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Review #1, by girly1393 

24th April 2009:

I may just leave it there.


Author's Response: Thank you!

I think I'll just leave it here as well.

Thank you!

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Review #2, by x-rawr!-x 

20th October 2007:
oh my god!
its james???

Author's Response: Yes :)

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Review #3, by SU3 

16th October 2007:
awesome !! i wasn't expecting that ! luv LITF too ;)

Author's Response: Thanks so much :)

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Review #4, by Drucila 

15th August 2007:
WH-AT!! omg it James!! lol.. that line was familiar hehe imm soo glad you decided to write a sequel :D fantastic beginning

Author's Response: Why thank you :) I'm glad you like it so far.

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Review #5, by emerald_princess92 

29th June 2007:
OoO I love this so much!! This is so awesome. James a death eater?!? Brillant. I always thought that he would be one. 10/10


Author's Response: Why thank you. Haha. Really? James as a Death Eater? Well, I suppose he could be if he truly desired it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by AshHa 

2nd June 2007:
Why is James in a Death eaters outfit, and why did he hurt her. And... the list goes on and on! 10/10!

Author's Response: Ooh questions ;) Read on, please. Haha.

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Review #7, by AliKt716 

29th May 2007:
OHEMMGEE! I SO saw that coming!!! Great job!

Author's Response: Great job! ;)

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Review #8, by wudnulike2know 

13th May 2007:
oh my god! Woah, what happened there? Excellent plot though!

Author's Response: Thank you! Chapter 2 explains things a little more clearly. I know chapter 1 was very...well, vague and messy x)

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Review #9, by Magic101 

13th May 2007:
OMG! *dances a crazy dance* You are writing a sequal!!! Ah! The wonders of the mouse. Funny story: saw your pen name, clicked on it, scroll the your page, saw this story, read the summary then started jumping like a stupid little girl. Love this chapter, the end made my heart stop..well not really but you get it. 10/10 as usual. I'm so adding this story to me faves!!! Love ya!!

Author's Response: Yep, I'm writing a sequel :) Glad you enjoyed it so far!

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Review #10, by mystical me 

3rd May 2007:
*gasp* WHAT? JAMES?!!! But-but... how's that even plausible! Ack, that was so shocking!!
And I'm so unbelievably surprised (pleasantly of course) on seeing the sequel! I mean I had absolutely NO idea that you've already posted it! So naturally I couldn't contain my excitment. :) Again FANTASTIC beginning. I loved the thrill and the shock in the end was staggering! I mean JAMES a DEATH EATER? wth!? okay okay. *takes a deep breath* I'm calm now I swear.
AND I'm off to the next chapter!:):)

Author's Response: Hey :) Glad you caught up with this. And please don't hyperventilate. I can't afford having such a wonderful reader fainting now, can I? ;) Enjoy next chapter as well! I hope x)

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Review #11, by crookshanks and padfoot 

29th April 2007:
Uh...wow. That...I'm shocked. Seriously. James? Did he do any of the 'Auror killing'? Whoa. That was some wicked awesome writing you did there. My jaw dropped...like, literally.

And, aside from my obviously stunned reaction, now that I reread, James and Lily are characterized wonderfully - c'est parfait.

I'm eager to read the next chapter, and so glad you decided to write the sequel! Yay! 10/10

Oh, yeah...what was the time breach between this chapter and LitF? Or will that be explained later...? Awesome job.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it :) Yes, I know, it was a little weird, but chapter 2 does quite a bit of explaining, so it'll come off all right in the end. And in fact, I'm getting ready to post chapter 2 in a few hours. Haha. There's a two year gap between LITF and this story :)

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Alluring_Twilight 

28th April 2007:
haha, Wonderful twist at the end :D
I love it, and hope for an update soonish. There's nothing that I can critisise in this chapter, so therefore I don't have any advice.


Author's Response: Thanks so much! Next chapter will be up soon :)

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Review #13, by Kat 

24th April 2007:
Ok, so I love to read fan-fiction and I was bored so I decided to read a Lily/James one though I am more a Harry/Ginny FF person myself. I didn't feel like reading a 1 chapter one so I searched for a completed one and came up on LITF and got interested. I sat down and read it in two days. (School and homework take a lot of time out of my reading time sadly) I LOVED it and I was going to leave a review on the last chapter but you said that you were thinking of a sequal and I thought about it for a second and checked to see if you had started yet and BOO! there it was, so I decided to review here. Because this is my firse review it shall probably be a bit long. I LOVE YOUR WRITTING! You are just a totally fantasic author and I love reading your stories. You really seem to be able to pick up on things about James and Lily that others don't even though James and Lily aren't mentioned (personality wise) that much in the books. I've read some where Lily has been TOTALLY friendless and the least popular girl in school and I stoped reading after chapter 2, it just didn't peak my interest. Your's did though. It captured my attention and refused to let it go. I was up till 2 am the first night reading when my mom came into my room and told me to go to bed. I was sad but vowed to finish the story the next day and I did. I love James and Lily's characters even though they are together. Being with someone doesn't change who you are...most of the time at least just makes you un-disirable qualitys melt in comparison to your disirable ones, so I LOVE how James is still cocky and cracking jokes though I have a feeling Lily wants to KILL him right about now. ^_^ LITF is a GREAT story and I LOVE how you have started this one. I'm not going to say, ok what are you on? James Evil? or Yay! Evil James...cause I don't like Evil James. I have a few theorys but for now I will keep them to myself. (We all have our secrets) I can't wait for the next update to see what will happen and what has happened ever since Lily graduated. Again, can't wait for the next update and I plan to be a regualr reviewer from now on.


Author's Response: Wow Kat, that was a LONG review :) Thank you so much! It makes me happy knowing that someone really is enjoying this story. Huggles! I figured that personality shouldn't change even if you're starting to date someone, like you said, so James remained the way he is :) I don't plan on changing him or Lily anytime soon. And as for whether James is evil or not, well, what do you think? ;) Does he seem like the type to go off and jump on Voldemort's bandwagon just for the hell of it? Haha. Well, I'll update chapter 2 soon, and then you can see if your theories are correct. Thank you so much once again. Heart, heart!

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Review #14, by lily4evrmore 

24th April 2007:
after you answered my review... i came straight here. NOW DAMN IT! YOU UPDATE SOON OR YOU WILL BE FACING THE WRATH OF PENNII! lols curiosity is driving me insane!

Author's Response: Heh...heh...x) I'm writing chapter 2 right now, actually. I have about...6 pages done. I'm aiming for 15, but that all depends on if I plan on moving some things to chapter 3. But thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #15, by LittleMissVampire 

22nd April 2007:
Argggh! the suspense!! i really want to know what happens next!!! please update soon!!! please

Author's Response: I will :) Suspense? Haha...just a little I suppose. I wasn't sure where to end the chapter, so I just did it on a whim. Thanks.

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Review #16, by Zazuli 

22nd April 2007:
Holy...I knew it was James from the line:
“And how would you know what I dream about, Evans?”

It seemed to familiar. I didn't want to believe it but hey. Why, James, whyyy?! Darn it. Now I have to wait till the next chapter. 0-o

Author's Response: Congrats! :) Very smart of you. Haha. Next chapter will explain things more. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by o0o_no1_o0o 

22nd April 2007:
hey agen its me ur no1 fan um is there more plz don say no plz i begg u

r u gonna rite more e-mail me @



plz don say no

nd it waz reeelay gd this story love da way u rite

Author's Response: Hey! Of course I'm going to write more :) Don't worry. I've just been updating ATH, my ohter fic, so I haven't had time to write chapter 2. I usually update once every month, or two times every month depending on the workload. I'm sorry if it seems like I've been neglecting Cast the Die, but I'm not! In fact, I'm working on chapter 2 right now :)

But if you'd like, I will email you when I've updated the second chapter. Thank you for your support!

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Review #18, by padfootprongslover 

21st April 2007:
OK--I dunno if you've ever watched 'The Princess Bride' but in it there's the good guy who becomes a pirate, and he meets up with the love of his life, who doesn't know it's him. They way he acts is totally the way James acts, i know it's random, but true. And that's what I kept thinking throughout reading this, 'this is so much like the princess bride.' anyways--great as always. 10/10. (hehe sorry my review was totally off topic) Cheers- padsieprongsielover

Author's Response: Yes, indeed I have :) It was a pretty good movie, only I didn't really like the ending. It was a little weird, if you ask me. And honestly, I didn't even think about that movie when I wrote this x) Haha. But I can see where you're coming from. It does work in a way :) And it's all good. I always go off on tangents when I talk, so actually, you were perfectly fine :) Thanks so much!

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Review #19, by Romina Stephanie 

21st April 2007:
Merlin! I'm utterly shocked! James?! What in the world is he doing there?
Well, don't want to know - I'll just have to wait for the next chapter.
At first, I thought it might be Snape - she would recognise him too... But the Death Eater's demeanor was familiar in a way, but I did not want to believe it was James... But it was him... I'm still shocked and in lack of words.

A very good beginning! The action-scenes were described excellently, and they kept me wide awake! Very well-written, as always.

I'm so thrilled that the sequel is here and I liked it very much indeed. I can't wait for the next chapter : )

Author's Response: Haha. Don't worry. Numerous people before you have displayed the same reactions. It'll all be explained in the second chapter. And yes, I realized after I wrote this that the person could have been Snape. I had intended for him to sound like James since the beginning, but I guess Snape would act similarly. Thank you so much, as always :) Next chapter will be up after I get chapter 4 of ATH out.

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Review #20, by wicked26 

21st April 2007:
james?! are you kidding me!! it has to be a polyjuice potion or some joke!!
and YAY the sequel is here i was waiting for it. and again you have be hooked to the story from the first chapter itself! fantastic start!!

plz update soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm pleased that you like it :) You'll figure out what's going on in chapter 2...once I have it typed, that is x)

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Review #21, by Freelancer Tex 

20th April 2007:

I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT WAS JAMES!!! Now tell me, was that a part of the training? Ooooh I can't wait for you to update!



Author's Response: Cheers! And yes, I'm back ;) Unbelievable? Haha, perhaps. But don't worry. I'm not about to write something that completely does not make sense. I've had too much of angst in LITF. This is just drama :)

Thank you so much!

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Review #22, by midnightflower 

20th April 2007:
I loved LITF and the sequel also has a great start you have done a good job. I suspected it was james but i didn't want it to be him though reading other comments i see that things might change in the next chapters please update soon.

Author's Response: Don't worry :) You'll figure out what's going on in chapter 2. Really, now I think I should've labeled this chapter as a prologue x) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by i love cheese 

18th April 2007:
oh no! please tell me that james is like under the imperious curse or something! he can't REALLY be a death eater!!! agh this is crazy urgh urgh ugh well anyways i really like it

Author's Response: We'll just have to see, won't we? ;) But I'm pretty sure you know what you're talking about. James as a Death Eater? Creepy, huh? x) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by O Crazy One 

17th April 2007:
OH MY GEEZE! No way?!?!?!? JAMES?! I can't even begin to explain how shocked I am. Of course, when he said the line about "How would you know what I dream about, Evans?" I kinda thought it was him, but I didn't expect it to actually be him! I wanna cry! Really, I do! James? I really like Alice, and the beginning, but this part makes me sad. Please please please update again asap!!! I can't stand it already!!! 10/10 cheers! Kiss Kiss ^_^ EMBRACE THE FREAKDOM!!!

Author's Response: I must admit that it is indeed rather shocking. James as a Death Eater seems to fly off the charts. And actually, I've only seen it done when he's either extremely upset and has trailed into a pit of despair and darkness, or he's spying for the Order or something. But you'll see what happens in chapter 2 :) It's rather much more simple than you think. Cheers to you too!

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Review #25, by glacialangel 

15th April 2007:
ok...i was gonna leave my predictions at my second review. but reading ur response sent me into a whirlwind of new predictions. hehe...
1. James knew Lily and Alice were going to the house to get the tome book and went there to see her. he took the book to tease her and ended up becoming sucked into to acting like a death eater in order to maintain his cover.
2. the tome book has some importance to collecting Aileen from the death eaters. he needed to dress up as a death eater to get in and out safetly.
and thts all i got. but dont fret...ill come up with more in no time. ;-) seeing as this is just the prologue, im incredibly curious to see wht the actual plot holds. seriously cannot wait for an update. cheers!

Author's Response: Haha sure.
1. I guess this is close, but still not entirely accurate x)
2. Nope ;)
I just came up with this idea on the whim, so maybe it might be a little hard to guess. But thanks for trying :O And this is sorta like a prologue, so this chapter really doesn't have any significance in relevance to the plot. It merely is just a way for me to get James and Lily to meet :)

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