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Review #1, by PhoenixStorm 

18th July 2007:
Well now, aren't things moving! Lots more plot-centric stuff this chapter, and while at first I found the 72 hour leap a little jolting, by the time I had got to the end I quite liked how you'd done that. And also that you still somehow managed to keep this house hunting thread running throughout, which I think did enough to keep the chapter fluent and together.

I really liked the two scenes in Minerva's office, especially Remus's musings about the afterlife seemed to suggest that, no matter the amount of magic a person could perform, the being of the soul – that couldn’t be transferred or bartered or moved or regenerated. Being ended upon death and that was that, discomforting but arguably realistic. It fits though, and it made me think how creepy it would be to be in that office everyday with all those dead people in their portraits, which is not something I can say I had previously considered.

I liked the whole thing of Remus finding a solution, it was still a serious chapter, I felt, but you had a few amusing moment like One of them involved caged and chained dragons, though you suspected that might have been Charlie’s addition. Though I think my favourite is For the first time in months, both Ron and Ginny seemed to be thoroughly distracted from their respective melodramatic relationships *snort*.

Tonks input was relatively small in this chapter, but I liked her You’ll think of something, Remus. You always think of something, talk about pressure! Sometimes that kind of faith is off putting, but I love the way Remus does indeed go off to make his demands of Minerva at the end. Great chapter :D .

Author's Response: Okay, so the dead headmaster portraits - wow how they freak me out and always have :P How would you like to have every person who ever did your job hanging over your shoulders all the time.... *shudder* It would not be my idea of a comfortable office environment....

Anyway...I love Tonks, but sometimes when i'm writing I feel like every scene has her in it and, much though that is the only reason i started writing this (because I actually prefer her over Lupin) it's unrealistic to expect that every single moment of his life happens with her and revolves around her, so I try very hard (and perhaps sometimes over do it) to keep her out of things :P

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Review #2, by arien043 

12th July 2007:
Great job again! Only one typo here:

The city lights wouldn’t keep you up and [at?] night but you wouldn’t have to take the Knight Bus to the market, either.

Author's Response: Bah! Thank you! I made a note of it (and changed it in my local copy) so that if and when I reupload (i'm trying to finish before DH releases) it will get changed. :)

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Review #3, by DAC 

8th January 2007:
I don't think that you fell apart at all. I am eagerly awaiting ch. 15. Hope you had a very Happy New Year, and get the next chapter up as soon as possible.


Author's Response: Well, that is gracious of you - just wait until you read the next chapter if you want to see "completely fell apart" :P

Best of luck this next year and I swear, i'm working on it :)

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