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Review #1, by jointhedarksidewehavecookies 

8th January 2008:
oooh cute! i really like it, cause it's got a little ginny & ron childhood, which i think is really cute, and it's just a really good story :D

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Review #2, by Potterholic 

11th September 2007:
Jessi! That was so sweet! I love the flashback. It showed how close Ginny and Ron are. "Besides, until I have a real Harry Potter, I'm stuck looking up to you." Aww! ^_^ Brilliant! 10/10

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Review #3, by Potter17 

13th August 2007:
This story was really awesome!

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Review #4, by HermioneWazlib 

1st August 2007:
Very interesting insight into Ron's mind. You'd never think he was capable of thinking things like this...although, if you compare this to what he saw in the Mirror of Erised, it does rather match. Ron wanted to be a hero, and now that he knows what that means, he's ready to embrace it and do what he's got to do. Brilliant.

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Review #5, by Elf_ears13 

31st July 2007:
Aww, Jessi, your Ron is fantastic! He's jealous and petty, but I love the way he gets along with Ginny. Playing 'Harry Potter' - priceless! I really like the realization that he came to about fame, but of course we know that it can't have stuck with him long ... judging by at least books four, six and seven ... =P

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Review #6, by I_am_ever_so_Sirius 

29th May 2007:
If you ask me, his relationship with Ginny is simply getting worse... certainly not better. 10/10

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Review #7, by moonyismyhero 

8th April 2007:
Aw. Ginny was so cute! I love that you showed a different side of Ron than we normally see. Great Job.

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Review #8, by MissAngie 

4th April 2007:
I think this is great. The idea you explored about Ron possibly idolizing Harry as a child is great and completely uncharted area, and now seems almost foolish to not have been realized earlier. I really enjoyed everything about this chapter.

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Review #9, by Erin G. 

20th October 2006:
OMG... I soooooo love it! "until I have a real Harry Potter, I'm stuck looking up to you" I loved this line. Hopefully she will have a real Harry of her own one day

Author's Response: Thank you, Erin! I'm really glad you enjoyed that line - it was a moment epiphany :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by andharrywokeup 

14th October 2006:
Jessi, can I just say that I am in love with you. You know how much I LOVE Ron and I really, really appreciate you keeping him in character. It must have been truly difficult for you. This story is basically the definition of who I see Ron as and the next time someone gives him a hard time and makes him appear stupid, I shall point them this way. :o) . I think you have probably guessed that this is the story I have been most waiting to read - I wanted to write him myself it was already taken. It has been everything I was hoping to read and more. Thank you.

The chess game really is Ron’s moment, and you showed his thoughts wonderful through it. I absolutely loved his consideration of Hermione: ‘He wouldn't let it be Hermione - she was a girl’. It’s a completely twelve year old boy reflection, isn’t it? Perfect.

The flashback was so completely endearing, I literally went ‘awww’ out loud. I think playing famous people and heroes is something everyone played as a child, can you imagine how completely embarrassing it would becoming best friends with someone you once idolised? I really loved how Ginny was already the sneaky little prankster at however young she was. She really has those brothers of hers wound round her little finger and knows exactly what to give them to make them happy. In Ron’s case, it’s attention. The way you described the concentration on her face as she drew the scar was incredible and Ron trying to pretend he didn’t care and wasn’t having fun reminded me so much of me with my little sisters! This quote was fantastic: ‘"I'm going to get you, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!" Ron yelled, jabbing his wand at an invisible Voldemort. "This will teach you to steal away my loved ones!" One, I loved how they called him by the long name instead of ‘You Know Who’ and two, the reference to Harry having loved ones was perfect. It really showed how one could assume that by having fame, one had everything.

I think my most favourite part, however, was:

‘"No," she answered simply. "Besides, until I have a real Harry Potter, I'm stuck looking up to you."

Ron rolled his eyes on the outside, but beamed on the inside. At least someone thought he was worth something.’

It was perfect. 10/10

All in all, after all my blabbering (and probably bad formatting), there really is only one thing I want to say about this story.

Thank you. ~andy x

Author's Response: I...I am so completely overwhelmed right now. I... Wow, Andy, thank you so much! I really, really don't know what to say! I'm so happy that you liked it that much and you're right - writing Ron was a terrible pain. In the end, I decided to stray away from the older Ron and keep to a simpler time that wouldn't have me cliche-ing him up to be an...idiot. :P Actually, I enjoyed writing this, which scares me a little bit.

Thank you for pointing out the parts you liked the best. It really helps to know where my "Oh!! Idea!!" comes in handy. Really, really, really, thank you so much. *hug* ~Jessi x

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Review #11, by Mrs Insane One 

11th October 2006:
What a profoundly deep and insightful piece of work. I got goosebumps reading the last paragraph, and the truth of that statement is undeniable. I thought the flashback of Ron playing with Ginny at 'Being Harry Potter' was adorable and something that many children in the HP universe might have done growing up. I think that you've done a wonderful job in writing a side of Ron that few people have seen and even fewer people have attempted to write. A terrific piece of work! - Jenn

Author's Response: Somehow, while writing these fics, I started stumbling on the little life-highlights that each of us learn at one point or another. When I broke down and volunteered to do Ron, I needed some strong basis to write him from (otherwise he might not have made it. :P). I remembered back when I read Goblet of Fire and he was so jealous of Harry, wishing that he could have had a moment of fame. It struck me how there must have been a time when even Ron, himself, looked up to Harry as a hero. And, of course, we know that Ginny has loved the idea of Harry for a very long time. The plot was too good to miss out on and, of course, the over all message was something that I felt needed to be conveyed to everyone. Surprisingly, I stayed canon and was able to show a side of Ron that I truly miss in fandom. Thank you, Jenn, for the great review! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it! *hug*

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Review #12, by Noblevyne 

11th October 2006:
Awww, Jessi - all I can say is that this was masterful! And I know how much you dislike Ron, so I'm very pleased you've gone out of your way to be nice to him and write this wonderful little piece. I adored, adored the childhood flashback, little Ginny wanting a Harry Potter of her very own and drawing the mark on Ron's forehead were the sweetest touches, you wrote them so very well in that scene - getting kid's voices is tough and they were just the right amount of sweeteness, wiggly energy, annoying, selfish and stubborn and Ron particularly was very well done, you can see him growing up as the youngest son of seven and feeling so insubstantial and just wanting to play the hero and how he grew to understand that it wasn't all about fame and glory and being brave and wonderful, but the lonliness and hurt he sees in his friend and realising how lucky he is, the shift was simple and subtle. - Lauren

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Lauren! I thought that if I wrote Ron decently, it would truly be a symbol of how much you are appreciated. I swear, it was half tempting to throw him under the Hogwarts Express, but I'm glad you like what I chose to do with him instead. As I was writing this story, I kept thinking of how little kids have such an imagination, that a little mark and a fake wand would actually turn Ron into Harry Potter in his sister's eyes. And Ginny just reminds me of how I was when I was younger. So bratty and adorable. :P It was actually easier to write Ron than I thought, which sort of scares me. But, I'm glad the effort that went into this story is appreciated and that the underlying message made it out of the rambling. Thank you, again, for the review and for being such a wonderful, wonderful person. :) ~Jessi

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