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Review #1, by Kate 

1st August 2010:
Wow, this story is just getting better and better.

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Review #2, by Mud 12 

3rd May 2009:
man write your own book u r good at this

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks!

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Review #3, by writers_anonymous101 

25th April 2009:
Argh! It's signed me out again!
Anyway! I think this story is absolutly brilliant and I can't stop reading! V is such an interesting character! He is so mysterious but he seems like he's on the good side too! :) Which is fab! :)
I love how the 5th Novemeber (the original gunplowder plot which failed) coincides with blowing up of the ministry! Coincidence? lol! :)
I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense by the way! I'm just so tired! It's after 11 over here in the UK and I had such an ealry morning today!
And I've just bought V for Vendetta on DVD so I can finally watch it! :) It's going to be amazing!
I'm trying to think who V can be in this story! Maybe I can dream about it tonight! :)

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Review #4, by Amy 

11th March 2009:
I have commented on all the chapter so far but on the last on I forgot to rate 10/10 sorry I love your stories so much why is it they said dead boy instead of dead boys is Ron still alive? is harry still alive? Are they both still alive I LOVE YOU

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Review #5, by AnnaKay 

14th March 2008:
Wow, you really put a whole lot of thought into your stories. It is great and very interesting. Never have seen the movie so it just seems so great and awesome!

Wonderful, can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Hey there!

Yep, I'd like to think I put a good deal of thought into things. I really suggest seeing the film, it's pretty cool. The scenery and colours are all very awesome. :)

Glad you are of course enjoying the story!

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Review #6, by LittleBookworm 

29th October 2007:
This story keeps getting better and better with every passing chapter. I have a tiny suspicion as to who V is but I'm not exactly sure since that person is supposed to be dead but, at the same time, he's the only one that can bring down Voldemort and that can end this. So... I'm not really sure.

The chemistry between Hermione and the mysterious V is amazing and makes the reader excited to find out what will happen next between the two of them. I'm eagerly awaiting the upcoming romance but, after having seen the movie, that will have to wait, won't it?

Once again, I must tell you that you have done an amazing job and I just can't wait to read the next chapter.


Author's Response: Better and Better is great! :) Ooo, tiny suspicion eh? :) Oh, supposed to be dead eh? Well, I don't know . . . it may still be someone that I haven't given background on yet.

Great to hear you like the connection between Hermione and V. As per the romance, well, yes, it will have to wait. Hermione is very stand-offish, even though V is helping her. It's a bad time to trust anyone that you didn't trust before the war, so V will have to prove himself many-times over before she opens up at all. But remember, even the romance in the film is sort of short and not a big part. Evey shows some affection, as does V, but it's a very short moment. Maybe it'll be more here, who knows.

Thanks again though LittleBookworm for reading and reviewing. It's wonderful to hear you are enjoying the story. :)

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Review #7, by Romina Stephanie 

16th July 2007:
Once again, excellent chapter. Eventful and filled with suspense - I can't wait to read more and find out if Hermione will take V's advice and flee the city.

I loved the mention of Malfoy and Bella; it's so good, how you've entwined both these worlds together. I'm wondering of where this is heading, though whatever you do with this, I'm sure it'll still be as great as it already is. I saw in one of your author's respones that this would not turn out to be exactly as the movie and that's a reason I'm excited to see where you're going to do with this.

I really like your characterization and the detectives are both portrayed in a great way. I'm fond of both of them - because so far, they don't seem to be mean, hehe. But I wonder if they'll find out more about Hermione and what they'll say, or what'll happen, if they do. And V! Oho, I love V. Looking forward on seeing the character development in the future chapters!

Overall, I think you've done a very good job with this, as I've already said (feels like I'm constantly repeating myself). You've kept it interesting at all times and have managed to create a million questions in my head. But keep it up - I'm looking forward to an update =)
- Stephanie

Author's Response: Once again, Steph! :)

Glad you liked this chapter as well! Will Hermione take the advice? Ooo, I don't know! This might be when Hermione's hard-head gets in the way.

Yes, entwining the two worlds is interesting, trying to place characters in good places. And yes, this story will go the way it wishes, so it should be interesting. :)

And yes, the detectives are going to be an interesting story. Once they start prodding into Hermione's past, and start getting hints of the wizarding world . . . oh, it'll be interesting. And V, yes, he'll be a fun character to write. :)

Great to hear you think the story is going great so far! Questions are meant to be formed in these chapters, 'cause there's a good deal of mystery. :)

Thanks again Steph for the review! Hope to hear from you again!

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Review #8, by residentevil fan 

9th July 2007:
very good story. All of your stories are really good i hope to finish this story some time in the future so keep it up

Author's Response: Hello there!

Glad you like my stories! I do hope I finish soon too. I've had massive writer's block for the last month or two, but it's starting to come back into line.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by musicmaineac 

9th July 2007:
Excellent. Will we ever find out who V is?

Author's Response: Hello once again!

Yep, you'll find out in a way who V is before the end, though it won't have a huge impact on the story. Knowing who V is, you'll find out, really isn't a focus at all. He barely remembers who he was anyways, but he does remember Hermione for sure.

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Breakaway615 

19th June 2007:

I cannot believe that I missed this update, however long ago it was, and did not review. I apologize for that. I am usually so good at remembering to check and review fanfictions, but apparently I forgot. Ah, well... I will just have to review it now, a little bit late.

Wow, I do not like those police men. They're scary. I don't know exactly why, but they really freak me out. I liked that whole section, though. It makes the whole thing seem more mysterious--the fact that "Mary" just showed up two years ago, the "strange" pictures. I liked that whole section.

Oh, Malfoy. What a jerk. I liked that little (big, sorry) section as well. This may possibly be the most mysterious fanfiction I have ever read.

WOW! I loved the whole part with V and Hermione a lot. Very strange... A part of me thinks that he's bad, but then the other half says he's good. Because he has saved Hermione a fair few times, but he's a very mysterious person.

Curse me for not having seen the movie. I should rent it...

In any case, that was an amazing chapter! I am still very much afraid of your detectives, by the way. And I'm a little bit afraid of V, as well. He just blew up the Ministry...

I look forward to the next chapter! I am quite excited to see how this fanfiction turns out!


Author's Response: Hello there Liz! :)

You know, it's alright you didn't notice the update. I'm so busy lately, I'm surprised I remembered it myself! :)

Glad you liked the part with the Detectives, and trying to find out things about Hermione. Malfoy, yeah, we'll have to see what happens there. :)

Great to hear you liked the part with V and Hermione. I want people to wonder if he's good or not.

But thanks for coming back and reviewing! Great to hear you liked it, and you're wondering about V. :)

Thanks again Liz!

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Review #11, by delta 

2nd June 2007:
Wow. I've never seen V for Vendetta, but I thought this story looked interesting, and it certainly is. I love your characterization of all the characters and the vivid background and environment you've created. I can't wait for the next chapter. :D

Author's Response: Hey there delta!

Never seen it? Well, don't worry, the story will explain everything you need to know. I'm glad you like the story though. Great to hear you like the place and characters I've put in though.

Thanks again!

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Review #12, by ev11000 

26th April 2007:
ok i know in this chapter you state v as being tall which afirms my beleif of it being ron but still would much rather see it as harry as he is the one that allways saved them and somehow ron dowsnt seem like the type to do all that learning that V does in the film seriously its just not ron he would never want to or do find out about apollo and that stuff so can u direct the course of this story to harry being the one who is V pretty plz o.o (small innocent whine)

Author's Response: Hello again!

The fact that V is tall doesn't necessarily discount some characters, Harry included. Now Harry wasn't the tallest guy, but you don't know about V's past. Things may have happened to him that changed physical aspects about him. Like V in the movies, he had to go through some rather painful experiences, which ultimately scared him. Plus V's wearing boots, and has a cloak and hat and such on. Hermione might not be exactly correct on the height difference. Now that's not to push you towards Harry, no, I'm just saying don't discount people necessarily. I mean, if the height thing means anything, it means it's a guy, and it's not Dobby. :)

These past few years, V has been in essence destroyed and rebuilt. Who he was before, he knows who he was (that's different from V in the movie. In the movie he doesn't remember who he was, but to add that extra fun level, I have my V remembering some things) but he doesn't act at all how he used to be. The learning about literature and things like Apollo and such, and the way he talks, is a product of what happened to him, and what he's been through. No characters were like V before Voldemort took over, so you can't discount characters 'cause of how you think any character "might" fit, 'cause even Hermione admits, none do.

So keep guessing! You can already take off Neville (or could you? V so far has never been around when Neville is), but don't think right away that it is Ron. What about all the other characters? Maybe it's Seamus, or Harry, or Sirius, or Remus, or Draco, or who knows! Some of the people I just mentioned I already said were dead, but we don't know, do we? The mystery behind V is fun like that with the twist I put on it, 'cause it could be a lot of people. Plus with the gap in time (the lead up to the Final Battle), Hermione could have helped a lot of people, and thus fit V's mentioning that she helped him.

Oh, I hope you're still guessing. I'm going to give you guys hints that both push towards some people, away from others, and all over the place. V does in a sense what Hermione to find out who he was, but doesn't want to make it easy for her.

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #13, by _twilight_star_ 

21st April 2007:
I like how he blew up the ministry, and the description of how the debris shot out of the air. The description you used for the Apparation was very good, and reminded me of the books. I thought Shoemaker was a funny last name (that's a good thing) and I liked how you described how Shoemaker didn't understand why he had to call Voldemort 'Lord',

Author's Response: Hello twilight!

Liked the blowing up eh? :) Well, I'm glad you enjoyed that part. The Apparation I wanted to describe well, since Hermione and them haven't done it in ages, so it would be a reminder of everything again.

Shoemaker . . . (laughs), I got from . . . well, I won't say, but when I heard the last name, I just thought it would make an interesting character's name. It is an odd last name, I'll give you that. :) And of course, Shoemaker being a Muggle wouldn't understand why there would be a guy in charge who is called "Lord", let a lone "Dark Lord". Shoemaker himself is just scared of his voice. :)

Thanks again twilight for reviewing this story, it was great to hear your thoughts on it! I hope to hear from you again!

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Review #14, by Violet Gryfindor 

21st April 2007:
Eek! A fanfic writer who quotes Shelley and Hamlet all in one chapter! *dies of happiness* Anyway, enough of my English lit fangirlisms and onto the review. Excellent chapter! I loved that scene in the movie with the explosions and I'm very glad that you kept it in your story and changed it to match the Potterverse. Your detectives are sound characters - very "detective-ish" but also with their own unique personalities. This is a great story overall, and I'm really excited to read more. Good luck with writing the next chapter. =)

Author's Response: Hello once more Violet! You've reached the end of the posted chapters! I must say, I'm very happy about that! :)

Funny enough, Shelley was just a coincidence. I was looking for quotes online, and I found many of Shelley's were good for what I had planned. Hamlet, again, I was searching, and found it fit well. V always uses Shakespeare and a lot of other old sources for quotes and such, so I'm trying to stick to that as best as possible, without going overboard of course. :) But I'm glad you like my choices there.

English lit fangirlisms? That's a first for me. :)

Glad you liked the chapter of course Violet. I had many people asking me at the end of chapter 2 if I was still going to have V blow up some building, but I felt the Old Bailey wouldn't fit. V did it in the movie because it's a symbol of justice, but my V isn't fighting injustice, he's fighting Voldemort. So, the Ministry made more sense. Plus it's a place HP folks know, and would probably enjoy seeing blown up. :)

But watch now what happens now that V did this. Oh, Voldemort will not be pleased, and he made Shoemaker's job a lot harder, trust me. Markers will be breathing down his neck all the time now.

The detectives, they are modelled a lot on the ones from the movie, though their personalities will be a little different. Shoemaker is the more experienced one though, and he's been through more, so he will be more interesting to write.

But again Violet, thank you so much for coming over and reading and reviewing. I was hopeful you'd come over, but was understanding if you weren't able to. It's a busy time (exams for uni), and plus you just stepped down as a validator, which means you're obviously busy with things.

Thanks again for all your reviews Violet. Please do pass on this story to anyone who may enjoy it, and I do hope to hear from you again on this story, or possibly other ones. :)

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Review #15, by H4H 

13th April 2007:
Well, Chris, long time no see, hu? I'm so happy though! I've been in Portugal for my Easter Holidays for the last 2 weeks and then i come back and you have all your stories updated! How nice...

Anyway, i loved this chapter. Once again you did a wonderful job with those Detectives and every scene that involved them. The Ministry scene was also amazing. I have to say i prefer your version rather than the movie's! I'm anxiously awaiting the chapter where you finally tell us who V is! Now that we know for sure V and Hermione met in the past, and that Hermione helped him somehow... it's even more exciting!

Well, i guess that's all. I still have to catch up on the other stories so i better be going. 10/10, and i just hope you update soon!


Author's Response: Hey there Summer! It's nice to see you again! :) Portugal eh? Lucky you! I hope you had a good time and had a chance to relax.

Glad you liked this chapter. The detectives will be an interesting storyline for sure. The Ministry I thought would be a lot more impactive to destroy than the Old Bailey, 'cause V destroys it in the movie because it symbolizes justice. V in my story destroys the Ministry because it's now a symbol of the darkness of the new world.

Everyone just wants to know who V is don't they? They aren't even wondering what he is planning, just who he is. :) It will come though, don't fret. :)

Of course, go on and read! :) Thanks again Summer for reviewing, and coming back to read!

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Review #16, by harryginny 

12th April 2007:
Hey Chris, I'm back for a while.

This was an excellent chapter. I really enjoyed it.

I loved how we find out that he knows her from someplace, I reckon from Hogwarts, and if that was mentioned then im sorry im still a little slow.

well i best be of but b4 i go im glad that he blew up the ministry, that was fun to read. sorry my reviews come so late and so short.


10/10 as usual

Author's Response: Hey there Vithiya! Sorry it took a few days to respond. I went home to see my family for a few days, and just got back. It was nice, seeing my Mum and Dad, and my brother and sister and their families. But, now I'm back in the city, and exams are about to attack me. Joy eh? :)

Glad you liked the chapter of course. Yes, here V finally narrows the field a bit as to the guesses. Hermione helped him a while ago. I didn't mention Hogwarts directly, but it's possible.

Fun to read him blowing up the Ministry eh? Yeah, I had some fun with that. :) And don't fret about the review, it was just wonderful as it is! :)

Thanks for reviewing Vithiya, and that 10! Awesome!

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Review #17, by RogerDaviesBangedFleur 

11th April 2007:
Hey cool chapter. Now that I have seen the movie I see how your story relates greatly to the movie. V seems very cool and very mysterious ass he should. He says he knew her and she helped him at some point could be quite as few people from the Hogwarts very interesting (hopefully we will find out at some point)(as long as it is not Ron because I know you mentioned to me in one of your responses that Ron might still be alive) Anyway very interesting chapter I am excited to find out more. I would just like to point out just how awesome your stories are... So there I did it your writing is incredible and I can not wait to read the next chapters in all of your stories that I am reading. Cool chapter I am excited to read more.

Author's Response: Hey look, it's RDBF! Trying to tell the world that Roger Davies is the best character around! :)

Oh yes, you said you saw the movie! But yes, now you'll be able to read things in a different light. The scenery is much the same, so that helps with visualizing everything. In the movie (and hopefully in my fic), V is a very mysterious man of course.

We will find out who V is, but like the movie, we'll never see under his mask, for reasons of course. But we'll find out who V used to be before everything. You don't want it to be Ron though? Hmm . . . well, we'll have to see. No guarentees though.

But again, I'm glad you liked this chapter, and thank you for the compliments on my stories. I'm hoping to get some new chapters done and posted soon, 'cause I just finished my last assignment today, and my first exam is in like 2 weeks, so I have some time to write and relax. Keep an eye out for new postings soon alright? :)

Thanks again RDBF! You know, I'm thinking I might actually write in Roger Davies in one of my stories, just for you. :)

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Review #18, by meganann07 

10th April 2007:
Wow! Very good and interesting. I did like your spin on the council and that Draco is involved. He should cause a problem but I can't wait to find out how V handles him. It should be interesting. The story is progressing nicely and it flows well and makes sense. I liked the set up of Shoemaker's character and look foward to seeing how he changes throughout the story. I am interested to learn more about V and Hermione's story. Again, great story and I look foward to your update:)

Author's Response: Hey there Meganann!

Glad you liked my little change on the Council, and yes, that we see delightful Draco. :) Oh yes, he causes some good trouble for Hermione and the others.

Great to hear you like the pace and such. Shoemaker's character will be interesting, since he's seen magical stuff, but has always just burried it 'cause he knew he'd get taken away if he mentioned anything. But of course, as the story goes, more magic will come up, and you'll see how he reacts. :)

V and Hermione's story will come into big play in the coming chapters, that's for sure. :)

Thanks again meganann for reviewing!

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Review #19, by BabyMagicWitch 

9th April 2007:
amazing story i truely admire your efforts!

Author's Response: It's BMW! Haven't seen you in a while! :)

Glad you liked this chapter! Efforts at the moment will hopefully pick up now that I'm out of the assignment woods. :) I'm hoping to get more writing done, and get more chapters up, so keep an eye open! :)

Thanks again!

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Review #20, by chiron 

9th April 2007:
Good chapter again! The action is hotting up now, nice to see.

There's a huge hint there about V, and I think I've interpreted it correctly, let me see if I'm right as the story progresses ;)

Generally, this is one of the better chapters I've read in a long time. Has the right mix of adaption from the movie and deviations from the storyline, makes for interesting reading. With a premise like this, its pretty easy to make it look like you've just taken the movie script and "magickified" it, but you havent fallen into that trap, and thats great :)

All in all, the story has a distinctive identity of its own. Thats what is most impressive here.

PS: My fifth chapter (Rise of the Dark Mark) got validated just yesterday. Pl check it out and tell me what you think :)

Author's Response: Hey there chiron! It's great to see you back!

There is a bit of a hint here for V, that's for sure. :)

I'm glad you liked this chapter. It's great to hear you like my mixing of the stories, with both V and my own HP stuff. Of course I'm worried about falling into that trap of just taking the movie, and adding magic instead of, say, guns and knives, so it's good to hear so far I'm steering clear of that. :)

Distinctive identity eh? :) That's a good thing for sure! :)

Thanks again chiron for reviewing! Oh man, chapter 5 is online! I only have chapter 1 under my belt! Well, I'll tell you what, I'll try to come over and review at least another chapter soon. I'm all done up with my assignments now, so I have some free time. :)

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Review #21, by Ydnas Odell 

8th April 2007:
I like this a lot. Your a gifted story teller and I like your detectives. It seems a little odd that Stewart is a member of the committee. He seems to low ranking for that. If he were in command of the unit or were police commisioner or something it would make more sense. but otherwise it is very well done. I actually want to learn more about these detectives.

Maybe V is Justin-Finch Fletchley. Hermione did help him in a way when she gave Harry and Ron the idea that helped save him from the Ballisk. Otherwise I can't think of anyone else from the books that she directly or indirectly helped. Maybe it could be Blaise. I hope it is not Malfoy, though that would be an interesting twist. There are just a few two many Dramione's on the site. Since Hermione will very obviously fal in love with V.

Great job and a truly unique plot. It is not quite a croos-over just inspired by a film. A ten!

Author's Response: Hey there Ydnas! It's nice to see you again! :)

I'm glad you are liking my story so far! It is odd that Stewart is a member of the Council. You'll find out why he's been brought up to that level, don't fret. He's a high level detective, and don't forget, the department he works for deals only with government handed issues. This would give him a special position in the Council, since he is (in essence) a Muggle liason.

You think it's Justin? Wow, you're reaching back there, remembering CoS as a reason for who V is. Perhaps don't think THAT far back. :) Hermione helped out lots of people, so it could be a lot of people of course. Plus, don't forget, there was like a year while Harry and the others tried to find the Horcruxes and such, so there may be people from that time too.

But you'll find out in due course who V is. I'm planning to keep it rather quiet during the story until as late as possible. :)

Thanks again Ydnas for reviewing! It's great to hear you think I'm doing more to the story than just redoing the movie, 'cause that would suck I think. :)

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Review #22, by U No Who 

8th April 2007:
Interesting chapter.
i like the policemens characters and fell that you have built very well.
i found bringing Malfoy as Marker effective aswell.
Im very much enjoying this story and i hope that you update soon!

~U No Who~

Author's Response: Hey, it's U No Who! :) Thanks for coming back!

I'm glad the detectives came across well here in their first chapter. You'll hear more about them as time goes, but it's good to hear their intro went smoothly.

Yep, Malfoy's still alive and kicking, a Marker of course. :)

Thanks again for reviewing! I'm hoping classes will let up sometime soon, so I can get back on the writing train.

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Review #23, by amrawo 

7th April 2007:
great chapter! i loved it! update soon!

Author's Response: Hello there amrawo!

I'm glad you liked this chapter! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by Billy Dubal Granger 

7th April 2007:
I love this story is the masked person used to be Ron or Harry and when will we find out and please email me when you`ve updated the

Author's Response: Billy Dubal Granger? Hmm . . . interesting name! :)

I'm glad you like my story so far! You think it's Harry or Ron? Hmm, well, those are good guesses, but it could be anyone couldn't it?

As to emailing, I would like to, but I usually don't email people about my story. Best to just check the lists, or my author's page every once in a while when I update. Sorry, it's just how I do things. Plus I've had people ask me before, and I don't like having my email address going all over the place.

Anyways, thanks for the review! I hope to hear from you again!

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Review #25, by k2_vet 

7th April 2007:
We like it! This story is developing nicely. Well done really looking forward to the next chappie!

Author's Response: Hello again k2! It's nice to see you back! :)

"We like it!" ? There's more than one of you? (shifty eyes). :) Glad you're enjoying the development of the story so far! :)

Thanks again!

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