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Review #1, by girly1393 

24th April 2009:
Thank. Heavens. I was confused. A little afraid. But I would've taken it in stride and read anyhow. Thank. Heavens.

Author's Response: Aww don't be afraid. Believe in James! :)

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Review #2, by ihearttink23 

23rd July 2007:
I was soso worried there for a moment, cause, as much as I LOVE James, I don't think I could deal with him being a deatheater!!!

Author's Response: Yeah, me either. James is too light to be dark, if you know what I mean ;) He's like the Golden Boy. Haha.

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Review #3, by emerald_princess92 

29th June 2007:
Awww...he isn't a death eater after all?? Well that sucks. *sighs* I like James in Death eater mode. It made the story so much orginal. Oh well...there's always my stories. *grins evilly* anyway, great chappie. 10/10


Author's Response: You seem quite keen at the idea of a dark James :) And yes, your stories definitely portray him as a dark one, but hey, he's still innocent inside...even though he's in Azkaban. Oh dear. Thanks for reviewing and despite the fact that James isn't as dark as you expected, I do hope you enjoy this story!

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Review #4, by AshHa 

2nd June 2007:
*releases a relieved sigh* You had me very worried there for a moment! Goodness gracious! 10/10!

Author's Response: At least everything's good now, right? :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by AliKt716 

29th May 2007:
I'd consider a twist. hmph. wow, you really had something going there! great work!

Author's Response: Oh really? Thanks :) I feel flattered.

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Review #6, by glacialangel 

21st May 2007:
So...in a general idea...when do you expect Chapter three to be posted? I'm terribly excited for it. You have no idea. :-) I can't wait to see how everything works out. While I'm reviewing for I think the sixth time for this chapter, I might as well give you an update on my side of the writing wall. I decided to forgo the one-shot and write a longer story. I'm about 85% done with the written portion. I'm actually suprised. I expected it to be a lot easier than it actually is. You make it look easy. Anyways, I'll give another update when you supply an update. ;-)

Author's Response: Aww man. You gave up on your one-shot? That's depressing. I really wanted to read it. But that's all right. You have a new story, yeah? ;) Post! Post! And please tell me when you do :) As for me, I think this chapter will be out either today or tomorrow.

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Review #7, by LookingThroughTheEyeGlass 

19th May 2007:
Ooh yummy :)
Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you!

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Review #8, by Sparkless 

17th May 2007:
You really had me there! Really, really good chapter, I hope to see an update soon, xox


Author's Response: Thank you, thank you! I'm working on chapter 3 right now, so it should be out soon ;)

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Review #9, by o0o_no1_o0o 

14th May 2007:
hahaha bst chap uv dun nah jokes r they gona bee together luv da twist holla 2 maua when da new chap is up k bro j_D_nz@hotmail.com
ur fav nz chik jamie

Author's Response: Thank you :) And yes, I will email you. I'm sorry I forgot last time. I tend to have short term memory.

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Review #10, by wudnulike2know 

13th May 2007:
Hahahahahaha, sorry I'm cracking up, remembering how dramatic Lily was being in that meeting and then he turned out not to be real. I bet James'd be having himelf a good laugh too. Excellent twist though! Genius.

Author's Response: I'm sure he is x) Haha. Thank you!

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Review #11, by Magic101 

13th May 2007:
Yeah I don't blame her for fainting. LOL That was a good chapter, can't wait til the next one. Good job!

Author's Response: Haha. Thanks Torry :)

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Review #12, by angelx33 

10th May 2007:
Whoa whoa whoa. I'm confused. They used an unforgivable in an entrance exam?!? Well anyways, it's getting really good, I honestly couldn't stop reading. =] Update soon please.

Author's Response: Lily was the one taking the entrance exam. James was just part of the test, the obstacle that Lily had to get past in order to pass hthe exam :) Thanks!

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Review #13, by glacialangel 

9th May 2007:
So...I did not get my story up yet...lol. I'm still working on it. But I thought I should put my imagination wheels turning and I thought of an idea for Opposite Sides of the World to get your creative juices flowing. ;-)
Anyways, this is all my imagination getting away from my, just FYI. X)
Rynora sits with Juilan and his brother (can't remember his name at the moment and am wayy to lazy to go check. Starts with an 'A' though) and has a decussion about her "feelings" for Juilan. He turns out to be listening. She chickens out on apologizing to him. Things are ackward for a few days. She maybe gets into a fight with her horrible sister, Sharlotte (my educated guess is that she's the one who hit him with her car). Rynora has a chat with Will [because I love his character X)]. And that's all I got. Does that set your imaginative wheels turning? lol. Please update all of your stories as soon as you get around to it.

Author's Response: Wow...nice going :) Thanks for that. I'm studying for APs right now, so I don't have time to write. But once I'm free, I'll get right down to it. You gave me some wonderful ideas, and though I may not necessarily use all of them, just know that you inspired me :)

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Review #14, by padfootprongslover 

6th May 2007:
**snuggles James** OK, i mean it was bad the he used an Unforgiveable and now Lily's gonna be all ticked, but i love him. Is it wrong to have romantic feelings for a fictional character, probably, but i'm ok with that. Anyways, another great chapter and i am so looking forward to chappie 3. Ahh, so who was the other pretend deatheater, the one that captured Alice? Or will that be revealed next chapter...? It's like 8 in the morning and i'm really tired. so i'm going to end this very rambling review.

-Padsie**sunggles Prongsie**lover

aka PadfootProngslover

Author's Response: Haha ;) Thank you! I'm not sure if I want the other pretend Death Eater to be someone important. It might be too coincidental x) But I'm still thinking about that. Thanks for the great review!

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Review #15, by presi 

5th May 2007:
YEAH! i new it, there is no way in hell James would ever be a death eather, NEVER. lol very very very nice. now somw james and lilly fluf next chapter!!! Wow after 2 years and having this to meet again, i think i would hit him, mostly for the unforgivable cource. Any how cant wait for the next chapter! I'll keep and eye out for it!


Author's Response: Haha, of course :) I would say that there will be some fluff, though there definitely will be drama. Thanks for reading ;)

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Review #16, by lily4evrmore 

4th May 2007:
Lol glacial. Just noticed the thing with the titles too... xD
I can't count how many times ive reread this story and LITF. I actually memorized the parts that I like. I stayed up till 2 last night rereading LITF. xD I never get tired of it. Who could it? This story just has so much detail and particularly good parts that I always notice something new everytime I reread it, which seriously is a major achievement with the amount of rereads.And LITF is just so emotional.

I guess you're getting pretty tired with my reviews now huh? =] I don't blame you. I don't really have anything interesting to say! But i think you get my drift. I love your stories! If I didn't have so much respect for you, I'd probably steal your story and market it as my own! Think of the money! xO TAKE THAT J.K!

Author's Response: Wow x) I'm sincerely flattered. Thank you so much for putting these two stories in such high regard. And how could you think that I could ever be tired of your reviews? :) They're what keep my going, so feel free to review however many times you wish. I'm ecstatic to receive them.

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Review #17, by silver_phoenix1342 

4th May 2007:

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #18, by help me!! lol 

3rd May 2007:
im really going crazy here, i need to know what happens!! also i need more so i can get distracted, i dont feel like doing my final paper which is due tomorrow and have no idea what im supposed to write :( lol please update soon!!

Author's Response: Calm, calm :) I may not be able to get chapter 3 up in a while, so I apologize beforehand for that. I'm busy with AP testing recently, and I can't afford to slack off any longer. As for now, I wish you good luck on your final paper!! You can do it :)

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Review #19, by blackpearl_ 

3rd May 2007:
Oooh! So James the Death Eater was only a Death Eater to... Help Lily pass? REALLY? Oh, my gosh... Wait, what's going to happen now? UPDATE SOON, PLEASE!!! 10/10

Author's Response: Well, I wouldn't say it was to help Lily pass. He just happened to be the examiner, in a very different fashion x) I will update as soon as I get my busy schedule over and done with. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by mystical me 

3rd May 2007:
OH!! Of course it was a pretense! haha. I mean James would never ever in his wildest dreams even contemplate to join Voldemort!
I loved Lily's reaction in the end! I was like 'OH!' and then I was laughing my arse off for at least a minute.. I have no idea why but I found it quite funny (I'm wierd like that). But now that I'm over it I'd say I loved the beginning. It was something girl! :) I absolutely CAN'T wait to know how Lily and James' interaction will be in the next chapter!
But hey, one thing I was (am) slightly pissed about is that James used an unforgivable curse on Lily!!! That is so not good! I'm not pissed at you of course. I'm just a bit upset.
But forget that. All I want to tell you now is pleeeaaasssee update soonish? This story already promises to be amazing! ^ ^

Author's Response: Haha x) I'm pleased you liked it. Let's just say that Lily won't be all too happy with James using an Unforgivable on her, just like you'd be. Oh, the drama ;) Cya next time! And thank you!

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Review #21, by casey 

3rd May 2007:
hehe!! that was funny!!! I can't believe you have us all worried with James being a Death Eater?! How sneaky..lol!!! That was fun!! update soon!! Cheers!!

Author's Response: Aww come on. James is too good to be a Death Eater ;) Thanks!

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Review #22, by glacialangel 

2nd May 2007:
Yes, it's me again...I just sort of realized something that I should have totally noticed earlier but didn't. lol. I just totally reconized the connection between the titles. LITF was about leaving everything fate and how if it's meant to be it'll work out perfectly and then CTD was saying how fate's overrated and how it's better to take risks and leave everything to chance. I should have totally seen that sooner, but didn't. Thought I should let you know of my conclusion. X)

Author's Response: Nice observation :) In all actuality, I was orginally set upon naming this story "A Game of Luck and Chance" but then realized that it sounded incredibly corny. The problem with this new title is the fact that some people assume that the "Die" means dead, rather than the singular form of dice x) Haha.

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Review #23, by Belle_Rose 

2nd May 2007:
Oh... ^_^ That's why. I guess James had to hurt Lily, such a shame. So he did find Aileen? I hope so. I'm glad that Lily and Alice both passed. Did Alice have an easier person to fight? Or was she just saying that it was so easy?

Yes, yes, many people had a huge problem with James being a Death Eater. *coughmecough* But that's all cleared now.

10/10---10/10 (You're one from last time ^_^)

~ Leah

Author's Response: Yeah, that's why ;) And it's all right. I like it when readers have strong opinions about the story. Adds some fire to it :) And thanks for that 10/10! I'm glad that I earned it back ^^

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Review #24, by Freelancer Tex 

2nd May 2007:
EEEK!!! I love being right! Woohoo. Yay me!

Okay, so totally good chapter. For a second there I really thought James would be a death eater.

But that was really good. Update soon!


Author's Response: Clap clap! You're right! Haha. Thanks so much, as always ;)

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Review #25, by lily4evrmore 

2nd May 2007:
uhhh. sorry scrap the last review. I'm sorry. Should have read you previous reviews.*headdesk* Wells... what a good actor he is.. xD Oooh I can't wait to meet aileen! [Again my fault for not reading!] I just want to tell you in this review.. that you better keep writing cos I'll be here reviewing the hell out of you the whole way!

Author's Response: Oh, it's fine :) You'll meet Aileen quite soon--next chapter, in fact. And don't worry, I'll keep updating till I finish this story...well at least I hope I do. As far as I'm concerned, I'm gonna finish this if it's the last thing I do :) Thanks for your support!

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