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Review #1, by Herm_own_ninny 

31st May 2011:
Okay okay okay. So... Ginny never really went to Beauxbatons? She went to hogwarts and everything that happened actually happened only harry was starting to be a tad outa control so they erased their memories of each other and everyone who was like around their age and thats why ron and hermione and the twins dont get whats going on? Hmmm. so then they're starting to remember. But what's up with Harry? I hope it like explains this later on because I want to know what he did to make them want to "erase her" from his memories. Anyways, you're incredible!

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Review #2, by grace 

22nd May 2011:
action packed and highly emotional, brilliant chapter!

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Review #3, by Jameslovelily123 

25th June 2010:
oh my GOSH!! that was the most suspenseful chapter i have EVER READ!! :) love it this is an amazing story no wonder you won the dobby award :) 10/10 for sure

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Review #4, by NotSuchAPrincessAlex 

25th April 2010:
brilliant just bloody brilliant but i would love to know what is going on with the weasleys and why Harry aparently can't be trusted

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Review #5, by my wicked quill 

23rd January 2010:
are you ok?
Me either.
that was the best thing they could have said. omg this is just so epic!!

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Review #6, by kassandra466 

16th January 2010:
OMG!! that was AMAZING!! i LOVED IT!!!

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Review #7, by Count Westwest 

30th July 2009:
I started reading this story because it was recommended to me. I love it so far, specially the evil Weasleys. Dumbledore, everyone knows, was always evil ;-) I only have one MAJOR criticism. Making Ginny beg (literally) Harry to make love to her was just a bad idea IMHO. It just makes everyone look bad. A gentleman does not make a woman beg. An heterosexual male, does not make a woman beg. Finally, a self respecting woman does not beg... for sex. I think its even OOC for the Ginny in this story. Its okay for her to take the initiative... but to beg for it???

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Review #8, by Lovegood 

25th February 2009:
Wow that was a whole lot of drama and suspense and action and I'm sorta confused, but in a good way Can't wait to read more,which I AM going to do! GHahaha lol!

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Review #9, by NES85 

22nd February 2009:
Wow -- what a thrill ride! That was probably the single best-paced, most intense chapter I've ever read of a fanfic. Bravo!

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Review #10, by Twinsmom 

29th January 2009:
What a horrible situation? Don't they know that all they had to do was convince Harry he was dangerous and why and he'd have left? Trying to separate young people in love never works out well. Well, now they can't keep and eye on Ginny or Harry. I hope Ginny and Harry will be ok on their own.

This was such an exciting scene. Very well written.

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Review #11, by Cocoteo 

22nd October 2008:
This was a really fantastic chapter. The speed and anticipation build-up were incredible. The mix of dialogue and action-description and emotions were right on. Sitting on the edge of my seat, wanting to know 'what' is going on???! Well done. Coco

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Review #12, by SpringTime 

14th October 2008:
Wow, I am at work and I almost starting crying (I know I should be more productive, but it is a slow day). I wish they would just shag and get it over with...I am so hooked I can't wait to keep reading. Hope I dont get caught.

Author's Response: lol...my story isn't good for you, SpringTime! Although it is nice that you're so hooked, that's definitely encouraging...but no sleep...reading on the job...lol...I hope you didn't get in trouble. :-)

Sleeping together would definitely solve some problems for them, I agree. At the moment they don't seem to be having much luck in that department though, so hopefully they can eventually work it out. :)

Thanks for reading (at work) and I hope you continue to enjoy! :)

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Review #13, by SilverEssence 

24th May 2008:
but good?
they're both trying to protect her.
had decision for her to choose.!

silly harry and his amazingly cool powers. ::shakes fist::

Author's Response: It is definitely confusing situation for everyone involved...so hopefully it will work out. lol...and yeah...silly harry... :-P

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Review #14, by potslicker 

26th March 2008:
Interesting story, I like where you are heading. I hope this story comes to completion. I hope that you don't abanden it.

Author's Response: Thank you, potslicker! I'm glad that you're intrigued by the direction and I hope that you continue to enjoy as the story unfolds. I certainly won't abandon it, although my posting time doesn't always go the way that I planned. However, I will always post. Thanks for the read and for taking the time to review! :)

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Review #15, by Sundevil6 

25th March 2008:
wow, just wow is all i can say

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! Wow is good... :)

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Review #16, by Ginny Guerra 

20th March 2008:
WOW! This was a long and roller-coaster like one!

Fancy finding you here! So good, thus I can get a bit ahead.

Author's Response: lol, this one is a bit of a roller coaster ride. And get as far ahead as you like! :)

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Review #17, by Aimeenorman 

8th March 2008:
I need so much more explaination! I want to know exactly what happened before when they were together! I need to know!

This chapter was amazing! I nearly cried when they were dragging Ginny and Harry apart!

I'm off to the next chapter, with anticipation coursing through me!

Great work so far!

Author's Response: Hello again, Aimee! The good news is that you're about to start getting information...the bad news is that since I'm still writing, you'll only get as many as the next several chapters provide. :) But hopefully that will give you a bit more insight and keep you interested. I'm really happy to hear that you continue to enjoy the chapters (despite the lack of info). I hope you continue to enjoy and thanks as always for the review! :)

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Review #18, by Odence1 

4th February 2008:
Whoa that was intense! But Harry and Ginny are right..they have to give a much better explination than that..I hope that it will all be solved in time..must read on! Your writing is incredible! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you, Odence! I'm glad that you enjoyed the intensity and that H/G's reaction made sense to you. I hope that it will be solved in time as well...thanks as always for the review! :)

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Review #19, by Emmywemmy 

4th November 2007:
Im slightly ashamed of Harry's lack of control...
But they really should've just explained the situation to Harry and Ginny instead of freaking out.
Stupid Ron, all caught up with Hermione

BUt I LOVEloveLOVED the twins! :)
I do hope the appear more!

Great battles scenes and what not! The emotions were really good, I could feel them myself. But I just hope to figure out Harry's mysterious, uncontrollable power sooN! It's killing me with its awesomeness! :)

Author's Response: lol...well, control is certainly not one of Harry's strong points in this story, and you're right...I don't think they handled it in the best way at the ministry. Hopefully as the story progresses you'll have a greater understanding of why they were less than forthcoming with information. And yeah...Ron didn't have great timing in this one...lol.

I'm glad you loved the twins! I love them too, and it just seemed wrong for them to be anything but instantly on H/G's side. I'm sure they'll pop up again before the story is done.

lol...and thanks for the comments on the battle scenes, I'm glad that you enjoyed them. I hope they figure it out soon too...thanks for reading, Emmywemmy! :)

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Review #20, by pottergoddess 

19th September 2007:
wow harry in a black helmet riding a motocycle..add leather and we have a sex god! awesome story!!

Author's Response: LOL...harry as a leather sex god! mhmm...that's a pretty image... Thanks for the review and I hope you continue to enjoy! :)

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Review #21, by xxPadfoot_Printsxx 

15th August 2007:
This would make a well good film

Author's Response: lol, ooh! Wouldn't it? There are so many books and stories that I'd love to see as a film. Thank you for the compliment and I hope you continue to read and enjoy. :)

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Review #22, by acheron02 

28th July 2007:
This is so intence!!! I just hit chapter 10 and i just want to know what they are keeping from them!! Did harry try to kill Ginny?? Is that why they want to seperate them!! I am just going nuts not knowing!!! Hopefully the next two chapters will explain because i am loving it so much! I give 1,000,000,000,000,000 ect/10

Author's Response: lol, yay! I'm really glad that it's intense for you, acheron02! I'm sure H/G want to know what they're keeping from them as much as you do! You will definitely get answers to all of your questions as you continue to read, although I can't promise it will happen in the next two chapters...but before the end, definitely. Thanks so much for the read and review, it is very encouraging to see someone enjoying it so much. :)

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Review #23, by shantalina_marie 

27th June 2007:
Wow... that was an intense chapter... probably my favorite one so far! But then again, this whole story has surpassed my expectations, and is easily the best I have read on the site, no wonder you are already nominated for so many Dobby awards! lol.

Well the beginning was extremely intimate, and intense. Usually I hate sex scenes in fics because they are usually just... awkward if you know what I mean. A lot of people don't know how to make the transition from a couple being relaxing and just hanging out to raging hormones the way you managed here. It was amazing, and surprisingly sexy... if the rest of the chapter was horrible, that scene would have made it for me!! (:

Then the scene with Harry in the Ministry of Magic... I can't believe he quit! Then again, I can -- he's just protecting Ginny, and keeping his promise to her I suppose, no?

But I'm still somewhat confused about everything that happened in their past -- why would Harry have wanted to kill Ginny? What happened between them that madew Dumbledore so positive that the only thing they could do to go about fixing it was to erase their memories of each other? I don't quite understand yet.

I really like the way Ginny feels uncomfortable and unsafe when she isn't near Harry, when Harry can't hold her and tell her everything is going to be okay, and likewise with Harry -- that he fears for Ginny's safety whenever she isn't in his sight, I think it adds a whole new level to their relationship.

Also, one last thing I have to add before I go to bed (It's 2:30 in the morning -- you've got me hooked on this damn story, and I'm almost to the point where I'll have to start WAITING for updates. GRRR!! lol) I must say -- I absolutely loved the muggle motorcycle! A spontanious getaway on a muggle automobile just goes to show that NOTHING is beneath a wizard when he's trying to protect the woman he loves!

Very well written dear, can't wait til tomorrow when I can read the remaining two chapters, wish I could tonight, but I have to wake up for work in 3hours! lol... I'm so fired!

** sheepish grin **

10/10 as always love... keep it up!

-- shantalina --

Author's Response: Thanks for your incredibly flattering and thoughtful review, shantalina. I'm happy to hear that my story has not only piqued your interest, but also surpassed your expectations! Thank you for your praise on the intimate scenes. I'm glad you found my transistion into those moments well executed. As for the Ministry and their secrets, there's more to come. Harry and Ginny's past and how it will affect the future is a detail I can't comment on at this point. I will say that their relationship has evolved and will lead them to new and exciting things. I'm glad you enjoyed their uniquely muggle escape. I thought it might work well for them to hide in plain sight, so to speak as they made their getaway. Rest assured that as you continue to read, more clues to the mystery will be left along the trail for you to find. I hope you'll enjoy the hunt. Thanks again for reading and taking the time to post. :)

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Review #24, by devils_snaree 

26th June 2007:
that is one of the most intense fan fic chapters i have ever read. i can not wait to continue with your story.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you, devils_snaree! I hope that you continue to read and enjoy as the story continues. Thanks so much for the review! :)

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Review #25, by Elf_ears13 

25th June 2007:
This fic is consuming my life. Really, every spare moment I have I come over here and pick up where I left off - it's amazing. I love fanfiction. Another few problem words - Two identical read heads stood at the door (red heads, I'm sure you know); Briefly he looked away, seemingly struggling to speak before letting out a cry or frustration (I'm assuming you mean cry of frustration).

A few of the shouting matches seemed unrealistic, but, really, shouting is the hardest form of dialog to convey without being too over-the-top and cliche-y; so I wouldn't worry about it. Though Harry's known to be a bit of a shouter in the series, Lupin seems a little out of place shouting - maybe he was changed by the war/time? I don't know, just an observation.

Author's Response: lol! I know I should feel bad that it's consuming your life and you can't stop reading...but I just can't quite manage it, Elfy. :-P

As always thanks for pointing out those pesky errors that slipped through...I fixed them asap.

Hm...and I'll have to go back and look at the shouting matches again. I can understand your feelings about Lupin, although perhaps when you have more information about what has happened in the past his perhaps slightly ooc intensity will make more sense. thanks as always for sharing your thoughts and I hope you continue to read and enjoy! :)

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