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Review #1, by girly1393 

24th April 2009:
Talk about creepy.

If Moody was screaming at me, I think I'd die of fright.

Author's Response: I am in agreement with the previous statement.

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Review #2, by helene 

18th December 2008:
i loved litf and i'm liking the sequel a lot so far, update soon!! would u ever consider writing litf from james's pov? hehe theres just so much good james-ness in that story (most l/j's make him this pathetic character who only ever hangs after lily), and i'd love to read some of his thoughts, even if it was just from the most important scenes. please consider the idea!!
also, this is bad of me but i want some james/aileen action... he cant have it all easy with lily, can he! and it seems like aileen is a veela and i still dont believe that she has no feelings for james, so i dont see her giving up so easily, yeah? :D

Author's Response: Writing LITF from James' POV? Wow, I've never thought about that before. It sounds quite interesting. Haha. I probably could, but the thing is, there would be a lot of repetition bteween that story and LITF because the lines would be the same :) Only the thoughts would be different. But thanks for giving me some food for thought :) I'll chew on it these next few weeks.

And as for CD, I'm not planning on continuing it. I'm sorry to say this but I simply don't have enough inspiration for it to make it a good enough story that's worth reading. But if I did continue it (which I might in the future -who knows?) I can guarantee that there would be James/Aileen action. It's what makes the story partially interesting, and because it's very obvious that James and Aileen have chemistry :) And you're definitely right when you say Aileen has feelings for James ;)

Thanks for reviewing!! I'll try my best to come up with ideas for this story, but I make no promises.

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Review #3, by AnnieM 

15th October 2008:
I was wondering if you found your inspiration for this story. I really like it and would love if you continued it.

Author's Response: I don't think I will find my inspiration, unfortunately. I gave up on it quite a while ago and as of now, I don't think I will pursue it any further. I'm sorry.

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Review #4, by Love_james 

13th May 2008:
come on infantasia! pls update.i really wanna read the rest of the story! or cld u pls right more James and Lily stories!

Author's Response: I don't think I will be finishing this story, sadly enough. I lost the inspiration for it and all. But I will add a chapter to LITF to give it a definite ending :) Sorry about this.

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Review #5, by lily flower17 

12th May 2008:
love this. please please please update soon!

Author's Response: I doubt I'm going to finish this story. For some reason, I can't find the inspiration to do so. But if it helps, I'm going to be adding another chapter onto LITF to give it a more definite ending :) Sorry!

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Review #6, by stakeinheart 

21st April 2008:
it like hes just accusing james as much as hes accusing any of the other ppl there,so why did he react so badly??and truth be told,this story is in no way as good as any of your other stories...its kinda drifting a little bit actually...it is good,no doubt,but its not upto the mark for you..i thik its just this chapter that i found kind of pointless,but you said you have inspiration,so hopefully the next chaper will be as good as the last few...waiting for an update,hope its better...

Author's Response: Sadly enough, I completely agree with you. I've lost complete inspiration for this story and I doubt that I'm going to follow through with it like I originally planned. But just so LITF has a definite ending, I think I may add another epilogue to it. Thanks for telling me your opinion of this whole thing :)

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Review #7, by SimplyStupified77 

14th April 2008:
OMG! okay well i read Leave it to Fate and absolutely LOVED it and i'm loving this EVEN MORE because of the AWESOME cliffhangers...but those are what's KILLING ME!

Author's Response: Thanks :) I'm actually not working on this story right now since I'm focusing on ATH. But maybe, just MAYBE I'll get around to this. I've sort of lost my inspiration :/

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Review #8, by Amulya_HPfan 

25th March 2008:
So...I came across your stories today when looking for some new Lily/James. I read Leave it to Fate and the current chapters of Cast the Die all in one sitting. Your attention to detail is amazing and the characters feeling are so real. Great job! I'm looking forward to reading more of this story

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked them all :) And I really need to get around to finish editing LITF x)

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Review #9, by jewlzbird 

15th March 2008:
HA! Moody is funny. I think he jumps to conclusions too often...Although James did run off somewhere before everyone left, didn't he? Hmmm...
Anyways, good chapter! I like where this is going :)

Author's Response: Yes, he does, I have to say. I suppose his 'constant vigilance' is rather useful ;) Thank you!

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Review #10, by harrysgirl88 

4th March 2008:
I liked it but please update soon! Please, I want to see what happens and if James is the traitor I swear I am going to be so mad, but will probably still read your story!

Author's Response: Oh no worries :) I can assure you right now that James isn't the traitor. Honestly ;)

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Review #11, by James_Girl_Lily 

1st March 2008:
Your story is amazing! Its a great sequel! What a cliffhanger! I'm looking forward to the next chapter! Keep it up! 10/10 =)

Author's Response: I'm attempting to type that chapter up now x) Haha. Thanks!

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Review #12, by Evans_Potter_Perfection 

16th February 2008:
awww! more! more! more! more! it was amazing! loved it! update soon! please? =]

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #13, by glacialangel 

6th February 2008:
To be perfectly honest, that wasn't a long A/N. X) I'm not exactly sure how long the new chapter has been posted, but I doubt I would have seen it if I hadn't visited the story to see if I had a response to a review. ;) I'm absolutely thrilled you found finally found your inspiration, and I must say, this chapter is ten times better than the last one. The ending was brillant; I loved how you spun it on James at the last minute. It fits too because you were sketchy on his whereabouts. I am curious to see whether Moody forces him to drink Veritaserum or not and what he will say under the influence. X) The fighting scene was better too. In the last chapter, although Sirius using Dark Magicw as totally unpredictable, it didn't really flow with the...direction of the story? I'm not quite sure how to word that but you catch my drift. I liked it a lot better.

I haven't done predictions for a while! But this new chapter has got me in the mood. ;) I'm guessing that...most likely James will tell where he was, and then Moody will move his suspicions to somewhere else. Oh!! Maybe Aileen! THAT would make things VERY interesting. Or Moody could force James to take Veritaserum, and somethings will be revealed. Ummm...Kim or Riley will show up? Oh, and of course we have to have an update on Frank's condition. That's all I have at the moment. :)

Anyways, I'm happy you're back. X) I've definetly been missing this story. I can't wait to see what happens next! What's you estimate of when it will be done? Thank you for the update!

Author's Response: Oh dear lord that was a LONG review :) Thank you so much! I do love reading your comments. Haha. And I'm glad you liked this new chapter more. I just hope I'll be able to continue it with this one. I know what's going to happen, as usual. I just don't know how to write it x)

And quite lovely predictions you have there. James will indeed tell everyone where he is, but whether Moody will sway his suspicions is up to the man alone :) I was originally thinking of making James take Veritaserum, but it would ruin everything, wouldn't it? ;) There would be no mystery! Haha.

I originally placed Kim back in during this chapter, but it just didn't seem to fit...so I took her out again. I don't think we'll be seeing Kim and Riley anytime soon since they don't play a HUGE role in this sequel, but they will definitely be back :)

Thanks once again for your lovely review ;) I'm hoping to update another chapter for this story, but ATH comes first at the moment.

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Review #14, by kittens0020 

6th February 2008:
nice. i really like this story but i wish you would update faster especially since you just deleted two chapters.

Author's Response: I technically only deleted one chapter :) I got rid of chapter 5 and 6 and updated a new chapter 5. And I will be working on the new chapter 6 of this soon, but that's only after I get chapter 12 of ATH out. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Sirius_Padfoot_lvr 

8th January 2008:
dude, plz keep writing this story! u have only gone to the 6th chap. and it's bugging me like crazy!
plz & thnx!

Author's Response: I'm trying! I just came up with something new, so I may have to delete chapter five while I'm at it, but the new chapter will be better :) I guarantee it. Haha.

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Review #16, by Love_James 

25th September 2007:
Hey Infantasia,
have you given up on the story or something?I hope not.Leave it to fate and cast the die are my favourite stories.Pls continoue writing Cast the die.I really want to read it.

Author's Response: Hello :) And no, I have not given up on this story yet. The thing is, I'm really busy right now...and I mean REALLY busy. To say simply, I don't really have enough time to write out another chapter of this. But on the bright side, I do have chapter 6 75% completed. I just need to finish it up. I think I should have some more free time after the first week and a half of October is past. Sorry about the long wait!!

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Review #17, by glacialangel 

23rd September 2007:
So...it's been three months since the last update and you've updated two chapters for ATH. X) Care to satisfy my curiousity with a progress update? No pressure on when you update or anything, just wondering. ;)

Author's Response: Ah yes, my terrible lack of updates :X Sorry about that! I guess you could say I'm trying to figure out how to get to where I wanna go for this story. I know the ending...I just don't know how to get there. But the good news is that I have 75% of chapter 6 written. I just need to finish it up and then post :) I would say...give or take about a week. And as for ATH, I haven't even thought about the next chapter yet, but then again, I updated that on the 3rd so it hasn't been too long ;)

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Review #18, by J 

23rd September 2007:
Hey!! Are you still writing this story?

Author's Response: Hey :) And yes, I am still writing this story. I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates, but the good news is that I've got 75% of chapter 6 done ;) I just need to finish it up and then update. I'm guessing around a week :)

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Review #19, by Charisma_tn 

5th September 2007:
I'd like to see Lily not be a total idiot all the time. Good for her to be smart with putting the fire out on the house, but it gets old when she's the one who is always the idiot/sucking/getting embarrassed. I also feel like you could've milked the James/Lily thing for a few more chapters. It was kinda anticlimatic. She forgave him a little too easily in my opinion.

Author's Response: Lily loves James, James loves Lily. And he did apologize. She's a reasonable enough girl, and while James DID go overboard, he apologized quite profusely. If he were her worst enemy, I'd say that she'd spend at least fifteen chapters hating him with all her passion. But as the case is, they have quite a good relationship, and because of it, I don't think she forgave him too easily :) Love conquers all, or so the old saying goes.

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Review #20, by silver_phoenix1342 

26th August 2007:
hey...i loved this one...Lily was so funny about Quidditch...oh god...good one...update soon..:)

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #21, by glacialangel 

25th August 2007:
Well, I have two problem solvers I use when I can't decide what to do. If I have a ton of time on my hands and I'm extremely bored, I write a Pros/Cons list. But most of the time I'm just way to lazy so I flip a coin. ;P Don't worry about it. I've waited up to a year for an update on some stories. I don't think it'll kill me or any of the other reviewers to wait a little over a month. X) Take your time.

P.S. Heads up, I left a huge review on AIA. ;)

Author's Response: Haha. Those are good ideas actually, but if I end up picking the harder way to go, then the story is going to take much longer x) Thanks for your understanding though :) You really are too good to me. And yes, I did see your absolutely fantastically long review :O Much love to you :D

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Review #22, by glacialangel 

24th August 2007:
Quick question. There is an update on the horizon? ;)

Author's Response: Ack. Actually, I'm trying to figure out how to write chapter 6. I'm kind of leaning towards two different directions and I'm still not quite sure which one to use. But I suppose you could say that there will be an update...sometime soon x) Sorry!

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Review #23, by padfootprongslover 

12th August 2007:
I realize you posted this chapter a long time ago *squirms unpleasantly.* Sorry for reviewing late*tsk tsk* But just yesterday, I reread all of Leave it To Fate! And, yet again, I was impressed with your writing style. This chapter was no exception. It was fabulous, as usual. Hopefully, you're enjoying your summer and loved Deathly Hallows as much as I did. 10:]

Author's Response: Oh it's all right :) I'm just happy you took the time to stop by and read this. Haha. Thank you once again, and rest assured, I enjoyed Deathly Hallows :) It was much better than the sixth book and exceeded my expectations. Cheers!

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Review #24, by LovelyMioneWeasley 

7th August 2007:
What a splendid sequel...its pure fun and adventure. I must admit you had me going when James was a Death Eater-it blew me away! I was sitting there in pure shock and kept reminding myself to keep reading to see what was going on. You did a really good job on that ;-). This is an amazing story already and I can't wait to find out what happens next. You're a fantastic author and your stories are a marvelous pleasure to read.

Author's Response: I never thought James would be a very good Death Eater, though I did read a story where he was one the other day. It didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would x) I suppose he has potential, if the setting and plot was right. Haha. Thanks once again! Much love to you ;)

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Review #25, by The Phantom 

6th August 2007:
Dear Infantasia,
Brilliant chapter! Update soon please!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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