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Review #1, by datbenik513 

25th May 2009:
OK, big boy turning seventeen, and it's party time. Harry was never too keen on birthdays since he'd never had them, living with the Dursleys, but this day is different. I loved the twins' gifts, I really did :)

This is also the day when Dumbledore's will's going to be read.

You puzzled me with them so openly wandering around London while the DE are hunting for them.

Also, I was asking myself how one can see on a credit card that it's unlimited. Even a Gold or Platinum CC has a certain limit, but they're certainly not UNlimited. Is the UK age limit 18 or 21 years to be able to buy alcoholic drinks? I remember being refused at the age of 20, even with a photo ID.

Reading on!

Author's Response: Now that I think about it, this would be the first birthday that Harry spends away from the Dursleys. I see him as someone quite fun loving in general. The trouble is that his life has been darker than most's but when things aren't too bad, I see him as someone capable of having a good time.

He's also a bit of a dare-devil and feels very much like Sirius did when he couldn't get out of the house. They do go into Muggle London which should be a lot safer for them though.

Now, Dumbledore's will. Someone mentioned when I wrote this that too much time had passed between his death and Harry's birthday. As it turned out, to my amazament, it was read on DH on Harry's birthday also. Silly coincidence but I thought oh wow! I got that one right.

Now, the credit card isn't unlimited. Hermione said, "virtually unlimited," a bit of a metaphor but basically saying the limit is huge! Lucky Harry!

The required age for drinking alcohol is 18 in the UK. Yes, some establishments may refuse if they are not 100% convinced that they are over 18. Now in the US is 21. Not sure what you got refused with ID. Now, in HBP Dumbledore offers mead to both Harry and Dudley when they were 15, almost 16, so God knows what happens in the wizarding world. I'm slightly using my own criteria here. For instance I'm making the age of consent for sex 16 (like in the UK) although it could be plausible that 17 is the right age for both things since that's when they come of age.

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Review #2, by SpringTime 

12th November 2008:
Ah Happy birthday Harry! Very nicely done and I love the twins. All of the gifts were great, I especially liked Ron's and the twins final one, very Romeo and Julliette. There was a typo in here somewhere, nothing major though. I think you have really started to get in stride with your characters here. The dialogue has improved greatly.

Author's Response: Oh, I loved writing this chapter because I get Harry and his friends to have fun for a change. I'm glad you liked the presents; some of them are just there to add humour but the two you have commented on will be useful later on. The potion to feign death, well, I almost fell off the chair when I read the forest scene in DH. Harry could certainly had done with that then!

I'm glad that you think the dialogue has improved. When I started writing this fic I hadn't written anything for years and I think I was very rusty.

Thanks so, so much. x

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Review #3, by crazygingercatlady 

5th October 2008:
Another great chapter.

I really like how you cover the events that I always felt were forgotten about in the last book. Like how you look at the idea of Harry's inheritance in this chapter. I really like how you really fill out plot holes and cover the normal things that didn't get covered. It makes the plot more believeable and really adds to the characters.

I thought all the presents were really good, every present reflected the personality of the person who gave it. The twins final present has intrigued me as its bound to crop up again later and my mind is sitting thinking what will happen. I'm also intrigued by what Dumbledore has left him and also what will be in his will. It's bound to be something interesting, with Dumbledore I wouldn't expect anything less.


Author's Response: You know, I think this is kind of my downfall. Well, in terms of trying to do it all at once. JKR set such a wonderful setting after HBP! I just wanted to do the action/adventure, romance, erotic, comedy, horror . ok the whole thing. Too over ambitious I guess, but I'm trying... only problem is that in 90 years from now this may still be ongoing! lol

Harry, in my mind, with the guidelines we had, had to be as rich as JKR/ Dan Radciffe at the least. Also, I derived pleasure from it since I love him and he has gone through so much doom and gloom. I love to make Harry have fun! and share it with his true family; i.e. his friends.

You're totally right about that potion, you know... It will surface again in the final battle. It will safe the life of a character I always though it would die in DH (and indeed did)...

Thanks so much, babe! x

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Review #4, by celticbard 

18th May 2008:
Hi morgana!
I'm sorry it took me so long to get to this chapter. I was unusually busy this week :(

Anyway, I really enjoyed this installment. The mood of it was quite unique, celebratory yet tense. I sensed Harry's awkwardness from the first paragraph. It must be terribly difficult for him. I'm sure he wants to enjoy his birthday, even though the day could possibly be dangerous for him. You did a great job presenting his conflicting emotions.

I also really liked the gifting-giving scene. The presents were original, yet thoroughly magical. Fred and George certainly have a knack for black humor, it seems. I'm glad they were able to cheer Harry up a bit, though.

I'm also quite curious to see what Dumbledore bequeathed to Harry. Will it help him on his quest for the Horcruxes? I certainly hope so, he definitely needs all the aid he can get.

I only noticed a few errors in this chapter. They are as follows.

"Well, of course," said Fred. "And bet Ginny did too!" And there she was, beside what appeared to be a mountain of objects wrapped in gift paper.
This should be, "And I bet Ginny did too!"

There were made of some sort of jelly but they burst in your mouth forming smoke replicas of the Dark Mark.
This should be, They were made of...

That was why they have suggested Harry opened their presents first, before the others joined in.
This should be, That was why they had suggested that Harry open their presents first before the others joined in.

They did as they were told or, rather, they pretended to, but, this time they made sure they have charmed the room so that no noise could be heard.
This should be, but this time they made sure they had charmed...

"I thought you could do with some. I've been brewing it for ages, well, since I think you save our lives with it, well, you'll know when I'm talking about..."
This should be, since I remembered you saved our lives with it...

"And without the help of obscure books," she added, shooting a malicious look in Harry's and Ron's direction.
This should be, look in Harry and Ron's direction.

I take you've tested it on yourselves first?"
This should be, I take it you've tested...

She enveloped him in motherly embrace and told him that there's no shame in crying.
This should be, and told him that there was no shame in crying.

Tom, the bartender was really happy to have animated custom for a change.
This should be, animated customers...

especially since she found the idea of Harry as a little baby, bundled in a blanket, rather odd since she now view him in a rather different light.
This should be, rather odd since she now viewed him in...

"Now, relax, just for today...people only become of age once, please..."
This should be, people only come of age once...

Again, I do apologize for the delay, morgana. Hopefully I'll have time to get to the next chapter soon. Good luck!


Author's Response: Thanks so much again! Please, please do not worry about taking your time. After all, this is a very long story and you're incredibly thorough, your reviews are basically beta work, which is fantastic and I really appreciate this.

You really have a knack for spotting things that I don't know how I miss all the time, haves instead of hads, missing words etc. The errors are now fixed. Thanks.

I'm glad you think I managed to convey Harry's worry despite the fact that he is in a good and playful mood. I'm pleased that you liked the presents.

Dumbledore's will, well, it will be interesting... one of the items is from his personal possessions and the other belonged to Lily but in this fic (this chapter was written - and most of the story planned - before DH) will be important.

Some of the presents will be put to good use later on...

Thanks so much for your wonderful review.

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Review #5, by DragonGoddess 

13th May 2008:
Hey...am here again...There this one sentence that bugged me:

'Harry slept unusually soundly.' Too many 'ly'? Maybe you could modify it to say 'Harry slept soundly, a feat which had become a rarity' or something along the lines...

Also 'especially since she found the idea of Harry as a little baby, bundled in a blanket, rather odd since she now view him in a rather different light.' - Too many 'since' in there?

Dumbledore's letter was rather touching. Another proof for Hermione that Dumbledore knew of his death, eh? Dunno if she went after that since am still reading :D

Heh, fun filled chapter kinds. I'm guessing the birthday presents are gonna have a greater importance in the later chapters...the card idea was really good. And, I don't know...could Ron be THAT obvious? xD I'm happy this didn't involve a quarrel though!

Anyways, off to the next! Great chapter, as always :)

Author's Response: Thanks again for now reviewing every chapter. I'll try to fix those repetitive sentences. Thanks for pointing this out.

Well, I wrote this before DH come out, up to and including chapter 14, so this follows what was my original guess re Dumbledore's death and Snape's true allegiance.

The gifts, yes, some of them will come in handy. The one instance when I got shocked in DH was when Harry had to pretend to be dead, since my potion could have come in so handy for him!

There will be more on the card later... My view of Ron is that he has a tendency to be a bit obvious but maybe that's just me.

Thanks so much again!

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Review #6, by Shellee 

16th April 2008:
Aw, Harry's turned legal. Applause! Was a rather surprise, that smoke bomb at midnight. Though it was a bit expected from the twins. The potion, I assume, is Amortentia or something other? Driving lessons are good, I've had some and they've helped loads! I doubt they'd be able to take them, with the whole war going on. I'd very much want Trelawney's presents though. So Harry and Ginny are back together now for sure? I'm a bit scared about that potion or something the twins also gave him, hope they can be sure it's not some trap from Death Eaters.
Hmm, what's Dumbledore going to give him more? More than the ones he did in his will? He should have a good cry once. It helps.
Rather curious about his heritance now! I want that money too. Would buy me a place in London. Ooh, I love the chapter.
On to the next one! -you're keeping me from my research, but I noticed the lexicon was offline again so couldn't do much else =p-

Author's Response: Yes, baby Harry is now an adult! The presents I thought I do a mixture of funny and serious things. Yes, the pink potion is a love potion or an aphrodisiac but I don't think these two need it too much, lol Trelawney's presents will show up later as will the potion to feign death. This is just dangerous in itself because you could take too much, and not come back to life, for instance. I'm not saying that this is what happens but they all understand that is something that should be taking to play a prank for instance.

Dumbledore let them all different things as this was written before DH. The flat, goodness, that's exactly what Harry does, yes, he gets a very nice London apartment (which exists in real life by the way but I could never afford) - wait and see. When you get to that chapter, let me know and I'll send you a picture of the actual building I have used for this.

Thanks so much again.

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Review #7, by Ginerva_Potter 

6th April 2008:
Another great chapter. I only have a few notes on this one, so I'm not going to separate it into categories; I'll just go sequentially:

- "'Unless you want to stand there like a prat looking at the wrapping papers,' replied Ron matter-of-factly." This statement was very amusing.
- I laughed at the thought of muggle driving lessons. Nice gift idea!
- I enjoyed how Ginny laughed at the thought of Harry as a baby. It was very in character and it also made the reader laugh.
- Harry's interaction with the Weasleys was a little odd after coming back from Gringott's. One minute, he seemed taken aback about the money and not wanting to discuss it. The next minute, he seemed like he was flaunting it. I think you just need to make this a little more consistent. Also, it didn't seem believable that Harry could have changed Molly's mind so easily, or that he would have been that bold. To make it more believable, you could have him argue that the Death Eaters would hardly go looking for them in muggle restaurants.

So, overall, another good chapter. I look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: I'm really glad that you enjoyed this chapter. It's a bit of a fun one really. I don't actually think that Harry was really boasting. In my mind, he's a bit embarrassed about it but the Weasleys are the closest people to him, so yes, he has to sort of tell them.

Now, Molly has a seriously soft spot for Harry. She is perhaps, again in my mind, even more lenient with him than with his own kids, because he's not her child after all. I think she subconsciously overcompensates, or tries to, because Harry doesn't have his parents to fret about him, but this should make her even more overprotective, no less. You may have a point here actually. I also see Harry as very much a leader, but one that tends to use charm more than anything else, well, until he really loses the plot and gets yelling, of course! Your suggestion re Muggle London is pretty good though. I'll see how I can improve this.

Thanks again so much!

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Review #8, by punk poet 

2nd April 2008:
like the presents great ideas i'm already thinking of siyuations which they could use them

Author's Response: Wow, I wrote this before DH. Ok, some are just silly things for a laugh, like the edible death eaters. However, well, the potion to feign death... when I wrote the forest chapter in DH I couldn't believe my eyes! I though, Good Lord, Harry, I'd gladly let you have some of my potion now! so yes, some of these items will come in handy. I'm so impressed that you are still reading on and reviewing!

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Review #9, by juls 

26th March 2008:
Fred and George's present were fab lol, and Ron's was way too practical. Loved it- and well Molly's coming around was a great present itself, wasn't it? The last one from Fred and George, the Feign Death potion was amazing- and hopefully Harry will never have to try it out.

Ginny's was also very good for what is to come, that potion may make it easier to obtain the Hocruxes. You've thought it all out really well. So clever!!

Author's Response: I pondered over the presents a lot and I must say my favourite are the "edible death eaters", however when I read DH, the forest scene I nearly chocked thinking about my "feigning death potion"! Felix felicitis will only aid up to a point because of the situation in my actual final battle. The dark potion in my story doesn't save Harry's life, but someone else's sort of by mistake... Now, the main present from Gin to Harry hasn't come up yet and well, it will be interesting... after the final battle in fact. Ok, I better stop teasing and tell you how really grateful I'm for your lovely reviews!

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Review #10, by AnnaKay 

18th March 2008:
What a fun chapter. This one had moments that really made me giggle. Wow, he is really rich isn't he. Too bad that he only got the money by people dying. A VISA with no spending limit, I would really love that. Did he get any properties with his inheritance or was it just the money. I realize that the one in Godric Hollow was destroyed but is there any more.

Trust Fred and George to come up with something fun for Harry's birthday. What a great idea, I really like the presents from Fred and George, they made me giggle!

Author's Response: I really enjoyed writing this chapter. Harry has to have some fun every so often or else he would just become clinically depressed. Yes, he is very, very wealthy. The credit card, Hermione said that it was "virtually" unlimited. Yes, it will have a limit but it's so high that there is practically like a blank cheque. Yes, I'd certainly love that too.

Someone else asked me if he inherits any more property. In fact, it was never mentioned in canon but I guess I may have to bring something in because the Potter family as in his grandparents must have lived somewhere, I expect some sort of manor house. I don't even know which part of the country would suit them though. As you know, since you have read the lot so far, he will buy a really exclusive London apartment before long and get out of Grimmauld Place, which he can't stand anyway.

Fred and George, yes, I thought the "edible death eaters" had to be fun, but the one to watch out for is the potion to feign death. When I read the forest scene in DH, I almost fell on the floor! He could have done with this then! Again, thanks for your lovely review.

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Review #11, by Gords7015 

18th March 2008:
This was a really good chapter as well. Personally, I wanted to see what else Harry got in his inheritance. I figured that he'd get properties, a castle, something cool! Maybe he did and you just didn't say. I hope he owns half of Hogsmeade or something!

Otherwise, nice work! P.S. I love that he got a Visa with no spending limit! Thats hilarious!

Author's Response: Yes, I make Harry really rich in this story. I thought he was bound to be though, since JKR said that James didn't really need to work if he didn't want to and considering that he's got the whole Black estate too. As for properties, well, Godric Hollow got destroyed. I imagine he would have inherited the Potter's residence, wherever that may be, although I haven't worked out yet what to do about this. He mainly gets a vast amount of money but there are twists in this. In terms of property, later on he gets to buy an incredibly expensive, top of the range London apartment, pretty large too, overlooking the Thames in one of the most exclusive areas and that will be their base for hunting the horcruxes. I don't see Harry as someone that obstetatious but there will be a reason why he has to spend a lot, you will see why later. I would say he is probably in the list of top 10 wealthiest wizards but ok, he's only that rich because everyone has died so I thought I had to compensate him a bit somehow. Yes, the credit card will also become a bone of contemption later.

Thanks so much again. I really loved writing this chapter though, because there is quite a bit of darkness in this fiction and life cannot be always doom and gloom, or else all my characters would just go insane, and so would the readers! lol

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Review #12, by Aurora Dawn 

22nd February 2008:
Hi Morgana,

I absolutely loved this chapter. You came up with so many creative and believable magical gifts for Harry. I don't think I'm that inventive.

Dumbledore's letter is very affective. It makes you feel kind of emotional. It seems very like something Dumbledore would do, offering words of comfort, advice, and instruction even from beyond the grave. (So there, Voldemort! Would have been funny to have Voldemort get a letter too, just to bug him).

The chapter is very lighthearted in tone -- very welcome after the horrors of the last couple of chapters.

I didn't catch any typos or other errors worth noting.

Very good job, Morgana !

Author's Response: Well, I did struggle a bit at the time thinking about possible presents. I started a thread but in the end I came up with the most comical one by myself, the "edible Death Eaters". I could just imagine the twins creating such a thing. The potion to feign death will be important later on. When I read the forest scene in DH with Harry, Voldy and Naricissa, I almost fell of the chair thinking, my God Harry, you could now do with my potion! The invisibility box was also a little similar to the pouch that Hagrid gave him in canon. I was pleased to see that I have sort of guessed something like that.

Dumbledore, yes, he makes Harry a bit emotional. I thought he would have to direct Harry somehow, the next chapter deals with his actual will, see what you make of how I do it.

Yes, this was a fun chapter, they have had enough darkness and deaths, I think Harry needs a break from time to time.

I'm very pleased that you enjoyed this, there will be a very lighthearted chapter later on as well, actually Ginny's birthday.

Thanks so much for your review.

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Review #13, by kara101 

19th December 2007:
Hermione G from the forums again

I am so sorry again for the long gaps between each chapter but now I am determined to be finished! Another great chapter. Not very many grammar errors. Great job with his birthday but could Harry really go out in public safely? A suggestion, when you are showing Dumbledore's letter put it in italics so the readers can tell the difference from the story to the letter. Great job!

Author's Response: You may have a point re Harry's safety, but of course I can't have the guy under lock and key all book. He is not famous in the Muggle world and I guess Voldy is not after him any more or less than he has been all these years. As you will see later, the Muggle world may be a bit easier for him since nobody recognises him.

Now, Dumbledore's letter was supposed to be in italics. I think when I copy + pasted the document into the archive something happened (sometimes the spaces between paragraphs get messed up as well). Thanks for pointing this out and for coming back to review again. Hugs x

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Review #14, by Snufflesx3_loveyou 

8th November 2007:
Hello, ashli again. I have to give you a pat on the back for this chapter, the gifts were really well thought of and original... Nice job.



Author's Response: Thanks so much again. Yes, he got a lot of gifts, bless him! I really enjoyed writing this chapter, because Harry is having some fun for a change. It can't be all gloom and doom! Reviews like this make my day!

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Review #15, by Bella_Portia 

7th November 2007:
You did a particularly nice job of capturing Dumbledore's voice in the missive that arrived after his death. (I realize this does not say much about the chapter as a whole. It was my intention to save up my comments until I read the final chapter.)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading this much. I'm very pleased you like Dumbledore in this chapter. There will be more on him in the next one.

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Review #16, by GoCalgaryFlamesGo 

26th October 2007:
Ahh, such a sweet chapter :D I loved the variety of birthday gifts, they were all really nice. And Dumbledore's letter to Harry...well i might have shed a few tears.

Favorite line
"Hagrid, please, don’t go all sentimental on us!" ordered Ginny who found situations like this rather hard to handle, especially since she herself perceived the “bundle” in the “tiny blanket” on a rather different light. This thought gave her the giggles, though.
Hehe, I got the giggles too :P

And sorry for the horribly short reviews, I'm just to worn out to write anything longer.

Author's Response: I thoroughly enjoyed writing this chapter! I guess it's because I like to have Harry having fun sometimes!

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Review #17, by JLHufflepuff 

22nd October 2007:
Wow. Harry got a lot of birthday presents. I take that as a respresentation of how much love he has in his life. The conversation and pleasant bickering is very cute indeed. I think the letters from Dumbledore are a nice touch, and I also enjoyed getting to see Harry receive his inheritance. I never put it together in my mind that the Black estate would probably add to his already abundant wealth... He truly is well-off! Well, I'm looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Thanks again for keeping up with this. I really enjoyed writing this chapter. Yes, I think his friends in the magical world somehow compensate for how little love he had at the Dursleys. Now, of course the twins had to be generous with him, since he gave them the money to start up the business, and well, let's say, the odd present may come in handy later on. When I was writing this people thought I was mad for making Dumbledore's Will's reading happen on Harry's birthday and, as it turned out, this was the case in canon too. I think generally I went a bit more overboard than DH, with the wedding, Harry's birthday etc. I like him to have fun at times, the guy has had enough of a hard life. Now, yes, I thought the Blacks, well judging by how snoby most of them are, must be absolutely loaded, so yes, he is really, really rich. There had to be compensations from so many of his love ones being dead! Thanks so much for reviewing.

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Review #18, by jyyl94 

15th October 2007:
Haha, yet another favourite chapter of mine for this story !! Definitely very typical of Hermione to give Harry the driving lessons book, and its was real funny the way you wrote, " .. venture into the great wide world." I couldn't stop laughing at that part, and it's definitely something someone like Hermione would say ! Everything was definitely in character and I loved what the twins gave Harry !

Another one from the twins was a self-replenishing bottle of fire-whiskey. In addition, there was a bottle of lilac / pink potion which came with the message: "To sweeten up our little sister when the need arises". Both Harry and Ginny went terribly red and held down their gaze.

The extract from the chapter above was really funny too ! And I love what F&G wrote in the message. Really hilarious !! A very brilliant chapter, keep it up !

Author's Response: I had a lot of fun writing this chapter. I love making Harry laugh for a change. He has so much on his plate, poor guy! I'm so pleased that you like what the twins gave him, mind you, the most important one, well... When I read the forest scene in DH, I almost chocked. I thought, my God, Harry, you need my potion now! (the one to feign death).

I love your reviews, so keep at it, although I understand that I mustn't be greedy as this is a very long story anyway.

Hugs x

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Review #19, by Joanne K 

17th September 2007:
woah! Seriously, you were right about the whole birthday chapter being similar to mine! The gifts from the twin's joke shop, the firewhisky. And the letter from Dumbledore!!! That is so spooky.

Author's Response: I thought so when I read yours and also in canon Harry gets a pouch from Hagrid to keep things safe, I get Ron to give him the invisibility box, which I think it's also somewhat close. Now, my biggest shock was when I read the forest scene in DH and Harry had to pretend to be dead, I really thought about my potion!! Of course, some of these gifts will come in handy at some stage. I posted a thread asking for ideas at the time but in the end it was mainly me who came up with ideas, like the edible death eaters, ha, ha! Yeah, the letter from DD on his birthday, we both got this so similar...

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Review #20, by Snitchsista 

10th September 2007:
Ok, so this review's going to be a little different!

Already, I've found something that I thought would suit Ron perfectly.

"Shall I open them now?" asked Harry a little lost for words.

"Unless you want to stand there like a prat looking at the wrapping papers" replied Ron matter-of-factly.

Loved it! Anyway, what I've decied to do for this review is to review as I read, therefore picking things up and remembering things without having to go back and scroll up the page! The first point that I had to pick up was the above quote, it was just so Ron-ish! Bloody Hell, Morgana, you're wicked! **Gleams in a Ron smile, and thinks** Anyway, Rachel- stop being such an idiot and get on with the review!

"Sorry, little bro. No, we got it in Knockturn Alley. Cost an arm and a leg, couldn't go wasting it!. I think you need the whole dose, anyway, for it to do the trick. You will just have to trust it does what it's supposed to if its use becomes, well, necessary" said Fred, who was obviously accustomed to putting himself in the front line. "Wouldn't go using it as a joke, though" added George with a little more wisdom.

Sorry, going to be a long review, because of all the amazingness that is in this chapter. (As you can tell, this is my favourite so far!) Fred and George are so in character. "

'course, 'course, 'e is now 17" For a minute, I thought that was Fleur Delacour, and then I remembered that she wasn't there, and that it was Hagrid, so maybe you can change the 'e is now 17' to 'e's now 17.' Bit more rugged, like. Lol.

'The waitress was debating whether to ask Ginny for proof of age ID but the sheer size of Hagrid blatantly put her off.' Very J.K. Rowling, excellent work, not that it's work. Fanfiction is amazing! Anyway, must read on. I was going to read some of my book tonight, but I want to carry on reading yours! (Very very rarely does a fanfic grip me so much that I want to read all of it, and not just skim!)


Wanderful stuff.



Author's Response: I am so flattered that you keep on saying that you can put this down! It really cheers me up no end. I'm glad this is your favourite so far, I think it's one of mine as well, from the writer's point of view, because I enjoy writing Harry and his friends having fun since his life isn't always easy, poor fellow. When I got really shock was when I read the forest scene in DH and I thought "Oh, my God, Harry, where is my potion now?"

As for Hagrid, yes, I can't do accents or dialect. My beta changed the Fleur bit in chapter 6 because I just don't know how to do this, so yes, I'll try to improve Hagrid too. Maybe there is a webside or something that helps with transcribing rough accents and so for, who knows... Thanks so much, encouragement like this makes me want to write more. xxx

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Review #21, by edenvirg 

25th August 2007:
Haha. Very nice. I assume the gifts are going to be quite useful for him later on for his quest? They're fascinating, by the way, those magical items you've cooked up. :)

Author's Response: I really enjoyed writing this chapter because I feel that poor Harry is entitled to a bit of fun. As for the gifts, I nearly fall off my chair when I read the forest scene in canon, I thought: "Oh, my God, you could have done with my potion, mate"

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