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Review #1, by PhoenixStorm 

21st December 2006:
*chants to self* must be review 100, must be review 100. So, I am a terrible person and have somehow missed three updates (*falls off chair* it's not something I ever thought I'd say to you ;) ), but here I am rectifying it a little bit :D . I began reading this a couple of weeks ago actually, this chapter, then as I believe I mentioned got distracted, but you should be pleased to know, I refuse to move from this chair until I have this review written.

As usual, you capture Remus brilliantly, that whole opening part to the chapter could not have seemed more perfectly him and his thoughts on teaching his class i don't think. And I especially liked It had taken more than one sleepless night and skipped meal, but you managed to regain your grasp on their attention and even slip lessons into the conversation :D . And I loved the way he never really stood a chance against Tonks in that scene. He's so adorably not in control when she's around, and you write it all so well. You sum it up wonderfully here You would never be able to get a mark on Tonks and, for all the paranoid terror that caused you in weak moments; it was one of the things you loved most about her.

I can't say how much I liked the flashabck scene with Tonks and Remus's following thoughts, you have a wonderful way of putting htings, In three words and a simple expression, for the first time, she was the cause of the walls of your future crashing down around you and no single moment over the course of those many months had made it as material as it had seemed in the instant you felt, once again, like you were losing it.. It may have been a while since you had last written a chapter before this one, but you didn't lose your touch, you would not notice the break in continuity if not for the printed dates.

As much as I am, of course, annoyed about the cliffhanger, it was written very well. I remember reading an entry from you, probably on Bad Author, once about such endings, and I have to compliment your ability to practice what you preach ;) . Remus's reaction to finding them there was perfect, and I was completely lulled as much as Remus before you hit with that entrance, and while you could see where it was going from there, I still loved it. I will definitely read the next chapter or two very soon now because I can't leave it like that! At least they are already up of course :D . This was a great chapter as always, the first piece of fanfic I've read in a couple of weeks or so, and I really enjoyed it :) .

Author's Response: LOL! You were review 100, and now I can quit thinking that I was being review teased on this fic! I swear, people saw that 99 and fled from the notion of leaving a review like it was a BBC documentary of anime. The pushing the envelope with the 100th review even makes up for the fact that you ignored all of my updates for days! You could even make me forgive how long you've waited on eleven and twelve by catching up super fast!

I love that scene in the nerdiest way ever. :P I can't help it. I liked it. I'm glad you liked it and I do hope we'll get to see you on eleven and twelve (and maybe even thirteen) soon ;)

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Review #2, by Romina Stephanie 

7th December 2006:
I am, so far, very impressed by your fiction. It's very original, yet it contains so many small details you can't help but notice, that makes it very special and very good. It's what makes you go forth each time you face the end of a chapter.

I like the fact that you write in second person; it's always funny to read something different and it's not very common, writing in second person. Somehow, you are able to feel and understand more easily whatever the character is feeling or going through.
Lupin is portrayed in an excellent manner, though he seems a bit darker; or deeper in ways I have not imagined him to be. But still, that's something one must have expected, since all the terrible things he has gone through. I can now, more than ever before, place myself in his position and see, as well as understand (to some level I guess). I just can't get enough of him; his calmness and maturity, but still, you know that he is broken.
Tonks is also pictured in a great way; her frustration, her disappointment, and all her joy and love, which exists in her. She is much more matured now too, something that pleases me. Though, she still is clumsy, but that's something one cannot change about her.

As I mentioned before, you are very detailed when expressing the surroundings that they live in. I adore the way everything is shown, you get such a clarity and you don't miss a thing.
It's enthralling in its entirety.

Romina Stephanie

Author's Response: Thank you!

One of my biggest grievances in reading Remus/Tonks fanfiction is the way that they both seem to be portrayed in such a way that remidns me of teenagers most of the time. In fact, I once read a fic in which Remus was wearing board shorts and a wifey. (Tonks, by the way, was overtaken by his beauty - she called him "california surfer hot") Remus, in this story (i think, at least) falls well within the bounds of canon. We don't really see the world from his eyes in canon, so I think there's a great opportunity in writing a story from his perspective because I think he is a deeper, darker character than Harry notices. Tonks, however, I may have crossed a line with. I always saw her as a character with a sort of sadness about her, even though she's always portrayed - and behaves - in such a happy go lucky way. The character that we saw in HBP really just sort of sealed it for me - she was so sad and lonely and it had a profound impact on her character in the eyes of so many fans - which has been good for me, because I took those liberties before the release of HBP :P

Thank you for your review - really - and thank you for reading :) I know I update slowly and that tends to chase my readers away, but I appreciate people who are willing to stick it out with me or at least come back once in a while :)

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Review #3, by DAC 

5th December 2006:
YOU CAN'T LEAVE IT LIKE THAT! I'm anxiously awaitng the next chapter. good job!

Author's Response: Oh. My. God. I don't think I have ever been in a more blind panic about a chapter ever! I update this fic so sporadically that when I don't get reviews, I wonder if i've lost whatever touch I might have had in it's entirity - so feel good, not only did you leave a review, which always makes an author feel warm and fuzzy, you left a review that made an author relax!!! I promise not to leave you hanging too long. I'm about 1800 words into the next chapter, so eleven should be forthcoming, I promise :)


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