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Review #1, by war and peace 

14th January 2008:
I was grinning like a madman after harry's birth. I don't really know why though...
Having said that, this is the only chapter that has seen me smile. Not because it's bad writing of course, no, it's amazing writing, but just because it is so sad!
I'm glad this was a break from it.

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Review #2, by Bears Kitty 

22nd August 2007:
oh believe me you got it perfectly right... *twitches*

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Review #3, by FaeFolk 

26th June 2007:
babies usually don't open there eyes for about a day,and after birth they are usually a blue gray color for a coupla weeks at least.

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Review #4, by mommcgonagall 

5th June 2007:
you did brilliantly with Harry's birth! I have given birth to three girls, with little 'muggle medication' and its no joy, but it was fast, so no worries. It was very realistic, well done!

Weasley is our king!

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Review #5, by Bibbs 

26th May 2007:
Weee! lol this was my favorite chapter. Not because of the birthing thing (which you did perfectly... I dont think I could have done it as well, and I have actually been there..) but because James walks in there a scared little boy and comes out an (extremely) proud father. So many emotions and things going on and I think James handled them all brilliantly.

One of my favorite parts was why James had gone on duty that day - that it was Frank's day, but Alice had just given birth. It's a tiny thing that doesn't really matter, but I loved it that Lily actually gave birth two weeks early, it goes completely against what most people write. If you dont mind, I might do something like that myself whenever I get to that point in one of my stories... because (do we know when they heard the prophecy?? if it was when she was still pregnant...) i mean they could be all relieved that she's not due until August, but he comes early and it'd just be dread because it changes everything.

Anyway... I absolutely LOVED James when he was in the room with Lily. It was so perfect and completely in character, and thats saying something, to be able to put a character in such a stressful situation and still have it be completely them. I mean, how often does James Potter doubt himself? Its not his type of thing at all, but the way you write him, he's still the same old James. I love his feeling of uselessness and that he's aware of it.

The best part by far is when he sees the head. I laughed so hard my eyes watered... the description of what it looked like was so funny and so true, and of all things James can only say "has my hair!"

I loved this chapter so much :)

Obviously as I'm sure a hundred other reviews have told you, James's name for the healer was funny as well. I especially loved his outburst at her after Harry was born. Oh, and speaking of that, I loved the part before Harry was born when he screamed at her if she could do something because he just couldn't take it.

Sirius's comment, "Never heard her so angry at you." had me rolling as well.

James is so proud afterwards that it is adorable.

I am completely gushing over this chapter, I loved it to no end. I only hope that whenever I get to that point I can do it half as well in my own story. God, I am so jealous lol.

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Review #6, by sierramalfoy 

21st March 2007:
wow it's sounds just like it!!! i was there when my aunt gave birth to my baby cousin last year!!! i know how james felt, bloody scary i must say!!! great chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the feedback, glad that the scene came off as realistic!

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Review #7, by jlwitch 

21st March 2007:
It was perfect!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Ms_Malfoy 

17th March 2007:
awww, that was soo sweet! it's a boy! it's a boy!!! yay!! it's so weird to think of them as 20, seems so young to have a kid.wow! that was good! great great job with this chapter!

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Review #9, by Vatina 

15th March 2007:
This was really well written...though it makes be scared of having children. (Never having been pregnant, still way too young)

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Review #10, by hp4eva786 

14th March 2007:
you're a natural (how many kida have you had)

Author's Response: None, just turned 21 in January. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #11, by balletforarainyday 

26th February 2007:
OMG. I love this chapter, I've been smiling like a complete goof for more than half the story. It's just so sweet and perfect. Just the way it should be. :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! Glad that you enjoyed the chapter!

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Review #12, by bee_lily 

23rd February 2007:
aww! i'm listening to beautiful boy now, and it's really sweet.

i haven't given birth either, but i think it's alright, exccept when james looked (at the head) it was a little.well, bad images were running through my head. but i loved the marauders reaction. 10/10, as always.

Author's Response: I love that song so very much. I think it perfectly expresses what a parent should feel about their child, it's just a wonderful look at fathers, you know?

And yes, I had to include the icky bit because of course I prepared to write this by watching a whole bunch of Discovery channel documentaries on 'the miracle of life'. Thank you again for reviewing!

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Review #13, by tyldari_archer 

30th January 2007:
Careful, don't let Harry grow up spoiled... Although I guess all parents intend to spoil their children at the beginning, since it's just so miraculous... The birthing scene was good. A little bit too good, I'll admit. Quite...descriptive. But I guess the end justifies the means, right?

*awkward silence*

*clears throat* Well, I gotta go. One more chapter and I'm caught up! Woot!

Author's Response: LOL, er...I could have gone further. You ought to read wulfeyez's birth story, it puts mine to shame. But yes, blood and mucus for everyone.

Thanks for reviewing again!

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Review #14, by That is mad rad 

23rd January 2007:
THat is amazing. Keep up the fantastic work! Keep writing! Just two questions. Are you going to write about Harry going to school with only a father, and is Voldemort dead? I don't understand that one part.

Author's Response: Question 1: Yep, I plan to write a sequel going over Harry's first year at Hogwarts (but I'll probably write it from James' PoV) and question 2: Remember how at the start of book 1 everyone assumed Voldemort was dead and not just bodyless? I think Dumbledore knows that something isn't right, but doesn't want to say anything to James until he's positive. The Ministry firmly believe that he's dead though.

Thanks for reviewing and for getting my mind into gear!

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Review #15, by WorldOfLilyEvans 

23rd January 2007:
Great great great story!

I still think it's very sad and everything, but this was a great chapter! And I like how you don't make Peter out to be some stupid fat kid, but actually a friend, which he had to have had been to bo friends with the others.

Anyway, I love the labor scene, it was very good. Update soon!

-xxx- Malou

Author's Response: Thanks, seriously! I don't like Peter a whole lot and I have a fair amount of trouble writing him (it's so easy to fall into the trap of having him be ignored, or, like you said, a stupid fat kid) but I try to get him in there and it means a lot that you've noticed.

Thanks for reviewing again. I'll try to get a start on the next chapter soon.

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Review #16, by glacialangel 

17th January 2007:
well.it was enough to make me freak out about giving birth...lol...loved the chapter! cant wait for the next addition!

Author's Response: Ha! Yeah, I don't think I'll be going through the miracle of pregnancy after doing some research on the subject. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by dim at best 

14th January 2007:
OMG! What a fantastically brilliant chapter! Beautiful, touching, and placed perfectly within the story after the last depressing chapter. I've never given birth either (thank goodness since I'm only 15) but the way it was described seemed real enough to me. James was just so real in this chapter, I keep marveling at the realism of the characters within this story, but honestly they deserve it! James' emotions and reactions were priceless, his awe of Harry worthy of any new Dad's. I loved this chapter to bits, definitely my favourite so far.

Feeling like a prat, he leaned over and lifted the hem of her hospital gown. The incredibly disturbing image of a dark head of hair, streaked with bloody and some other horrible looking liquid, poking out from a place it really oughtn’t, greeted him. He looked back over Lily’s knees and grinned at her. “Has my hair,” he said proudly.

^ One of the best parts of many brilliant scenes in this chapter. I laughed out loud.

Also, the whole Flora the healer a.k.a the Evil Bitch Monster from Hell was priceless, and gave comic relief to the serious/giddy/terrifying experience that is giving birth.

I think I'm going to re-read the chapter, it was just that darned good.

- Terri

Author's Response: Thanks Terri! Glad that I managed to squeeze everything in and that it turned out okay, it was actually kind of fun to write because the idea of James as a dad just fascinates me and actually makes me all clucky because if there's anything that will make a woman go nutty over babies, it's seeing a funny guy with a baby.

Many thanks for your review and er...I hope it improves on re-read? (or something)

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Review #18, by laughable_black_storm 

13th January 2007:
I love this story, it's absolutely amazing. I like how you describe James and Lily's marriage realistically, not making everything perfect. This last chapter brought tears to my eyes, it was so well written. I can't wait for the next chapter! XD Cheers

Author's Response: Thanks for revieiwing, glad that you're enjoying it so far!

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Review #19, by Zazuli 

13th January 2007:
Whoa. Is all I can say. You are an amazing writer. And your banner is nice, the actor and actress are exactly what I imagined Lily and James to look like. Please keep updating! I thought your birth description was pretty accurate x]

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing and I' glad you are enjoying. Trixy's banner is amazing, isn't it? I can't take any credit for her awesome talent.

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Review #20, by meganann07 

13th January 2007:
Really good job with the birthing scene. Only one complaint. All baby's eyes are blue when they are born and the color changes over the next two-three weeks. Overall you are just an amazing writer. I loved the scene with The James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. It was written perfectly. This is still one of the best fanfics I have ever read!

Author's Response: Not all babies eyes are blue when born, my sisters and I were all born with dark brown eyes...so that would be a myth. Also, it's implied that there's maybe something magical about the colour of Harry's eyes, so while I wasn't sure if a baby would have green eyes straight away, I thought I could fudge it. Thanks for you thoughts!

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Review #21, by tasha_100 

11th January 2007:
Amazing chapter. You described all the emotions so well as you always seem to. I love this story, the idea for it is so original, especially discovering how things would have turned out if one of Harry's parents had survived. I thing the way you describe the marriage between James and Lily is particularly realistic.

So perfect chapter and amazing story, enjoy your break!
Tasha xxx

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far!

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Review #22, by amber 

10th January 2007:
i like it. its so sad. i really like the flashbacks.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Chriss 

10th January 2007:
the birthing scene...is ok from my point of view, not that i've assissted to any...but still..the only thing which is a lil' unrealistic is the green-eyes part. you can't tell the color of the eyes for months...but if u wanted to underline the fact that Harry has some magic in him...oh well..i guess it works:)

Author's Response: The eyes thing is something tht I fidged a little, all my sisters eye colours were apparent from birth, so I was going on that and you are right...it's hinted at by JK that there's something a little magical about his eye colour, so take it as you will...Thanks again for reviewing.

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Review #24, by April Atrocity 

10th January 2007:
I hadn't been on this site in a long while -- but I'm so glad I returned to catch up on this fic. The flashback chapters are so sweet -- I loved the Marauders' reactions to Harry's birth. James' thoughts were great too -- humorous, yet realistic.

And the chapters taking place in the present (or when Lily's gone -- 'present' was the only word I could think of :P) you write James so well that the readers (or at least I) can get a sense of what he's feeling. We can share emotions with him, even if we've never been through such a time in our lives.

I think I'm rambling and so to cut off my mindless dribble, I'm just gonna say that I love this story, and I'm excited for the next installments.

Oh, and I think you're writing Dumbledore just fine -- near perfect actually. But I have trouble with him myself. :P

Author's Response: Thanks for coming back April, glad you enjoyed it.

I'm really enjoying writing James, he doesn't get enough air time as a solitary character - and I kno he's strongly linked with Sirius, Remus and Lily in my story, but I write Maruader fic and the structure doesn't allow me to get as in depth as this does, so I really love and I love that other people love it.

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #25, by LovlyRita 

10th January 2007:
Just brilliant work, this whole story! I love that the chapters are pumpkins songs, that's awesome! This is a well crafted story, well thought out and imaginative. The idea is great, and you've portrayed most of the characters how I'd imagined them to be. The dialouge is perfect. I shall wait patiently and expectantly for the next addition!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing again LovlyRita! I am so pleased that you enjoy this story and I hope to soon start up on the gap chapter 12 that I'm missing from my line up, I know what I'm going to write, I just have to put my fingers to work.

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