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Review #1, by Miss_Bianca 

25th September 2011:
The bits with Hermione in them remind me of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. It's a bit scary actually!!

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Review #2, by fatmermaid 

19th February 2011:
Uh-oh. I wonder what Harry did to deserve getting slapped. I can see that there aren't many chapters left and I hope that I see the answers to obvious questions. I'm thoroghly enjoying the story!

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Review #3, by Siriuslover177 

24th December 2010:
Why did she slap him! :O
I can't believe she did that!
How will he get back to the other world now!
He needs to do it soon!


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Review #4, by sonibella 

23rd July 2009:
lol poor Harry .. AGAIN ! I wonder what he did to deserve this? :D Great chapter ... yay Hermione is eating again!

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Review #5, by Ndasuunye (fanfiction.net) 

23rd November 2008:
Yikes what was that slap for. So noy cool. Well whatever the case, the complications seem very good so far. Well good stuff and Ja Ne

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Review #6, by Raspberry Jelly 

31st May 2008:
you're one of the best authors on HPFF that i've found (and ive been for a couple of years, so thats saying something) =D and a very talented writer in general. im glad to see you want to write novels for a side job (i do too haha) because you're quite fantastic. best of luck!

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Review #7, by cavexgirl 

17th May 2008:

ah good chapter ending :)

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Review #8, by hypercell 

15th February 2008:
Nice gift! I finally understand! Thank you. But there are other worlds, right? You should write about them in a different story. What is the indirect Portal that switched Harry and Harold?

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Review #9, by marisalovesharry 

9th February 2008:
wow typical.
Weasly attitude

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Review #10, by ScribbleScribe 

7th December 2007:
haha...ginny slapped harry :P..nice touch :D. your fan fics are always so good...

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Review #11, by padfoot and prongs foreva 

23rd November 2007:
hahaha gotta love that gin must say i liked draco in this world

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Review #12, by Dobby7 

12th October 2007:
*Gasps* How rude of her!

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Review #13, by Annika_Skog 

21st September 2007:
Wouldn't Ginny get taken away by the guards for slapping him? Will this be in the next chapter?

Why hasn't James visited and asked about Sirius?

What happened with Sirius after Harry was taken back to the sanitarium?

Is this next chapter the last?

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Review #14, by harrypotterroxs 

2nd September 2007:
ohhh! I wonder why Ginny did that! Keep going! Awesome! 100-100

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Review #15, by thebfsgf 

20th August 2007:
Wow! That was an odd reaction!

Rebecka M.

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Review #16, by hogwartsismyhome_2 

19th August 2007:
this is good.
Are we going to see more of neville and hermione?

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Review #17, by Lynn_Jenny 

18th August 2007:
Jenny: and now its getting good.

Lynn: hahaha.

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Review #18, by open at the close 

16th August 2007:
this is the single most brilliant fanfic i have ever read. I don't know how you came up with the idea but you could definately be an author.

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Review #19, by Xray 

16th August 2007:
Look at her history. She tends to abandon most of her stories. She has already started a new one. Totally uncool. Such a great story too. I am dissappointed in you Hooly.

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Review #20, by MonKey PrinCesS 

14th August 2007:
This really has a grea story line! ive never seen anything like this!! and its writen in a way that i can never guess wat is coming next! i love it! please keep going, i really want to know how it finishes!

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Review #21, by Cassadia 

14th August 2007:
You seriously need to update.

It would seriously be a bitch if this story had been ditched and she's not even tracking it anymore to see all the people yelling UPDATE UPDATE!!

Hurry up and update cause this is just uncool.

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Review #22, by Jagged Mirror 

9th August 2007:
update soon please!

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Review #23, by draco_lover03 

8th August 2007:
please update ive been waiting for forever if your not going to update can you at least mark the story as abondoned?

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Review #24, by kakakaitlin 

5th August 2007:
are you going to update this!?

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Review #25, by morgan 

5th August 2007:
dang flabbt.

i thought the book was completed, but its noottt and now i have to wait for an update!

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