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Review #1, by PhoenixStorm 

9th July 2007:
I'm feeling depressed with the state of humanity and human nature this evening and so turning to something I know - reviewing fanfic. There's an irony in here somewhere too, I know; I'm currently failing to appreciate it.

Anyway, I know I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again before I reach the end of this, but wow I really love your Remus. He's dry and brittle, bitter even, but still strong, still human, and I love the way you write him, especially his sardonic humour. I think I loved the scene with Henry best, it made me grin all the way through really and you write little comments or create a thought that we've all had or that is simply just true that I find pulls me further into the story, like I’ll never volunteer for anything again and blowing into your gloved hands as if that actually did anything to stay the cold.

I like the little introductory sentences that you sometimes do that never fail to entertain me Wind, you decided, was a determinately unapologetic thing. It shared that in common with time, at least. I just really like your writing I think, and I miss talking to you, but at least I have your fic to stop by and read a chapter of here and there of :) .

The scene with Moody was also nicely done, and I could practically feel Remus's irritation with Molly and his patience wearing down into a foul mood. I'm very interested to know where you're taking this story, and look forward to reading more :) .

Author's Response: Wait - pause that. Someone was feeling bitter toward humanity so they came to me to set them straight!??!!?!?? Clearly you are also feeling feverish...

Ah, oh well, I appreciate that you enjoy the non-sequitors I occasionally interject as they are one of my favorite things to write and I'm usually convinced that a chapter wihtout one isn't a chapter worth posting :)

As always, thank you!

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Review #2, by DAC 

20th December 2006:
So many updates, I hardly know how to contain my glee. I felt for Remus in this chapter. Hearing about Tonk's ex's can't possibly be fun or in any way amusing. And when he entered his room to see it had been taken over, I could completely understand is frustration.

I love your take on Mad-Eye, it's very close to JKR's. I think we all know deep, deep, deep, deep down Moody loves the people he works with.

I'm falling ever more in love with your writing, Keep up the fantastic work.

Happy Holidays,


Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. Thirteen would have been up sooner but I wanted to wait until subs were open to everyone. i made the mistake of updating this fic before subs re-opened to anyone at HPFF during the HBP shut down and was very unpopular for a few days. :P

Thank you though, and i'm glad you enjoyed it.

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