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Review #1, by datbenik513 

25th May 2009:
Coming of age comes with different burdens Harry will very soon realize. Being accepted into the Order is something he'd wanted a long time ago. On the other hand, being the Secret-Keeper for the Order, and at the same time prime target for Voldemort, is somewhat different, but on the end, he reluctantly agrees. Again from nobility; should he be captured and tortured for information, it would be the death sentence for each and every Order member. He's always taking blame on himself for losing someone; he still hasn't forgotten the circumstances of Sirius's death.

Dumbledore has left Harry a very important object and a very important clue in his last will and now it's up to Harry how he manages to make the best use of this information.

An amazingly written chapter; pure enjoyment, this one.

Author's Response: Yes, Harry always wanted to join and it's only natural that he would. Now, I think he would make a great Secret Keeper. He's a safe bet. I don't think he would reveal anything even if torture. He would chose his own death over his friends'.

Yes, the Pensive and the wand. The Pensive will lead to very important revelations, not all very pleasant but watch out for the wand because there will be developments later on.

I'm so pleased you enjoyed this chapter so much.

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Review #2, by SpringTime 

13th November 2008:
There is a part where Harry is ranting to Ron about why he is not normal and he says 'Where do you want me to start?', he says this after he has already listed his list of abnoramilties, I think it might sound better if it were said before.
Interesting theory about Harry being able to sense dark magic, it does bring up some possibilities for future moments. When they are being inducted into the order you have Herminoe and then Harry, and I see that you don't want to have the entire oath written out again, but maybe some dialogue after their voiced trail off, maybe something to show that they each completed their oaths without actually having to repeat it. It als helps to break up the dialogue a bit more. I like the idea that you have for the will reading, very unique and smart. It is so funny to see how your ideas are similar to those of JKR (with Hermione getting books). I think that when Harry goes in you shoudl show him bracing to put his head in the pensieve, and then the feel of the memory taking him, otherwise it looks like he just walked into a room with Dumbledor in it. Okay so if the pensieve is used to do Dumbledor's will how is it that he is able to know what Harry is saying. If it is an imprint of a memory then he would not be able to hear him, if it is in fact an imprint of Dumbledor then maybe you should preface that it is different from a memory, otherwise it is a bit confusing. Or (and I know that there was a lot you wanted to get out) but maybe you should edit the conversation so that Harry would respond and Dumbeldor would continue as if he already knew what Harry would say, the only difficulty would be to make sure that it is apparent that Dumbledor is just being his extremely smart old self in guessing what his protege might say upon his death. It is just an idea, but it might make the scene even more intrigueing and bring Dumbeldor's inate ability to see into people more to light.
Another good chapter, with an honest feel to it, especially the reactions of Hermione and Molly at he will reading. I also think that Kinglsey seemed to have a proper reaction to the nomination.
Okay so two things that are little side notes. one is in respones to the review responses.
1. Harry did inform Lupin about Snapes revealing the prophesy to Voldemort, it was in the hospital wing after Dumbledor's death.
2.Thank you so much for reviewing my story Addict, and so quickly too. I promise to continue to review this, and I would like to have it finished by the end of the weekend (but hopefully sooner) I feel a bit of the flu coming on and am a little feaverish at the moment, but hopefully that will not effect my reviewing abilities. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much again. Harry is being sarcastic when he makes this comments, hence we goes through everything first and then says, "where do you want me to start?" Yes, I always thought that that house gave very bad vibes to certain people, especially Sirius and I see Harry as someone naturally very intuitive. Ginny is also but in a different way, more in what we call ESP really.

The oath, you are right, I just didn't want to repeat it three times but yes, your idea maybe a better way of doing this.

Kingsley's nomination well, I thought pretty hard on this and it was difficult to elect a leader after Dumbledore. I was rather pleased when JKR said that he become Minister after the war, so I kind of guessed. Also, I wonder whether we also sort of predicted a black President in the US... indirectly, although I think it was probably just coincidence.

I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter though and yes, I think the Pensive scene could be clearer but what I do is a mixture of what happens in the Pensive and the feeling of talking to a portrait.

Oh, my God! I better go and change the conversation between Harry and Remus slightly because this is a bit of a blunder. I'll just get Harry to mention it but to say something like "remember how I told you that..."

I'm so sorry to hear that you have the flue. I hope you feel better soon.

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Review #3, by Georgia Weasley 

25th October 2008:
I loved the interaction between Harry and Dumbledore in this. I think you captured Dumbledore's personality perfectly. It makes so much sense for him to leave Harry the Pensieve, and not money. He knows Harry will have no use for more monetary gifts. I think the remark Ron makes about Dumbledore leaving Hermione books was so funny! Of course he did, what else on earth would she treasure more? Great chapter. Now cross your fingers that no disasters happen now that I'm back reviewing! :)

Author's Response: I'm sorry for taking so long reviewing this. I was on holiday with no internet and when I finally found an internet cafe I had limited time, so I just replied to your last review. Thanks so much. Thankfully, no disasters seem to have come from this this time! lol

I'm so pleased that you found Dumbledore in character. I find him a slightly difficult character to write because he is so wise. I wanted him to only hint. He has never been one to give completely straight answers and I see him as someone who wants Harry to think for himself more than spoon-feed him information. Of course, yes, Harry has plenty of money as it is, so the Pensive will be a lot more useful to him. Hermione and books, well, of course! lol Again, this tallies with Dumbledore tendency to plant clues as oppose to giving clear answers.

Thanks so much for reviewing so much.

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Review #4, by crazygingercatlady 

5th October 2008:
Oh, it gets more and more intriguing. He left Harry Lily's wand? I'm really intrigued now with what you have planned. Again I feel the need to say how I really love how you're using the aspects of the books that weren't really addressed in the last book. The magic Lily used to protect Harry always intrigued me and I really like how you seem to be exploring what it means.

I thought it was an interesting and original way of telling Dumbledore's will. I also love how he left something for the Weasleys, they get so overlooked in the books. Your writing is really good as you have the perfect balance between description and dialogue, you say enough to set the scene and have enough happening to keep the action going.


Author's Response: Oh my God, I'm just so chaffed. I think my head has swollen a bit! lol

Well, if you want the general background of this, I developed it a lot in my collaboration chapter for "Defining Moments" which is based on Harry. You may have read that actually. I'm sorry for mentioning it if you did. Ok, not all the facts are compliant with this story but Lily's spell is (AU as it it).

Dumbledore? I refused for most of DH to believe he was anything but God... almost... it really shocked me that he was prepared to sacrifice Harry's life x

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Review #5, by celticbard 

23rd May 2008:
Ah, so Harry is set to inherit his mother's wand? How clever! I'm truly enjoying this story's progression. I wonder, though, why was Dumbledore unable to find out the secret behind Lily Evans' spell? Or perhaps he does know, but was unable to tell Harry. I must say, I am thoroughly intrigued! You have indeed captured my interest, morgana.

I also really enjoyed the scene in which Dumbledore's will was read. How clever! His recorded messages reminded me of the video wills some 'muggles' leave these days. And I'm also quite happy to see that Harry inherited the pensieve. I'm sure it'll be of great use to him.

It was also nice to see the trio inducted into the Order, as I do think they deserve to be members even though they are young.

I only noticed a few errors in this chapter, morgana. They are as follows.

But, what was it that belonged to him anyway and contained a very important clue?
This should be, and did it contain another important clue?

He better get used to it.
This should be, He'd better...

Last thing poor Remus needed!
This should be, That was the last thing poor Remus needed!

Harry remembered the sun faded, mouldy, green curtains, the worn carpet and the remainder of the awful tapestries, the ones that couldn't be removed as they have been fixed with a sticking charm.
This should be, as they had been fixed with a sticking charm.

Harry looked at this phenomenon again awe stricken.
I think this would sound better as, Harry looked at this phenomenon, again feeling awe stricken.

The way in which this was done was, predictably, different to the Muggle procedure.
This should be, predictably, differed from the Muggle procedure.

"Good evening, Professor," he replied, staring at the image like if trying to reach it.
This should be, staring at the image as if trying to reach it.

Arthur Weasley extended his hand and picked it up: "Kingsley Shacklebolt!" he announced. in a clear and decisive tone of voice.
You have an unneeded period between announced and in.

Well, what can I say, morgana, this was another good chapter ^_^ I look forward to reading the next installment. Good luck!


Author's Response: Ah, the wand... You give me the impression that you have guessed a fair bit already. Well, Dumbledore was a great wizard, so he must have at least guessed what Lily did. He has given Harry very much of a clue here but I can't say much more just yet...

The will, yes, actually I probably subconsciously thought about video-wills. I just thought it had to be something a bit magical, since it's the HP world.

Also, yes, I thought the trio should join the Order. Harry has obviously have been having issues about being treated like a child throughout this story. I guess in DH he didn't have the time to ponder about this much, since they were fugitives. This is partly the problem that I now have with this fiction, that I have so many sub-plots and I'm trying to explore everyone's emotions so much that this is going to end up longer than "War and Peace"!

Thanks so much again for spotting grammar errors, typos and whatnot. I have amended them all apart from this two:

"But what was it that belonged to him anyway and contained a very important clue?" You suggested: and did it contain a very important clue?" I have changed it to: "...belonged to him anyway that contained..." because Dumbledore had told him for a fact that the clue was important and associated with the wand.

The other one is: "Last thing poor Remus needed!" because this is just Arthur thinking and I thought I leave it coloquial, but I may be wrong.

Anyway, awesome review and I'm so pleased that I'm still keeping you intrigued (although you are doing very well with the guess-work!). Also, I now have a printer, which makes it a lot easier to correct errors than having two windows open.

Thanks so much!

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Review #6, by DragonGoddess 

13th May 2008:
Like always, begin with a few typos:

* "I suspect it may have something to do with it!" belowed Hermione - bellowed Hermione.

* "Welcome, Ronald Wesley!" - Weasley

Heh, I liked the way Ginny snapped at the moping Harry ^_^ Also...Ron's retort: "I love your optimism!" Hehe had me grinning.

I really want to read on and on and on...so I shall proceed to the next chapter. I haven't much to say about this chapter. I'm eager to know about how Harry goes on...as in, how he starts off with his mission. The entry of the trio into the Order was surprising. But, not unbelievable.

Great chapter :)

Author's Response: First of all, thanks for spotting the typos. No matter how many times I comb this story, I always find some more! They have now been fixed.

Harry's friends can get a bit fed up with his whinning. They love him but because they're close to him they feel able to tell him off.

Well, I thought it would be logical for they to join since they are now all of age (Harry is in fact the youngest). I guess this didn't happen in DH because they where fugitives and they have to hide by camping, so they were not in contact with the Order as such.

Thanks so much again. Your reviews are so appreciated!

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Review #7, by Shellee 

16th April 2008:
Ooh, the will! I'm curious. I wouldn't blame Harry for being all over the place, after all, everything IS all over the place.
I really think that -oh god, I got distracted and now I forgot what I was gonna say, I have to skim over things again-
Aha! I really think that they should give up trying to find out what Harry and Dumbledore were up to, it's none of their business. It's his business and his secret, his job to battle Voldemort.
I really like the whole initiation thing. I guess the whole magical bonding thing is something really important to this fiction, he? =)
I do think the Pensieve moment is weird, never thought they were actually able to talk back and such. Then again, they're all wizards and could probably do some serious things. Man, I would love a Pensieve. Ah, so that's why you needed the spell. Surprised you managed to prolong it for so long, so far. I'm very curious how you're going to do this. I'm sure he'd be a bit further with his mother's wand.
I'm very glad that they all trust Harry so much. Thought I would have rather thought Remus to be the leader of the Order, he's perfect really. I need to read on. =p

Author's Response: Yes, Harry has had a bit of an eventful birthday and his emotions are playing up a bit. The Order will realise that there is no point in trying to get Harry to talk, because he won't. The magical bonding, yes, I like the idea of something like this.

Now, the will... I thought it had to be done in a special way, something different from a Muggle's lawyer's office, say, something that involved magic and it was a good opportunity to get Dumbledore and Harry to talk...

The wand, ah, well there will be twists here and the clue is in this chapter, as to why Voldy wants it. Harry guesses why and Dumbledore smiles... also he says something to Petunia in this regard in chapter 1. The actual spell Lily used (this is again AU) will not come in until later, towards the end though.

Remus would have been a good choice too but in the end, after much deliberation I decided to go for Shaklebolt.

Thanks again. Hugs x

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Review #8, by Ginerva_Potter 

6th April 2008:
Ok, this is the last chapter for now, so I'll again split my review:

- Again, not a whole lot to say. There were some grammar errors, but nothing too horrible. The balance between description and dialogue seemed ok to me. I really like the way the pensieve was used for the will. Very original and fitting.

- Characterization -- I think you are doing a fantastic job with this overall. This is definitely one of your strengths. There are many parts where the characters are out of character. You should be proud of your ability to do this.
- Interesting Factor -- I do think the story is interesting. The only thing I'm having a problem with is staying connecting to everything that's going on. I didn't really realize it until this chapter, but when you mention something, and then leave it for chapters at a time, it leaves the reader disconnected. For example, it has been quite awhile since Lily's wand was mentioned. By the time it was mentioned in this chapter, I had almost forgotten about Harry's quest for it. There is so much going on (Draco in church, Horcrux hunt, whatever Snape is up to, Voldemort, the Order, Ginny & Harry's relationship, etc.) that it is sometimes hard to keep track of everything. Now, that doesn't mean you have to tie everything together, but you might want to try to tie in the major plot points a little tighter. Ok, before I finish this section, I also have to add a little warning to this advice. If you have been hearing reviews that oppose this, please ignore me. My lack of connection may be due to the fact that I have read a story in between and worked on my own. I do get confused sometimes between stories!
- Dialogue vs. Description -- I have noticed that you do a much better job of balancing dialogue and description when you are writing slower scenes. After noticing that, I tried to figure out why. Do you try to fit every event or scene into one chapter? If so, you may want to reconsider this. It may work better if you take a couple of chapters to work out an action event. This will benefit you and the readers in two ways: (1) You will have more time to be descriptive and let a scene unfold to its full potential. (2) The reader will have a better balance of action and down time. Instead of reading one action packed chapter, then 4 slower ones (this is an example, not necessarily based on the actual chapters I just read), the reader will have 2-3 chapters of action, followed by 4 slower ones.

Ok, so I think that's all for now! Great job with your story and keep up all your wonderful work!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much for reviewing so much and in so much detail!

I see what you mean by losing track of what's going on. I seem to be playing with several decks of cards here but it will all shall be revealed in the end. I wanted to space things out a bit to keep up the suspense as opposed to resolving one issue at a time, but I will take a good look at this because yes, I maybe getting everyone a bit confused.

Now, I'm really pleased that you like the way I did Dumbledore's will.

There are instances later on, when I do divide a scene in two chapters in fact. I guess, I'm still trying to find my feet here. I hadn't written for so long when I started this story. I'm very glad that you find the theme interesting though. I think I'm actually better at non-action packed scenes though.

Thanks so much again. By all means, take your time with this. It's an incredibly long story so I completely understand.

Hugs x

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Review #9, by punk poet 

2nd April 2008:
harry would so act like that, well done you got his emotions right

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so pleased you find him in character. It was a bit odd to write because in the previous chapter, he was in a really good mood, just trying to enjoy himself in more mundane ways, but of course, Dumbledore's will was at the back of his mind and he just can't stand Grimmauld Place, especially because of how Sirius felt when it was "trapped" there. Obviously, he was very close to Dumbledore and also he is just so full of questions. I guess the most mystifying answer for Harry would be the time when Dumbledore tells him very serenely that he knows how he died. Harry, being Harry, will probably put it down to Dumbledore being too forgiving, well, wait and see...

I'm really thrilled that you have read and reviewed so much so quickly! I'm really grateful!

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Review #10, by juls 

27th March 2008:
The will... amazing. I like the little clues you've passed out with the gifts. (Well I think they are clues...)
Oh! Harry brought up a point about the Order Vow. Snape took it also, so could he or would he have broken it? oh oh The very suspense of that. We know now he didn't, and Snape above all things has really shown himself to be of all things loyal.


I like that you chose Shacklebolt as the new leader of the OoTP. I myself chose Remus, but they make equally good choices.. for different reasons. Your point about Mad-Eyes being paranoid is the same reason I didn't pick him.

Good job again dear.


Author's Response: Thanks so much again. I'm so behind with your story by comparison though. I'll try to review some more tomorrow, by the way.

Now, yes what DD leaves Harry is very significant, also, as I said before some other birthday gifts he gets.

Now, by joining the Order they swear an Oath, it's a binding magical contract but it's not the unbreakable vow, so you don't automatically die if you break it. Snapey, well, what do you think? I note that you have read on so I guess you know whether he did break it or not...

I must admit it was hard for me to decide on a leader. Shaklebolt seemed sensible and knowledgeable. I toyed with Remus too but I thought some people might have objected because of his being a werewolf, not so much out of prejudice but sheer inconvenience and also, he would be more in danger or being targetted by certain groups.

I'm really pleased that you're enjoying this! Thanks so much.

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Review #11, by AnnaKay 

18th March 2008:
Good chapter! There was a lot of good information in there with everything that was talked about. I think that what Dumbledore left him was a really great thing. It will, I think help a lot with their tasks.

Dumbledore is really nice to remember everybody, and I really like how you made the "reading of the will" different in the two different worlds. Good creativity with that.

Great chapter, can't wait to keep going. Hopefully I will be able to finish your story in the next couple of day, sorry it is taking so long.

Author's Response: I thought the will have to be done more magically here. I wrote this (all up to chapter 14 included + the ending) before DH, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The one thing that's irrelevant but that I seemed to had guessed is that Dumbledore's will would be read on Harry's birthday, although this was just a coincidence really. Harry needs these two items to discover something incredibly important but I'll let you guess. Yes, I thought he may try and remember everyone.

I'm so pleased that you got so engrossed in this story that you read all of it, from chapter 8 till 25 in one go! I'm very, very flattered!

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Review #12, by Gords7015 

18th March 2008:
Ok, another good chapter. The story is really picking up here, which is good! Again, I will suggest that I'm going to have to suspend my understanding of the death of Lily/the sacrafice to get through this story, as I do not believe that she cast a spell when Harry was saved. If I was the author, I'd either tweak this part so that the clue became something else, or else have a cut-scene where the reader is able to see exactly what happened back there, and then introduce some sort of spell so that logically it works.

Otherwise, I'm happy that you had Dumbledore leave the Weasleys some money!

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked this one too. Now, going back to the spell, wand etc. Ok, I know that in canon the protection steamed from her sacrifice alone. The fact that she sacrifices herself is very important here too but ok, she did so through a spell. What she cast could not have succeeded if she wasn't willing to die herself. I was of the mind before DH that Lily had to had done something more, otherwise James' death could have afford the protection too, because he too died to give his family a chance. Ok, it's true that Voldy was going to kill him anyhow and not Lily, but Lily didn't know this at the time, she really didn't know that she would have been spared. Voldy told her so, when she calls her "stupid girl" but it's not clear to me whether she truly believed him. I mean, what she did was a heroic act of love and I will not take her merit away at all but I thought the spell tied in better with how Harry eventually finds something very important out. I cannot spell it out at this stage because it would ruin something that will be important in the end, but it all shall be revealed...

Thanks again so much.

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Review #13, by Aurora Dawn 

23rd February 2008:
Hi Morgana,

I really like the way you handled Dumbledore's will here -- I actually like your version better than Rowling's. It was much more creative and in tune with the magical world. Maybe she felt pressed for time when she did hers? It seems like you put more thought into it.

I'd never thought of the Order being formal enough to have an oath, but I suppose it's likely. What about Peter though? If there was an oath back when he was an Order member, and it's a binding magical contract, then -?

It seems kind of weird to hear Dumbledore call Harry "my dear". I've never heard him call Harry by any term of affection, but Dumbledore has had a very bad year so, who knows? Seriously...since that isn't actually Dumbledore talking it might make sense to have him acting slightly out of character.

Kingsley would have been my choice too. He has good credentials, stays calm under fire, is respected by the others, etc. Remus might have been my second choice but he has too many personal problems -- he wouldn't be available all the time. ("Remus -- the Death Eaters just attacked the Ministry. Should we stop them? Bark once for yes, and two for no"). And he feels too much. A leader has to be ruthless and Remus couldn't be that if he tried.

Once again, I didn't catch any typos anything like that worth mentioning.

Well done.

Author's Response: You have really made me laugh with this review, and think as well!

I feel so flattered that you like my version of the will better, I feel really weak inside when people tell me things like that since I obviously admire Rowling beyond belief. I honestly thought she was going to put more magic into the ceremonies. The oath, well, I'm a lawyer in real life so probably that rubs on. lol
Now, you don't die, like with the unbreakable vow is you are in breach, but you would owe a debt. Well, Peter owes Harry several from where I can see it, so we shall see...

Now, Remus is such a sweet heart. I think he is intelligent and brave enough for the job but yes, the furry little problem and also he is probably a bit too soft. Also he has a personal connection with Harry insofar as he was friends with his mum and dad. I think Kingsley is more imparcial. I was quite impressed when JKR said he would be Minister. I thought, ah, I almost guessed that one. Harry is far too young, he might have been ok if he had been 35+ or thereabouts but yes, he is still a school boy.

The Remus bit really did make me laugh.

Thanks so much and I will try to review at least one more chapter of your Remus/Kerri story tonight if I can but I must get to the supermarket first.

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Review #14, by kara101 

19th December 2007:
I am halfway done! Yes! Not that I do not like reading this is just feels good to be almost done reviewing. Having Harry somewhat talk to Dumbledore through his will was a little awkward but otherwise fine. I personally was hoping you would make Harry the leader but Kingsley is a good idea too. Other than that, fine not sure what else to say really. On to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Well, I just thought that a magical Will had to be a bit different and I wanted Harry to talk to Dumbledore but in a context where not too many answers could be disclosed to him. What I do in a way is to get Harry to ask for reassurance as to whether he is on the right track (like about Lily's wand) etc.

I started a thread on the leader and most people thought that Harry was too young, even if he is the hero of the story, also he has to go out hunting horcruxes so he probably doesn't need any extra responsibility. I didn't know who to go with because Dumbledore was such an obvious leader, no-one else seemed to fit the bill well enough after him. Thanks again.

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Review #15, by Bella_Portia 

12th November 2007:
Ah, so much exposition being set out. Good chapter. (Didn't like the line about the veritaserum -- a bit creepy, even for Moody) But a lot of this was inspired, particularly the way D had his will via the Pensieve, and the oath by which the 3 became members of the OOP.
Shacklebolt becoming leader was surprise -- a good one.

Author's Response: Wow, you have read and reviewed so much... I'm so pleased!

Now, the veritaserum, yes, a bit harsh. In a way that goes against Moody becoming leader because people see it as a display of his paranoia. Ok, may be OOC but not too sure bearing in min that he knows the trio have something big on their hands and he sees them as children.

Now, the Will, yes, I had to do it differently from a Muggle one (I mean I'm a Law graduate myself and have dealt with this kind of stuff in the muggle world and it's just a bit boring) so it had to be magical in some way. I also wanted Harry to have a chance to talk to Dumbledore. Actually what he has left Harry is really important later on...

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Review #16, by GoCalgaryFlamesGo 

2nd November 2007:
I loved this chapter. The meeting of the Order was excellent, and of course I love not only your Moody, but also your Lupin, Tonks and Kingsley.

Favorite line "That's because you have a gift to perceive its darkness, things that have gone on here, you can feel that, I think Sirius did too. That's why he was like that, why he hated being here..." Hermione told him softly.

Author's Response: I'm so impressed you liked this chapter. Actually when I wrote it I thought it was a bit of a boring one! but I also thought I had to deal with the Order now that DD is deacd. I'm really glad to hear that you think my main characters on this were in character, especially Shacklebolt since we still know very little about him. I imagined him very capable but honorable sort of type! Now, Hermione on that line, well yes, Harry is pretty merry until he gets there, there maybe another reason but he just goes morose all of a sudden and even himslef cannot understand it fully... wait and see, maybe there is something there...

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Review #17, by JLHufflepuff 

23rd October 2007:
First, I think that Ron needs to cut Harry some slack. No, Harry doesn't need to throw a pity party, but everything does seem to happen to him. I think he deserves a little extra encouragement from his best friends!

Also, that's interesting about them trying to decide who will lead the Order and if it will be Harry or not.

I just finished, and I'm glad that he was asked to be secret keeper instead of to lead the order.

Dumbledore's message was very ... cryptic. I wonder what role his mother's wand will play!

Author's Response: Yes, poor Harry can exasperate his friends at times. They understand of course what he feels but, because they are really close to him, they also speak their minds. I hope this comes across as I never intended for Ron to be unsympathetic. Now, Ginny is a slight different matter! She is the one who gives him a real hard time and she loves him more than anything in the world but she is very fiery and she feels left out a lot of the time. Still she is not too clear as to what's going on between them and she loses patience fast! She basically wants to join them in their quest and all I can say is that she is a central character in this fic.

Now, the leader, yeah, DH never told us who it was but since Shaklebolt actually becomes Minister in the end, I guess my prediction was sort of correct. Harry is far too young and only Hagrid and Moody are in favour of it, so I thought it would be better suited as secret keeper.

Now, the wand, ... that wand.... well, you will have to wait and see that it plays a huge role and yes, as Dumbledore said, it should only be used at the very end of the quest... I'm so glad you are still enjoying this story and faithfully reviewing it. This kind of loyalty keeps me going really, x

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Review #18, by jyyl94 

15th October 2007:
Wow, I love the part when everyone talked to Professor Dumbledore. I'm beginning to like Hermione more and more, and its real funny when she came out satisfied just because Dumbledore gave her books from his private collection !! HAHA ! And definitely Ron-ish, since he was clearly joking with her, though he didn't quite expect to know that what he said was certainly true.

No, why would you? he replied trying to be humble. You forgot your quotation marks there. Sorry I'm just pointing out just 2 mistakes today only as I'm trying to keep my eyes open although its only 9 something at night here. Shouldn't have over-studied, I'm real tired. Anyway, there's another mistake somewhere .. here. “Another thing, sir,” Harry was now very apprehensive “I have broken my promise.” You italic-ed [if there's such thing LOL.] the part "Harry was now very apprehensive.

Well, such a short review, but I'm dying to finish this story as I'm totally hooked to it ! Just 8 more chaps, and I'll know everything !

Author's Response: Thanks again, and yes, please continue to point out mistakes if you spot them. I don't get upset, on the contrary. The italics thing was probably an overside, forgot to turn them off or something, the same goes for the inverted commas, but I will re-edit this when I get the chance.

Also, I'm affraid to say you won't know everything (evil me!). This story is meant to be proper novel-length, so there is still a hell of a lot on the pipeline. More on Draco etc, and I know you like this character. He is really going to have a rough time, he will almost make Harry feel sorry for him and that's saying something! You will find out more stuff of course, but the ending, well, I more or less wrote it before DH came out but that is still nowhere near the validation queue. It won't be exactly as in canon, is all I can say...

I'm so flattered that you are hooked to this! Reviews make my day too! Thanks so much.

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Review #19, by Snitchsista 

10th September 2007:
Ok, now that my one off 'special' review, (well, it depends on what you thought of course lol,) is over, it's back to the normal way.

Loved it, again. My favourite part was where Harry spoke to Dumbledore's portrait. Again I must ask you, did you write this before or after the Deathly Hallows? It's just, things are so precise, spookily precise. Lol. Didn't Hermione get books in book seven as well? I can't remember, but it was so cool. Honestly.

Anyway, thought that Harry, Ron and Hermione's reinstation, is that even a word, lol, into the Order was done in a really, wicked magical way and it made me honestly think, that I could be reading J.K.'s work. I mean it. I'm not just being nice for the sake of it. I tell the truth in my reviews, so please don't think I'm stringing you along or anything. I mean it! This story totally rules! **Does a funky dance and then composes herself**

Oh yeah, Ginny's characterisation was perfect. Her bossiness and slight annoyance with Harry were excellent as it showed that even though she loves him, every character (wanted boyfriend, in this case) has his flaws, and that she will not put up with some of his moaning. Loved it. Oh, shorter review I'm afraid as I want to try and get up to chapter fifteen tonight. (So it's past half eleven, but I'm having a wicked time and everyone loves reviews!)

I know I do!




Author's Response: I honestly don't mind which type of review you do because they are all absolutely wonderful. I wasn't thinking you were just flattering me, I know you truly like it, it's just that is hard to be confident, especially since this is my first fanfic. Now, yes, everything up to chapter 14 included, most of the end and the chapter I owl you plus another one with Riddle Senior's old girlfriend were written before DH. I didn't get the deaths too right but lots of silly details etc, I realised I did. The most spooky although completely trivial was what Hermione was wearing at the wedding, almost word for word.

Now, being a bit pedantic, I'm not sure "reinstation" exists, "reinstatement" I think is the one. I'm always like that too, I kind of make things up and I'm unsure whether it is because it rang a bell or because I have just made it up! lol

As for Ginny, I'm glad I got her right in your view. I think she is a "no nonsense" person and I think she is the strongest in the relationship, he is stubborn to extreme but I think she can wrap him around her little finger if she wants to. Also, I would say it's now safe to say that they are a proper couple by now, although Harry will always come up now and again with the "you're in danger with me" Gryffindor moron attitude.

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Review #20, by edenvirg 

25th August 2007:
Wonderful. You have a knack for writing exciting chapters and for keeping the readers interested in what you're weaving. :)

Author's Response: I'm soo, soo... flattered. I imagined a wizarding Will had to be a bit more magical than a muggle one and I wanted Harry to talk with Dumbledore but for him not to give him too much information...

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