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Review #1, by girly1393 

24th April 2009:
Love the adjective. "We're groupies!" How awesome. This is just getting better and better.

Author's Response: I'm happy that you think so :) Have fun reading!

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Review #2, by Drucila 

16th August 2007:
ahahaha yay! our missions!! remus and siruis are back!! woohoo lol im so loving this story!! it makes me laugh.. literally :D and the descriptiions of James saving Aileen were fantastic.. really well done :D 10/10!

Author's Response: They sure are! Haha. It'll be the gang together again...only not x) Thank you!

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Review #3, by ihearttink23 

23rd July 2007:
groupies...!!! haha that was funny! I love James (and Sirius!)

Author's Response: I love them both too ;) They're my favorites! Haha. Thanks!

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Review #4, by spicyhc123 

14th July 2007:
i, of course, loved it! i cant wait for an update because i know this is going to be a great story =]

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

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Review #5, by blackpearl_ 

8th July 2007:
They're groupies! Ahaha, that's so cute! =] 10/10

Author's Response: Thankies!

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Review #6, by glacialangel 

4th July 2007:
I was extremely bored and what you mentioned in your response to my response about how many times I have reviewed your stories triggered something in my head. So, yes, I counted all the times I reviewed any of your stories. I was that bored. X) And the grand total is...

...54 (including this one) give or take a few.


Did I mention that I can't wait for any updates? I'll mention it again; I can't wait for an update of any kind. ;)

Author's Response: It's so hot around here right now, so I haven't really been in the mood to write the next chapter. But since the next update is on this story, I'm attempting to think despite the heatwaves that have been pouring in. *grumbles* Thanks!!! :OO

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Review #7, by Love_James 

4th July 2007:
The story is getting more and more exciting as it goes! Keep it that way!... I think that I prefer more of this humor and romance stuff thats in your story than the usual fighting and dieing. Its nice to see james and lily happy and enjoyable once again! Update faster!!!

Author's Response: Truly? Yeah, I'm sure some people do :) I generally enjoy romance/drama fanfics, and of course, some angst. But I've had too much of angst ever since I wrote LITF, so I'm sticking to the somewhat light-hearted drama now. There will be some moments bordering angst, but I won't put too much into that. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Romina Stephanie 

2nd July 2007:
An update! Yay!

Anyways, instead of declaring my happiness, I'll just get to the review; first off, I really liked the memory. It gave such an insight to that night, and I had been wondering of what had happened when James saved Aileen. Flashbacks do tend to be quite distracting at some points, but in this case, it wasn't, and I think you meddled it with the present in a good way.

I've been looking forward on reading about some more 'James and Lily moments'; aw, they're so... hilarious, haha. And cute, of course. You've characterized both in a very realistic way, skipping clichés and cheesy-ness. The way they are, it just feels right. So good job!

The last bit, when Aileen and Lily spoke... It's good to know that she doesn't have feelings for James. Even I can breathe. They seemed to have broken the ice and perhaps, they will get to know each other much better. And finally, Sirius and Remus appearence! I've been looking forward on 'meeting' them again for quite a while. Always funny. And they're part of their Auror-group, yes?! Can't wait to see how well they'll cooporate. Anyways, enough with my rambling. The length and the chapter in all made up for the waiting and I'm sure the coming chapters always will. Looking forward on reading more! Good job so far!

Author's Response: Thanks for the long review :) I was originally planning to push the flashback back a few chapters, but when I finished writing this one, I realized that this chapter was way too short, so I added it :) But I'm glad to hear that it didn't seem out of place, because it'd be terrible if that happened. And yes, Aileen and Lily are friends! I've always imaged that they'd get along well, though there certainly is quite a lot of things that haven't been said yet ;) Thank you so much once again!

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Review #9, by midnightflower 

2nd July 2007:
an amazing chapter well worth the wait I think that Aileen still has feelings for james and is playing mind games with lily getting her all insecure there is definitly something that has happend that james hasn't told lily about.but i don't know what anyway enough with me babbling on i can't wait till you update so please try to make it soon!

Author's Response: That could possibly be true. I'm not ruling that out ;) There are still things that haven't been said, of course, but we'll get to those later. In the meantime, thank you! And I will try to update, even though I'm experiencing a bit of time cramp lately.

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Review #10, by xxTaylorxx 

1st July 2007:
wow. i love this story! i just finished the prequel and i really really really really really really want you to hurry up and post another chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm working on it...even though I'm being a little lazy at the moment x) But hopefully, I won't be waiting another month to post the next chapter.

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Review #11, by glacialangel 

1st July 2007:
People who write this well deserve flattery. ;) I'm glad you like my horribly long reviews. It must take a while to read them. I tend to get carried away. X) I guess it would be a little ackward for James to have his own father teach him but you never really can tell with him. When you say that you're working on a story outside of the HP world, do you mean another one for Fanfiction or an actually novel that might possibly be published. That would be amazing!! I definetely don't think you lacking in that department. I would not be able to come up with plot lines like this even in my prime. :) But yes, being an author does take a ton of work. Almost frighteningly so. Just because there are current restraints now doesn't mean there will be later. X) Anyways, I'm sure you'll figure everything out. Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help out! Oh, and sorry for the freakishly long review I left for 'Define Innocence' and ATH. Again, I got carried away. :) Update whenever you get the chance!

Author's Response: Well, I guess all I can say is thank you at the moment :) You're too sweet. And when I was talking about a story, I meant a non-fanfiction one...as in original story plot and everything x) But it's still science fantasy, simply because I don't think it's easy to write an original modern-day novel dealing with high school teen lives. Everything has been written or done at least once...most likely twice. Thanks for your support, as always. And trust me, I don't mind your long reviews the least bit. It keeps me going :) Love, love!!

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Review #12, by wicked26 

30th June 2007:
loved the chapter.. again!
its good to have sirius back
update soon

Author's Response: Glad you think so :) Thanks!

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Review #13, by thediarywithin 

30th June 2007:
Lol, I love it keep up the good work

Author's Response: Oh thank you!

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Review #14, by Freelancer Tex 

30th June 2007:
YES!!! MY FAVORITE IS BAAACK! I love Sirius! Wo! I love that chaper! And in Mary Murphy's words from So You Think You Can Dance: This chapter and it's author have two tickets on the hot tamolli train! Please update soon! I looove your story and it just got so much better cuz my "groupy" showed up!

Author's Response: Haha. I'm so happy you like Sirius. If it weren't for James, he'd be my favorite character ;) Thank you so much!!! The "groupy" isn't quite complete yet, but hell, it's going to be one crazy train ride for them from now on. Haha. Cheers!

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Review #15, by glacialangel 

30th June 2007:
I think you pinpointed the reason it felt that way. I guess I'm much more used to you throwing in all the details and thoughts of the characters so getting a little less than that threw me off. X) It was still amazing though. I wasn't quite sure if I mentioned that. ;) Oh! Now I have to try and guess what they're lacking!! It could be a person...or a instructor (though that doesn't sound quite right to me and I haven't figured out why yet)...or perhaps a confession needs to be made? Or maybe something else needs to happen, like an attack or a fight. All the possibilities and not enough to go on. I

If they're missing a person, it could be Peter (haven't seen a lot...scratch that...ANY of him yet) or Frank but you've already told me that he'd come. Or maybe a new character! I noticed you mentioned Riley and Kim won't show up all that much in the story but they won't be totally written out. So I guess that takes care of them.

If it's an instructor, I'm guessing it could either be someone we've already met, like Moody, or it's someone new. OR it could be James's father! That would be interesting stuff. ;) I don't think the confession prediction is right but I just wanted to throw that out there to see how you'd react. XP Also, I think it might be too early in the story for an attack although it would spice things up a bit. :)

Anyways, sorry to just throw all those guesses out there when you've just posted another chapter. I'm a tad excited. But then again who wouldn't be? This story is amazing. I've probably already told you but you should consider becoming a published author. You can create characters and keep them unique and fresh which definitely sets you apart from a lot of the authors on this site. You're an incredible writer. My advice to you is to never stop writing. X) Keep it up!

Author's Response: I'm truly flattered. Have I told you that? Your reviews are always so amazing that you make ME jumpy whenever I see them ;) You're awesome, glacial! And yes, you are indeed right. I haven't included Peter yet, but that doesn't mean he won't come. The thing is, he isn't as brilliant as the other three, and Aurors have to be extremely on top of things. He didn't make it as an Auror I'm afraid, but he will show up. Kim and Riley won't be prominent figures because it's simply hard to stick them in here.

James's father? x) That's a nice new character actually. It'd be kind of amusing to see him, though I'm assuming it'd be awkward for James. Having your own father as an instructor/leader/trainer will be kind of funny, but I suppose it could work ;) I'll have to see when I get to writing the next chapter. Haha. Thanks for your support ;)

I am trying to work on another story out of the HP world at the moment. But being a published author takes quite a bit of work and an amazing story line to go with it. Haha. I think I'm a little lacking in that department x) As you can see, I've been neglecting my original fiction stories for this, simply because I'm getting more ideas for this. But I am working on another one simultaneously, and if I can develop that into a novel-like thing...that's IF I can do that...then I suppose it's possible. I doubt it though. There are too many restraints at the current moment x) But thank you for mentioning it and thank you so much for all the support you've given me ever since I began writing fanfics here :) You truly do rock and I love you for it!

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Review #16, by Green Sky 

29th June 2007:
So is everyone an Auror now or what?

Good chapter. I really liked the rescue mission flashback. Gave Aileen a little more depth to see her less than perfect.

Author's Response: Not everyone, if you'll notice :) Peter definitely isn't one, and neither are Kim and Riley. But according to the original HP storyline, I'm assuming that the rest of them are. Thanks for your input, and I'm glad Aileen isn't seen as little Miss Perfect, even though I'm basically portraying her as one at the moment. You'll get to understand her more as the story progresses.

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Review #17, by emerald_princess92 

29th June 2007:
Theres nothing else to say except to update. :) You already know I love it. lol. 10/10


Author's Response: Thanks, thanks, and more thanks!

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Review #18, by wicKeDwitch1316 

29th June 2007:
Hmm, I LOVE it! Haha, although I still have a feeling that Aileen still likes James. And I feel like James is still keeping stuff from Lily. I love your writing style and I can't wait for you to update!

Author's Response: Aileen and James ;) Actually, I think they'd make quite a good couple if it weren't for Lily. You'll learn more things about them and their feelings as the story moves along. It'd be terrible if I just squashed everything into one chapter. Haha. Thank you once again!

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Review #19, by StepUpx_Gryffindor 

29th June 2007:
lmao i love sirius. WE'RE GROUPIES!!!

Author's Response: Groupies indeed ;) Yes, I love him too. Thank you!

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Review #20, by glacialangel 

29th June 2007:
Okay...I just remembered things I wanted to include in my last review that I JUST posted and totally forgot too. X) Oops.

I really like how you take the two lines in the whole chapter that make you think the absolute opposite of what's going to happen and use those as your chapter summaries. With this chapter, for example, I thought that James and Aileen would get into a fight and we would see the ugle side of her. But no. That was what happened when he rescued her and she was in a total state of delirium...or was she? XP

I also enjoyed the playful scene with Lily and James. It made me smile. X) Shoot, there was one more thing I wanted to put.Curse my short term memory. I'm always forgetting things. I'll probably remember as soon as I submit this review. ;) Peace!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! Yeah, I realized that the summary didn't really summarize the chapter, but oh well. It was one of the more intense things that occurred, even if it wasn't in present times x) Thank you so much for coming back just to write down what your thoughts were. You're so dedicated and I love you for it :)

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Review #21, by glacialangel 

29th June 2007:
LOVED IT!!! :) Absolutely thrilled to find an update! I really liked how James and Lily are on much better terms now. I also really enjoyed the flashback into Aileen's rescue. But for some reason, his POV was slightly.flat. I can't really explain why it felt that way for me but it just wasn't as...compelling or...I guess you could say you couldn't exactly...relate to him as well as Lily or the character POVs in ATH. And I don't mean that in an insulting way at all. This chapter was still incredible on so many levels but do you kind of understand where I'm coming from? That was a lot more difficult to put into words than I thought it would be. X) Anyways, I also liked the interaction between Aileen and Lily although I'm guessing there's a little more to Aileen's feelings for James than she's letting on. Maybe? I'm so glad that Remus and Sirius are back and going to be "groupies" with Lily! "Groupies" is a word I can totally picture Sirius using. X)

Prediction time! I think that Frank will come into the next chapter. He's important enough to be listed as a character therefore he has to come into the picture sooner or later. ;) I'm also thinking that there's might be a training excercise between the groups. You can go on missions if you don't work well or know how your team operates. That would make it a tad difficult, no? Trust would be good too, but there's enough of that in this group. X)

Can't wait for the next update in any of your stories! Keep up the fantabulous writing. I'm on my way to read your impressive looking one-shot now. :)

Author's Response: Yes, I can see where you're coming from...well, at least I'll do my best to. I think one reason that you think James's POV was flat is because it was more of an occurance that he was recounting, and not his personal feelings. I didn't want to add in ALL his thoughts during that time, else it would've taken up the entire chapter and I didn't want that to happen. Same reason why ATH's character POVs seem more realistic.

And you're prediction is right! Frank will indeed come in, though I'm not sure whether it's next chapter or the one following that. I haven't done the planning yet, though x) Training exercises are helpful events, but before that happens, we'll have to know what the group is lacking, right? ;) Thanks so much once again! Your reviews are always long and lovely, and I love reading them.

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Review #22, by O Crazy One 

29th June 2007:
AH! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS STORY! When Sirius said "We're groupies!" I practically DIED laughing. I had to wait several minutes before I could compose myself. Mum thought I was dying. ^_^ You are absolutely amazing, I hope you know that. This was serious one of the best chappies ever and it toally made my day. The 'fight' James and Lily had with the stuffed animals was amazing, and the fact that you brough Remus and Sirius into their group absolutely thrills me to no end. I'm way too excited about this for it to possibly be good for my health. I really really really hope you update again soon because this fic is just the best. Please try to update again soon! It's summer after all! 10/10 cheers! Kiss Kiss ^_^ EMBRACE THE FREAKDOM!!!

Author's Response: Ohhh realllyy? :) Thankies!! I didn't think this chapter would make too big of an impression, but I guess I was wrong? I'm so happy that you enjoyed it so much though. I've always wanted to have a stuffed animal battle with someone, but since I've never gotten the chance to, I used Lily and James x) Haha. These things always happen. They end up doing the things that I've always wanted to do. I will try to update soon, but ATH will come first since I've been leaving that alone. And then it's back to this. I'm hoping it won't take too long, but it could possibly be out after Deathly Hallows comes out. I hope nothing too drastic in there happens so that I'll have to write "Not HP 7 compliant." x) Thank you once againn!!! Heart, heart!

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Review #23, by Amy Brooks 

29th June 2007:
yay another chapter I love this story so far it's brilliant pleaz update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll get down to it, though ATH has to come first ;) I've been neglecting that one for a while.

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Review #24, by Belle_Rose 

29th June 2007:
Lol, that's really and truely most of our reasons for not updating. Sure we might go on vacation, have exams, real life, blah, blah, blah, but we could always find time if we weren't so lazy... *sigh*

Wow, the whole rescuing Alieen part must have been so hard and I'd hate to be in Alieen's postion. How long was she captured again?

For the Auror groups it's going to be James, Sirius, Remus, Lily, Alice, Alieen and who else? It's really going to be a mess of things with the Marauders, and co. ^_-

Another amazing chapter. (As always) I love that your writing is so descriptive cause gosh knows my aren't descriptive enough.


~ Leah

Author's Response: Thanks :) And as for her capture...well, think about it this way. James received the news that Aileen could be dead around late January. I'd say she was captured for a few months or so, and the only reason the Death Eaters didn't kill her is because she's valuable to them. And yep, you're right. Our lovable characters and then if you might recall, I mentioned a few in the beginning of the chapter, though they're new characters. There's also one that hasn't shown up yet ;) Haha. And yes! A mess indeed x)

Thank you so much!!

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Review #25, by mystical me 

29th June 2007:
Oh yaayy! Sirius n Remus are baaacckk!! I'm so freakin happy!! I swear I'm totally a gone case when it comes to Sirius. ^ ^
*ahem* Anyways, nice chapter. But I smell something fishy here, is Aileen really over James? If yes, well then that's rather unexpected. I hope she's not over him, you know, otherwise it would totally take all the fun away. :) Its nice that Lily and Aileen are friends now, but can they really be friends? hmmm.
I can't wait for some action! So do update soon!
PS:And i hope you had fun on your vacation! I'm jealous you know, I was stuck in my house with nothing to do..lol

Author's Response: Back, back, back!! :) And don't worry, I am too. I just happen to love James more, but Sirius definitely ranks close. He's too lovable. And truly...is Aileen really over James? Hmm ;) Let's all ponder on that, shall we? And thank you so much! My vacation was wonderful, but now I'm stuck going to classes x)

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