful. Words can't explain how amazing this story is. As I said before, Hagrid was in character freakliy so. **Applauds, standing up and smiling**

My review is going to be the shortest one ever, I'm afraid, but I love this story and will continue to read it when I'm at University. There's just so much to do, so much to get, food, tolietiries, everything.





Author's Response: Thanks so much for this, again, I'm glad you liked it. I have just owled you with chapter 17 but please just ignore it, I'm aware that you got plenty of stuff to do, goodness and again, good luck! xx

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Review #22, by Snitchsista 

10th September 2007:
Oh, too tired to review any more tonight. I thought I could, but I'll review tommorrow instead.


PS- Amazing Hagrid characterisation though! Just read a little section!



Author's Response: No worries at all. We all need to sleep!! lol I'm extremely grateful for you have done already but yes, you are so encouraging that I always look forward to more... Hugs x

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Review #23, by edenvirg 

25th August 2007:
So Dobby gave Harry the locket here. Interesting, as well as that bit about Ginny having prophetic dreams. (Though I don't really like her much, haha).

Author's Response: That was sort of my prediction because I always thought that Kreacher had some connection with the locket anyway. I actually guess that Mundungus may have stolen it in canon, but decided to do it this way instead. Now, there is a slight twist about the locket.

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