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Review #1, by juls 

21st March 2008:
Dang... thought I read/reviewed this episode. How did it escape my evil 'rofl'ing that comes each time I read these??? I must have been Imperioused to have missed this! Shame on me!

Loony, you have a delightful humor that cheers me. When I need a laugh to get me off the floor- but yet roll on it- I read this.

Nagini needs a big hug... and Daisy, dearest pillow-couch scarf-mantel cover-biggest teddybear wannabe- help Loony write your own installment.

Keep writing Loony!


Author's Response: Thank you so much, juls! I'm always enjoying your wonderful reviews and of course I'm happy you liked this episode!

Someone Imperiused you? Well that's not good, you should find out who'd do such a thing... Wasn't me though...

If I meet Nagini I shall huggle her for you. ;)

*keeps writing*

=) Loony

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Review #2, by gashataruler 

30th April 2007:
HAHAHA!!! He's the Easter rabbit! Is is told from his snake? I saw stuff about slithering and it left me thinking it was his snake. Still, the rabbit thing was funny! Pry next chapter the Oder would be laughing at him or something. I dunno.

Author's Response: Yes, it's told from Nagini's point of view. I'm happy you liked the story, and want to thank you for reviewing each single chapter! I don't yet know about the next chapter, but I think it will be something new, and independant from the other chapters.

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Review #3, by Sandra 

11th April 2007:
I'm so glad you updated. Apart from the chapter with the giant mushroom creature eating Voldie this is my second fav. I laughed out loud while reading it, especially at the fact that Voldemorts reputation was ruined so much. His Death Eaters will never see him in the same light again *rolls eyes*

Author's Response: But! he survived. Lol, Naggs insisted on that... Just imagine what that will do to the Death Eaters; I mean, come on, seeing your beloved evil Master in a cute bunny costume? I'm happy you liked it!

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Review #4, by Savanna Weasley 

8th April 2007:

favourites time!

Author's Response: Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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