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Review #1, by Infairi 

18th July 2007:
As I mentioned before, the story line of Hermione, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas is my favorite so far. I don't know why exactly. So naturally, this was a great chapter!

I really, really liked the part where she banished Saruman from Theoden. I probably wouldn't have thought of the Imperius Curse and that was really clever. Out of curiosity, what does "Animus Cedum" mean?

Now, you titled this chapter "Sisterly Bonds." So of course I have to comment on the growing relationship between Eowyn and Hermione. Being human, I suppose Eowyn actually looks her age. Do you know how old she's supposed to be in the books? I really do like the relationship though. Hermione and Eowyn seem a lot alike and make good "sisters." :)

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Review #2, by Shadow_Rider 

18th April 2007:
This is beautifully written. I LOVE how you have mixed the characters of Harry Potter into the awesome world of Lord of the Rings! I find it to be very believable! I hope that you do find time to finish it, because I'm hooked on it! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks - check chapter 19, it is now up!

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Review #3, by blue_eye_blound 

2nd February 2007:
OMG!!! this is so amazing I can't wait for more! This is by far the best crossover of any kind I have ever read! I can't wait for more!!!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #4, by Zerg_Overmind 

23rd January 2007:
WOW!!! THIS IS SO GOOD! I'm really impressed. PLEASE FINISH...all the way to the end of Return of the King...its too good NOT to finish!!!

Author's Response: I am indeed planning to write all the way to Return of the King, but I'm just looking for the time to write. Glad you liked it!

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Review #5, by chaosfire999 

5th January 2007:
this si the first dtory on harrypotterfanfiction that i have come to enjoy and although that could be because i find the search hard to use i still think this is a brilliant read. keep it up.

is there anyway to "watch" this story for updates, if it would need me to make an account, etc..


Author's Response: I'm not positive if there is a watch feature for stories. There was one originally, but it was taken away when the whole site was re-coded. It might be best for you to create an account and add certain stories to your favorites list so that you can easily check when they are updated.

Glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by Death Eater11 

30th December 2006:
where is the Rest of it? that is your million
Dollar question, and Bravo so far

Author's Response: Where's the rest of it? Right here. *taps head* I just need to find the time to actually write it all out and get it edited.

Glad you liked it. Thanks for the review.

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Review #7, by imperfection.is.in 

23rd December 2006:
good job!!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #8, by chessscout 

15th December 2006:
This is a wonderful chapter, those two do act a lot like sisters, hence the title, any way wonderful story, and keep updating, please!

Author's Response: Thank you! I really thought that having the two strong female characters of Hermione and Eoqyn interact would be an interesting chapter. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #9, by PirateFairy 

14th December 2006:
hello there,

i have just read the whole story, i'm really impressed with the way you have interwoven the two worlds! i love seeing my two favourite universes brought together like that :-)
if you've got the time i'd love you to take a look at my story "a lightning-shaped scar". i'd love to hear what you think of it!
i hope you'll find the time to update soon!

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Review #10, by Canadian Warrior Babe 

8th December 2006:
Very nice Linaewen, despite the long waits you don't dissapoint. I like how the two girls liked each other right away. It's a fitting name for the chapter. I like how she forced out Sauraman and used Draco as her inspiration. It was interesting to see how their two types of magic intracvted with each other.

Still want to see what happenes to poor abandoned Ron. Please update quickly.

Could you also check out the first two chapters of my fic? It is a action/angst and Draco is one of the main characters.

Nice work once again.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! As you will be able to see, I have checked out your chapters and have left a review.

I'll update when I can, but with all the work I currently have, I won't make any promises about when that will be.

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Review #11, by Taylor 

7th December 2006:
THis is the first cross over fic I have read and I can say I am mightily impressed with how you mould the two worlds together.

My favourite scenes are those of Hermiones and Harrys please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #12, by Luna Liano 

4th December 2006:
Read the entire story, its brilliant,
The next chapter is needed ASAP!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I don't know when I'll be able to update, but just watch out for the chapters.

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Review #13, by hpluvr1001 

3rd December 2006:
Yeah!!! I was so happy when I saw chapter 18. Things are really starting to drift from the original story; I wonder how that's going to affect things? Well this was a brilliant chapter. It was cool to see Eowyn and Hermoine meet each other, and then spar. Update soon, I can't wait to know what happens!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it, but I don't know when the next chapter will be up. Keep watching, though!

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Review #14, by Serenity0047 

3rd December 2006:
i'm so excited for Helm's Deep. that was my favorite sequence in the films. but where's Gandalf! this is so great, i just about screamed when i saw that you had updated. yay! hope to read more soon!

Author's Response: Where's Gandalf? Well, keep reading, and when I eventually update you may find out. Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by H2P2 

2nd December 2006:
hooray! you updated. Thank you so much. i love your story. Take your time on the next chapter, but do update when you can.

Author's Response: Thanks - I'll do just that. Glad you liked it.

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Review #16, by Lady Nessa Fefalas 

2nd December 2006:
Wow, it's been ages since I last read this fic! I had exams, and I have no idea when you update. Anyways brilliant chapters! Well written, and you've a beautiful banner now, it's very pretty :) Hope Hermione and Ron reunites again, but I want to see Hermione fight! That'll be really amazing *hinthint*

Keep working on the next chapter! Look, when you update, can you email me as a reminder? I don't think HPFF has any reminders, haven't been on here for ever... here's my email: pink_unicorn_sy@hotmail.com Hope it's not a bother to you!

Author's Response: Hmmm...No promises about the e-mailing. I do have schoolwork to do, plus validation duties, so I can't guarantee that I'll rmember to e-mail you. Thanks for the review!

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