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Review #1, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

23rd October 2011:
Another wonderful chapter! Must keep it short so I can get to the next chapter! :)

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Review #2, by Miss Thorn of Cilicia 

5th August 2010:
This story is so drawing me in that i just realized i've allowed my bowl of ice-cream to melt. There's not much i'd give up food for so that just says what a good job you're doing. Thanx for all the hard work. Next chapter.

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Review #3, by MagicallyClumsie 

22nd February 2010:
ohhh wow.shame onron shame on him.*tee hee* iLOVE this story sooo much

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Review #4, by incurably dramione 

3rd November 2009:
this is a good story. I love the plot.

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Review #5, by alannalove2009 

15th September 2009:
yay go for draco!!1 =)!!

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Review #6, by Ranilyn 

11th August 2009:
Another great chapter. That was a great idea, writing the dream a couple of times in the previous chapter with the same ending and then now with Draco catching her at the end of it. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much Ranilyn ^_^

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Review #7, by Lillylover22 

17th July 2009:
oh great!! ron will hate her!! but i wonder how draco will react? 9/10 =]

Author's Response: You will have to see!

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Review #8, by Spicky 

22nd November 2008:
Oh My Gosh.
this is to amazing even for exclamation marks.
it takes my breath away.
it is so amazing, so heart-wrenchingly beautiful, that even though its nearly 11 o'clock, and my parents will soon be back from their dinner, ready to tell me of for staying up late when I have ballet at 8 tomorrow, i still have to read anothr chapter, just one more chapter, because this really means something to me, all of it, it means things that i have never really embraced, or remembered, things that will shape my life forever.

thank you.


Author's Response: Wow Spicky - thank you so much

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Review #9, by gitgit 

24th October 2008:
that was definatly an interesting chapter
i wonder whats going to happen now

Author's Response: You shall have to wait and see!

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Review #10, by MagnumMysterium 

6th April 2008:
Awww. Shot down. I wish we had gatten more description of the fight, though. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading!! I really appreciate your support!!!

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Review #11, by kissedbyavampire 

3rd March 2008:
Oh, my.

You are a VERY good writer. I can't wait to read on.


Author's Response: Thank you, again, kbav ^_^. I am very happy to have recieved so many reviews from you

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Review #12, by Katie001 

3rd March 2008:
Uh-oh, though I guess ron should've expected that considering he abandoned her while Draco stuck with her.

Author's Response: I concur ^_-

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Review #13, by SilverEssence 

2nd March 2008:
NO!!! she turned away Ron!! and and Lucius and that that guy.. and the title... and Hermione's scary dream about her past.

you've made this one hell of a chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you, Silver ^_^

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Review #14, by Katielynn 

1st March 2008:
I feel bad for Ron, but he deserves it. I always thought Hermione and Draco were better suited for eachother. And I think Luscius's thing - I spelt his name wrong.- I think he's going to destroy all muggleborns. Which will cause a mighty strife between him and his son.

Author's Response: Ah I think you may be correct on all accounts ^_-

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Review #15, by Peaches and Cream 

8th February 2008:
Deary, I think you are marvelous.
You are a fantastic writer.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much!

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Review #16, by x_leigh_x 

8th February 2008:
aww sadness for Ron...

Author's Response: -hands tissue-

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Review #17, by butterfliesneedwings 

31st January 2008:
Another great chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you for yet another review ^_^

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Review #18, by Ms_Malfoy 

21st January 2008:
wow, another wonderful chapter, props to you. the only thing is you keep spelling "lose" (as in it's gone and can'tbe found) as "loose" (like my shoe laces are loose). great job!

Author's Response: Goodness, you know, I hadn't noticed that until recently? I'll have to find the time to go through all the chapters and fix that. It was like an epiphany one day. I have been spelling "lose" wrong for ... ever....

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Review #19, by skrewt 

8th January 2008:
What a sad chapter. I don't understand why Hermione doesn't consider Ron or Harry friends. I don't like the idea that Draco is (or at least seems to be) replacing them. But this is a different Hermione and the show must go on! Haha.
Again, a wonderfully written and enticing chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you, Skrewt, for so avidly reviewing ^_^ and for such wonderful compliments.

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Review #20, by HannahGranger 

25th December 2007:
the way that one piece about hermione's past dance recital keeps evolving is fantastic.simply fantastic!!!

Author's Response: Ha ha look at all these reviews from Hannah!

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Review #21, by ellie_hplover 

2nd November 2007:
"I could glomp him over the head and stuff him in a closet so you could get a moment with her." Ginny mumbled, more to herself than the room at large.

Harry looked up at her, a smile spreading across his face. "Gin . . . I think that's a good idea."

-That was the best line.

Let me just say WOW. Hermione's past, her parents. Totally not clique!!

Author's Response: Thank you ^_^

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Review #22, by Book077 

22nd September 2007:
good chappie

Author's Response: Thank you ^_^

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Review #23, by ihearttink23 

11th September 2007:
OMG (I say that alot don't I?) That was a great chapter...poor Hermione, how awful to be told it's all your fault when you're only 11.*sniff* poor girl

Author's Response: Thank you ^_^

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Review #24, by sunshinedreamr 

9th August 2007:
Well, Ron deserved that, in my opinion.
Great chapter. :D

Author's Response: Agreed ^_- I'm not so fond of Ron lol

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Review #25, by rhb_hjp4evr 

2nd August 2007:
the dream finally makes sense!!! and thats so sad. i feel so bad for ron! once again this deserves a 10 but ill give it an 8 cuz i like ron and hate malfoy. lol

Author's Response: Ha ha thanks ^_-

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